“2 weeks before Christmas break! 2 weeks before,” Raine sang as she bounced in her seat until Gideon’s hand covered her mouth.

“Thank god!” Lily cried out as she finally brought her head back up from the table.

Raine sighed and pushed Gideon’s hand away. She looked up at the ceiling and saw her father’s falcon swooping down towards her. The majestic bird flew to her arm and stuck out its leg for her to remove the letter. Raine handed him some bread and took the letter.


Dear Raine,

            Your mother and I would like to tell you that the Potters would be more then happy for you and Nathaniel to go with James to their home for Christmas Break. We’re busy here planning Donnalyn’s wedding and I know how much you would hate to miss even a moment of it. I do love and miss you dear and hope you have fun with what you do chose.


                                                                                    Love Your Father.



"I'll be right back okay guys?" Raine said standing up.

"Alright." Everyone replied simultaneously.

Raine walked over to her cousin shoved him over and sat down. She then handed him her letter.

"Well, it's good to see you too Raine." Nate said while reading the letter. "I guess we're going to the Potter's. Unless you want to go home and help plan Donnalyn's wedding."

"Oh god you know it." Raine replied reaching forward and grabbing some fruit off of Nate's plate.

"Oy! That's my breakfast!" Nate said, while grabbing the fruit from Raine's hands.

“You know I already bit that.”

You're point?" Nate replied while eating the fruit he took from Raine.

Raine stuck her tongue out at him, “Well I’m heading back to my table.”

"Alright. Wait!" Nate said as Raine started walking away.


"We need to talk later on about that thing. You promised." Nate replied.

"Oh well nothing has happened."

"Good. Now, leave my presence. I grow weary of your constant jibber jabber." Nate said sarcastically

Raine smacked him in the back of the head and then skipped back off to her table, "James!"

James rolled his eyes, “What now Raine?”

“Did your parent tell you yet?”

"That I'll have an ugly wicked witch at my house this Christmas vacation? Yes." James replied.

“No silly, that we’re getting married.”

James' face dropped. "What." He said in a monotone voice.

"Oh, I guess they didn't tell you yet. Opps."

"Ha-ha-ha. Very funny Raine, don't ever do that to me again. You know how my parents are about arranged marriages."

“I’m not joking James.”

"Yes you are. You'd never be this happy about getting married to anyone." Sirius said before sipping his pumpkin juice.

"I don't know what you're talking about Black. I'm happy I just don't have to marry you." Raine quipped.

"You see that’s where you're wrong. If you deny James' hand in marriage, guess whose next in line to marry you?" Sirius said.

            “Your brother.”

            "Nope. Me. And then it Regulus."

            “Nope you’re first in line to marry Nate, silly.”

            "I'm afraid that's Gideon who's supposed to marry Nate. Sorry love."

            "That's not what Ella told me, and you know she gets her information from your lovely cousin Bella."

            "Enough talk about marriage!" Remus yelled. "I've got a huge bloody headache."

            Raine grinned, "I have some Midol some where if you would like some Remus.”

"I'm perfectly fine Miss. I-get-mad-at-everyone-for-no-apparent-reason. I'm not in the mood to play the mediator today. Solve you're problems by yourself." Remus snapped.

"Emmeline make him be nice." Raine pouted.

"Remus be nice." Emmeline said bluntly before grabbing a piece of toast.

Remus glared at her and looked at James and Sirius.

"What?" James said dumbfounded.

“Just ignore Remus he's just a little stressed his mum is sick again. He's leaving to go visit her later today." Sirius replied without even thinking.

"Remus I'm really sorry. I had no idea." Raine replied. 

 "Pass the jam, please James." Lily asked.

"Did she just call me James?" James asked Raine. 

"It's okay." Remus replied.

"Do you have a problem with it Potter?" Lily asked.

 "So, what does she have this time?" Raine asked Remus.

"No. Here's your jam, Lily." James answered.   

"She just as a really bad case of the flu." Remus said.

"I'm sorry. Please give her my get well wish." Raine replied.

 "Thank you. James."

"Will do, I'm going to go now. I'll see you guys later." Remus replied.  

"Don’t' worry Moony, we’ll take care of your furry little problem.” Sirius said.

James just sat there grinning.

"What are you guys talking about?" Raine questioned.

"Nothing that matters your pretty little head." Sirius replied standing up, "Come on Prongs."

"Where are you two off to?" Marlene questioned.

“To sleep.” They said at the same time.

"Didn't you get enough sleep yesterday? You slept through every single class." Raine stated.

"Nope. We're growing boys. We can never get enough sleep." Sirius answered.

Raine rolled her eyes. "Oh! Sleep good baby!" Raine yelled. "Try and rest up for our wedding, James!"

"You should do the same Raine. You're going to need it for the honeymoon." James called back.

Raine laughed and rolled her eyes. "Will do." Before grabbing the porridge, Raine asked Emmeline, "So how are you and Remus doing?"

"We're doing just fine. What about you and that thing?" Emmeline asked pointing at Gideon.

"Eh, we could be better. He's kind of been pushing me to do stuff. Then he gets mad when I say no. Then he storms off. I swear he's a bloody four year old." Raine replied.

"You talked to him about it and you haven't done it yet huh?" Emmeline asked dodging a glare from Dorcas.

"Yep. I still don't feel comfortable. I mean we came close the day James, Sirius, and I got in that huge fight. But, of course those two had to ruin the moment.”

"It was probably a sign. Dorcas, will you stop glaring at me. I'm sorry. I didn't know. You also didn't let him know you wanted him." Emmeline snapped.

"Well, you should've known. I only talk about him all the time." Dorcas replied before going back to her conversation with Lily and Marlene.

"Probably, but why is he making it so difficult? We'll be kissing and then he'll get really rough. You know?" Raine said while putting some butter on her toast.

"He's just getting impatient now that you've talked about it. It's all he can think about. I did not and you never talked about him around me.”

"Yeah, you're right." Raine said while sneaking a glance over a Gideon who just smiled back at her.

 "Well maybe if you hadn’t been with Fabian 24/7 and talked to us more, you would've known." Dorcas snapped.

"Maybe if you had taken the time to tell me you wanted to talk. I would have known."

"Whatever." Dorcas huffed "Just don't talk about it anymore and I'll try to be happy."

