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Fallen Giant

The five teenagers were enveloped in darkness. Hermione, Harry, Malfoy and Ron lit there wands and tried to look for an exit. There were no windows or doors…just stone and dust. There were four large slabs in each corner of the room but other than that it was empty.

“Oh fantastic,” snarled Malfoy. “We’re trapped.”

Kit slumped against on of the slabs. A dark bruise was appearing on her face were Bellatrix had struck her and the cruciatus curse had been more harmful than Harry had imagined. He cast a glance at Hermione, who pointed her wand at Kit and healed the bruise. Kit didn’t look so bad now but the bags under her eyes and the now sickly pallor of her skin made the bone thin witch actually seem half-starved.

“Thank you,” said Kit gratefully, hauling herself upright and lighting up her own wand

“Wait…what’s that?” muttered Ron.

Kit turned around and lit up the stone slab behind her. Half-veiled by a layer of dust was something etched into the stone. Kit gently blew the dust away and wiped away the remnants with her hand.

It was thin, slanted writing but Harry could not understand a word. Hermione peered over his shoulder.

“It’s no language I’ve ever seen,” she muttered.

“It’s Latin,” said Malfoy. “It says…Here lies Salazar, son of Slytherin…and then it blabs on about other morbid things. This is a tomb.”

The others starred at Malfoy in shock. Hermione was the most surprised of all of them.

“You can read Latin?” she scoffed.

Malfoy noted the hint of scepticism and mockery in her words. He decided to take insult.

“Most purebloods can,” said Malfoy coldly.

Hermione scowled and her cheeks flushed. Ron cracked his knuckles and Malfoy gave them both a cold glare. Harry ignored the subtle exchange of hostility. They didn’t have time for this.

“What do the rest of them say?” asked Harry.

They revealed the Latin on the tomb opposite. Malfoy frowned and muttered under his breath as deciphered the language.

“Here lies… Selena, of the house of Gryffindor,” he muttered, casting a questioning glance at Harry and Kit.

“Slytherin’s lover,” said Kit.

Malfoy shook his head.

“So you weren’t making that up....if the others knew-”

“Keep reading!” shouted Harry and Kit.

Malfoy raised his hands defensively and headed to the other tomb.

“Okay…okay…umm…Here lies Rowena of the House of Ravenclaw.”

They reached the last tomb. Harry held his breath with anticipation as Malfoy read.

“Here lies Helga, daughter of Hufflepuff,” said Malfoy. “That’s it.”

Harry’s face fell. That couldn’t just be it…there had to be something…

Harry gave a cry that made the others jump and turned to Kit.

“Wait… you said that Hufflepuff fell through the veil like Sirius did!” he cried.

Kit looked startled.

“Y-Yes…That’s the story,” she said.

“Well then she can’t be buried here!” he said loudly.

“Do you…think this is where Gryffindor first hid the cup?” asked Kit.

Harry nodded. He tried up open the tomb but it was sealed shut. The others rushed to help him but it there efforts were in vain. Not even Kit and Hermione’s spell work could make any difference.

“Harry…get out of the way,” said Kit

They all moved aside as Kit pointed her wand at the tomb.

“Reducto!” she cried.

The tomb was blasted apart to reveal a narrow stairway that descended into darkness. There was more Latin carved into the stone here. Absum ignavus maculo illae tumbus nisi vos opto a igneus nex …

“What does that say?” muttered Ron.

“Basically…bugger off or you’re dead,” grimaced Malfoy.

He glanced at Ron.

“Well…ladies first,” said Malfoy.

Ron responded by seizing Malfoy by his robes, showing him through the opening and following after him. Harry, Hermione and Kit cautiously followed in after them. The light from there wands was barely enough to light up the passage way. Soon they reached a corridor.

Suddenly Malfoy let out a cry of alarm. His face was bring attacked by a small winged creature unlike any Harry had ever seen before. Ron tried to stun it but nearly hit Malfoy.

