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“Potter… you best watch where you are going next time. You never know who you could bump in to,” Lucius said dangerously as he looked down at Harry. Harry’s state of shock quickly turned to anger.



“What are you doing here? You know you’re on the wanted list at the Ministry, right? I don’t think I have to remind you that you are a bloody death eater,” Harry said venomously. Lucius glared at Harry but then looked past him. Harry turned around and saw Draco briskly walking towards them.



Lucius turned back to Harry and said, “I am here to speak with Draco. I am his father after all, and I care about his well-being. Fathers pay their sons visits, but you wouldn’t know about that, now would you? Now step aside, my son and I need to have a little chat, without your presence”. Lucius pushed Harry aside as Draco took the final steps till he reached his father.



“Father, what are you doing here? You shouldn’t be here,” Draco said quietly while glancing at Harry. Lucius was about to reply but Draco stopped him. “Shove off Potter. My father and I are trying to converse and you lack the intelligence needed to be around us. Why don’t you run back to Weasley and make sure all the red is gone from his face, it clashes horribly with his hair,” Draco sneered.



Lucius smirked as Harry glared at Draco. He stalked back to the castle, away from the two Malfoys. Draco looked around and made sure nobody else was in the area. He didn’t see anybody but just in case whispered, “Muffliato”.



“Well done Draco. I couldn’t have done better myself. I came here to talk to you. I need to find out how Adalia is doing. The Dark Lord has never looked so worried before. Adalia was supposed to contact him and she never did. I assume everything is alright,” Lucius said with a hint of curiosity.



“Well yes… but not really. Potter and Weasley are getting on her nerves more and more by the minute. She took care of them already; I mean twice in one day… she is truly amazing. Anyway, she was in the hospital wing on the first day back, but she’s fine. Really, she’s never been better,” Draco added quickly when he saw his father’s face.



“Adalia went to the hospital wing on the first day back? Draco, you better make sure nothing happens to her. That is your job, to protect her. If she ends up in the hospital wing, that means you are not doing your job. If you don’t do your job as her protector, you will suffer excruciating pain from the Dark Lord himself. Listen Draco, I’m not telling you this because I am angry. I am warning you because you are my son, and I care for you. I love you, son. Although I may not show it very well, I love you very much. I am proud that you are my son,” Lucius finished in a soft tone.



Draco looked up at his father and smiled, “I know father. I love you too, and that is why you must go before anybody sees you. I will tell Adalia to contact our Lord as soon as possible. Now go, I will keep in touch with you as well. I have to get to class, not to mention, back to Adalia”.



Lucius chuckled and gripped Draco’s shoulder. Draco nodded in understanding and waved as his father walked up the path that led to Hogsmeade. Draco sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He glimpsed at his watch and swore. Draco quickly turned around and ran back to the castle.



Adalia and Blaise were sitting in Defense Against the Dark Arts wondering where in the world Draco had gone off to. Adalia and Blaise rather liked their new DADA teacher. His name was Professor Hottleberg and he was tall with black hair. He was dark and mysterious, and his elegance and intelligence screamed pureblood. He was about to start talking when the door creaked open. All eyes turned to the door where Draco stood.



Draco looked around and sheepishly said, “Sorry I’m late, professor. My… err… my mother… she uh… she paid a visit. Family business, I’m sure you understand”.



Professor Hottleberg smiled at Draco and said, “Of course, Mr. Malfoy is it? Yes… well, take a seat. There really is no need for an explanation. We haven’t done much except for gotten those notes down. You’re just in time, actually. We were just about to start practicing our defensive magic. I want to see what you know when it comes to defending yourselves against the dark arts”.



Draco let out a sigh of relief and walked over to Adalia and Blaise. He sat down on Adalia’s left and smiled. “I like this teacher. He’s cool and he has pureblood written all over him. And I don’t mean blood-traitor type of pureblood, I mean genuine pureblood,” Draco said with a hidden meaning that both Blaise and Adalia picked up right away. They all smirked at each other and then silently agreed that this teacher would be on their side of the war.



“Alright, who knows some advanced defensive spells?” Professor Hottleberg asked. Half of the classroom raised their hands. The professor frowned slightly but smiled when he continued talking, “Ok… who can actually cast these spells?” There were only five hands left in the air. Professor Hottleberg smirked slightly. “That’s it? Five people know how to cast defensive spells? What are you going to do out on the battlefield people? Listen, I’m not one of those teachers who are going to tell you that there is not going to be a war and that everything is going to be alright. No, I am here to prepare you for the battle that is eventually going to take place. The battle that you will all participate in, no matter what side you choose,” he said strictly.



Professor Hottleberg looked at the students who knew how to cast defensive spells and smirked. “Mr. Zabini, Mr. Malfoy, Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, and the lovely Ms. Riddle are the only students, in this classroom, who know how to cast defensive spells. Pity,” he drawled. He walked around the room and stopped in front of Harry and Ron. “Weasley, name one defensive spell you know,” he barked.



