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Ginny popped out of the fireplace in St.Mungo’s just in time to see the healers rushing Harry down the hall. She saw Ron and Hermione sitting on a couch a few feet away.

"Do we have to stay here or can I go with him?" she asked hurriedly.

"They said to wait here, Felica is going to come out and tell us what’s happening as soon as she knows anything," Hermione replied.

Ginny sat down as Ron spoke. "Don’t worry. If something was going to happen it would have happened before now."

"I don’t know," said Ginny, her voice straining to stay steady. "The healer said he wasn’t going to last much longer."

"Ginny!" exclaimed Molly as she walked up to where they were sitting. "I got an owl from Professor McGonagall. Are you three all right?"

"Yes," replied Ron, putting his arm around Hermione.

"Any news on Harry?" she asked hopefully.

"No," the three replied in unison. Molly sat down beside Ginny, the couch magically expanding to accommodate the extra person. She had barely sat down when Healer Felica rushed out, spotting the four sitting there anxiously waiting for news.

"Hello," she said quickly as ever.

"Is he okay?" asked Ginny, hurriedly standing up.

"Well, he cracked his skull pretty good and he has a bad concussion. We’ll have to wait until he wakes up to see the extent of the damage. His leg was badly broken, but we fixed it. He could have a limp for a while, but apart from that his leg is now fine." The healer sighed before continuing speaking. "Harry should be okay, but he is going to need to stay here for a few days for monitoring with his head and all. Lucky for magic really, no muggle would have ever survived that fall."

"Why couldn’t Madame Pomfrey revive him?" asked Hermione curiously.

"He was unconscious from the potion, not from the fall," she replied.

Ron made a face like he was thinking hard, then spoke. "Have you figured out a cure for the potion yet?"

Felica turned a light shade of red. "Er… Well no. It seams we were wrong about what potion it was. It is a new mixture; no one has ever seen a poisonous potion act like this before…" her voice trailed off.

"I knew it!" said Hermione, outraged. "You said that you would have the cure found soon! It has been months!"

"You can all see him in a bit!" said Felica ignoring Hermione’s anger. Without excusing herself she turned and walked off.

"That witch isn’t worth a rat’s arse," said Ron angrily.

"Calm down Ronald, she is just doing what her bosses tell her," replied Mrs. Weasley.

Ginny sat back down and stared at the wall. A few moments later a witch dressed in light orange robes came to speak to them.

"Hello, I am the secretary on this ward. You can go and see Harry now. He is in the same private room as he was last time," she said briskly, before walking off.

"Where was he last time Hermione?" asked Ron.

Hermione shrugged.

"I believe he was on the third floor… room seven I think," answered Molly, seeing that Hermione had no response.

They stood, and walked to Harry’s room, the rest walking ahead leaving Ginny at the door. She had been dieing to see Harry, but when it came down to it she was afraid… afraid of what she would find. When she finally entered she stood there by the door, looking around and feeling sad; it was so familiar from the last time she came, and she thought she had been rid of those horrid times. Finally, she sat down in the same seat she had sat in the last time: the one beside Harry’s bed. She stroked his black hair, trying to avoid the bruises and scrapes on his face. "I’m here," she whispered in his ear, though she doubted he could hear her.

Hermione took the seat nearest the window and glanced over at Harry’s bandaged leg. "He’ll be fine," she said reassuringly.

"He really doesn’t look so good," said Ron, watching Ginny.

"Ron!" said Mrs.Weasley warningly. "He’ll be fine, Ginny dear, don’t worry. I’m going to go owl Minerva and tell the Order what is going on," she said as she got up, her voice calm once again.


Harry was walking through the forest. He had been doing this for a few hours now, and it was very dark, almost like it was nighttime, yet the sun was out, giving off no light. He continued walking, trying not to fall over the undergrowth and he saw a little path going through the forest in the distance, a small figure walking down it. Harry started running to the path to see what it was. Everything looked strangely familiar as he ran; it didn’t seem to be getting any closer.


The three of them stayed with Harry throughout the night, Molly checking in every few hours to see how he was doing. Press representatives had been standing outside the door all night as well, trying to get a statement on his condition. The Ministry of Magic had set up a magical boundary on his room, people could apparate out, but no one could apparate in.