“Fine but if I had known I wouldn’t have gone for him.”

"I know. You're not that kind of girl." Dorcas said while giving Emmeline a small smile.

"I promise, that I want get mad at you if you steal him from me.”

Dorcas laughed. "Thanks Em. But, I don't want to do that. Unless of course, you don't really want to be with him."

"He is great but we both know I'm on the rebound." Emmeline replied moving to sit next to Dorcas.

"Yeah. So, what are you going to do?" Dorcas laughed.

"Steal him please, so I don't feel so bad. I can't break up with him he's just too... you know."

"Sweet. Okay. I'll try my darndest!" Dorcas smiled.

"You better or I'm going to stop talking to you." Emmeline declared.

"Nooooooo! Please don't do that! I love you to much!" Dorcas said dramatically while hugging Emmeline.

Emmeline laughed, "Come on let's go up to the dorm. I'm tired of get looks like I am psychotic."

"Maybe its time to admit it Emmeline. You are psychotic." Dorcas laughed as her and Emmeline started walking back to the Gryffindor common room.

"But no one is suppose to know."



            Raine was sitting on the train between Nate and James her head on James' shoulder. They were almost to the station were James' parents would be waiting for them. James groaned, "Raine it's time to get up."

"Yay!" Raine grinned and started jumping up and down, "I love your parents."

"Well, that makes two of us." James replied grinning.

"Nate! Don't you love James' parents?" Raine asked poking him in the side.

Nate groaned. "Yes Raine. Now stop poking me before I bite you." Nate said with his eyes still closed.

"You wouldn't really bite me would you, Nathaniel? My favoritest cousin ever." Raine asked poking him again.

"Hell yes I would." Nate said.

 "Come on mate. Its time to get up." James said to Nate while standing up and stretching his legs

"Nate you're mean." Raine replied sticking her tongue out at him, standing up and walking to other side of the compartment, "James! Get down my trunk please."

"I maybe mean but at least I can get my own trunk." Nate replied while grabbing his trunk from the overhead compartment.

 James sighed. "Can't you just wear those clothes all vacation? I don't feel like getting your stuff."

"I could get my own trunk to if I wasn't wearing a skirt. James, please." Raine whined moving closer to James and touching his arm.

"I like that factor." James replied.

 "Well, I see your parents James. I'll be out there waiting with them. I don't feel like being here with you two arguing." Nate said while walking out of the compartment.

"Does that mean you'll get me my trunk?" Raine asked pouting.

"Nope. I want to see you to try and get it yourself first." James replied.

Raine glared at him and walked over to the window and opened it, "Mrs. Potter will you tell your son to stop being an arse and get me my trunk please. I'd get it myself but my friends talked me into wearing a skirt."

"James! Be a gentleman and get Raine's trunk!" Mrs. Potter yelled.

 James groaned and got Raine's trunk down and handed it to her. "There you whiney baby." James stated.

Raine grinned at James and pushed him on to the compartments seat leaned down as if she was going to kiss him. Then she skipped out of the compartment pulling her trunk behind her.

"Tease!" James yelled.

Raine ignored him and walked over to his parents, "Nice to see you Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter. Thank you for making James be nice to me. Also thank you for letting my cousin and me stay at your home for Christmas break." Raine greeted James' parents.

"No problem dear. You know we love your company at our house." Mrs. Potter smiled as she replied. "Now, we should get going before it gets any later." she finished as James walked up to them.

Raine stuck her tongue out at James and started walking with Mrs. Potter.

Nate rolled his eyes and asked James quietly, "Can you two make it any more obvious?"

 "Make what anymore obvious?" James asked.

 "You're love affair." Nate said. James looked back to Raine who was talking about something with his mum. "We aren't having a love affair Nate." James finally said.

 "Whatever." Nate said as he walked up to Mr. Potter and started talking about Quidditch. Leaving James there by himself to think about the possibility of him and Raine getting back together.

Once they got to the Potter Manor, Mrs. Potter had a house elf take their things up to their rooms and then hurried them all into the dinning room.        

"James how has school been?" Mrs. Potter asked her son.

"Fine mum." James replied with no interest at all in the conversation.

"Hmm, well Nate how has school been for you dear?" Mrs. Potter asked.

"Great Mrs. Potter. I've been taking a real interest in the Muggle Studies course.  I never knew that muggles had such ridiculous items for such a simple task." Nate answered.

"That's interesting dear, do you know Arthur Weasley? He’s really interested in muggles. Didn't he get a job in the Ministry for misuse of muggle artifacts, Charlus?" Mrs. Potter asked.

"He did. I actually talked to him the other day. He said the job is a lot of fun." Mr. Potter answered. Mr. and Mrs. Potter got into a conversation by themselves, which left the three teenagers to talk amongst themselves.

Raine grinned and flicked some peas at James. James snapped out of his train of thought and looked up at Raine and smirked. "You really don't want to start a food fight with me Ms. de Luca, because I will win."

 Nate just rolled his eyes and focused on eating.

"Oh really Mr. Potter." Raine then proceeded to flick some mashed potatoes at him.

The mashed potatoes landed on James' nose, he decided to ignore it and fling some peas at Raine's face. "Really." James replied when the peas got caught in her hair.

Raine shook her head so the peas would fall out of her hair and then flung some more potatoes at him. James picked up some of his mashed potatoes and threw them at Raine's face, which he barely missed. Raine smirked at him and the flung some more potatoes at him.

"James! What do you think you're doing? Throwing food around at a lady isn't very polite. Clean you're self up and go to your room." Mrs. Potter demanded.

 Nate laughed while he was drinking his water and it ended up spilling everywhere. James' face got to a deep shade of red as he walked upstairs to clean up.

 "Mrs. Potter may I be excused. I'm finished, and I am extremely tired?" Raine asked.

"Yes dear. I trust you remember where your room is." Mrs. Potter replied.

"Yes Mrs. Potter thank you again for letting me stay here." with saying that Raine got up pushed her chair back and gracefully exited the dinning room.    

Raine walked up to James’ room pushed open the door and leaned on the frame.

"You aren't so tough when dear old mum steps into the picture now are you Mister Potter?" Raine smirked.

"That's cheating Raine." James replied from his bathroom were he was wiping potatoes off his face.

