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James = James in Lily’s body…

Lily = Lily in James’s body…

He = James in Lily’s body (When talking about James)…

She = Lily in James’s body (When talking about Lily)…


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“This is just embarrassing,”


“Shut it, Padfoot,”


“Oi, Wormtail, don’t tell me to shut it,”


“He can’t help it if he fainted,”


“Off course he could, Moony, this is Prongs we’re on about!” Lily Evans hesitantly opened her eyes only to see three, not so friendly faces.


Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Peter Pettigrew stood around a pale faced Lily Evans, who moved her hand over to her head almost immediately, letting out a small groan as her head felt fit to burst. She looked at the three in confusion. Not sure why the Marauders were waiting with her in the hospital wing. She almost waited for James Potter to jump out of no where and scream in surprise but nothing happened. Sirius looked down at her, smiling mischievously, laughing inwardly at her, she was about to speak when she was cut off.


“Hello Prongs, it’s Sirius” Sirius Black shouted as if he were talking to a five-year-old that didn’t speak English. “Si-ri-us” He said slowly as if she were deaf, sitting at the very edge of her bed.


“Shut up Sirius,” Remus laughed, smacking Sirius playfully on the arm before taking a seat opposite Peter. “He fainted, he didn’t get amnesia!”


“Well you can never be to sure,” Sirius said in a somewhat cautious voice, a tone Lily had never heard come from Sirius. Remus rolled his eyes. Lily attempted to get up but groaned at the pain searing through her brain, laying back down slowly.


“That’s it,” Sirius smiled down at him. “Just take it easy,”


“What are you doing here, Black, haven’t you got some mayhem to create.” Lily found herself saying, sounding bitter, but got a shock when the voice that came out of her mouth sounded deep yet fairly familiar.


“What and leave my best man in the hospital wing,” Sirius raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Never, Prongsie, never,” He said smirking as Remus and Peter looked on in disbelief.


“You were just moaning that he was ruining our reputation by fainting, a second ago!” Remus Lupin stated rolling his eyes.


“Yes and now I’m being a concerned best friend,” Sirius said, sounding rather defensive.


“There’s so many things wrong with what you just said, Pads,” Peter laughed, scratching the back of his neck nervously.


“Shut it Wormtail,” Lily was shocked to find how quick Peter obeyed to Sirius’s order, becoming silent quickly and looking at them all in excitement.


“So how are you feeling, James?” Remus said sounding concerned.


“James?” Lily said questioningly, and there it was again. That voice, James’s voice.


“Sorry I meant Prongs,” Remus chuckled slightly. “Merlin, I haven’t called you James since what, fourth year?” Lily stayed quite. Not wanting to hear her self talk again in the voice of the one she detested.


Lily then took it upon herself to look at herself through a mirror that sat on the far wall. She gasped when she saw James Potter staring back at her. Instead of emerald green eyes, she met hazel ones- instead of lush red hair, shaggy black. It was then when the previous potion lesson came back to memory. She felt herself hold her breath as she looked back at the three boys that had made her life a misery for seven years. 


“E-excuse me?” Lily managed to croak.


“Are- you- alright?” Sirius said, his slow voice returning.


“I- I think so,” Lily said in an unconvincing tone, looking down at her new muscular body, whilst running her fingers through her jet black hair.


“Who you trying to kid,” Sirius smirked. “You look paler than Moony just before his time of the month,” Remus gave Sirius a warning glare.


“Talk louder won’t you, Padfoot; I don’t think the guy at the end heard you,”


“Chill, no one even knows what that means besides if it wasn’t for your fury little problem, we wouldn’t have half as much fun,”


“I’m glad you find it fun because I certainly could do without it,” Remus said in an angry undertone. 


“Fury little problem?” Lily asked curiously, as the boys looked at her as if they were completely amazed at the fact that someone, they believed to be James, seemed genuinely confused by a piece of very well known knowledge between the four of them.


“See Moony, I told you he’s got amnesia!”


“I don’t have amnesia,” Lily snapped, the three marauders looked at Lily in a very confused way as if they knew that something wasn’t quite right.


“Merlin Prongs, what’s rattled your cage?”


