The ‘A’ word


A/N: I decided to write a series of short one shots. Each one will be in a persons POV, either James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Lily or one of Lily’s friends.


~James’ POV~


There is a word that I despise above all words. It makes me shiver, it makes me excited, it makes me angry, it makes me happy, I’m sad when I hear it, I’m overjoyed as well, an this word begins with an ‘A’. Maybe I should tell you about how this ‘A’ word came to be my worst nightmare, and my best dream.


One day I was calmly walking along, with not a care in the world. People were saying ‘hi’ to me, I said ‘hi’ back. Well, maybe that isn’t the whole truth. I wasn’t calmly walking along, it was more of a frightened sprint. And I did have a care, several of them actually, and people weren’t saying ‘hi’ to me, they were yelling curses and hexes at me. Sirius was with me, you see we did something wrong. Maybe I should tell you about how this ‘frightened sprinting’ started.


Sirius and I had planed this perfect prank, but it went horribly wrong.


I said I’d tell you how it happened, I didn’t say I would write a whole essay on it. Anyways, while we were running from the angry mob of students, which seemed to double in size every second, teachers were calmly walking past us, some even smiled and said ‘hello’. I think that our prank put us in an alternate universe. But was all know that’s not possible.


While Sirius and I were running, we noticed a door that we had never seen before. We yanked it open and inside was the perfect hiding place. There were all sorts of things in this room, ranging from large wardrobes to tiny ants scurrying over a slice of cheese. As we closed the door it melted back into the wall.

“I hope they don’t find us here,” I said.

“If we go far enough in they would have a hard time.” So we made our way through the ‘junkyard’.


This is where it happened. I saw something, something horrible, and something great. That thing was a book. On the cover it said, ‘Dictionary’. I opened it, not knowing what it would revel. I skimmed through, and I came across, that word. You may be wondering what that word is. Today is your lucky day, I will tell you, but I ask you not to ask this of me again.


The word is: ameliorate. I know, it’s a horrible word. As soon as I read that word, and it’s meaning, I dropped the book and ran from it. The meaning of the word is…to make better. And guess what is worse; Sirius and I made our prank that had gone horribly wrong, better.


And this is how that happened. After we had executed our perfect plan, it went horribly wrong. The teachers though that it was serious, no pun intended, and so they actually made it so that we had more homework. I guess you can tell why we had an angry mob of students chasing us. When we ameliorated what had happened, I cried myself to sleep. When I saw that word I promised my self I would never use it in a sentence, or do what the meaning says because it causes so many emotions. Oh God, I just realised that I used ‘that’ word. I should go now, before I use ‘that’ word again.


A/N: This is the first of 26. I hope you liked it, the next chapter should be up soon, if it’s not already.

Lollie :D

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