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A/N: Wow! Thank you for all the reviews! It's nice to know that I still have some fans after that long break!

I'm sorry about getting this chapter out late (visiting colleges, Thanksgiving, school, etc) so I made it extra long. Just don't kill me when you read the end!

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Off to the story!



For once in my life, I was glad that I was being ordered to stay in bed. I couldn’t bear to go outside, let alone out of my room. The scene played over and over in my mind as I rocked back and forth, holding myself – Oliver had his back turned to me as my brother stormed into the room. Once he’d seen Oliver, Mike had grabbed him by the shirt and moved him aside to rush over to me. The tears threatened to spill from my eyes but I was quick on my feet. I smiled a big grin and gave both men the impression that I was overjoyed to see my brother rather then being heartbroken. I didn’t speak a word to Oliver as Mike ushered me out of the flat and took me home. 

I began to spiral downward once my body hit my bed. I’d never really experienced rejection before. My brother began to worry about my mental health, but I kept feeding him lies, saying that I was just depressed about my ribs and not playing Quidditch. Although I hated it, Mike bought my pathetic attempts to cover the truth. Some of the team came over to say hello after practice, but instead of cheering me up, it only brought me deeper into despair. After a couple of days, I yearned to take my broom out of my bag and fly with them but the orders from my coach kept me beneath my sheets.  

While I was taking a break from Quidditch, I realized that so much was going around me that I didn’t know. For instance, my brother had a new girlfriend, who was the raven haired girl he’d met at the bar where I first met Fred and George. Her name was Noel and at first, I thought she was just like all of his past girlfriends. She had a bit of Spanish blood in her and I always loved to watch her black hair shimmer in the sunlight. I would have asked her to stay so I could brush hair like sister would do since I never had one, but I figured that it would be a bit stalkerish. I didn’t know her that well. But since she wants to be a healer, she’s stopped by a couple times to check up on my ribs. My brother insisted. We mainly talked about trivial things when my brother was in the room, but as soon as he left, I began to realize that she was very different from my brother’s ex-girlfriends. She was brilliant. 

She grew up in Spain with her family and then she was sent off to boarding school. Hogwarts was the name. I learned a lot about the school from her. There are four houses and each have different colors, mascots, principles and morals. The Slytherin house was evil, the Hufflepuff house was loyal, and the Ravenclaw house was smart. She was put in Gryffindor because of her bravery. I wished I could have been in school with her; it sounded like such a magical place. And that was a lot coming from a witch. 

“You know, one of your teammates was in my graduating class,” Noel had once told me. Intrigued, I squeezed the information out of her. Guess who it was? Oliver bloody Wood. He had attended Hogwarts and was even in her house. I wished I had never asked. Apparently, everyone knew who he was back there. From about fourth year and up, the girls followed him like a magnet until they figured out how Quidditch obsessed he was. I found that as a turn on; most didn’t. Now that he had made Puddlemire after being on the reserve team for a year, he had become a legend to everyone. I snorted when I heard that. He wasn’t much of a legend around me. 

But my conversations with Noel weren’t the only ones that Oliver had managed to creep into. When Annabell had come over to visit and fill me in with the daily news the first time, she knew that something else was gnawing at me. She never believed any of my lies about my ribs being the reason I was so depressed. So finally, I caved in. I told her everything about after the game and what Oliver had done. Not only had she put her arms around me and patted my back when I began to cry but ever since then, she’d been tip toeing around the subject of Oliver altogether when she visited. 

I pulled the covers over me and tried to drift off to sleep. Today was Friday, which meant that tomorrow I would be free to soar in the skies. During the past few days, I had tried push ups and sit ups when Mike and Noel weren’t watching. I could do the push ups, but the sit ups stretched my pain threshold. I knew that medically, they were fixed. But emotionally, I cringed whenever I worked them. Rosenthal’s hit still hadn’t been erased from my mind and for once, I was glad that Fields had let me off for a week. If I had been practicing with the team, I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with the fast paced moves that Marino, Forester and I practiced. I was also glad that we had a bye this weekend so I could practice next week to make up for what I had missed. As I fell into a deeper sleep, the game replayed in my mind. Everything was in slow motion as I saw Rosenthal barreling towards me; I tried with all my might to move, but I couldn’t. His body was almost touching mine. 