“Nothing, Padfoot,” Lily said attempting to try out the nickname, hopefully getting Sirius of her scent. Lily got out of the bed and swept her, or rather James’s, robes, trying out James Potter’s trademark grin, whilst running her fingers through her hair a second time.


“You’re acting strange and Evans isn’t even around,” Peter piped up, standing up from his chair and moving over to Sirius who had already followed Lily over to the door.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lily replied; which was true, she didn’t understand a word that had been said with in those few minutes.


“Sure you do, you’ve run your fingers through your hair twice now and Evans is nowhere to be seen,” Remus laughed at the very true comment that Sirius had made. Lily on the other hand struggled to understand why James’s arrogant habit had anything to do with her.


“I do not run my fingers through my hair when Lily’s around, ok?” Lily didn’t know why she had said anything, for all she knew; it could be true, James’s could do it for her benefit but for some reason that thought scared her.


“Come of it,” Remus interrupted, chuckling a little at James’s (really Lily’s) sudden defensive state. “You always act like a prat when Lily’s around, not that you can help it.” They were all standing at the door now; Sirius had his hands in his pockets, obviously liking this tease which Lily assumed happened on a daily basis.


“Quit it, Moony, he might go on another Lily Evans Rant and I could not live through another one of those, especially after last night,” Sirius said while the other two Marauder’s laughed loudly, stepping out of the hospital wing and into a dimly lit hallway. Lily had no idea why she was still with them but there was something in the way they talked that was different to the way she thought they acted around each other, and this startling new revelation drew her to them. It was then when she realised what Sirius had just said…


“Last night?” Lily said following them down the corridor as they took a left and then a right, clearly heading in the direction of the heads common room.


“Don’t play dumb,” Sirius said putting a friendly arm around Lily’s shoulder patting her on the back, in a way boys do, before releasing her and winking at a couple of girls walking past. As the girls started giggling and looking flustered, Lily resisted the temptation to roll her eyes. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Lily this and Evans that- Merlin Prongs, I love you I really do and I’m happy you’re in love with Lily Evans and all but honestly, do we really need to hear about how her eyes change depending on her mood? For fifteen minutes, maybe but six hours. I mean seriously, I didn’t even think it was possible to talk for that long about any eyes!” He completed looking a bit peeved, Remus was still smirking and Peter nodded like a puppy in agreement.


Had James really talked about her eyes for six hours? She highly doubted it but why would Sirius lie? He may have exaggerated he was known to be dramatic and love? Did he really say love or was it her imagination? 


She was beginning to freak out. Her being in James’s body made her feel more than a little uncomfortable. She couldn’t stay like this for long, she couldn’t be a boy!


A boy!


She felt her eyes sting, but she wouldn’t allow tears to flow, not while she was in James’s body, they’d get suspicious. She needed to find James, this needed to be sorted.


Finally they reached the portrait of the Heads Common Room, Lily muttered the words ‘fairy lights’ before it swung open allowing the four of them to enter. It was then when she turned to the three of them, who had already collapsed on the sofa. She remembered all the times she had been angry seeing them sitting there with James, hatching plans while she tried to do her homework in the corner.


In the right bottom corner of the room there was a small library along with a desk for two with two very comfortable red seats. The entire room was painted in the Gryffindor colours, red and gold, while a huge painting of the Gryffindor crest was painted by the bookshelves. There was a blazing fire on the opposite wall and a triple red sofa and two golden armchairs were distributed around it, while a woollen heath rug sat in the ver centre. Flickering candles decorated the top of each wall whilst red carpet covered the ground. There were two doors, one either side of the library; one said Lily Evans while the other said James Potter, both written in cursive writing.


She sighed inwardly at the thought of being James. How could this happen to her? Her of all people! Plenty people would love to be in this situation, why did she have to be the one to endure this. It was all Potter’s fault She thought bitterly. If he sat next to Black like he was meant to then this wouldn’t have happened.


“Do you know where Lily is?” Lily asked them, they looked at him in sympathy, and instead of the suspicious glare she had expected. They exchanged looks and both Sirius and Peter shrugged.