"What is?" Raine asked innocently.

"Using my mum, you know she's an Auror."

"So, that doesn't mean anything." Raine said while walking over to the bathroom and leaning on the doorframe.

James rolled his eyes and walked over to her.

"Move James. I have to clean up too. You're crazy mashed potato fight got mashed potatoes all in my hair." Raine said while pushing James aside.

"Can't you use your own bathroom? In that room down the hall."

“Your bathroom is closer, duh,” she said while turning on the water faucet and grabbing a washcloth.

James grinned and walked over to the bathtub, "Why don't you let me help you with that." he turned it on grabbed the hose on it and sprayed her with it.

"James! What was that for?" Raine screeched.

"Using my bathroom."

"Why am I not aloud to use your bathroom?" Raine said while slowly walking closer to James.

"You never asked."

"Okay. James, may I please use your bathroom?" Raine said while putting her hand on James' shoulder lightly.


"But! But, I asked you! And I asked you nicely! Damn it Potter, why can't I use your bathroom?"

"You didn't ask before you started using de Luca."

Raine sighed and dropped everything she had in her hands and walked out of the bathroom. "James," Raine started as she turned around to face James, "can I come into your bathroom, please?"

“What do I get out of it?” James asked cocking his head to one side.

"I don't know. How about a best friend for life?" Raine tried to bargain.

“I already have one, Sirius Black, or did you forget about him?”

"What about a female best friend for life?"

"Whichever lovely lady I marry will be my female best friend for life."

Raine sighed. "Fine, I'll just go to my own bathroom." Raine said as she walked away from James.

James grinned, "Oh you wanted to use my bathroom, why didn't you just ask?"

"I did!" Raine shouted.

"Oh really, I must not have heard you. Well you can use it if you would like." James replied smirking at her.

"You little git." Raine said as she walked back into James' bathroom.

James walked over to his desk to write Sirius a letter.

"What are you doing?" Raine asked as she watched James walk over to his desk.

"I'm going to write Sirius a letter, why?" James asked sitting down.

"I just wanted to know." Raine replied as she turned her head to look in the mirror.

"Try not to break my mirror with your face, won't you."

"I'll try James, darling." Raine replied trying not to let him get to her. "Why are you writing Sirius? Didn't you just see him like six hours ago?"

"Yes, but he'll want to know how my parents are doing." James answered starting to write.

"Oh, okay." Raine replied while walking out of the bathroom and sitting on James' bed.

“What are you going to do?’

“Nothing why?” Raine asked sweetly.

“Just wondering, considering you just sat on my bed.” James replied without looking up.

"Um, so. I just wanted a place to sit. But since you don't want me to, I guess I'll just stand." Raine replied while getting up and walking over towards James.

"You can sit down Raine, I don't mind. Just wanted to make sure you weren't going to throw anymore things at me." James explained.

"Thanks!" Raine said over excitedly as she ran back to James' bed and jumped onto it.

James groaned, "I never you said you could jump on it." James finished his letter and walked over to his bed.

"Not a step closer, Mister Potter!" Raine yelled.

"Or what?" James asked, moving closer.

"Or I'll throw this at you!" Raine yelled as she pulled out the wet washcloth.

"I'm shaking, have you had that in your pocket the entire time?"

"Maybe." Raine replied right before she threw it at James. The wet was cloth hit him right in the face. Raine started laughing.

"I'm taking it your pants are wet then." James retorted as he leaned down and picked up the washcloth.

"Duh, when you sprayed me it only got me ever wetter than I was before!" Raine stated before grabbing a pillow to act as a shield.

James rolled his eyes yet again walked into the bathroom and put the washcloth in the dirty clothes chute before walking back into his room.

"What's on your mind James?" Raine asked.

"I'm tired Raine."

“Then go to bed.”

“You’re on my bed.”


“You’d jump on me.”

"Nope. I cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye." Raine replied.

"Fine." James muttered as he walked over to his dresser and pulled out some pajama pants. He pulled of his shirt and tossed it on the floor before removing his pants and putting on the pajama pants.

"I'll just leave you to your sleep." Raine said as she got off his bed and headed towards the door. "I'm a little tired myself."

"Alright. Night Raine." James mumbled dropping down on to his bed.

"G'night" Raine said as she closed his bedroom door and headed towards her own bedroom.

James sighed, climbed in between the blankets, and fell asleep.

When Raine reached her bedroom she immediately changed into her pajamas and got onto her bed. "This bed isn't as comfy as James'." Raine sighed. "I wonder if he would mind if I slept with him?" Raine quietly got up from her bed and walked towards James' room once again. She quickly knocked and the slightly opened the door. 


There was no answer. So Raine walked in and climbed into bed with James. "This is much better." Raine mumbled before she fell asleep.


            It was the day before Christmas and Nate had ditched them to hang out with some friends in Italy. Raine was sitting on the floor in James' room as he flipped through a Quidditch magazine.

“Jaaames, I’m bored.” Raine whined.

            “Then what do you want to do?” he asked her.

            "I don't know. But, I'm bored and I want to do something!"

            “When you think of something tell me.”

            “James! Can’t we go get Sirius or something?”

            “Sirius stayed at school.”

            "I don't care. Can't we send Dumbledore a letter and ask him if Sirius can come over?" Raine whined. "Never mind. I don't want him to come over. Can we go bother some house elves or something?"

“Nope they’re setting up for Christmas.”

"So? James. I'm bored. Give me something to do!"

“Entertain yourself.”

"Fine." Raine said while standing up and walking towards James."

James ignored her to busy in his magazine.

"James?" Raine said while walking behind him and wrapping her hands around James' front.


"How many girls have you slept with?" Raine asked wanting to make James as awkward as possible.

“Why do you ask?”

“I just want to know?”

“The truth?”



"Really?" Raine said a little taken back.

“Yes really, I’m waiting until I’m at least engaged.” James replied nonchalantly.

"Me, too." Raine said. "How many girls have you had dirty thoughts about?" Raine asked, back on her mission.

"Then how come you were going to sleep with Prewett?"

"I'm asking the questions here."

"You're not getting a word out of me until you answer."

"Answer my question first."


"Ah ha! I got a word out of you!" Raine said, "Now, answer my question."

James rolled his eyes, "Not until you do." he went back to his magazine.