And that’s when I felt it. He was pushing my ribs and -  

I gasped as I awoke with a start, throwing the covers off me. My breathing began to slow down as I remembered the dream. It was all so real. I shook my head; it was just a dream. It had to be, it wasn’t real. There was no way that I’d actually been pushed in the ribs. I was still emotionally scared, I kept telling myself. I was about to close my eyes and fall back asleep when I saw a figure standing next to my bed. 

“Sorry to wake you that way,” Annabell said timidly as she smiled. “It was the only way that I knew I could get you up.”

“Jeez Annabell! You scared me to death! Don’t ever push my ribs! Ever!”

“I know, I’m sorry. You were snoring. You couldn’t hear me yelling at you, so it was the only way that I could think to get your attention. I need to discuss things with you.”

“Can’t it wait until the morning? I’m trying to sleep here if you haven’t noticed,” I said, groaning as I reached for the covers that I’d previously thrown off the bed.  

“No. I need to know now.”

“Then you have my bloody attention,” I said, rolling my eyes as I rested against the pillows behind me. She sighed and sat down onto the bed next to me as I wondered what was so important. 

“It’s October and it’s almost Halloween - ”

“I may have been stuck in this house for a week, but I do know what date is it,” I retorted with a smirk. 

“Will you shut up and let me talk?” Annabell pursed her lips at my second attempt to roll my eyes. “Now, I know you’re new to all of this, so I feel that it’s my duty to inform and help you get through it. I’m sure that after a week of being kept indoors, you want to get out. So here’s your chance. Every year, Witch Weekly throws a Halloween Ball. It’s not formal, but it’s a fancy dress party. Hold on a minute … Ah! It’s what you Americans call a costume party. Forgot the translation for a second.” She winked and I smiled back. “The whole team’s been invited - ”

“No,” I said sternly, my emotions going from joyous to cold in a mere second. “I’m not going.” 

“What?” She said, her eyes ablaze. In the back of my mind, I remembered that I should never get Annabell mad ever again. She looked like she was going to poke me in the ribs again. I cringed. “What do you mean you’re not going? You’ve been out of the public eye for a week. Every Puddlemire fan has been wondering about you. Now you can show the wizarding world that you’re not some sissy tosser, although you’re acting like one right now. Besides, this is a team event.”  

“And that’s exactly why I will not be going! If he’s going, I will stay home,” I said, folding my arms over my chest. I was acting like a stubborn child and I knew it. But I wasn’t being stubborn without a reason. I couldn’t face seeing Oliver again. I knew I’d have to face him at practice, but that was on Monday and the situation was different. I could ignore him and focus on the game and the pitch. At a party, one had to mingle and that would mean that I might bump into him. It was too soon and I just couldn’t do it.  

“You are being so immature!” Annabell spat. I shrank, knowing that she would yell at me. I closed my eyes, bracing for the words that I knew she was going to say. “I’ve always been a good friend to you. I’ve never brought up the subject of Oliver since that game day. But you need to hear the truth. You fancy him and yet you’re not going to do anything about it. You can’t wait for him to make the first move. Obviously he’s shown that he can’t do it, so help him. You’re acting like it’s you’re first rejection -”

“It is my first rejection!”

“But you haven’t been rejected! Has he ever told you that he didn’t fancy you? No. You’re just too proud to do it yourself when he’s shy about expressing his feelings.”

“He’s with Katie for Merlin’s sake! I’m not about to become a home wrecker,” I yelped. Annabell kept telling me that Oliver fancied me and I never saw any of it. I wasn’t about to break up a relationship that he never shut up about. My conscience wouldn’t allow it. 

“Katie? She’s nothing compared to you,” Annabell said, putting a hand on my leg for emotional support. It didn’t work. 

“So what? Both of us may think that, but Oliver sure doesn’t. He never stops talking about her. Katie this, Katie that. Obviously he’s more attracted to her then me because if it was the other way around, he’d be dating me instead of her,” I retorted through my teeth. “I’m not going and that’s final!”

“So she’s won then,” Annabell said softly, her eyes falling to the floor. “I thought you were a fighter Michelle, but I guess I’m wrong.” 

