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Hey everyone, sorry it took so long to validate the last chp, i had proplems w/ cuss words, the rating might have to move up to M for that alone. Well anyway here's another chappy, i hope ur happy!!  
(This chappy is completely my car fantasy, here’s to all you classic car luvers! ;p)
 PS: the Soulja Boy totally  belongs to soulja boy, and i know that song is old, but i still luv it!!!!

            “This is the garage” Hermione told Draco as she flicked on the basement lights. It was one of those multi million dollar garages, the type that held private collections of perfectly restored classic and rare cars. “Uncle David has a thing for cars” she told him as he took in the huge expanse, the floor was tiled black and whit e checks, and mirrors were laid out under every car with small spotlights so you could see the underside without having to get down on the ground. There was a ramp, wide enough for two cars to drive up with room on each side, with a garage door at the top. “That was the original garage, but it wasn’t big enough, so Uncle David remodeled the basement, he wasn’t about to put his collection out in the yard.” Hermione explained as they approached the first vehicle.

            Smiling fondly she produced a rag out of nowhere and polished the glossy black truck’s fender. “This was my uncles’ first car, it’s a 53’ Chevy, given to him by his dad. This was his first restoration project, there are the awards for it” she gestured carelessly to a lighted glass case full of dusty photos, trophies, certificates, and even a few medals. There was a trophy case in front of each vehicle, and each one was full.

            They strolled on, coming to a stop in front of an old Chevelle SS. “Jamie’s first car, a 1970 Chevelle SS that her dad found in a junkyard when we were about ten. Together they worked on it until she was sixteen, and now its showroom quality.” Hermione ran her fingertips across the hood as she passed her face nostalgic.

            “Next we have the 55’ Chevy Bel-Air” She grinned as they came upon the two toned classic, the envy of car lovers everywhere. With delicate fingers she stroked the fins, running her fingers along the shiny silver chrome that separated the red and white. Draco peered into the car, looking at the vintage dashboard, and plush white leather seats.

            “Not bad, now where’s yours?”

          Hermione grinned and continued, “That’s Aunt Elisa Porsche” she said casually as the passed the 2007, canary yellow sports car, scrawled in silver on one side was the word turbo. Draco grinned as they passed his dream car without even pausing; now that’s what I’m talking about. “And this is my baby” she perched lightly on the hood of a blue, 2007 mustang GT convertible, complete with white double stripes down the center of the hood, and matching white leather interior. The beige top was down, cause the girls had just hopped out when they had gotten home from wherever they had been last.

    “Not bad Granger.” Hermione hopped off the hood and reached for the dashboard, turning the key, and then the radio. A song was playing, something about a soldier boy. “What the hell is this? Soldier boy, I mean how dumb can you get?”

     Hermione grinned and cranked up the volume, “I love this song. Here dance the solja boy with me.”

            “Say What?”

            Hermione stepped away from her car, and danced, explaining the moves as she went. “and then you crank back, yeah, kinda rock on your heals like that,  yup that’s it. Oh here’s the chorus, ready, youuu” together they danced the Solja Boy, with an astonished Jamie standing in the garage doorway.

            “Not bad you two, Dramione, I thought you said you hated him?” Jamie called as she crossed the wide floor to join them.

            Hermione blushed a deep plum color and attempted to answer, but Draco beat her to it. “Oh but that was before I knew about…” he trailed off, his eyes on Hermione, who had gone from crimson to bone white in seconds.

            “You told him” she shrieked, her eyes flashing orange and her teeth turning to fangs.

            “No, I did.” Travis joined the trio by Hermione’s car. “Someone let enough slip that he got curious, don’t blame your cousin, it wasn’t her.”

            Hermione crumpled in on herself, her eyes were back to their usual rich brown, and were filled with tears. “My life is ruined, how long do you think it will stay a secret at Hogwarts? I’ll be the gossip of the year, Hermione Granger, rape victim, oh I can hear the Slytherin’s already.”

            They seem to have forgotten that I exist, and am RIGHT HERE “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to.” Draco spoke up, his tone offhand and casual.

            “W-why would you do that for me?” Hermione sniffled.

            Draco looked her square in the eye, his own eyes were a burning orange, “It’s not my secret to tell, I may be a pain in the ass, but I’m no snitch.” For some reason seeing her crying like this disturbed him deeply, and made him want to rip Jack Martin into tiny, bloody pieces, quickly he repressed the dragon instinct to hunt down the bastard, and focused on Hermione.  

            Hermione laughed once humorlessly, “I remember once in first year, Hagrid had this dragon…”

       “Fine, I don’t snitch anymore. I was a little snot rag” (That’s an understatement, snorted Hermione), “But I’ve grown up since then.”

           Hermione couldn’t deny that, he looked good, his muscles were defined, and his six pack looked rock hard. “Fine then, but just remember, you’re not the only one with dragon blood at Hogwarts, if I hear so much as a whisper that you’ve spread rumors I’ll send you six feet under.”

            “I hear you loud and clear, but I got the operation when I was twelve Granger, you don’t scare me.” Draco shot back, glad to see that she had stopped crying, and was now sitting on the floor, just looking at him, her still orange eyes filled with humor.


            Jamie and Travis had left long ago, leaving the two to their banter. Now they stood in the kitchen, talking quietly. “Can you hear them? They’re arguing, but not like they hate each other.”

            “And back there when she was crying, he got her calmed down so much faster than either of us could. I wonder what their like to each other at school?”  

            “I don’t know, but I’d say their friends, maybe even closer friends than she, Harry and Ron are.”

            “Yeah, they must be friends” Travis stated, following Jamie as she wandered out of the kitchen and into the living room where the rest of the team waited.                     

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