“I think she went of with Darran after you collapsed,” Remus answered, casually. “He was waiting for her outside the classroom, she waited to see you were alright but then Darran dragged her of, something about a study date…” Lily felt her entire body drain, she felt physically sick. The thought of James anywhere near her boyfriend was unbearable at the best of times but while he was in her body- well that’s just waiting for them to break up. The thought of James potentially ruining her chances with her first serious boyfriend was more than she could stand.


“Don’t sweat it, Prongs,” Sirius said, trying to lighten the mood. “Maxell’s a jerk, Evans will see that in the end,” Lily immediately felt very offended by this comment. She was about to retort with something witty when she realised she was supposed to be James.


“Don’t worry about it,” Peter was now standing, hands in pockets and looking at Lily in a very sympathetic and understanding way, she fought the temptation to giggle then- the situation really was quite funny.


“He’s a player,” It was Remus’s turn to speak now, and it was this statement that caught Lily’s attention. “He’s bound to slip up, we’ve discussed this before.”


“And I know you always say how you don’t want him to break Evans’s heart but come on mate,” Sirius began. “Do you really want that slimy two-timing git to be all over her all the time?”


She hated this, she needed James! She had to talk to James!


But as Sirius, Remus and Peter huddled in a corner, planning the Christmas Prank, Lily followed on, realising her talk with James would have to wait until later…



“Come on, Lils, why won’t you kiss me?” Darren Maxell asked James, that afternoon, wrapping his arms around James waist, believing him to be Lily Evans. James retrained himself from throwing up, just about then. The thought of Lily snogging Darren was bad enough but Darren kissing him was just plain gross.


James then removed his clutching fingers from each other and slid his arms away from his new body. He leaned against the beach tree and looked out at the Black Lake, whishing he was as far away from Maxell than was humanly possible. Darren, on the other hand, wouldn’t take no for an answer, he moved closer to James again and started to his neck before James shrugged him off.


“I’ve already told you, I’m catching a cold or something,” James repeated tiredly, but inwardly smiling at the sound of Lily’s sweet voice. “I wouldn’t want you to catch it,” He continued, in a false caring innocence.


“What if I don’t care,” Darren moved closer to his believed girlfriend (really James) but as he was about to touch Lily’s lips, James moved her head back, so it collided with the tree. As James rubbed away the pain he was shocked to find Darren laughing.


“Are you alright?” Darren said taking a look at his girlfriends scalp. “Shall I kiss it better,” He made a move for her head again but James did the one thing he had tried not to do for the last two hours.


“I SAID NO,” He snapped, letting out a frustrated growl, taking out a random book from Lily’s black shoulder bag, along with the quill. He opened the book up and began to pretend to write an essay.


“Don’t study, Lils,” Darren moaned again, clearly not liking the fact that James had decided to do work. “You always study, come on give me a good snog!” He said in an unsubtle tone of pure anger.


What did Lily see in him? James thought bitterly to himself. He struggled to understand how Lily could be so hypocritical. She had turned him down all these year because he was a ‘prat’ but then she was going out with the biggest idiot of the year.


It had been two hours since they had first come out here, sitting by the lake and Darren had not stopped asking for a kiss. Not that James was too surprised, he always knew that Darren Maxell was a player; in fact it wouldn’t have surprised him if he was two-timing Lily and sure the guy wanted a kiss from his girlfriend. Who could blame him? It was Lily after all, but to not shut up about it after two hours, wasn’t that just crossing the line. The one question kept coming to mind what did Darren have that he didn’t? He was better looking, funnier, better at Quidditch, kinder, nicer, less pressurising, it didn’t add up. 


“I said no, Darren,” James said the last bit rather sourly. He had never called him by his first name before. James dipped his quill into the ink and continued to write, Darren, however, hadn’t given up.


“But I love you,” He leaned in again but James pulled away, feeling sick at the stomach knowing that these words probably got said to Lily by him on a daily basis. His insides squirmed at the knowledge of her saying them back to anyone other than him, he clutched his, or rather her, stomach and put on the most genuine looking smile he could muster.


“And I love you too, but I said no,” For some reason these words seemed to stop Darren from the sudden urge to get her to kiss him. He looked rather smug with himself, yet vaguely surprised. This confused James a little, not understanding why it would come as a shock to Darren if Lily had said it all the time. “Another time,” He told Darren who was smirking like a mad man now.