Harry suddenly started shaking violently, and Ginny grabbed his hand. "I think you should go get a healer, he shouldn’t be shaking like this," she said urgently, her voice filled with worry.

Hermione quickly stood up. "I’ll be right back," she said, apparating away to get the healer.


"Hey! Come back!" Harry said when he had finally reached the path to find the figure had disappeared.

He started running down the path; he was going much faster now that there was no undergrowth to trip over. His legs were tired from walking around the forest for what seemed and eternity, and he stumbled across stones in his tired state, yet the strong feeling that he needed to reach the figure kept him going as he chased on along the path.


Felica walked into the room followed shortly by Hermione, the press trying to get a peak through the door as it closed. "This is strange," she said, as she felt Harry’s forehead.

"What is?" asked Ginny, looking up at her with fear in her eyes.

"He’s got a bit of a temperature," she replied bluntly, summoning a potion. She poured the potion down his throat quickly and smiled. "That should take care of it. I’ll check back in a bit." She apparated from the room as soon as she could get the words out, fearing another angry outburst from one of the three.

"I don’t like this Hermione," said Ginny, looking to her worriedly. "He is really hot."

"He’ll be fine Ginny," said Ron, those words appeared to be the only thing he could think of to say.

"Don’t worry. That potion should help. I researched it before we left to search for horcruxes in case any of us got sick. It is supposed to reduce any fever," said Hermione, her voice shaking. The answer seamed to satisfy Ginny, but Ron knew her better than that. Hermione was very horrible at lying.


"This is so stupid!" said Harry, who had slowed down his pace to a fast stroll as he walked down the path through the forest. A cold wind blew down the path and Harry drew his robes tight. ‘Why does it have to be so cold?’ asked Harry to himself. The little shadowy figure appeared once again as the path split. Harry started running down the darker path as fast as his tired legs could possibly carry him, following the figure. He turned around a corner and the figure stopped abruptly. He panted to a halt too, astonished that the figure would stop after being chased for such a long time. Squinting, he could make out the outline of a small child, but as he blinked, the girl disappeared, leaving a small object on the ground. He continued forward, and found that where she had been standing there was a little charcoal coloured box. He walked up to it wearily and picked it up, examining it curiously.


"What do you think you are going to do after we graduate, Ginny?" asked Ron, trying to break the silence.

Hermione gave him a ‘now is not the time for that’ look.

"I’m only trying to keep our minds off of it," he said defensively.

"Ginny, why don’t you go get some sleep, you look absolutely exhausted," said Hermione, turning her attention away from Ron.

"I want to be here when he wakes up," she replied pleadingly.

"We will get you as soon as he starts waking up. That way you will be able to stay awake with him, okay?" suggested Ron, wanting to get his sister out of the room so he and Hermione could talk.

"All right, as soon as he wakes up come and get me, or else I will curse you both," she said, standing up and leaving the room.

As soon as the door shut behind her, Ron spoke in a low voice. "Hermione, I know you, you were just being kind by saying that to Ginny. Do you even have a clue if that potion even works?"

"I have never even seen a potion like that. I don’t want Ginny to get upset, we don’t need her having a breakdown or something on top of all this," replied Hermione, sighing.

Ron nodded, agreeing with the prospect of not upsetting Ginny any further. He kissed her cheek, then stood up and stretched. "I’ll be right back; I need to get something to drink. Want something ‘Mione?" he asked, looking into his girlfriends eyes affectionately.

"I guess I could take a pumpkin juice, I haven’t had anything all day," she replied as her boyfriend nodded and left.

Hermione walked over to the place where Ginny had been sitting. "Harry you need to wake up, we are all really worried about you. I think that George is going to come by later, you don’t want to disappoint him by not being awake do you?" asked Hermione, frustrated.

Look at me, I am getting angry at an unconscious person,’ she thought to herself in frustration as she waited for Ron’s return.


Harry was looking for a way to open the little box when he remembered his vision with the little girl. "Merlin! This is what that dream was talking about! There is an answer in this box, to find out how to get out of the forest. I at least think that’s what it means. All the clues fit." He struggled to find a way to open the box, trying to smash it with various rocks. After a while he got frustrated and threw the box to the ground. Suddenly he remembered he was a wizard and that he had a wand in his pocket. He withdrew his wand and pointed it at the little gray box. "Reducto!" he screamed, not really caring what the condition of the box would be as long as he got the answer that was on the inside. The box exploded, leaving a small golden key in the cloud of dust. He bent down to pick it up, thinking, "I guess it really was a key I was looking for." He grasped the key in his hand, not sure what to do next, and began to hear voices that sounded like they were coming from a great distance.