“Get it off me!” shouted Malfoy.

Hermione slashed at it with her wand and the creature squealed in pain before vanishing into the darkness. Malfoy caught his breath, his features a mixture of anger and shock.

“What the hell was that!” snarled Malfoy.

“I think it was a chimera…a baby chimera,” said Hermione.

Malfoy glared at Hermione.

“This may be news to you Granger but chimeras don’t fly!” he hissed.

Hermione glowered at him.

“A thank you would be nice!” she snarled. “I just saved your ungrateful, pureblood neck and you-”

“Quiet!” hissed Kit. “There may be more of them!”

This was enough to shut them both up effectively. Kit shoved past the bickering pair and took the lead. The corridor ended and there was a sudden flash of light as the room before them was lit by an unseen force.

It was as if the chamber had been built by giants. Harry found it hard to believe that the room even fitted inside the confines of the castle. The walls were painted with horrific images of ferocious monster and, since it was the wizarding world, they were all moving and seemed unnaturally life like. The ceiling disappeared into nothingness but Harry could just make out the silhouette of a large, crystal chandelier.

Harry frowned. The light from the chandelier lit up the ground before him but did not light up the ceiling. That was strange… He put the thought out of his mind and looked forward. In the distance, there was a glint of gold. Voldemort had returned the cup exactly were it belonged. It sat on a ledge on the back wall.

They cautiously headed towards the cup, their eyes darting around the room. It wasn’t like Voldemort to leave his horcrux so unprotected.

“This place is huge,” muttered Harry. “What’s all the room for?”

Kit winced as she looked at a particularly nasty image of a monster disembowelling a wizard that seemed to be shrieking in pain.

“Charming décor,” muttered Malfoy. “You think they’re trying to tell us something?”

Hermione sniffed the air and frowned. They stopped and frowned at her.

“Is something…burning?” she whispered.

Harry inhaled deeply. The entire room had begun to smell of sulphur and it was coming from above. Slowly, they all looked up.

“Oh no…” mumbled Malfoy.

Something flew from the darkness of the ceiling and landed between them and the cup.

It had two heads; one of a ferocious lion and another of a dark green snake. It had eagle’s wings and talons and stout back legs of a badger. Its tail was long and dark green like the snake and ended with a sharp spear. It made the basilisk that had previously lived in the Chamber of Secrets look positively puny.

To make matters worse, the lion head was growling and the snake head was hissing at the people in front of it. Harry realized why Voldemort didn’t have any spells protecting the horcrux. He didn’t need to protect his horcrux. Godric Gryffindor had done it for him.

“Bloody hell,” said Ron faintly.

Kit, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Malfoy backed away slowly. The lion had begun panting and flames were spiting out of its mouth like a broken, muggle heater. Hermione squeaked.

“Well, of course it breaths fire,” growled Malfoy.

Kit swallowed.

“Harry…say something parseltongue,” said Kit.

“Like what?” snapped Harry.

“We don’t taste nice,” suggested Ron.

We come in peace,” hissed Harry hopefully.

The lion head roared and a gust of flame issued from its mouth.

Die humans!” hissed the snake head.

Kit, Malfoy, Hermione and Ron figured out its reply for themselves.

“Run!” roared Malfoy.

The others had no problem complying. The snake head lunged at Ron but Harry shoved him aside in time.

“We need to get pass it!” hissed Kit.

Rising off the ground, she glided back towards the monster.

“She’s flying,” croaked Malfoy.

The monster, now intent on killing the figure gliding around its head, snapped its lion jaws and barely missed her.

“Have you gone mad?” cried Ron horror. “What are you doing?”

Kit dodged another attack from the snake head and sent a hex at the lion.

“GET THE CUP!” she roared.

Harry tried to run around the monster that the snake tail stuck out at him like a whip, the spear tail leaving a deep gash on his arm. Ron and Hermione joined in the fray, firing curses at the monsters wings to stop it from flying. Kit continued to keep the heads occupied and dodged the balls of flame it threw at her. The monster slowly began to back towards the cup.