“Yeah, another time,” He raised his eyebrows suggestively, in a way that made James feel somewhat uncomfortable. It was then when Alice and Natalee came hurtling forward, a grin bound on Alice’s face while worry covered Natalee’s. James on the other hand, had never been more pleased to see them in his entire life. He stood up quickly and walked over to them, while he felt Darren following closely behind. 


“We’re going to have to steal Lily of off you, Darren,” Alice exclaimed, grabbing James’s new wrist and tugging it slightly to follow. Natalee stood there looking rather sick, it was then Darren chose to talk.


“I see you’ve got what, Lily’s got to,” He looked over at a pale Natalee, smiling. “Yeah, well, see you later Lils,” He bent down and kissed her (really him) quickly on the cheek before James could object.


“Yeah bye,” James said cheerfully.


“Love you,” Were his last words before he disappeared. James then looked at the two girls standing before him. He had known Natalee his entire life. They were almost like family.


When they were young they would be forever playing Quidditch in his back garden and since the day she moved in next door, when they were only five, he and her had always been very close. His mother and hers were good friends as well; it wasn’t unusual for them to spend most days together in the summer, along with Sirius.


James then looked at Alice; the girl who had stolen the heart of Frank Longbottom. She was a pretty girl and just sparkled in incredible wit, it wouldn’t be a shock if she and Frank lasted beyond Hogwarts, either. They were opposites, granted but they were still absolutely perfect together, having an intimacy that he only wished he’d share with Lily one day.


“You look a little nervous, Natalee, you alright?” James asked her as they turned around and made their way over to the castle.


“I’m not nervous, I’m just- just- just-”


“Panicking about your date with Lupin tonight,” Alice said knowingly, this however was knew information to James, Remus had never told him and the other Marauders that he had a date.


“For the last time,” Natalee said through her gritted teeth, curling her golden hair around her ears, carefully. “It is not a date- he’s just tutoring me!” James smiled at this, in a mixture of relief and smugness. He was relived that Remus still told them everything, while being smug about the sudden flustered and abnormal state that Natalee was going through, when his best friend was the subject of conversation.


“He’s teaching you Astronomy,” Alice said incredulously, as if trying to make a point, as she opened the large oak doors that led to inside the castle.


“Astronomy is your best subject,” James laughed uncontrollably this time, the fact that Natalee was being so out of character for a boy was the one thing James thought she would never do. She was far from girly. She was confident and enjoyed causing mayhem along with him and Sirius. She was almost a female version of them, free spirited; never let a boy get under her skin. James smiled at the memory of her never talking to Remus, when he used to come over. He remembered how the Marauders assumed it was because she didn’t like Remus, he remembered Remus looking glum for months because he had really liked her at the time. The irony of it all was just too hilarious. 


“I don’t like him,” Natalee assured them, but her voice was way to confident to be truthful.


“Come on, Nat,” Alice giggled climbing onto the first staircase, along with James and Natalee, as it began to spin around, connecting to anther floor as they climbed onto that and walked down the corridor, taking a right. “Admit it, you like him,”


“I don’t,”


“Let’s look at the evidence shall we,” Alice said in a voice that put Lily’s head girl voice to shame. “You tell him you’re doing rubbish in a subject you’re O-ing in; you’re getting him to tutor you in that subject even though you know more about it than he does. When ever we talk about him you get all flustered and whenever he talks to you, you blush redder than Lily gets when she’s embarrassed. You can’t form a sentence around him without stuttering, when everyone knows you have no trouble talking to any other male and until last year you wouldn’t even talk whenever he was within thirty feet.”


“Ok, ok so maybe I like him a little bit,” She admitted resentfully. Alice gave her a disbelieving look. “Ok so I like him a lot, too much. He’s just so cute. I CAN’T HELP IT. I mean Sirius and James might be bloody sexy,” James chocked at this, the very thought of Natalee saying that was something he couldn’t wait to tell Sirius. “Just because you hate them Lily, doesn’t mean you can deny that they are gorgeous, I saw you staring at James’s six-pack the other day,” James chocked again and resisted the urge to smile at this new piece of information. “Like I was saying, Sirius and James might be bloody sexy but Remus is just so much better. I mean he’s just so funny and smart and I just want to run my fingers through that lovely sandy coloured hair of his.”


