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a/n- first paragraph is just to identify main char and to get the story started and their will probably be like one at the ending too so yeah. any telapathic convo's will be signed with *'s so yeah memorize that... okay well if you have read my other stories i have turned myself into the main char or someone that looks just like her but I’m like doing this for my friends who think it is soooo funny to call me Hermione so i decided to write this stuff well I’m so bored. so I’m going to start writing now and get on with my life so R&R please enjoy and if you didn't know i so don't own any of J.K. Rowling’s things just the other chars and the plot which im giving a little credit to Alainey she’s one of my best friend and she thought it would make a cool story. well read go on read!


My name is Hermione Granger or it was... but of course you already knew that, and you know my best friend killed the dark lord. What you don't know will come as a shock to you. I'm am not a Granger. At least not by birth. I found out this summer. That day changed my life forever, but I'm not sad, no never sad, because the pieces fell into place and I finally relised why I was so different from every other muggle-born witch or wizard. I was a pure blood. The mud-blood every body loved to hate was not one at all and no one even knew before the glamour charm was lifted off me and then I met my brothers on our 17th birthday... but now I'm getting ahead of myself. I guess I should start at the begging, right after I got off the train coming from my fifth year at Hogwarts. The day that I found out who my real father was. Like I said lets just start at the begging.

"Hermione wake up!" My dad shouted from down stairs

"Okay I'm up." I shouted back as I got out of bed and headed for my bathroom to take a shower and get ready.

I stood in my shower in the dark. Technically I was getting ready, but I was still enjoying the dark. I got out out the shower and dried my hair magically in the dark and went to my room to get ready. I looked into my mirror and screamed. My hair which was once brown, curly, and frizzed to the extreme was now black, frizz free, and stick straight. My face looked almost the same but it too had changed. I was slightly paler and my eyes were now a violet color. My body had thinned some and I now had curves in all the right places. I heard my parents running up the stairs and as soon as they were in my roomed the gasped and I knew i wasn't imagining the changes to my appearance.

"What's happening to me!" I cried while trying to hold back tears.

"Honey I think it's time we tell her the truth." My mom said to my dad.

"The truth about what? Why do I look different? Why are you being so calm about this?" I yelled at them as I looked for something to to put on.

"Honey just come down to the living room when your dressed and we'll answer your questions." My dad said with a sigh.

"Fine, but you not getting out of this!" I yelled as the went down stairs.

After I shrunk my clothes, got dressed, and had put on my make-up, I looked down stairs to find my parents and 3 dark haired men setting on the couch waiting for me. I walked out of my room and down the stairs and everyone stood up the first person I noticed was my potions teacher who I thought I had gotten rid of until next year. He smiled at me. No smirk, no sneer, and true to God smile and walked towards me with two boys following behind him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Snape rather rudely.

"You haven't told her have you?" He asked my parents

"No we thought we had two more months we didn't think it meant her REAL birthday." They told Snape who just nodded.

"Mom what is going on? What does Professor Snape have to do with me looking different? Why did you say my real birthday? I said while I tried to be calm, but I was failing miserably so I just sat down.

"Hermione know your father and I love you very much and we hope you will not be too mad at us for not telling you sooner, but you were adopted Hermione. You aren't a muggle-born witch, you are a pureblood. When you turned 1 there was a glamour charm cast over you and was set to change you back in 14 years. We adopted you and promised that if it was safe in your world we would let you choose if you wanted to go live with you real parents and now that the Dark Lord is gone it is safe for you to return to your world, and father. He has not know of your identity and was contacted today and was told. He had no hoice but to give you up to save your life as a child. We your father and I don't know all the details of why and all that after we got you, but we will always love you as if you were our own daughter, but you have a choice. This man who I have been informed you know as Professor Snape is your real father and I'll let him talk to you while your father and I go to work. I love you sweetie." mrs. Granger told me as she and her husband walked out the door. I turned to my real father and had to sit down again because I was feeling faint.

"Wow I don't even know what to say, so what is my real name" I mumbled as the three dark haired men stared at me.

"It's Layla Sophie Snape." My real dad told me

"And the two boys behind you are my... brothers?"

"Yes their names are Alexander, Alex for short. And Austin."

"Are they older or younger than me?"

"They are younger by 10 to 20 minutes."

"You mean we're triplets?" I said in a dead whisper.


"Is that it?" i whispered through my hands

"Um... no they are actually know thinking anything right now so as not to scare you out but you can all hear each others thoughts." He said

"So you mean to tell me that they can here everything I'm thinking? And I can here them when they do think?" I said while tring not to laugh now.

"Yes" He replied simply

"Okay it's official one of us is insane and I'm not so sure it isn't me!" I laughed

*He's telling the truth you know I've heard everything you have thought since the glamour charm came off and oh by the way I’m Austin.* Austin thought and when I heard the voice in my head I flipped out. I screamed and fell backwards with the chair.

"Okay that was weird." I said as all three of them ran to help me up.

"Yeah? Well it gets weirder at least you never had to hear thoughts about your brother's girlfriend while he was kissing her." Austin said with a laugh.

"Enough!" My dad said and turned to me "I know I have been nothing short of horrible to you these last five years and I'm sorry I didn't know who you were I was under the impression you were just another mud... muggle born witch. I'm sorry about how I treated you and I know this is sudden but I really do hope you will come and live with us it has been such a long wait to have you back with us." My dad said to me.

"I will live with you. I might have been raised as a mud-blood but id I'm not one I refuse to remain living like one." I said with my anger building at my "parents"

"Would you prefer we call you Layla or Hermione?" He asked with a smile at his daughter's temper

"Layla, and I'll go pack I don't want to be here when they get back." I said with my temper rising even more

"Alex, Austin go help her pack!" Dad said then smiled

"Welcome to the family Layla!" The boys yelled in unison as they ran up the stairs with Layla following them.

*What do you want to take?*Alex thought

*Just some clothes and my school stuff I already got* I thought.

*ok well which ones?* Austin thought.

*Just the black ones and the miny skirts and jeans.* I thought back

*Ok!* They thought in unison and started throwing my stuff into her trunk.

*Thanks for helping me pack we'll get done faster. Yeah this is going to be very weird this hearing your thoughts thing.* I thought

*no problem we want out of this muggle hell-hole as fast as possible... no offense... and you'll get use to it* Alex thought

*Don't worry I feel the same way... and I hope I can learn to control it soon* I thought

*I thought you would have loved muggles? And you will don't worry* Austin thought

*I use to but I can't see why I did... maybe the glamour charm was affecting my thinking* I thought

*Well it doesn't matter now as long as your going with us they will never find you.* Alex thought and smirked

*Good* I thought as we finished packing and I walked out of my front door of 14 years and left Hermione Granger behind forever.

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