Harry and Malfoy swerved and dodged around the monsters feet and tail. The seekers were light and fast on their feet. The snake tail knocked Hermione to the ground and knocked Kit out of the sky. Ron fell back to avoid a ball of flame and dropped his wand in the process. Malfoy dived out of the way before one of the badger legs could deliver a fatal blow and seized the cup from its resting place.

“Catch Potter!” roared Malfoy.

Malfoy flung the cup to Harry and leaped out of the way before a giant eagle’s claw could strike him. Harry ran back and tried to get away. The monster gave a cry of rage and reared.

The monster’s attention was on Harry now. As the creature beat its great wings and flew towards him, Harry pointed his wand at the ceiling. There wands couldn’t fight this creature…they needed another weapon.

“Reducto!” roared Harry.

The spell shot up into the ceiling and vanished into the darkness. Suddenly the enormous chandelier gave a lurch and plummeted to the ground. The monster gave a final cry as the chandelier impaled it. The hall was thrown into darkness once more, great big chunks of rock and debris fell from the ceiling. Harry couldn’t get away in time and soon found himself completely covered.

“Harry!” screamed Hermione.

Kit hauled herself into a sitting position, brand new bruises covering her arms, and produced a beam of light from her wand. Hermione staggered to her feet and mimicked her, frantically pointing the beam from her wand at the rubble. Malfoy, paler than ever, hurried to help.

“Pottter!” he shouted. “Potter, say something!”

Ron and Malfoy began pulling at the rumble.

“Hem ova ear!”

Kit hurried forward and levitated a wooden plank of Harry. A golden cup was clench in his hand.

“You’ve got nine lives Potter,” said Malfoy with a grin.

Harry winced with pain. His leg was broken. Kit healed it with a flick of her wand.

“Next time…try a course of action that won’t nearly kill you,” she muttered, helping Harry to his feet.

“It worked, didn’t it?” mumbled Harry.

Harry picked up his wand and glanced at the cup in his hand. Even though it was only decorated by a badger it was certainly a beautiful trinket…it seemed to produce its own light in the darkness.

“Give me the cup,” said Kit quietly.

Harry found he could not look away from the cup. Kit’s voice seemed distant... in a far away world that didn’t matter. His green eyes were reflected from the bottom of the cup but he didn’t think they were really his. Kit outstretched her hand.

“Harry…give me the cup,” she said a little loudly.

Harry didn’t move.

“Potter!” shouted Malfoy.

Harry snapped out of his trance, wrenched his eyes away from the horcrux and shoved it into Kit’s hands. Kit held it at an arms distance and drew in deep rattling breath that was now discomfortingly familiar. Grey smoke, like the smoke that had poured out from the Soul Box, flowed from the cup towards Kit’s gapping mouth. For one chilling moment, Harry though he saw Tom Riddle’s face in the smoke, his mouth open in a silent scream.

Destroy it! hissed Kit.

At first, Harry was unsure if she had spoken at all. Her voice was more rasping than echoic and there was something sinister about it. Malfoy pointed his wand at the smoke.

“Avada Kedavra!” he hissed.

There was such hatred in Malfoy’s eyes that Hermione took an involuntary step back. A jet of green light hit the smoke. It seemed to collapse in on itself and then it vanished. For the first time in a long time, Harry remembered that Malfoy was once a Death Eater.

The expression faded quickly from his face. Suddenly he was just obnoxious Draco Malfoy again. He cast Kit a curious look.

“What are you?” he asked bluntly.

Before Kit could answer, there was a sickening ripping nose from above.

“Urgh…” said Hermione with a shudder.

About a hundred miniatures of the monster Harry had just slain descended from the darkness and started eating their mother. Evidentially one of this brood was what had attacked Malfoy in the corridor. They paid no attention to the humans and were rather messy and noisy eaters.