“TMI, Nat, too much information,” Alice said in disgusted tone.


“I’m glad you like the guy, but we don’t want to hear about all your sick fantasies,” James said, fit to gag. Natalee was almost like a sister to him and knowing that she had thoughts like that about any guy, let alone his best friend, was torture to say the very least.


“Well you asked,” She said smirking but then her nervous glare returned. “Merlin, what will I wear?”  They took another left then a right, before coming to a halt in front of the Head Common Room.


“Chill, that’s why we found Lily, remember? She can lend you some of her stuff, right Lils?”


“Yeah, sure,” James replied, though he didn’t feel too sure about it. As much as he loved Lily the reality of being in her body was not what it was cut out to be. So far he had spent two hours with her boyfriend who had been desperate for a kiss and now he was going to have to give dress advise to his sister-like friend so that she could try to seduce his best friend. What kind off a semi-brother would he be if he actually helped pick out the out fit that was supposed to make Remus Lupin drawl all over her like some kind off a dog? There was something very wrong with the idea of him helping Lily’s female friends get ready for dates and James wouldn’t stay in her body a second longer than he needed too.


He turned to the portrait of the witches tea party muttered ‘Fairy lights’ and walked into, what expected to be an empty common room. However, he was surprised to find that his three best friends and ‘himself’ were laughing hysterically at a comment made by Lily (in James’s body). How James wanted to take her place.


As soon as the three ‘girls’ entered, Lily (in James’s body) got up instantly making her way over to James (in Lily’s body).


“Po- Evans,” She asked in a strained fashion. “Could I have a word with you, outside?” James was about to agree when he saw the gaze of a smirking Sirius Black upon him. If he did agree, he knew his friends would be suspicious; he looked back up at ‘himself’ and tried to give Lily a Lily worthy death glare.


“In your dreams, Potter,” James yelled acidly. “Now move before I make you,” He said forcefully, knocking her slightly as he walked by and over to the Head Girl’s dorm.


“It’s about Head meeting’s,” Lily said through gritted teeth, looking more thunderous than James had ever seen her.


Later, he said via his thoughts, Lily was stunned that this was still possible, it hadn’t been earlier. They’ll get suspicious.  “No Potter,” He said for the other’s benefit.


“Hey, Natalee,” Remus beckoned, causing Natalee to blush a violent shade of red. “Just want to let you know that you need some parchment and a quill, tonight,”


“Mmm Hmm,” She mumbled looking down at the ground, not noticing Sirius’s confused expressions, before following Lily (really James) and Alice up the stairs that led to Lily’s bedroom.


When they arrived, Natalee collapsed, back first into Lily’s queen-sized four-poster bed, whilst Alice moved immediately to Lily’s wardrobe, pulling out the entire contents so that everything was laid out on the floor in front of her; James who felt as if he wasn’t sure what to do sat awkwardly at the end of Lily’s bed, taking in the surroundings.


Her room was covered in cream and deep hazel. There was a chocolate-brown sofa underneath the window with a dressing table by its side. Several candles outlined the room, and he noticed a door, which he assumed to be her bathroom. The room was laid out exactly like his, except his was painted in emerald.


“I never thought we’d find you, Lily, you spend way too much time with Maxell,” Alice said bitterly, surprising James to the full, as he had always assumed that Lily’s friends liked Darren.


“Well he is my boyfriend,” James muttered, knowing that Lily would have defended herself at this comment, though James said it with a grudge.


“But you could do so much better,” Natalee reasoned, sitting up a little, embracing one of the pillows from behind her. James felt warmth for Natalee then; he felt a sense of agreement and was glad that Lily’s friend saw that Darren was an idiot as much as he did. He, however, couldn’t let the girls know this.


“Well I happen to really, really love him,” James let it slip out, his voice not sounding too convincing, hatred filled his body with the mere thought of Lily loving another. 


