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           Harry let out muffled laugh and Remus turned around from putting a kettle on the stove to look at him. He was sitting at the table, his hair sticking up at odd ends, a cup of coffee at his side, toast at his other side, forgotten, a large leather bound photo album occupying his attention.  “What is it?” Remus asked curiously, leaning over the table to glance at the page Harry was looking at. Harry looked up at him, a small smile on his lips as he turned the photo album around and pointed to a picture. It was a muggle photograph, of Lily and James.

“What made mum so angry?” Harry asked, and Remus glanced at the picture again, smiling softly at the memory. Lily was indeed angry in the picture, glaring at James, her wand pointed at him, and he looked, like he always did when she got angry, very guilty.

“This was taken just before she hexed him. Although, the reason she was angry is completely unexpected.” Remus said as he turned to pour steaming tea into cup before sitting down across from Harry.

“What was the reason?” Harry asked, curious now.

“Your dad proposed. But not in the way any one thought he would.” Remus said and Harry’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Let me explain before you ask more questions.” Harry nodded. “James’ parents, your grandparents, had passed away just a few days before this, to say he was a wreck is a bloody understatement. He… it was hard… on all of us.” Remus said sipping his tea. “But, apparently your father proposed to your mum while they were dozing. When she woke up and remembered, she was livid. James didn’t realize that even though Lily was a little different from other girls, she was still a woman, and deep down there was a part of her that wanted a romantic proposal. He didn’t really get it until Hermione explained it to him.” Remus said chuckling at the memory.

“What about Hermione?” Harry asked suddenly, then his eyes widened and he looked guiltily down at the book. “Sorry…” He mumbled.

“Don’t be.” Remus said softly, smiling weakly at Harry. “Hermione was different, as you well know, she told me straight forward then, that if I was to ever propose it wasn’t to be some big to-do. She said she didn’t care if she got a ring, or even got married, then she felt she had insulted me, and well, you know her well enough.” Remus said chuckling. “Bu your dad proposed again, this time with a ring, on your mum’s birthday in April.” Harry smiled at Remus, his eyes thanking him.


            Remus’ opened his eyes as he felt someone sit down on the bed, he glanced up to look at Hermione, who smiled at him. “Happy Birthday.” She said softly, running her fingers through his hair. He smiled at her and tried to sit up but her fingers pushed him back down, and glanced back at her and frowned. “You shouldn’t move, your transformation wasn’t very good last night.” She said softly.

He looked around him and found James standing near his bed, Sirius across from him, with Peter next to him. Sirius was buttoning up his shirt and Remus’ eyes widened when he saw the bandages on Sirius’ ribs. He looked fearfully up at Hermione who bit her lip and nodded.

”It wasn’t your fault Moony.” Sirius said roughly, “I got in your way.”

”You were out of control and…” Peter started softly, and James nudged him, trying to quiet him.

“He was acting so weird, trying to get near the castle.” James said explaining Moony’s actions.

“He was trying to get to Hermione.” Sirius said staring at the floor.

Hermione nodded and glanced back at Sirius. “Yes, he feels threatened by something, obviously, and feels he needs to make his mark…” She whispered blushing, causing Remus to blush as well.

“I don’t want you three to let me out of the Shack anymore.” Remus said softly, they all seemed about to object, but the look on Remus’ face silenced them. “If Moony is uncontrollable and I hurt you already, then I don’t want you three to let me out.” He whispered and all of them remained silent for some time.

Sirius finally spoke up and went to Remus’ side planting a large wet kiss on his cheek. “Happy Birthday mate!” He said grinning as Remus pushed him away and wiped at his cheek with a look of disgust on his face.

“Oh! You are all still here?” Madam Pomfrey said as she opened the curtains. “I know it is his birthday, but he needs his rest, so off with you.” She said giving them a stern look. 

 “I’ll see you later.” Hermione said as she kissed his forehead and he smiled at all of them before they all left, leaving Madam Pomfrey with him.

“So… how bad was it?” He asked and she sighed as she helped him sit up.

“Dreadful.” She said unbuttoning his shirt to look at his wounds. “You can’t feel anything now, but you’ll feel it later. You need sleep.” She said smiling softly at him. He nodded in return and took the goblet she had set on the side table, a sleeping potion and downed it in one gulp.

“Disgusting. Always Disgusting.” He murmured as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand before settling down in the bed.

“Yes dear, it is.” She said smiling as she patted his arm. “Happy Birthday Remus.” She whispered before leaving him alone to rest.

            Later that day Hermione was walking down to the Hospital Wing, a letter and present for Remus tucked under her arm. She walked in and found the curtains closed, and peeked in to find him sitting up and buttoning up his shirt. He heard the rustling of the curtains and looked up, his face was pale, and his eyes showed how much pain he was in, but when he saw Hermione his lips tugged into a strained smile.

“Hey there Stranger.” She said, coming into his little area, a smile on her lips. She didn’t want to get to near or hurt him, so she stood away from him. He noticed her apprehension and shook his head at her.

“Hermione, I’m not as fragile as I look. Honestly, you can kiss me.” He said softly, chuckling. She blushed, but leaned forwards none-the-less and kissed him quickly on the lips. “That’s it?” He said grinning as she pulled away.

“Don’t push it.” She said and sat down next to him handing him the things she brought for him. He took them with a smile. “It’ from your parents, and this one,” She said taking it out of her robe pocket, “Is from your sister.”

“Really?” He breathed softly, staring at the envelope in her hands.

“Yes. Freya gave it to me earlier, when she saw me at breakfast, since the owl couldn’t find you.” Hermione watched him as he opened the letter from his parents and set the chocolate on the bed before gingerly taking the other envelope, which by it’s weight had a gift inside, carefully and opened it. He took out the parchment, read it quickly, then a smile spread over his lips and he tipped the envelope over and a pendent fell into his hand.

Hermione stared at the beautiful pendent, it had a design that looked as though it would match his watch, he ran his fingers over it, as if he had seen it before, and she wondered if he had. “This was mine when I was younger. I saw it in my grandfather’s shop, and wanted it, so he gave it to me. I gave it to my sister when she left. Tucked it in her bag without her knowing it.” He said as he ran his fingers over the carving of the wolf again. Hermione helped him put it on and he smiled at her. “Mum and Dad send their love.” He whispered before leaning in and kissing her softly. “Oh, and thank you.” He murmured against her lips.

“For what?” She breathed.

“Everything.” He said before kissing her again. 

Sorry for the wait, again. I say that every time. 

School has stolen my soul, I have College applications to do, a college to choose, and all that, so I don't know when I'll get free time. I know it's short, and just a filler, the next chapter will be after they graduate, I'm skipping ahead so I can get onto the War and finish it. I've got probably 10 more chapters to go, depends on how long I make them. I'm hoping for no more than 50 though. 

Anyway, thank you so much to all my readers and reviewers. One day soon I will reply to all those reviews. You guys mean a lot, and I wouldn't be finishing this story if it weren't for you guys. 

Also, I did not edit this chapter yet, I will be doing so tomorrow sometime.

All comments Welcome.

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