"Fine." Raine said. "Because he asked me to marry him. Now, answer my question."

"If you want the truth you have to give me the truth."

Raine sighed. "Okay. You want the truth? I don't know why I was going to sleep with Gideon."

"Quite a few, now why did you change your mind until you're engaged?"

"I've actually always planned on waiting until I was engaged. But, I felt that Gideon wasn't happy with our relationship. So, I started thinking that I should shag him, to make him happy. Then, that one day, when you and Sirius played that prank on me, I felt so crappy and I felt like I needed to be loved so, I felt that having sex with Gideon would change my emotions." Raine replied.

“Prewett is an arse. He probably would have broken up with you after you shagged him.”

"He would not have! He loves me and he wouldn't ever do something like that!" Raine snapped.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night Raine, you're not the one that shares a locker room with him."

"What do you mean?" Raine asked curiously.

"I hear a lot of what they talk about."

"What do they talk about?" Raine asked.

"Which girl is better at this and that, who’s getting shagged. They make fun of us who aren't, Girls sizes, who was still a virgin."

"Well, maybe you're mistaking Gideon for Fabian."

            “They are usually talking to each other, or with Caine.”

            "How would Gideon know? He's been with me for almost a year now." Raine said on the brink of tears.

"I'm not saying anything else. I shouldn't be the one to tell you all of this." James sighed looking at her.

"James. You finish telling me what is going on right now." Raine demanded.

"He hasn't been faithful to you Raine. Okay I didn't want to have to tell you this." James sighed standing up.

            Raine stepped away from James, towards the door. "You're lying. Gideon would never do anything like that." Raine said as a few tears fell from her eyes.

"This is why I didn't want to tell you. I figured you wouldn’t believe me. I'm sorry Raine."

"James, why would he do this?" Raine said stopping dead in her tracks.

"Why because he's one of those guys, because he doesn't really care about you, Raine. Because he feels like he has to keep up with his brother."

Tears started to pour from her eyes. "I-I-Wh-Why Me?" Raine managed to choke out in between sobs.

James sighed and walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, "I don't know Raine."

Raine cried into James' chest for what seemed like an hour. Then Raine pulled away from him and wiped her face clean of any tears. "I'm sorry James. You shouldn't have to be here consoling me. I think I'm just going to lie down, now." Raine said as she started walking towards the door.

"Raine stay it's alright, you shouldn't be on your own right now anyways." James insisted.

James grabbed Raine's hand and led her towards the bed, where Raine happily lay down. "Thank you James. I should've known twin brothers are more alike than meets the eye." Raine said before she closed her eyes and dozed off.

James sighed he really hadn't wanted to be the one to tell her. He pulled his extra blanket out of his closet and placed it gently on top of her. He wished he had been lying. He didn’t like seeing her hurt like this. James pushed the hair away from Raine’s eyes and kissed the top of her fore head before walking over to his desk and writing a letter.


     I know you were coming back tomorrow. But, you need to come back now. Raine needs you. I just told her something that she is severely upset about. I’ll tell you everything when you get here. Raine recently cried herself to sleep. I’ve known her for along time, and she only cries her self to sleep when something has hurt her really bad. You’ve known her longer and probably seen the same thing.


 Nate, she needs you.




 James sighed and folded up the letter before standing up and walking down stairs to where the family’s owl was.

            “Take this to Nathaniel Beauchamp.” James demanded. The owl flew to the nearest open window and took off.

            Ten minutes later, James heard a pop directly behind him.

            “Grazie Mister Russo. Otterrò un certo tempo la settimana prossima, se quella è giusta.” Nate said to his friend’s father.

The man nodded his head and apparated out of the Potter manor. Nate quickly walked over to James, who was sitting on the first step that led up stairs.

             “What’s wrong James?” Nate asked hurriedly.

            James sighed and waited a few seconds before stating, “Prewett has been cheating on Raine. And I- I- it slipped. I know I wasn’t the one to tell her but, it just came out.”

            Nate looked positively shocked. “How long?” he quickly recovered and anger could be heard in his voice.

            “I’m not sure. Since school started again I think.” James replied sadly.

 “Why am I just now learning about this James? You and I have been friends ever since I can remember and you’ve always told me things that concern Raine and her well-being. What happened?” Nate said angrily.

            “I know Nate. I wasn’t sure if it were true or not until I walked in on him and some skanky sixth year three days before Christmas vacation. I tried to tell you but you were never alone. Nate, you really don’t need to be talking to me. Right now, you need to be with Raine. She’s sleeping in my room.” James stated before walking off to the kitchen, leaving Nate to walk up by himself.

Nate sighed and walked up the stairs to check on his cousin. Nate walked in and saw Raine lying on her right side, not facing the door in which Nate entered. Every few seconds a sniff and a little whimper could be heard coming from Raine. Nate slowly walked over to Raine and sat down next to her.

“Raine. I’m really sorry.” Nate said softly before being wrapped into a tight hug by Raine.

 “Nate, I did nothing to him. Why would he do this?” Raine said in between sobs.

“Because he’s an arse, Raine. He doesn’t realize that he had the prettiest, smartest, cockiest, girlfriend ever.” Nate smirked, “Raine, you could do a million times better than him. I know that you loved him and you two were together for almost a year. But, don’t dwell on him to long. You have tons of guys that will treat you so much better than he did.” He finished before pushing Raine off of himself, “You do Raine. You deserve so much more than him.” He stated while looking sternly into Raine’s eyes.

Raine looked back at him with a small smile upon her lips and softly said, “Thank you Nate. But, the fact is, I still love him. It’s going to be really hard to not dwell on him. He was my first love. He was the first one to break my heart.”

“I know Raine. But, its not like you won’t find another guy who treats you better.”

“Nate, I don’t think I want to hear it anymore. I’ve made up my mind. You, Daddy, and Uncle Marius are the only good guys in the entire world. All the other guys are jerks.” Raine stated while lying back down on the bed.

“What about Aiden and Walter?” Nate chuckled.

“Nope. They’re both man whores. You know that. They treat women like thrash.”

“They don’t treat you, Donnalyn, Ella, or your mother like that.” Nate replied.

“That’s because we’re family. If I wasn’t related to them I’m positive I’d be ignored and thrown out like last week’s garbage.”