“No you don’t you never have- you’ve never said it to him and well you’ve always told us that you didn’t so don’t lie, Potter’s not around you know, so you don’t have to pretend that nothing’s wrong in paradise, it’s us after all,” Alice urged, promptly picking up a mini skirt and scanned it before chucking it over her shoulder.


James felt his face scrunch up in bewilderment. So Lily didn’t love him? They did have problems? James wondered why she would lie for his benefit. He had always thought that Lily and Darren were happy together, despite what he always said out loud. They didn’t seem right together and heck they certainly didn’t make a good couple but he was absolutely convinced she was happy, that’s why he was so jealous all the time. Before he could comment on this, however, Natalee cut through his thoughts with hers.


“He’s a pressurising git and you know it,” Natalee said, her voice sour, one that James had never heard from her.


“He is not,” James replied rather weakly.


“Yes he is, Lily, don’t kid yourself, the one thing he always brings up is how he always has the house to himself, he’s always trying to get you go over there for Christmas with him you know his intentions are sometimes not so honourable.” Alice added, throwing yet another item of clothing over her shoulder before picking up a red turtleneck and chucking that as well.


James felt his insides roar in rage at that, he always knew that Darren was like that but when he heard it said like this it made it all the more real. The sudden urge to find him and beat him to a pulp up rose from inside of him, but the words of Natalee stopped him again.


“I know what you’re going to say,” She responded, looking at James, or rather Lily’s, angry face and taking it to mean anger with them. “You’re going to say what you always say, that you can handle him and that it’ll be fine but look at you Lily, you’re smitten- if he pulls the right strings, who knows what you’ll do.”


“I’m not stupid,” James said in fake defence, he was desperate to know more so he made the act seem genuine, his sudden thirst of knowledge about this area of Lily’s life took over him unlike anything had ever done.


“We know that, Lily, we know you wouldn’t- we’re just saying that he’s a prick, ok?” Alice assured her.


“We only want wants best,” Natalee said, her eyes clouding with worry, James could tell that they had shared this worry with Lily before, just because of the glint in Natalee’s eyes. “I know he’s your first boyfriend and you want it to last, so you’re desperate to hang onto whatever is left of your relationship- I was like that with Jake but you can’t hold onto something if it’s not going anywhere.” Natalee paused to scan Lily’s face for any hidden emotion, but there was nothing but anger, unaware that it was James’s anger for Darren, she assumed it was Lily’s anger with the situation.


“What I don’t get is,” Alice started timidly, as though she wasn’t sure whether or not to risk Lily, exploding. “What I don’t get is why you will hold onto a jerk like Darren, who you don’t even love. And not give James a chance, when you know he likes you more than Darren ever will,” she got out her words fast, glancing up at James before returning to the clothing when she was sure Lily was ok.


James stayed silent; not able to answer questions he had been asking himself since the day Darren and Lily were an item.


“I don’t like him,” James said finally, knowing that inside she would have said exactly that. Natalee just sat up straight and stared James in the eye for what felt like minutes before she talked again.


“You’d give anyone a chance even if you hated their guts, heck if Sirius asked you out tomorrow and you weren’t with Darren you’d be out with him like a shot! You are so kind and open minded that you’d give anyone the benefit of the doubt except James.” James was almost jealous of Sirius for a second at this comment but it soon vanished when she spoke again. “And you know why because you’ve said it before, you’ve said that you hate both Sirius and James but the difference between them is that you know that if you did give him a chance he’d just dump you like he has done everyone else,”


That cut through James like a knife, knowing that Lily had said that hurt him unlike any rejection he had received from her; the truth hurt more than the idea of hatred, at least hatred was better than this.


“You always say that he only asks you out for the challenge- that the minute you agree he’ll drop you,” Another stab at James’s heart. “But he’s not like that and you know it- you’re scared, you’re scared that he might be alright, you don’t want to see that he’s changed because you’re worried you’ll like it.”


“Can we just not talk about it,” James got up, genuinely not wanting to go farther into this subject, he walked over to Alice who had stopped looking through the clothes to listen to Natalee. “Try the black jeans and blue strap top,” James mumbled, so that they could hear her but only quietly. “Remus’s favourite colour is blue,” and with that he stepped into Lily’s bathroom and locked the door, as he wondered what Lily saw in Darren…



“Potter, head duties, now,” James said later that evening. Remus and Natalee had already left and Alice had gone to find Frank, this meant that James was alone in the common room with Lily, Sirius and Peter, being completely ignored.