“Oh, don’t even play the guilt card,” I said rolling my eyes as I crossed my arms over my chest. As a silence hung in the air, I sighed and looked down at the floor. Although I hated it, I knew that Annabell was right. I was acting like a total child and being selfish. I had to think about other things then Oliver – like my public image. As she said, the fans were wondering about my health and this would be the perfect event to show them that I was alive and kicking. I let my hands drop to my sides. Her guilt trip had worked its magic. I was not going to just roll over and die because of a petty injury. “Fine, I’ll go. But you have to promise me that you won’t let Oliver near me.”

“Deal,” she said grinning. “Meet me at my house tomorrow at 5. We’re going to see Marco.”  


“Who is this Marco guy again? He better work magic or I want my money back,” I groaned after I clutched my stomach. We had just taken a port key, which always made me sick moments afterward. I closed my eyes as regrouped while bending over as I heard the clicking of heels and the soft touch of lips on cheeks. When I opened my eyes and the world didn’t spin anymore, I saw Annabell in her new black heels and standing next to her was a dark skinned Italian man with a grin on his face. I gulped as I stood to my full height and met his blue eyed gaze. He was wearing tailored pants and a crisp white shirt that screamed high fashion. Over all, he looked like one of those models from the muggle Vogues magazines that Noel had given me when I was in bed. 

“So this is the project, yeah?” He asked, turning to Annabell, who nodded. I sent both of the death glare; I was not a project. I was a human being! 

“Come with me Michelle,” he said as he extended his hand. I timidly walked over and took it as he whisked me away into the back of his studio. I felt myself being pushed into a black, plush chair as he turned his back to me and took out his wand. Immediately, clothes began to fly from racks on the sides of the room and assemble on hangers attached to a central rack in front of him. I heard Annabell chuckle next to me and I turned towards her, my eyebrows raised. 

“You look just like me the first time I met him. Isn’t he just delectable? Oh Merlin. But want to know the best part? He’s straight as an arrow!”

“I heard that,” Marco said, his eyes turning to meet Annabell’s which made her blush. I couldn’t blame her; I would have done the same if he’d stared at me that intently. 

“Well, I’ll just browse the racks as you work your magic dear,” she muttered as she headed off into the forest of racks that he kept in the room. I later learned that he used an enlargement charm (which Annabell later asked which type of enlargement charm he used … I hit her for such a sexual comment) to make the tiny little flat able to hold all of the clothes that he had in his possession. Since Marco was a stylist to the stars, he had to hold many clothes for the different events that they attended. However, he was not the biggest name in fashion and therefore, he didn’t have the money to work out of a grand studio in the center of London. He worked out of his own flat because it was cheaper.

“So, any ideas on what you want to be tonight?” he asked in a cool manor as he turned back to me. I froze because I never actually thought about what I wanted to be. I was too busy thinking about Oliver and the public’s reaction. He understood my thoughts from my expression and nodded. With a flick of his wand, a couple costumes flew from the hangers and onto the other racks. I thought I heard Annabell yelp and I chuckled at the thought of her running away from flying, zooming clothes.  Marco looked back at me after he heard me laugh. 

“She’ll be fine.” 

“Excuse me?” I said quizzically. How did he know my thoughts? I mean, unless there was someone else in the room – 

“There’s no one else in the room. I can read your thoughts with Legilimency. I do with all of my clients for I feel that it’s easier to know what they truly want in an outfit. So you want to impress this Oliver guy? Don’t tell me that you don’t want to impress him, you want to avoid him. I see you’re lying when you think that. Halloween is sexier these days so this is the perfect time to show you off. Hmmm ..,” 

He went back to the racks before him as Annabell skipped out from under a pile of clothes singing ‘I’ve found it!’ over and over again. She put the ball of fabric into my lap as I tilted my head and examined the costume she’d picked. It was all black. I looked up at her with an eyebrow raised and then went back to the outfit. It consisted of a black corset that someone had cleverly turned into a shirt and a pair of black shorts. She threw a pair of fishnets into the air and they landed in my hair as she scrambled through a wicker basket to my right. 