“Raine, don’t say that. They love you.” Nate said sternly.

“Only because they have to.” Raine replied while stifling a yawn.

Nate rolled his eyes and pulled the covers up to Raine’s shoulders. “Just get some sleep. Things will be better when you wake up.”

“So, you’ll hex Gideon until he can no longer have children?” Raine said excitedly.

“Nope, I’ll do something to him though. Later Raine, go to sleep.” Nate replied while getting off of the bed and walking towards the door.

“Night Mr. No Fun.”

“Night.” Nate said before closing the door and walking down stairs to the kitchen. When he walked in to the kitchen he saw James looking out of the window with a cookie in his hand.

“So, when something bad happens, you stuff your face with sweets?” Nate said sarcastically.

James, looking startled, turned around and smiled. “Of course. It makes me feel better.” He replied. “So, how is she? She hates me now doesn’t she?”

“Nope, she hates the entire male population.” Nate chuckled. “The only men she doesn’t hate are her father, my father, and myself.”

“That’s just great, isn’t it?” James asked.

“So, you do want her back? I could tell. But, I hope you didn’t tell her Gideon was cheating on her just so you two could get back together.”

“I would never do that. You think I like seeing her hurt like this? She did need to know. But, I shouldn’t have been the one to tell her.” James said replied getting angry.

 “So, who was going to tell her James? You guys had all this planned out, didn’t you? Or, was she supposed to find out on her own by walking in on him and some sleazy chick?” Nate questioned getting angry himself.

 “No! We didn’t have this planned out…all the way. But, Peter was going to tell her. She doesn’t like him as it is so we figured that if he was the one to tell her she wouldn’t hate the rest of us.”

 “Who is “we” and “us”, James?”

 “Sirius and myself. Who else would she hate? Regulus?” James said while getting angrier.

 “What about Remus? He had to know about this. You guys can never keep a secret from him.”

 “Actually. We can keep a secret from him. He had no idea what was going on. Sirius and I didn’t want to tell him because he would have made us go and tell Raine our selves. Which ended up happening anyways.”

 “Whatever. James, just tell me these things and I’ll tell her myself.  I can’t believe you didn’t tell me when you first heard about it. James, you need to tell me these kinds of things. I guess I’m staying the night. I’ll see you in the morning. Happy Christmas.” Nate finished in a sour tone.

 “Happy Christmas.” James replied in the same tone as Nate. James went upstairs and walked into his room. When he closed the door Raine sat up from the bed and said, “Nate?”

 “No, sorry, James.”

 “Oh, okay. James, I’m sorry. I’ll go to my room now.”

 “No, Raine you’re fine. Just lie back down.”

 “To tell you the truth. I’m tired of lying down. Can we do something? When I go to sleep the only thing I think about is Gideon.”

 “Yeah. How about we write a letter to Sirius?”

“Why? He is sooooo boring!” Raine stated in a somewhat better mood.

 James laughed. “So, what do you suppose we do Ms. De Luca?”



            “Raine. Raine de Luca. Raine! Get up it’s Christmas.” James tried to wake her.

            “Go away.” Raine mumbled burying her head underneath one of his pillows.

            “It’s Christmas morning Raine. Get your bloody arse up. I want to go open presents and my parents wouldn’t let that happen until everyone is up.”

            “Go away.”





            “Get up.”


            “Get up or I am going to carry you down stairs and drop you in the pool.” James replied standing up.


When Raine got up she headed straight towards the door leading to the rest of the house but instead, made a sharp turn and headed to the bathroom.

"Raine come on! It's Christmas I want my presents!" James called out glaring at her.

"James, I have to pee and take a shower. Unless you want me looking like a monster, I'm going into the bathroom. You're presents will still be there when I get out. I promise."

James rolled his eyes walked over to her tossed her over his shoulder and started to walk out of his room, "You can pee and shower later."

"James! Put me down! I have to use the potty! Put me down!" Raine screamed while hitting James' back.

"Shut your trap Raine. It's Christmas for god's sake." James replied while bouncing down the stairs.

"You aren't helping. You're presents couldn't wait another five minutes? Typical, you're so childish." Raine said while giving up on the fight.

James rolled his eyes, "Shut it or you're going in the pool."

Raine huffed. "Okay James. Just put me down and we can walk down stairs like civilized people."

"But we're already down stairs and if I do you're going to run off to a bathroom and take hours." James retorted.

"I won't shower, I swear. I just have to use the bathroom really badly. I'm not happy in the morning unless I've used the loo. You know that. So you have two choices Mister Potter. You can either put me down, allow me to use the bathroom, and be happy all Christmas. Or, you could continue holding me like you are, not let me use the bathroom, and have this Christmas be the worst one yet."

James groaned and carried over to a bathroom pushed her inside, shut the door, and leaned against the wall, "You've got two minutes."

“Fine but what if I take longer then that?”

“I will come in after you.”

“Doubt it.” Raine started, “Please step away from the door it is kind of awkward to have you listen to me pee.”

James sighed and moved to the other side of the hallway, “You have a minute left get to it.”

After Raine finished her business she stood at the mirror fixing up her appearance for her remaining time and decided to see if James would really come in after her. After about thirty seconds after her allowed time, Raine started humming as she sat down on the sink. James had gotten tired of waiting for her after only thirty seconds and walked off to the kitchen.

Raine got off the sink and opened the door to see James wasn't there. She smiled to herself and walked out of the bathroom towards the kitchen to get some breakfast. Everyone else was now waiting for Raine in the family room around the Christmas tree.

Raine smiled at James and waved to him. "I'm just going to get some toast, if that's alright."

Nate and James both groaned and leaned against the couch.

When Raine got out of the kitchen she held a bagel and a cup of coffee in her hand. "See I told you, I just got some toast." she smiled as she sat down next to James.

"First of that's not toast and second get that stuff away from me." James complained.

"Wait. This isn't toast? What stuff do you not want near you James-y Poo?" Raine questioned innocently.

James glared at her and got up and walked over and sat down on the other side of Nate.

Raine smile cheekily at both James and Nate and said, "Fine, I can see I'm not loved. I suppose I'll take all the presents back that I planned on giving you."

"That's okay we'll just take back your presents then too." Nate quipped reaching towards her and grabbing what was left of the bagel.