For the last half an hour, he had pretended to read a book whilst Sirius and Lily told jokes, watching Peter clap and laugh enthusiastically, on cue as if he were programmed. He marvelled at the fact that Lily seemed to be doing ok, Sirius didn’t look suspicious and she had James down to a tee. However, James had gotten bored with his book and being alone was becoming tiresome. He had got up and patted Lily on the shoulder; they needed to talk about what they were going to do.             


“Alone,” He added for Sirius’s benefit. Sirius barked and winked mischievously at Lily and then James.


“Don’t worry, I can take a hint, the love birds want to be alone,” Sirius laughed, whilst Lily (in James’s body) looked livid.


“What me and Potter, don’t talk crazy Black, I’m not in the mood,” Lily screamed but instantly regretted it when she was finished. James glared at her warningly.


“What are you on about Prongs?” Sirius asked in a little shock.


“Just my impression of Evans, we all know she wants me really,” Lily said uneasily, putting on the Potter grin and running her fingers exaggeratingly through the messy black, before turning to wink at James (in Lily’s body).


“Eat dung, Potter,” He retorted in the best way that he could. Sirius looked between them again suspiciously then faced Peter.


“Come on, Pete, it’s just me and you amigo, see you, Prongs,”


“Yeah, later Padfoot,” Lily said perfectly and precisely, as Sirius grinned and walked out of the room, followed by Peter. Lily and James glared at each other for a while, staying silent.


“Padfoot?” James questioned, raising an eyebrow.


“Well that’s what you call him, isn’t it Prongs?” Lily said as if the name was stupid. “Not my fault they’re stupid and mean nothing.” James wanted to tell her that they did in fact mean something but couldn’t with out confessing the biggest Marauder secret of all time.


“Whatever you say, Evans,” Potter said dismissively, as if it were to no importance, he then sat down onto the red sofa, subconsciously running his fingers through, his now red, long hair. Lily, tilted her, or rather James’s, head and stared at James (in her body) for a long while. She then sighed and walked over to the sofa, taking the vacant seat next to him, James scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, this being the first time she had willingly come up to him.


“What?” James asked self-consciously.


“Nothing, it’s just weird seeing myself and well why do you run your fingers through your hair all the time?” Lily questioned, curiously. “I mean I always thought you were just being an arrogant jerk but Sirius said something today and well…”


“What did he say now?” James said angrily, he would kill the guys if they let one embarrassing thing slip. He felt his face drain of colour, felling nervous and unsure. “Did he say anything about you?”


“A little,” Lily admitted. “Peter said something along the lines of ‘you’re acting like and idiot and Evans isn’t even around,’ and I denied the whole thing and Sirius said that I had already ran my fingers through my hair twice and Lily was no where to be seen. Then Sirius went into a full on moan about how you talked to him for six hours last night about my eyes,” Lily watched as she watched her own face (really James) turn pink, he looked away in the direction of the mini-library.


“Padfoot, always exaggerating,” James muttered, though Lily could tell he didn’t mean it she nodded anyway to prevent awkwardness. “I’m sorry, Lils, but your boyfriend is a complete prat!” James said more confidently Lily stood up in out rage, her face was thunderous, while James wished he hadn’t opened his mouth at all.




“He is a prat and Maxell calls you Lils so I should be able to as well,”


“Darren is my boyfriend he can call me whatever he pleases, and he is not a jerk!” Lily said panting heavily; James was now at his feet, both were red-faced.


“I am perfectly aware that he’s your boyfriend- I had to spend two hours trying to get him not to snog the face of off me- Merlin, I was so close to dumping him for you then and there- you’re just lucky I got him to shut up after that!” James snapped but Lily calmed down at the last comment he made, wondering how on earth it was possible to get Darren to quit asking for a kiss.


She had tried many of times but nothing she said or did was ever enough. Darren was persistent, she’d give him that, and it was a trait that she didn’t like much about her boyfriend.