‘Aha! Found them!” she said, holding up a pair of black cat ears. “I’m a cat, get it?” 

I looked at the outfit and then back at her. Halloween sure had changed since I was little. When dressing up, I had always been a vampire or witch since I was not creative; Quidditch was more important to me then costumes. I’d seen other girls dress in barely anything for the 31st festivities but I guess I’d never really realized that it was a universal thing and not just specific to Mills. As I began to think about the past Halloweens in my life, Annabell took the opportunity to try the outfit on. I sighed as I saw the curtains of the dressing room close. If that was her outfit, what would Marco chose for me?

“Don’t worry, she’s just wild with her costumes. This,” he said, turning around, “Is what you will be wearing.” In his right hand, he held a shorter looking dress that had white sequins sewn onto it and a low cut front. In his left, he held a crown and a sash. “Go and try it on.”

I took the dress and accessories from him and followed the path that Annabell had taken to the dressing room. I politely knocked on the door and she opened it immediately. I had to say, she looked amazing. The shirt showed off her small waist and large breasts while the shorts made her lean legs look longer then they actually were. She smiled as she caught a pair of black heels that Marco had thrown at her and slipped them on over her fish net clad feet. 

“You look wonderful. But you’re not done yet, come sit in this chair and we’ll do your hair and make up,” Marco said, his hands over his chest as his face held a warm smile. Annabell left the room and pranced over to the chair where I had been sitting earlier. I closed the door and laid out the dress before me. The dress certainly wasn’t my style and my brother would probably kill me if he saw me in it. I smirked at his protectiveness as I slipped off my clothes and into the dress. After I zipped up the side, I examined the fit. It molded to my athletic frame and actually made it look like I had curves. The length was short, but if Annabell could wear those shorts, then I would be fine wearing a mid thigh hem. I faced the mirror head on as I heard a pop! I looked over to see a pair of jeweled heels next to my crown and sash. I smiled; it was just the thing that I had been missing. After I put those on, I reached for the sash.

It read ‘Miss United States of America’. 

I laughed as I came out of the dressing room. Marco was one clever Legilimens because I loved that he’d chosen something to make me stand out. I would show all the Tories that I was a proud Yankee girl and I had the guts to shove my American identity in their faces. Perfect for a night with Oliver. I assumed that he would wear something that was Scottish just to make my blood boil but now I would be prepared. Annabell stood up from her chair and stared at me in shock while I had the same expression about her. Marco had teased up her hair (magically of course) and gave her smoky black eyeliner and eye shadow that went with her black outfit. Of course, she had cat eyes and a tail attached to the back of the shorts. She no longer looked like the innocent seeker that I had come to know. 

We both said the other’s names at the same time with a laugh. 

“Ladies, ladies, I still have work to do. Michelle,” he said, gesturing to the seat. I passed Annabell looking into the mirror at the fit of her clothes while Marco replied to each of her thoughts, saying that she looked fine. He then turned to me and with a flick of his wand, my appearance changed. My hair was down with large curls and my make up was eloquent, except for the red lipstick. I saw the crown levitate over my head and carefully, Marco secured it to my hair so it wouldn’t fall out during the party. 

“I can’t thank you enough - ” 

“Just name drop for me Michelle and that’s all the payment I need,” he grinned. “Merlin knows that I deserve a bigger studio.” 


After saying goodbye to Marco and the studio, Annabell and I took another portkey to the party. Witch Weekly had rented out one of the hottest wizarding clubs in London and everyone who was anyone was there. As we entered through the elaborate, gothic door, I couldn’t help but laugh. The decorator was a genius. Music blasted from the speakers as waiters and waitresses pushed their way through the throngs of dancing people while strobe lights moved around the room, giving it an eerie feel. But it was Halloween and everything had to fit that eerie theme. I decided that after seeing the plate of finger appetizers, I didn’t want anything to eat that night. Who knew what those fingers actually were. Annabell took my hand and lead me around the side of the mass on the dance floor. My eyes wandered around, looking at all of the costumes and people. Celebrities mingled near the stage while The Weird Sisters were chatting up a pair of blonde bunnies as they stood on the side of the stage, waiting to perform.

God, this was going to be quite the night and I was glad that I had agreed to come. It was something that I had never done before. 