Raine pouted and replied, "Oy, you could have gotten your own bagel while I was using the bathroom. Well, looks like I can't give James his present since you're eating it now Nate."

"I did get my own but I wanted yours too and it's not the bagel James minded it's the coffee it's gross." Nate pointed out.

"Coffee, gross? How? Its the best stuff in the world!"

"It is disgusting Raine. How the bloody hell can you drink that stuff?" Nate replied.

"Easy, you bring the cup up to your lips, tilt the cup a little up and allow the liquid to run down your throat. Once you've had enough for that minute you remove the cup from your lips. Repeat the process when you want to." Raine smiled before taking a sip of her coffee.

James and Nate looked at each other and then without Raine seeing James transfigured her coffee into mud.

"You see this discussion we are having right now? This is about how long it would've taken me to use the bathroom, James. And look!" Raine gasped. "Your presents are still here!"

"Raine stop being such a bitch." Nate snapped throwing a box at her.

"OW! What the bloody hell was that for?" Raine said tempted to throw her coffee at Nate but instead took a sip of it. "EW!" Raine said jolting up from her seat. "What the bloody hell? What is this?"

Nate and James both started laughing at her.

"You bastards!" Raine yelled before running off to the bathroom so she could rinse out her mouth and brush her teeth. When she came back she sat down across the room from Nate and James and just glared at them.

Mrs. Potter glared at all the children, "If you wouldn't mind could we hurry this up we have people coming over later."

“Sorry Mum.” James replied.

"Yes, sorry Mrs. Potter." Raine replied.

“Sorry Mrs. Potter.” Nate followed.

"Alright now Raine why don't you open your presents first." Mrs. Potter replied leaning back against her husband.

"Yes Ma'am." Raine said before grabbing the box that Nate had thrown at her. Raine looked at who the present was from and saw it was from Mr. and Mrs. Potter. When she opened it she saw that it was an evening dress. Raine gawked before she said, "Thank you so much Mr. and Mrs. Potter! This dress if beautiful!"

"You're welcome dear. The dress should be perfect for tonight." Mrs. Potter stated.

"What's tonight?" Raine asked while still looking at her newly obtained dress.

"I don’t know Raine. Could it be the annual Potters' Christmas Ball?" James suggested sarcastically.

"It could be. Or, if you remember correctly James, it could be our engagement party." Raine smirked.

"Well it would still be the Christmas Ball and our engagement party." James retorted.

"Oh! Okay!" Raine smiled. "Why don't you open a present now, James?"

"Because we have an order Raine. You open all of your presents before we move on to the next person.” James supplied while handing her another present.

Raine sighed. "Fine, but, that’s a retarded order. I don't like being in the spot light. I'm not an attention seeker."

"Well it's the way my family has always done it Raine." Mr. Potter replied.   

Nate and James both snickered at her.

Raine shot a glare over to Nate and James. "Sorry, Mister Potter." Raine apologized before grabbing another present with her name on it. She saw it was from her mother and father so she immediately opened it. When she finished unwrapping it she saw it was another broom care kit. "Thanks mum and dad." Raine muttered before laying the kit next to her dress. "Which present next?" she questioned excitedly.

Nate proceeded to toss his present at her.

"Hmm, I wonder who this is from." Raine said sarcastically before opening the gift. "Aw Nate! This is beautiful! It's what I always wanted a... box!"

"I'm glad, it took so long to find the right one." Nate insisted with a straight face.

"I can see why! It's the purtiest box I've ever seen!" Raine smiled as she gave her cousin a hug. "Now, really." Raine said with a dead serious face. "Where's my present?"

"That is your present Raine." Nate replied looking offended.

"Ha- Ha- Ha. Is there an opening or something?" Raine asked while looking at every angle of the box.

"Nope, there is a password though."

"Well, what is it then?" Raine asked getting aggravated.

"That you would have to figure out. James why don't you give her your present."

"Dang it Nathaniel Tristan Beauchamp! What's the password?"

"Open James' present."

"Okay." Raine said thinking that was the password. So she lifted the box up to her face and said, "Open James' present." When the box didn't open she glared at Nate.

James and Nate laughed at her and James threw he's present to her.

Raine dropped Nate's present so James' present wouldn't hit her in the face. Raine unwrapped James' present and asked, "Great. What is it?"

"It's the code to the password for the box. Nate and I bought whatever lies inside that box together." James said.

"I'm a little scared of what might lie in this here box. How do I figure out the code? You guys just had to make my present difficult, didn't you?" Raine huffed. "And to think, I got the both of you such simple gifts."

"You'll see when you figure out the code. The code isn't that hard. It shows how much we actually do care about even if you're a bitch most of the time." Nate replied grinning.

"Oy! I'm only a bitch so people don't walk all over me! I don't even get a clue about the code, do I?"

"No and can we get on with this." James snapped getting aggravated that Raine was taking so long.

"Fine. What other presents do I have to open?" Raine questioned while looking around the tree.

Nate cringed slightly, "The one from Lily, Dorcas, Emmeline, and Marlene, the one from your wonderful siblings, the one from Sirius, Remus, and Peter, and the one from Gideon."

"Oh." was all Raine said.

After thirty seconds she said, "Just hand me the one from my girls."

“What about the others?”

“I'll open those later. I can probably guess what Aiden and Donnalyn gave me. A fashion magazine and thirty galleons." Raine replied while grabbing the present from Nate.

When she opened the present she saw that all the girls had given her an expensive cloak that was midnight blue with silver stars on it. "This is beautiful!" Raine said while putting the cloak on. "I'll have to give them all huge hugs when I see them."

"Hand me the one from your fellow Marauders now. Porfavor.”

James tossed her the present.

"Thanks." Raine said as she opened the present. "Wow, now that’s a lot of chocolate." Raine said as her eyes bulged. "And they got me a book! Wait, that was probably Remus." Raine said as she held up the book and read the title, " 'How to control your anger.' Aw! How appropriate Remy!" Raine said sarcastically before she set the gifts next to all the other already opened ones.

"Only one more right? The one from the darling siblings, wait! Ella and Walter didn't bother to give me a present this year?" Raine asked Nate.

"Well yeah it's part of Donnalyn and Aiden's and you do well have Gideon's." Nate said lightly.