“What did you do to get him to stop?”


“Well he told said that he love you so I just said-” He began but was cut of by Lily’s frantic and panicked expression.


“Don’t tell me you said ‘I love you too,’ please tell me you didn’t” But the look on his, or rather her, face said that he had done exactly that. Lily’s stomach rolled over and for a moment she felt as though she was going to faint again. James must have known this as he had directed her on the armchair. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!” She muttered over and over, as if he was a broken record. “This is not good,”


“Why what did I do- you told me you loved him!” James said defensively, he too looked worried and yet a little frustrated.


“Yes but I didn’t mean it!” She shouted, James’s voice echoing around the room.


“How was I supposed to know that?” James retorted. Lily sighed again before James continued in a voice that sounded dismissive. “Oh well only three words- he’s your boyfriend it’s not the end of the world,”


“Not the end of the world? Not the end of the world? You’ve just ruined everything, Potter! It might as well be the end of the world!” She buried her new face into her new hands and rubbed her eyes as if willing to keep her tears at bay, she then looked up to see a quizzical Lily Evans, even if it was really, James in her body, it was still hard to get used to.


“Chill, Evans,”


“Don’t tell me to CHILL! Do you even know why Darren shut up because of those words? Hmmm…?”


“Because you never said it before,” James suggested shrugging his shoulders as he sat back down on the sofa. His eyes looked scared, as though he was worried of what he had done to get Lily into such a state.


“No, because I told him I wouldn’t you know… do anything until I loved him and now he’s just going to expect it!”


“Well maybe if he’s that pressurising, then maybe you should just dump him and put everyone out of their misery- you shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Lily sent James a death glare as he said this. “Whatever, how are we going to get back to normal?”


Lily looked thoughtful for a moment, the sudden tapping of the rain was audible from the window, it had grown dark outside, and this had gone unnoticed by them until now. 


“I guess we’ll have to find out what we did wrong with that potion…”


“We could tell Slughorn-” James said sensibly but Lily looked livid with the mere suggestion.


“Are you mental? We could get expelled!”


“We wouldn’t get expelled,”


“Well ok, not expelled but this is an assessment, we’re not failing- I never fail!” Lily stated, firmly.


“Ok, calm down, we’ll just have to stay like this- we might be alright by morning,” James assured her, curling his new hair behind an ear, whilst straightening his skirt, it was then when he noticed his new breasts with a new found favour.


“Don’t poke them!” Lily yelled, getting of and smacking his hands away. “You better not try anything Potter or I’ll have you done for sexual harassment.”


“What would you say, Evans?” James laughed, staring at Lily in the eye. “Professor, look, Lily’s poking her own breasts?”


“Shut up and keep your fingers where I can see them,”


“Lily, I’m not a perv- I have respect for you, you know!”


“You just poked my boobs!” She said incredulously, folding her arms in a way that made James look like he might swing the other way. 


“Only because- well- I’ve never had boobs before!”


“Well just don’t do it again- if we’re still like this tomorrow we’ll decide what needs to be done then, deal?” Lily held out her hand and took James’s new dainty ones, ones that used to belong to her. They shook while James said ‘deal’ and then they wished each other goodnight, before walking into their new rooms.


James smiled at the memory of their brief exchange, laughing at the fact that they had perhaps got along better than before. Their conversation was one of the most civil conversations they had ever had with one another, and James marvelled at the idea of winning Lily’s heart eventually, if he played his cards right.


He entered the bedroom and looked for her Pyjamas. The first place he looked was underneath the pillows and sure enough he found some emerald short shorts and a small strap emerald top, he got changed quickly, careful not to look. He then looked into the large mirror for hours just staring at him self and the beauty of Lily Evans. Her school robes didn’t really give her body much justice. It was only now, in her tight pyjamas, that he could see each curve of her body. He shook his head briefly, before grabbing the shoulder bag and putting it onto the floor.


As he did so, however a brown leather bound book, with a buckle down the side, fell onto the bed, when James went to go pick it up, he looked down at the front cover. On it was written the words ‘The Diary of Lily Evans,’.


And it was then, with no warning, that James felt his lips curl into a smug grin. This could be more fun than he thought…           

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