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A/N: This is in response to a challenge submitted by Wannabe_Writer

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there;

    She loved the lights. They softly glowed, shining through the night and lead everyone to the house. She loved the ornaments. Sparkling, glittering orbs bigger than her fist. She loved the evergreen tree. Reaching high to the ceiling, even taller than Mummy’s brother. She loved the smells. Cooking food, burning logs, cinnamon, and that evergreen smell. She loved the cold on her nose, as she pressed her nose to the window.

    “Come away from the window Lily! They’ll be here soon enough!” She loved her mother. But she didn’t understand, Lily wanted them to come now, not soon enough. She sighed and turned away from the frost-covered window. She hopped down, off of the armchair and admired the warm living room. It was decked in Christmas. The large Christmas tree had every branch full of ornaments and lights. The mantle had five giant stockings hanging in front of the fire; a garland was twisted up the staircase banister. Wreaths of different sizes hung all over the walls, and mistletoe hung in the doorways. Following the yummy food smells, Lily trotted over to the kitchen, where her mum was taking a pie out of the oven. Mummy smiled, her brown eyes dancing and her red hair tied in a bun. Glancing around she saw Daddy reading a paper. She ran over to him and tugged on his pants leg. A rustle of the paper being put down and she was hoisted by strong arms into his lap, a pair of green eyes met brown.

    “Lily! How are you, my pretty girl?”

    “When they coming?”


    “Daddy! Uncle Ron, Rosie, Whogo, and Aunt Hu….. H’my….nee!”

    “Oh them…hmm not soon enough?”


    “Why don’t you go bother your brothers?”

    “Okee,” and she quickly slid down Daddy’s leg and padded out the room, following the sound of her brothers. James was reading a book entitled: The Little Wizard’s Book of Big Wizards, as he lay upside down, halfway off the couch. Albus was drawing on the wall, it looked like a broomstick, but it could have been a tree. Deciding her brothers were not worth her time, Lily found her doll by the piano, and went to resume her post by the window. A couple seconds later, she heard the rumble of a car being turned off. Glancing up, she saw four people climbing out of the car, arms loaded with packages. Bolting up, she ran to the front door screaming,

    “Mummy! Daddy! They’re here! They’re here!  Jamie! Albie!” She pushed the door handle down, and dragged the door open revealing the small family.

    “Happy Christmas!” They called. Pink cheeked they entered the house, stamping snow off their shoes. Albus ran up, grabbed Rose’s hand and pulled her away, James had already run off again and Hugo was waddling after them, still in his winter jacket. Hermione handed packages to Ginny and crouched down to be face-to-face with Lily.

    “Hey Lily, Are you ready for Christmas?”

    “Of course she is!” Ron said, as he scooped her up in his arms and spun her around. Lily started giggling madly and when she stopped being spun around, she wrapped her arms around Ron’s neck and refused to be put down.

    “I’ve got a parasite Harry.”

    “Yeah you do.” Harry smirked at Ron.

    “All right, come here, Lily, let’s go find your brothers and see where Rose and Hugo ran off to.” Ginny said, as she detached Lily from her brother.

    “I’ll come too, we’ll leave these hooligans to talk about their Auror work.” Hermione responded. Lily placed her right arm on her mum’s neck and her left thumb in her mouth, enjoying the ride on Mummy’s hip. When they passed the Christmas tree, she let her gaze land on the huge pile of presents sitting underneath it. Her eyelids started drooping, and Mummy’s shoulder felt very comfortable. Her short nap was broken when Ginny’s voice became raised and angry.


    “It’s a Christmas Tree, Mummy.”

    “And what did I tell you about drawing on the wall?” Albus shrugged. Sighing, Ginny took out her wand, muttered ‘Scourgify’ and said,

    “Well don’t do it again, dinner’s ready anyway.” And the two mothers herded the four children on the ground into the kitchen where Harry and Ron were already sitting.

    “Don’t tell me you ate all the food?” Hermione teased.

    “No, we did not.” Harry responded. Lily stared at all the food piled on the kitchen table. There was a ton of it. From turkey all the way down to apple pie. Ginny was already spooning things onto Lily’s plate and cutting them into tiny pieces. Hermione was doing the same with Hugo’s plate. James, Albus, and Rose were trying to act grownup and cut their own food, but ended up getting help from Harry and Ron in the end.

    Soon after finishing off her turkey and mashed potatoes, Lily felt very sleepy again and curled up in Uncle Ron’s lap. However, she was awoken again and fed half of Hugo’s piece of pie that he would not finish. When she realized that the adults were done talking about adult subjects she climbed off of Ron’s lap and followed Ginny and Hermione into the kitchen, where she was soon handed a towel and a couple of spoons and told to dry them. James was listening intently to Harry and Ron’s Quidditch conversation, Rose and Albus had gone back to coloring, though on paper this time, and Hugo had fallen asleep.

    Quite a short time later, Hermione picked Lily up and they went to the living room with Ginny. After plopping Lily down on the couch, Hermione turned the wireless on, and Ginny set a semi-conscious Hugo next to Lily. Soon the soft, subtle sounds of Christmas music lead the rest of the family to the living room. The fire in the fireplace crackled, and the lights on the Christmas tree twinkled. Snow was falling lightly outside and all the warmth and love was kept inside. Lily yawned and before she closed her eyes, she saw the peaceful and serene world that she had known her entire life.

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

A/N: So? I know it's horrible fluffy, and if you haven't died of a sugar overdose, could you please review?

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