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I'd like to thank emiliee for being my lovely beta.. Thanks girl! Oh, and I own nothing but Alanna and the plot. :) 

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"Hey. Everyone want to go to the Room of Requirement to celebrate the prank?" suggested James as he took a sip of him pumpkin juice. Everyone perked up, but then Alanna and Sirius remembered about their detention. 

"Can't" said Alanna as she looked down sadly to her plate of mashed potatoes. James put an arm around her.

"Detention?" she nodded. "We could always do it tomorrow. Right?" Alanna looked up, smiling again.

"Yeah, sounds good."


"You both need to make these trophies shine!" said Filch, pointing with his long skinny fingers to all four walls. Which were covered with trophies, there were few places where there was a bare spot. Mrs Norris, his cat. Leaped out of his arms her amber orange eyes still on the two troublemakers.

"And I'll leave Mrs Norris here to make sure you two don't misbehave!" He walked out yelling. "I'll be back at midnight to make sure your not lolly-gagging around! And NO MAGIC!!" Alanna and Sirius just broke into fits of laughter. 

Next thing Alanna knew she was soaking wet and covered in bubbles. She looked to her side and there was Sirius - caught red handed with the empty bucket in his hands. Alanna looked to herself then to Sirius, in an instant she was lunging at him.

Sirius tried to run away, but there was water on the ground, and slipped and fell. Right under Alanna.

"Aha! I win!" she shouted, the desolate room echoing her elegant voice. "I WI- Ouch!" Sirius had pushed her off and quickly got to his feet, trying not to slip. "You know...You scream like a girl."

"DO NOT!" he protested. There was no use really; Alanna was laughing her head off, holding her stomach. Once her laughter had died down (which took a few minutes) Sirius plopped down next to her. "Do I really scream like a girl?" Alanna turned to look him in the eye.

"Sirius, you scream so much like a girl I wouldn't be surprised if you turned out to be one." By the look on her face she was trying to stifle a laugh. Angered by this, Sirius smirked.

"Oh yeah?" Sirius reached out and put his hand behind her neck. Her face drawing ever so close, close enough Sirius could see the depth and beauty in her eyes. Until...It happened. 

The moment their lips touched the world seemed to stop, time - frozen. At this point the room was truly filled with magic. 

At first the kiss was just an attempt by 'angry Sirius' to prove he was no girl, but now the choice was all his own.

"Ahem! You two. Get to work!" NOW!" caught off guard, they both jumped apart. Filch stood next to his precious cat. At the sight of them they leaped to their feet. 

"I'll start over here!" Alanna nearly screamed as she ran for the nearest trophy. 

Nearly 5 hours, and over 300 dirty trophies there were finished. Not a word was said between Alanna and Sirius the whole was back to the Gryffindor tower.




"Allie, wake up!" Alanna opened her eyes to see Lily. "Alanna. It's past 8:30. I know you like to go to breakfast...So, I just thought I'd wake you up before I left." She sat up.

"Thanks, Lily." Lily then disappeared out the door and down the stairs. Alanna glanced at the clock, hung on the wall; it read 8:43. She cast aside her blankets and got ready for the day. Dressing in the school uniform, Alanna noticed she was the only one in the room. At this point she began rushing, not wanting to be late and get a detention for the weekend. 

Downstairs in the Great Hall the Marauders were sitting close together, most likely discussing the next prank to pull. James noticed that she walked in and stood up.

"Hey! There she is!" He yelled as he sat back down, taking particular interest in his plate of pancakes. Alanna gave him a quick wave as she walked over to them, taking a seat next to Remus and across from James. She was careful as to not look at Sirius, who was seated next to James. She couldn't bring herself to; she wouldn't be just another 'flavour of the week' to him. As she was putting some breakfast onto her plate she received a nudge to the side.

"Rough night?" Remus whispered into her ear. She nodded. 

"So...what, were you guys talking about me when I came in?" she pointed her fork to James. Who half-smiled before running his hand through his already messy hair. "Actually no. We were just asking Sirius how detention went. But...he wouldn't really tell us anything...Care to tell?" Their eyes went from Alanna to Sirius, who looked quite interested in his pancakes and pumpkin juice. She picked up her toast and took a bite. 

"What? It was detention...Filch made us clean dusty trophies, really nothing to get your knickers in a knot." As she looked back down to her plate to eat, she noticed the look on Sirius' face. Was it sadness, or just confusion? Alanna couldn't tell, nor did she want to.




The Gryffindor common room was almost always filled with students, but not today. It was empty, apart from Alanna. Today was beautiful, not a cloud could be found in the sky, and everyone was outside. Down by the lake, or flying on broomsticks, some were even found reading a book in the shade of a nice tree. Not that she didn't love the outdoors, because she does, she just didn't want to be with the Marauder's right now. Alanna wasn't the one to keep a secret, it was only a matter of time until the kiss shared between her and Sirius comes to attention. So, she figured the best way to resist the temptation to tell anyone is to simply not be around any of them.

She was at her favourite spot, on the rug, in front of the warm, blazing fireplace. She was reading a book about quidditch. Seeker to be exact. She's been on the team for 5 years, along with Sirius and James, who also was deemed captain a year ago. James played chaser, best in the whole school. Never once missed a shot. Sirius was one of the beaters; he always was the one shooting bludgers away from James and Alanna. They were his two 'top priorities' on the team; he left mostly everyone else to the other beater. Allie was seeker, and a pretty darn good one to boast. Caught the snitch almost every time, only missed it three times in counting, two of which she was knocked off her broomstick, injured and was not permitted back to the game.

"Allie...?" James waved his hand in front of her face. 

"Sorry, must have zoned out for a while." She stood up, closed and placed her book on the chess table.

"Practice tonight at 5:00. You'll be there right?" She nodded, dusting herself off.

"Glad you got me, or I might've been late for Minnie's class. Bye Prongs." She said, walking out of the portrait hole. 

The whole class Allie was not paying attention; her mind kept wandering to last night and the kiss. The kiss was being replayed again and again in her head. She knew it was wrong, but since when did she go by the rules?

"Allie? You coming?" She snapped out of her trance, Remus was next to her. She smiled weakly and nodded, shoving her book and blank parchment into her bag. Remus took the seat next to her. "What’s wrong?" She looked to him, her eyes filled to the brim with tears.

At this point Remus knew something was wrong, He, of any of the other Marauders have ever really seen Allie cry. She reached out to Remus; he pulled her close and began to gently rub her back.

"Allie, what on earth is wrong? What happened?" Alanna just continued to hug Remus, while soaking his shoulder with tears. 

After a couple of minutes, Alanna's crying began to die down. She backed away from Remus, not breaking eye contact with him. She had to tell him now, but she knew she could trust him.

"Remus...I-" She stopped herself, not knowing the right way to say anything. "You need to promise me you won't tell a soul." Remus nodded with a look of worry stuck onto his face. "Last night, at and Sirius, we-" she took a deep breath before letting it out with the words "we kissed."

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