"Hmm. Okay." Raine replied quietly as Nate handed her the present from her cousins and siblings. When she opened it she saw that Donnalyn had in fact, given her a fashion magazine, Ella gave her a new pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Aiden had given her forty galleons, and Walter had given her two tickets to the next Quiberon Quafflepunchers game. "Thanks guys." Raine said to herself.

"So Raine do you want to open Gideon's present later?" James asked.

"Um, yes. I guess. Well, no. I'll open it now." Raine said hesitantly.

"Alright." James replied handing her the box.

Raine took a deep breath before unwrapping the present. When she did she saw before her, a red velvet box. Raine almost started to cry. But, she opened and saw that Gideon had given her a stunning opal ring to match the necklace he had given her on her birthday. Raine’s had a single tear run down her face as she remembered that night perfectly. That’s when he loved her, or at least when Raine thought he loved her.

Raine quickly shut the box and looked down at the other gift she had received from Gideon, a pair of jeans and the shirt he had lent Raine the day she slept up in his dorm. Raine then started to cry but then saw the look on everyone else’s faces and quickly swatted the tears away from her face.

“Okay James. It’s your turn to open presents.” Raine said with a small smile upon her lips.

"Actually it's Nate's turn." James replied looking disappointed.

“Oh okay. Nate your turn.”

"Finally." Nate cried out grabbing one of his presents.

Mr. and Mrs. Potter gave him some books that he had been wanted. His father gave him a new broom kit. His siblings as well as his cousin have him pretty much the same they have Raine but a few changes. James gave him a book on Quidditch and his friends gave him chocolate, books, cards, a wizard's chessboard, and other assorted things. All that was left was Raine's present.

"I guess that’s all you get this year, mate." Raine smirked

"Yep I suppose James and I will be taking back your present then." Nate quipped.

"That’s fine. I have no clue what it is and how to open it anyways." Raine said before standing up and grabbing all her presents and running up stairs.

Five minutes later Raine returned to where everyone else was residing, with a crate in hand. "Happy Christmas Nate!" Raine smiled while handing Nate the crate.

Nate grinned and let the wiggling little puppy out of the crate; who proceeded to jump into Nate's lap and curl up.  

"Thanks Raine." Nate replied petting the puppy.

"Ah, you see, that box was actually easy to open. I wouldn't ever give you a gift that was un-open able." Raine stated.

"I didn't either. James you can open your presents now." Nate replied.

"Dang it." Raine muttered while watching James open the present from his parents.

“Dang it what?” Nate asked.

"I don't know how to open that ruddy box. And both of you know I won't figure it out until I see either Remus or Lily!" Raine said getting a little annoyed. "I think you two did it on purpose."

"Neither Remus nor Lily will be able to help you open. You have to do it yourself. I promise the code isn't that hard." Nate said watching James. 

So far he had gotten a bunch of clothes and a new broom from his parents, some books and chocolate from his friends, a new broom kit and Quidditch tickets from his aunt and uncle, as well as a few books from Raine's parents.

Raine sighed and crossed her hands over her chest. "Whatever. James?"


"Why is it that you don't like coffee? Oh, and what team are these tickets for?" Raine questioned.

“I’m British Raine. We don’t drink coffee we drink tea and I don’t like the way it smells or tastes. They are for Puddlemere.” James declared.

"Oh, okay." Raine said with a huge smirk on her face. "So, what did you get from Nate?" Raine asked as she saw James open the present from Nate.

"Some more candy and exploding snap cards."

"Wicked. Are you ready to open my present now?" Raine questioned innocently.

“Is it going to kill me?”

"No. Well, at least I don't think so." Raine said slowly. "At least I hope it won't." Raine finished while handing James her present. As James was cautiously opening his gift, Raine started snickering.

James froze, "What's so funny de Luca?"

"Nothing! Nothing." Raine said innocently while sitting up straight and lifting her head high. "Continue opening your gift Potter."

James slowly opened the gift pulling off the wrapping paper piece by piece.

Raine's smirk grew wider and wider. "Come on Potter. Open it all the way! It won't bite! It might burn a little, but it won't bite!" Raine stated.

James finished pulling off the paper and stared at his present.

"I knew you'd love it! Your own little coffee maker with coffee already in the cups. It's freshly brewed too!" Raine said before she doubled over laughing.

James just stared at his present and then said, "It's wonderful Raine. Thank you."

"Yea. No problem. If you don't like it, I'll take it back and give you this present." Raine said while holding her hand out, which held a rectangular shaped gift in it.

"Good hand it over de Luca."

Raine laughed. "Fine Potter." Raine handed the gift over to James and when he opened it he saw a gift box that held a bright pink T-Shirt that said ‘Forget about Puddlemere. Everyone knows Quiberon is the better.' "You know. I had that shirt especially made for you James-y." Raine smiled.

"Who the bloody hell is Quiberon anyway?"

"Only the best Quidditch team, EVER! You dolt." Raine said in disbelief.

Nate and James both stared at her, "She must really be on crack." James replied.  "I think you're right James. I've never heard of them either."

"You have to Nathaniel Tristan Beauchamp! It's the official team for France! How could you two NOT know about them?" Raine asked in shock.

"No it's not." Nate replied.

“Yes it is.” Raine argued.

“No it’s not.”

"Then who the bloody hell is?”

            "Then why does it only affect you and Le Mauves Devereux." Nate declared.

"Because, I eat more than everyone else."

            “No you don’t.”

            "Well, then its because I'm smaller."

Nate rolled he's eyes, "Raine you're 5' 7" you just happen to be taller then more then half of the school."

"SO! Maybe it's the house elves. They're out to get me. They poison my food I bet."

"You didn't even know about the house elves until Sirius and I took you into the kitchen and house elves love everybody." James replied.

Raine huffed. "Well, maybe you and the marauders poison my food. So you guys can commit sexual acts for your own pleasure. I don't know if Remus would do that but I'm positive Sirius would." Raine said not realizing James' parents were still in the room.

James rolled his eyes, "I think we've been over this before and I can't account for Sirius that's he's job. But anyways why the hell are you blaming your retardedness on other people.”

"I don't blame other people! I- I- QUIBERON IS THE OFFICAL TEAM FOR FRANCE! Don't get me sidetracked! That’s truly how this argument started!" Raine retorted.