Ron walked back into the room with two glasses of pumpkin juice. "The reporters have scattered out a bit. I believe they might have started to give up," he said, handing Hermione her juice.

"Thanks," she said, taking the glass from him. "I hope they lay off soon. I don’t think that they are really helping much."

"Is he any better?" asked Ron, looking at his best friend’s unconscious body.

Hermione felt his forehead. "Well, that potion the healer gave him seems to have worked, his fever is for the most part gone," she said, walking over to Ron.

"That’s good," replied Ron as Ginny entered the room.

"I couldn’t sleep. How is he?" she asked, walking over to his bed.

"Not really much change. His fever has gone down quite a bit though," said Hermione hopefully.

"Well that’s good I guess," said Ginny, looking back down at Harry.

"Yeah, it is," said Ron, wrapping his arm over Hermione’s shoulder.

Ginny glanced at Ron and Hermione’s drinks. "I hope he wakes up soon, I need to talk to him," she said, sighing.

"What about Ginny?" asked Harry sleepily.

"You’re awake!" exclaimed Ginny excitedly.

"Yes, why is it that you always say that when I wake up?" he asked, opening his hand and exclaiming, "whoa!"

"What is that Harry?" asked Hermione, looking at the small golden key he was staring at.

"Well, I had a dream about this, I found it. It was in a box like my vision said," he replied, staring at it with awe.

"The one with Voldemort’s little girl?" asked Ron, slightly confused.

"Yeah," he replied, trying to sit up but feeling a pain shoot down his leg. "I’m guessing I won’t be playing Quidditch for a while," he joked, trying to lighten the mood of his staring friends.

"Are you okay Harry?" asked Ginny, noticing the look on her boyfriend’s face.

"Yeah, I’m fine! Could someone hand me my glasses?" he asked, gesturing to the table at the foot of his bed.

"Here you go mate," said Ron, handing him the glasses.

"Thanks," he replied quietly.

"I’d better go tell Mrs. Weasley and the others! They will be so happy!" said Hermione, quickly apparating out of the room.

"I’ll go with her," said Ron cheerily, following her with a pop, and leaving Harry and Ginny alone together in the private ward.


At the back of a dark, damp cell in Azkaban sat a lonely figure of a woman, her scraggly blonde hair stringing over her haunted and heavily shadowed face. Outside her cell lurked a couple of hungry Dementors, their mood casting gloom and despair upon the freezing air around her, and she huddled as far away from them as possible, glaring at them out of furious, horrified eyes. She had just found out that she had been sentenced to the dementor’s kiss, and this made her situation seem even more dire, her anger at these monsters even more powerful, yet there was nothing she could do to stop them.

"Let me out you damned sons of bitches!" she screamed, helpless, yet determined not to let them suck away what was left of her fighting spirit. But the Dementors took no notice of her screams; they were hungry and impatiently awaiting to devour their pray.

"You will not do this to me you idiotic rotting bastards!" she screamed again, feeling that there was no happiness to be found anywhere, yet at the same time she felt something she had never felt before. She was worried, not about herself for once, but about her unborn baby. What would happen to her when they performed the kiss? Would her soul be taken too? Will she, the mother, stop caring whether or not she lives or dies like the stories say, and just forget about her baby? Would anyone look after her child without her there?

As the sky outside darkened to a deep gray, the ferocious waves pounding against the rocks, Alecto Carrows fought against the Dementors’ negative power, hugging her stomach and thinking about her fate and her unborn daughter, and this love for the growing child inside her, no matter how small, gave a flicker of hope in the darkness.

A/N: Okay, I know this chapter took quite a bit longer than was expected. I feel that I did a better job on it than I did on the other chapters, besides quality is better than quanity. :)  I did praticularly like a few parts, I think this chapter flows a bit better. I am going to start on chapter 12 today, so please read and review! I am getting fewer reviews instead of more, and I love reviews so. :P Updated:11/2307 2000 words done on chapter 12. :D

My betta Rose, completely helped me with the azkaban part. I was having troubles with it, and she ended up actually doing most of it. You are awesome!!!!

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