Finally, Annabell stopped in front of a private table where the rest of the team was sitting. Upon our arrival, chairs came out from no where and drinks were ordered all around. Marino had dressed as Batman and Forrester had gone as Robin. Edmund tipped his glass to me as I chuckled at his old time gangster costume. Dellard was wearing a fur sack like thing with a wooden beater’s bat next to his chair; he was a caveman, which was appropriate for his position. I swear, those boys could never leave their bats alone. I sat down on the chair furthest away from Oliver as I began to examine my nails. I couldn’t believe that he had dresses as an old westerner; he was supposed to be something Scottish! I grabbed my shot and downed it, even though I knew that by taking it, I would end up having another and another. But I needed to get my mind off how gorgeous Oliver looked in his cowboy costume. The way his hat fell down in front of his face made me gulp as I reached for another shot that a waitress in a devil costume had placed on the table when Marino asked for another round. As my throat burned, I saw Oliver glance out at the crowd and as a strobe light lit up his face, I saw a light five o’clock shadow on his jaw line. His shirt wasn’t skin tight like Annabell’s outfit, but it was enough to show the muscles underneath. My heart began to race, but I knew that I could do this. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of me drooling all over him, but inside I knew I was glad that he was dressed the way he was. 

I saw a flash and turned to my right instantly to see that a man with a camera had just taken my picture, undoubtedly when I had been throwing back the previous shot. I gave the man a weak smile and wave and he snapped another picture before giving me the thumbs up. 

“That’s the way Michelle,” Annabell said with a laugh as she laid a hand on my knee. “Let the public know you’re alive!” I glanced over in front of her and saw that there were four empty shot glasses as the rest of the table laughed. I rolled my eyes as she turned her attention to Marino, commenting that he was wearing such tight clothes for a male. As the music grew louder due to the commencement of the chorus, I crossed my legs and held my head in my hand as I placed my elbow on the table for support. I wasn’t drunk, but I could feel my limbs becoming lighter. Oddly enough, I liked the feeling and reached out, grabbing another shot from a waiter walking by in a tux. Although the firewhiskey burned and the corners of my eyes became wet, I set the glass down and raised a brow as Annabell got up, holding Marino’s hand. They sauntered off to the dance floor as the Weird Sisters took the stage. 

The crowd roared. The Weird Sisters were one of the hottest bands in the Wizarding World and although I wasn’t ever going to admit it, I found Myron Wagtail quite cute. Forrester took another shot and got up to join Dellard and Edmund, who were heading towards the dance floor to find dancing partners. My eyes widened as I realized that I was being left alone at the table with Oliver. I glanced over at him to see that he wasn’t staring back at me; instead he was looking out at the crowd with a sour look on his face and his arms crossed over his chest. The opening riffs of a song blasted through the club as I shifted my seat. I saw Oliver look at me and I snapped my head away, trying to look like I had been looking at the dancing people instead of his gorgeous face. I bit my lip to try and keep myself from frowning at my misfortune. 

“You’re starting off fast Yank.” I turned back to see him staring at me and I raised a brow. Since when did he care about how much I drank? Well maybe after that time at the bar when I passed out, but that was because it was my first time. I put my hand in the air and instantly a waitress came to my side. I ordered a mixed drink and then turned my attention back to Oliver. I knew I had to keep myself in line, but just for spite, I had ordered a drink right in front of him. 

“Since when do you care? And by the way, you’re a Yank too so shut up,” I said with a coy smile that turned into a smirk as I leaned back in my chair. Annabell had promised that she wouldn’t leave me alone with Oliver but now I had to fend for myself. My plan was to ignore him and so far, it was working. I bit my lip and angled myself away from his so he couldn’t see my inner struggle of thinking that he was an ass or my prince charming. After I received my drink and started sipping, he was quiet and didn’t acknowledge me. I tapped my foot to the beat of the song and soon it came to an end. Annabell and Marino returned to their seats and the seeker grabbed my drink, eager for a sip.