"You do to! They are not!" Nate shouted.

Raine growled. "Yes, they are. If they aren't, who is?"

"Le Mauvais Devereux.” Nate declared.

"But- But- Uncle Marius said it was The Quiberon Quafflepunchers!" Raine said.

Nate fell over on the floor he was laughing that hard.

"What the bloody hell is so funny Beauchamp?" Raine growled.

“You actually believe my father.”

"YES! Who else am I supposed to trust with Quidditch matters? Donnalyn? I think not!"

“But you know he loves to tease you.”

"Walter got me tickets to their next match!"

“He is my father’s son.”

"Then what team have I been watching games of my entire life, eh?"

"Le Mauvais Devereux or the Italian Team."

"Oh Merlin." Raine said as she hit her palm against her forehead. "That's ITALY'S official team. Quiberon is FRANCE'S official team. You bloody dolt." Raine stated.

Nate rolled his eyes, "Is that why Mauvais is French for wicked and Devereux is a French last name."

"Probably! You are so retarded Nathaniel! You know the Quiberon Quafflepunchers! They have Shocking pink robes. And they're known for their flamboyant play as well as their robes."

"Oy. Raine one of Beauxbatons teams wears shocking pink robes."

Raine fell down on her back and put her hand over her eyes and said "You know what? You're right. Lets not discuss this matter any further until Marius and Walter arrive. I'm tired of arguing with you gits."

"Good I'll let you keep your argument between yourselves. Why don't you guys go up and get ready for the ball." Mr. Potter said helping his wife up.

Raine sighed as she got up from the floor and said "Yes Mister Potter. Happy Christmas."

"Happy Christmas mum, dad." James replied standing up and walking out of the room.

Nate soon followed after James while saying "Happy Christmas" as he left the room. As soon as Raine got to her room, she locked her door and went into her bathroom and got into the shower. After a good hour shower Raine got ready for the ball. When she was ready for some one to do her hair, preferably Mrs. Potter, she opened her door and yelled "Will someone please come here! Preferably Mrs. Potter!"

"My mum's still is getting ready Raine." James replied.

Raine sighed. "I guess you'll have to do. Now, are you familiar with being a hairdresser? Or, perhaps you know a spell that will put my hair up for this ball?" she questioned.

“Are you saying you don’t know any? Well anyways sadly I do.”

"HA! Really? That's interesting. Now, will you please do me?" Raine asked as she sat down in front of the vanity placed in her room.

“Do you?”

"I meant my hair James! Get your mind out of the gutter." Raine scoffed.

"I suppose, crispoissis."

"How do you know this spell anyways James?" Raine asked before looking in the mirror. "Do you plan on becoming a hair dresser anytime soon?"

That is for me to know and you to find out and no." James replied, "I'm going to finish getting ready now."

"But darling! You would make such a wonderful hair dresser!" Raine stated before walking into her closet and changing into her dress. "Oy! Potter! You still out there?"

"Nope, but I am." Raine heard a voice reply.

"Who's there?" Raine questioned nervously.

"What kind of greeting is that for your favorite brother."

"Psh. What favorite brother? I have no favorites!" Raine said childishly.

"Hmm, well since I'm your only brother I have to be your favorite one." Aiden replied from where he sat.

Raine stepped out of her closet and ran up to her brother and gave him a hug. "Aiden where have you been? I haven't seen you in forever!"

Aiden wrapped one of his arms around her, "I've been working Raine."

"So? That’s no reason not to stop by the house or write to your little sister!" Raine turned around. "Zip me up will you?"

Aiden chuckled, "Well I meet someone if that makes it any better. How am I supposed to zip up buttons?"

"I have no clue. You figure it out. If you find no way to zip me up I guess you can just button me up." Raine sighed. "You met someone? WHO?"

Aiden started to button up the back of her dress, “Calandra Montgomery.”

"Ah, is she a nice woman? If not, I'll beat her up." Raine laughed. "How? Aiden, my brother no longer a man whore thanks to Calandra Montgomery. I shall have to thank her."

"Raine." Aiden warned, "Yes she is nice."

“I was only joking Aiden, jez.”

Aiden only looked at her and then walked out of the room.

"What? Can I no longer talk to her now?" Raine yelled. "Jez not even two minutes with my brother and he already hates me, again." she whispered to herself.

"Sounds like normal." A voice replied.

Raine rolled her eyes, “What do you want?”

“Oh why so mean?”

"Because, I just saw your face." Raine said sarcastically.

"That hurts Raine, that hurts."

            “Sorry but the truth always does.”

            “Oh is someone in a bad mood?”

            “Maybe what gives you that idea?”

            "Could it be that your face is getting all red and your hair is already starting to fall down? Or maybe that your breathing has gotten faster and heavy."

            "Did you not just see Potter leave? We could've been doing something." Raine said while rushing around the room to find her shoes. "Why is it that I can never find my shoes?" she questioned her self.

            "No the person whom I saw leave would have been your darling brother."

            "Well, Potter was in here before him. Now seriously what do you want? I'm trying to get ready." Raine asked while searching under her bed for her shoes

            Ella rolled her perfectly lined eyes, "Your shoes are in the closet. Can't I come see how my youngest cousin is?"

            "Thanks." Raine stated before heading over to her closet and putting her shoes on. "You can come see how your youngest cousin is if you tell me what you want first. You never come into my room unless you want to borrow something."

            Ella sighed, "If you haven't noticed you’re to big for me to borrow your clothes, your feet to small, I don't want anything from you."

            "Jez thanks. Not even a hair clip? You're actually here to see... me?" Raine said sarcastically as she put her right hand over her heart and wiped a fake tear away from her eye with her left hand. "That means so much to me!"

"No your mother sent me up here to tell you to hurry your bloody arse up." Ella revealed standing up and straightening her tight dress, "James is waiting for you in the hall. He's to escort you down the stairs."

“What? I thought Nate was.”

“No Nate has a date.”

“Aww, who?”

Ella sneered, "Your friend Lily."

"Jez, what’s your issue? And Lily? That's so sweet!" Raine said as she clapped her hands together. "One more thing before you go Ella, dear. Could your dress be any tighter?"

"Of course it could." Ella replied walking out the door to her own awaiting date.

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