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I woke up and found a severe aching in my back, unsurprisingly I couldn't stretch it out. I stood up and made my way down to the Hufflepuff common room. It was either quite early or quite late since nobody was in sight. I stumbled past the kitchens and stood in front of the portrait of apples and oranges, and mumbled the password. I stepped through the portrait hole and blindly sat on the overstuffed, fluffy, yellow couch. I stretched, trying and failing once again to unhinge the knot in my back. I leaned back and closed my eyes, wondering how on earth I was going to make it through the day. Apparently this was the wrong thing to do since my mind became foggy and I slipped off into sleep, my worries floating away. It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when I became aware that I was being gently shaken.

“You need to get up, classes are starting." the girl said clearly, I groggily opened my eyes and found myself staring into her icy blue eyes. She smiled at me and walked away, her silky blonde hair swinging as she walked out of door. I glanced at my watch, hoping the girl was playing a joke on me.

Damn, I was really late, and I hadn't even gotten my schedule. I raced upstairs, planning to grab my bag and hopefully get out of the Common room without tripping or stumbling. this hope didn't last long, as when I got to the top of the stairs I nearly face planted into the door. Wrenching the door open I stumbled to my bed and tried to locate my bag. Flying fuck. Giselle had done it, again. She had hidden my bag in a spiteful way. I was not the tallest of the bunch, but not short either. Giselle had stuck my bag on top of a wardrobe. The height was just exact to where I could touch the soft material, but not be able to pull it down. I grabbed the biggest suitcase (Giselle's of course) and dragged it to the bottom of the wardrobe where I was able to get my bag and race downstairs, as the bell for class to end rang. I raced through the castle, finally arriving at the green houses, clutching a stitch in my side.

"And where have you been young lady?" said a angry Professor Sprout.

"Well I fell asleep on the Astronomy Tower. . .Then woke up at what seemed like two in the morning. . .Fell asleep again. . . Then got woken up by some girl. . .Saw that it was late and went to get my bag. . .my friend hid it. . .Again. . . And then the bell rang." I finished lamely. Professor gave me a weird look, handed me my schedule and hurried me out the door. I glanced down and saw that my next class was double potions. . .With the Slytherins. Greaat, just what I needed.
I tramped down to the dungeons, wishing that I could just skip this class and head to lunch. Finally I arrived in the hell hole at the same time the bell rang.
"You're late Miss Mcoy, five points from Hufflepuff" drawled Professor Snape. The Hufflepuffs groaned.

"But-but" I sputtered. Had I not just walked through the door? Doesn’t that count for anything?

"Sit down Miss Mcoy, or it'll be another five points." I looked for an empty spot, and mercifully found one next to another Hufflepuff.

“Hi!” she said brightly, beaming at me.

“Hi,” I said somewhat awkwardly, hoping this girl would just make the potion and leave me alone.

“My name is Mary-Sue Smith. What’s yours?” She said, still beaming at me.

“My friend’s call me Coni,” I swallowed, remembering about the fight with Giselle last night, “but my real name is Constantine.”

“Oh! What a pretty name!” she exclaimed, clasping her hands together. She obviously knew what we where doing, as she set to work tossing ingredients into the cauldron. I sat there and pretended to look like I was “contributing” to the work. Unfortunately I ended up staring towards the front of the room, where I saw Izzy seated cozily next to Draco. She had her hair up, and was concentrating on preparing ingredients while Draco stared off into space. Izzy would chance glances at Draco, checking to see if he was watching her. Draco suddenly turned around, as if he sensed I was watching them. His cold grey eyes met mine. My face grew hot, and suddenly I had a new interest in the potion Mary-Sue was making. Apparently she was done with the potion, and had been staring at me creepily for some time.

“You like him don’t you?” She asked, resting her head on the palm of her hand wearily.
“N-no” I stammered, pretending to look for something in my bag. She sighed, and animatedly started talking.
“So, you know, the Sorting Hat couldn’t pick a House to sort me into. Professor Dumbledore offered to have a new House made, just for me, but of course I said no. What would the other students think!” she exclaimed dreamily. After hearing this I snorted, but it went unnoticed as she babbled mindlessly. For the rest of the class I nodded randomly and “mhmmed” my way through her never ceasing yapping. Finally, with seconds left till the bell rang, Snape seemed to notice Mary-Sue’s chatter and called out,
“Miss Mcoy, another five points from Hufflepuff for talking during class. Also, since you can’t seem to stop disrupting my classroom, you can have detention with me on Thursday.”
With my face bright red, I stumbled out of the hell hole and escaped off to my next class.

 ~A/N: Hola all! Just doing the usual disclaimer to the whole Harry Potter idea. But Constantine Ryann Mcoy is mine, so if she's stolen heads will roll. ^-^ Anyways, Mary-Sue has no other parts in this story, she's not gonna compete with the girls for Draco, so don't expect to see her ever again. :D I hope ya'll enjoy this chapter, and Happy Thanksgiving!~
This chapter was written by bluemoonradiogirl.

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