“What is it with this bloody school and monsters?” said Ron with disgust.

“Ask you half-giant friend once we get out of this,” said Malfoy. “Can we go now? I’ve had enough of these little bastards to last me a lifetime.”

The five teenagers headed to the other end of the hall. They had reached the corridor when Ron paused.

“Is it a bit…quiet in here?” he muttered.

That was true…the monsters were making no noise at all. They had finished...

The sound of a hundred noses sniffing the air and two hundred wings taking flight broke the silence. They were coming for more meat.

“Run!” roared Harry.

They down the corridor, firing hexes at the upcoming brood over their shoulders. They scampered up the stand and ran to where the door had once been. Kit threw aside the cup and focused all her energy on getting them out.

“Reducto!” screamed Kit.

The spell made a small dent in the wall…nothing more.

“Come on!” shouted Ron. “Reducto!”

Malfoy pounded the wall with his fists. The creatures were close now…Harry could hear their yowling echoing up the stairs. They turned around to face the creatures…there was far too many to fight them all off.

“We need to get out!” shouted Harry. “We need to get out!”

To his relief, the door appeared again. They rushed through it just as the creatures were emerging from the corridor and slammed the door shut. The door vanished but Harry knew it would be back.

Just when they needed it.

Kit brushed some of the dust and debris off her robes.

“That’s it,” she whispered. “They’re all gone.”

The gravity of Kit was saying hit Harry like a tone of bricks. The last horcrux was gone…now he had to face Voldemort…for the last time…


Harry spun around, Hagrid was rushing towards them. There was a cut near his eyes but he seemed otherwise unharmed.

“Yiz alright?” asked Hagrid anxiously.

Harry nodded. Words had deserted him for now.

“Yiz got what yeh needed?”

Harry nodded, still too overcome for words. Hagrid beamed at the five of them.

“Yeh, did it!” said Hagrid happily. “I knew yiz could do it! Even you Malfoy… tho’ I had me doubts.”

Malfoy rolled his eyes.

“You missed out,” he drawled. “There were fire breathing monsters and everything… sir.”

“I have a chance to see ‘em once we get rid of the Death Eaters,” said Hagrid, missing the sarcasm in Malfoy’s voice.

“They’re still here?” muttered Kit.

Hagrid nodded gravely.

“And they brought more company too,” he muttered. “We need yeh help.”

Without even taking a moment to rest, they followed Hagrid back down the grounds. The duelling was just as fierce as they had left it. McGonagall and Bellatrix firing curse after curse at each other…neither one of them seemed to be losing. Bellatrix was bleeding badly from a cut on her leg and moved with a limp. McGonagall’s movements were noticeably sluggish and Harry knew that Bellatrix had landed a few curses of her own.

Snape was now fighting Lucius and another Death Eater. They were on either side of him and he was losing this fight. Malfoy ran to help him without hesitation. Kit joined Tonks against Rookwood and Avery and Ron and Hermione helped Lupin fight off the Carrows.

Harry and Hagrid began duelling a weedy Death Eater and another heavily built one. Hagrid knocked out the heavily built Death Eater and the weedy raised a wand to curse him. Harry stunned him before he had even opened his mouth.

Hagrid turned around and saw the stunned Death Eater. He looked at Harry again with pride.

“Yeh know what Harry?” said Hagrid. “I think yeh might just beat him. Yeh’ve got summat You-Know-Who won’t exp-”

Hagrid did not get to finish his sentence. Before anyone could prevent it, a jet of green light from Macnair’s wand soared towards him and struck him in the back.

A/N: I can’t believe I just did that…

I hate to leave it like this but I won’t be updating for a while because I have exams. I thought I'd leave you with a parting present in the form an update.

I’m also very behind on reading and reviewing people’s stories…I will get to them as soon as exams are done.

Oh someone has already made me a will be on as soon as I fix up a few things.

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