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 WARNING: This chapter contains morally difficult content.  Remember these are the actions of a desperate man.  If you are easily offended you may want to walk away. 

Note: The mispellings are deliberate to indicate the speach of a young child.


Between Worlds

Chapter 2 -

Desperate Measures

A Harry Potter Fanfiction

By Vampiremouse/Mischief Managed


John Lupin was in a damp, dark, putrid smelling cave. He had no wand, only a port key that was supposed to release his son from chains. The door behind him was bared by solid stone. Without a wand to cast reducto it would be difficult to remove although it would at least protect them from the rampaging werewolf pack without. Unfortunately, Remus was in this cave newly infected with lycanthropy from the previous night's full moon, wounded, frightened and possibly about to attack his wandless father.

He ran through the cave listening intently. To the right the sound of a crying child. Remus.

“Remus, son can you hear me?” he shouted

“Daddy, is it weally you?” The little boy called weakly

John Lupin rounded the corner to find his son wounded but in human form...had Greyback lied.

“Its me son”

Mr. Lupin crept cautiously closer to Remus, noticing the tattered clothing, the shining silver chains around his limbs, and the collar encircling his son's throat. The boy scratched absent-mindedly at skin that looked red and irritated, was it just from the bonds and nervousness, or fur trying to break through. The reporter couldn't see an obvious bite mark from here only the deep, curving, parallel scratches of werewolf claws. Those would be difficult to heal but not infectious, like a bite. Remus was in obvious discomfort, but that could as easily be from his wounds and captivity as impending transformation.

John Lupin needed to know whether or not to free his son, but he didn't dare get any closer. He hovered at the edge of Remus's range, contemplating the key in his outstretched hand. He edged closer coming within range of, what could at any moment, be snapping jaws.

“How do you feel, Remus?” he asked cautiously

“It huwts Daddy, evweting hewts” The boy hunched over in obvious pain, John could not see an obvious bite wound at this distance or definitive signs of transformation, but he was very, very worried.

“Did he bite you, Remus?”

“Daddy...” the little voice whispered.

“I have to know, Remus, DID THE WOLF BITE YOU?”

“Yes, Daddy” The tiny voice answered

John Lupin jumped back in shock. He did not dare free the child, not now.

His ever perceptive son caught the horror in his father's exclamation. The instant rejection he could not quite hide.

“I love you son, I still love you” he said, crying despite any pretense to a masculine image.

“Why are you cr-why-ing Daddy?” the sensitive child, instantly forgot about his own discomfort, and hurt feelings, in the face of his father's anguish.

“Because I have to leave you in chains son, even though they are silver and hurting you terribly. You were bitten by a werewolf son, do you know what that is?” John Lupin asked, while tearing strips from his robe to cushion Remus's restraints.  It was the only thing he could do.


“Yes Remus, a monster like the one that bit you last night, tonight is also a full moon, and now the same thing is starting to happen to you...its a little slower, I think, because we are in this cave away from the moonlight...but you are turning into a werewolf son.” Mr, Lupin stuffed the cloth around his son's collar, noting the points growing on his ears and the difference in the pupils of his eyes. He shivered just thinking about the sharp teeth the boy hopefully hadn't developed yet.

“I want to wake up Daddy,” the boy said, finger nails lengthening into claws even as his father frantically worked to pad both wrists.

“This isn't a dream. I'm sorry son.”

“Daddy I'm so hungwy.” The little boy looked up with him with pleading eyes that were already turning yellow. Remus licked his lips, showing teeth that had indeed sharpened perceptibly. The boy clutched at his stomach, with hands that were no longer quite hands, piercing his own flesh with razor sharp claws.

Desperately John Lupin quested for something, anything, to ease the combination of starvation and wolfish hunger that was torturing his son.

"Hang on son, just hang on." Somehow he had to finish padding the boy's ankles.

In a moment of sickened revelation, he found the first body and realized the werewolves had a stockpile of ready corpses. He saw a human arm, disconnected from a body, and hating himself for the action he tossed it to the child. His son tried to retch and consume at the same time but the emerging blood lust won out. The boy stretched out in the chains, spine and limbs shifting, groaning and sometimes screaming with the pain and then returning to hunger his precious child consumed a human arm. By the time both ankles were padded only a finger remained and his poor still partially human child looked up at him apologetically and asked for more. Then he could no longer speak only whimper, bark, and howl. Yet still he tried to avoid attacking his father, whimpering in hunger.

Mr. Lupin retreated far out of reach and tossed a leg bone. Remus could barely resist attacking the hand that fed him now and John wisely stayed well out of reach. The boy's puppy jaws were still too weak to crack the bones open for marrow. The young wolf shoved the first bone over to his father pleading with whines, and barely human eyes, for assistance. Remus seemed to be fading in and out of the wolf's mind. The puppy would growl and start getting aggressive as John approached, then retreat with panicked whimpers toward his ever growing pile of bones, gnawing the urge to attack into uneasy submission.

---------to be continued-------------

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