“Oh no you don’t,” I said, grabbing it away. “You need to slow down Missy.” I heard a snort from Oliver’s end of the table but I chose to ignore it. I bit my lip even harder. At this point, the party was starting to become distasteful rather then fun. There was only so much drunkenness and debauchery I could take. I felt uncomfortable since I’d never been in this kind of environment before. The music was beginning to make my head pound. I sighed angrily as I placed the straw into my mouth and took a long sip on my cocktail. It felt good. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I lashed out with a ‘What?’, thinking it was another photographer. I was not in the mood to have my picture taken. 

“Oh, I’m sorry to bother you, I only wanted a dance,” a man in a Zorro costume said as I turned to face him. I stopping taking a sip from my drink as my jaw dropped. Now this was my kind of prince charming. His black mask gave his sexy visage a mysterious feel to it and as he offered his hand. I took it without a second thought and glanced over at Oliver with smirk. If he wasn’t going to give me the time of day, I would return the favor. As my partner lead me down to the rest of the people dancing, I had a small skip in my step which was probably alcohol induced. Some people would think that kissing a girl’s hand was old fashion but when the man did it to me, I smiled softly back at him.  

“Thank you, kind sir. May I ask your name?”

“Zorro never reveals his identity,” he said with a flirtatious wink, “But you can call me Will.” 

“Alright Will,” I said, meeting his gaze as I pressed my body against him. “Let’s dance.” We stayed together the rest of the song and when it ended, he asked if I wanted to dance again. I accepted and soon felt my mood change. Now that I was away from Oliver, my spirit rose and I began to have fun. I had always been a hard ass at Mills; I worked hard but never played hard. Now was the time to catch up on all the fun that I’d missed. I let my body go wild as I rubbed up against Will, whose hands wrapped around my waist. Usually, I would have slapped his hands away but since it was Halloween and I had just downed a couple drinks, I began to care less and less. The Weird Sisters played on as the old Michelle was put away for the night and I spent the next couple songs dancing with guys I didn’t know. Marino and Forrester had each asked for a dance and I accepted with a laugh. I felt more alive then I ever had. 

As my most recent partner lead me back to the table, he wrote down his address on a cocktail napkin, saying that I could pop by anytime. I smiled coyly as we said goodbye and then plopped down on the chair and fanned my face. Dancing was quite the workout. I sipped on a glass of water that Annabell had been drinking and she laughed. 

“Look at you! Where’s the old Michelle?” 

“Yeah seriously Swifty. If I had known you were this much fun, I would have invited you to guys’ night at my house,” Marino said with a chuckle as he snaked an arm around Annabell’s waist. I blushed as I took another sip of water and turned my eyes to the Weird Sisters. I bobbed my head to the music and had to reject a man for I needed to rest from all the dancing I had just done. Then, the band started to play their hit song and the entire club poured onto the dance floor. I waved off Marino and Forrester, saying that I was going to take this one out. They shrugged and went back into the crowd. Dellard asked Annabell to dance and Edmund waved at a person he knew and went off to join their table. 

And so, I was left alone with Oliver again. 

I crossed my arms over my chest and refused to look at him. I was having such a good time and I was not going to let him ruin it. I sighed and crossed my legs as I watched Forrester lock lips with a girl dressed as a Greek goddess. A smile returned to my face and I was about to raise my hand to order another mixed drink when suddenly I felt myself being pulled out of my seat. I responded with an ooopfh!! but growled when I realized that the cow boy hat clad man that was pulling me was Oliver. 

“Get your hands off of me! Let me go!”

“We need to talk,” he grunted as he led me through the dancing people and towards the exit of the club. I tried to get out of his iron grip, but I was not successful. With a frown on my face, I followed him away from all the excitement. I clacked my heels against the ground to let him know of my annoyance. After I asked many times where we were going, he pushed me into a quiet corner and I gulped as his face was hovering right above mine. 

“Let me go Oliver,” I said sternly but my voice faltered as I breathed in a whiff of his cologne. His muscled body being near mine made my knees weaken and my eyes turned from sparkling with joy and laughter to like a deer in headlights. What was he going to say to me? I gulped again as I fell deeply into his chocolate brown eyes. I could hear the music thumping in the far off distance but all I could focus on was Oliver in front of me. My mind churned, thinking of reasons that he’d pulled me away. Was Annabell right? Did Oliver fancy me? Was he jealous? Was he going to tell me that he did care for me? Was he going to kiss me? I licked my lips as I was about to tell him that I was interested in him too when he spoke. 

“You need to learn how to control your drinking.” 

Tears prickled at the corners of my eyes as the music filled the silence between us. I had gotten my hopes up twice now and each time he’d shot them down. I put my hands on his muscled chest and pushed him away with all my might. Without even thinking, I cocked back my hand was about to punch him straight in the face when his fingers gripped around my wrist. With a quick turn to the right, I cringed at the pain emanating from my wrist but brought my other hand around to slap him fully across the face. He dropped my wrist and grimaced. My slaps were hard but he was lucky that I didn’t get to punch him; I had learned how to sucker punch very well from Mike. 

“Now listen to me, you dipshit,” I fumed as my face turned red with anger and I pushed my index finger into the Scot’s chest. “Never take me from my seat like this. Second, never twist my wrist. I have two hands you know. And you know what? Never tell me that I drink too much. Just because I’m having a fun time and you’re not doesn’t me-”

I never got to finish my sentence for the sod pressed his lips against mine. At first, I protested, wanting to keep my pride intact but his grip told me that I was going to get no where by thrashing about. I took a deep breath through my nose and finally gave in. It was Halloween, I was at a party and I’d had a couple shots. Besides, hadn’t I been dreaming about this moment? To his shock, I wrapped my arms around his broad shoulders and pulled him closer to me as I invited his tongue into my mouth. He responded by pushing me harder against the wall, closing whatever space there was between us. I felt my heart beat rise as my hands moved from his shoulders and into his hair, pushing his Stetson onto the ground. Our kissing became more rapid and sloppy but neither of us cared as soft moans emanated from our mouths. Our passion and attraction was too great. The world around us melted away and all I could think was that I was kissing Oliver Wood and he was kissing me back. 

He pulled away as suddenly as he had instigated the whole thing. Both of us looked at each other as we caught our breath. I gulped and tried to make my hair presentable as I remembered where I was and who I was with. A red hand mark proceeded to appear on the side of his face. 

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it,” he said with a smirk as he came in for another kiss. He made sure to grab both of my wrists so I couldn’t hit him again. My anger pulsed but to my surprise, it was I who kissed him first. Our limbs became tangled and I couldn’t stop breathing in the scent of him. His lips moved away from my mouth and I felt like a fish without water as my lips tried to catch his again. But instead, he kissed down towards my collar bone and I couldn’t help but arch my back and let my eyes roll into the back of my head. Quidditch had always been my first priority in life and thus, I had never had any sexual experience. As Oliver’s hands wound themselves around my waist, I realized that needed to change. All those years of sexual neglect made this moment catapult me to the top of the world. 

Until I realized that I was currently kissing a man with a girlfriend. With all of the will power that I possessed, my hands pushed him away for the second time and I was going to slap him again but he’d learned and was too fast for me. 

“So you like it rough?” he said with a naughty gleam in his eye as he tried to return to kissing my neck. 

“Stop it! Stop this right now! For Merlin’s sake, you have a girlfriend Oliver!” I said with a stern look as I held him by the shoulders. I licked my lips as his laughing eyes turned cold, remembering all that had just happened. We both looked at each other as we caught our breaths yet again. I loved everything I had just experienced but it was tainted by the fact that he was still with Katie. He just wanted me for an out of relationship fling. My eyes began to water as I looked into his eyes for any emotion at all. 


“You know what? Just … just leave me alone Oliver! I will not be your little sexual play thing when you're bored with Katie.” He reached out for me but I was too quick for him this time; I needed to get away from him or I would fall back into the same trap. I tore away from him and pushed people out of the way as I exited the club. My tears spilled out of my eyes and ran down my cheeks as I began to walk farther and farther away from everything that had just happened; physically and emotionally. I took out my wand and removed the Sticking Charm that Marco had put on the crown. As I looked at it sparkle from the street lamps' light, I wiped away my tears. I had loved every moment of being with Oliver against that wall, even if he had a girlfriend. I couldn't deny that. I let the crown fall from my hands and I watched it smash against the concrete below. I felt like I wanted to die. 


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