Ron jumped slightly at the professor’s booming voice and said, “Expelliarmus, sir.”



The Professor laughed and said, “Yes, of course, the disarming spell. Alright then Weasley, show me how good you are at casting the spell”. The whole class gaped at the professor, except for the three students who sat with satisfied smirks on their faces.



“What? You want me to cast a disarming spell on you?” Ron asked, his face turning a ghastly white. He didn’t want to attack a professor, even if the professor was asking for it, and quite literally. What if he were to hurt him too hard? Surely he would get expelled. If Hermione were there, she wouldn’t allow this.



“Yes, I want you to use Expelliarmus on me. I need to see if you can actually perform the spell, Weasley. I don’t need liars in my classroom. If you can’t perform the spell, then why would you say that you can? I need proof, Weasley. Now show it to me,” Professor Hottleberg said challengingly.



Ron stood up and said, “Um… alright then. Expelliarmus!” Professor Hottleberg’s wand flew into Ron’s hand. The professor beamed at him and clapped. He came up to Ron, who gave him his wand back and roughly pushed him back into his seat.



“That was good. You will all need to use it with more force when the time comes. That way, not only will you get your opponents wand, but your opponent will also be thrown back. Alright, next is… Mr. Potter. Name one defensive spell you know,” Professor Hottleberg said eagerly.



Harry looked up at the professor and said, “The Patronus Charm, sir”. Professor Hottleberg looked at Harry and nodded.



“Hmm… If any of you run in to a couple of dementors, the Patronus Charm is sure to help you. Also known as, Expecto Patronum, this charm allows you to defend yourself against dementors. You must think happy thoughts while casting this charm. The happier the thought, the stronger your charm will be. It can also be used to send messages. Potter, please demonstrate on this boggart. I am sure your biggest fear is still a dementor,” Professor Hottleberg said with amusement.



Harry tried to argue about his biggest fear being a dementor but the boggart was let out before he had the chance to say anything. Harry stood in front of the chest that was opened and closed his eyes. He was waiting for his mind to be full of his mother’s agonizing screams, but they weren’t coming. Harry slowly opened his eyes and stepped back. “What the…?” Harry asked in confusion.



The class erupted with laughter when they saw the brave Harry Potter’s new boggart. Harry was standing face to face with a boggart version of Adalia. Draco and Blaise roared with laughter while Adalia smirked. The boggart version of Adalia smirked and began walking towards Harry. Harry backed up all the way against the wall. The boggart version of Adalia stopped in front of his face and said, “Boo!”



Harry jumped and ran away from the boggart. The class couldn’t stop laughing and laughed harder when Ron decided to play hero and save Harry from the boggart. Ron stood in front of the boggart, but it didn’t change. The class roared with laughter. Ron imagined something that would embarrass Adalia and kept it clear in his mind.



Ron ignored the laughter and pointed his wand at the boggart. The embarrassing image still in his mind, he shouted, “Riddikulus!” The boggart stopped advancing towards Ron and looked at itself. The boggart blushed furiously while the boys in the classroom stared. The laughter ceased and now all the boys were drooling and whistling at the boggart. Adalia’s eyes widened as she saw that the boggart version of her was standing in the middle of the classroom in only a bra and knickers.



Ron stared at the boggart and whispered, “Whoa…” Professor Hottleberg pushed Ron to the side and grabbed the boggart gently. He picked up the embarrassed boggart and put it back in the chest. He locked the chest and turned back to the class. The boys in the classroom were staring at Adalia, hunger in their eyes. Blaise and Draco glared at all the boys. Adalia glared at Ron and stood up. Her body was shaking with rage.



“WEASLEY!!! YOU PERVERTED LITTLE GIT! I’M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU FILTY, PERVERTED, LITTLE BLOOD-TRAITOR!” Adalia yelled. Ron yelped as Adalia advanced towards him. Ron began to run away but he froze after he took one step.

“What makes you think that you could show off my body without my permission, and get away with it? Weasley, you are a bloody idiot, and don’t you ever forget it,” Adalia said. She unfroze Ron and slapped him across the face. She stormed towards the door and stopped. “Oh… and Weasley, fifty points from Gryffindor,” Adalia said as she walked out of the classroom.



The Gryffindors and Slytherins all glared at Ron. The Gryffindors glared at him, because they lost another fifty house points. The Slytherins glared at him, because one of their house mates had been badly embarrassed. Professor Hottleberg cleared his throat and said, “Um… class dismissed for today. We’ll pick up where we left off on Monday. Have a good weekend”.



Draco and Blaise ran out of the classroom and headed to where they thought Adalia would be: the Heads dormitories. Draco and Blaise reached the portrait, trying to catch their breath. Draco put his hand into the handprint and let it scan him. After the scanning was done, Draco said, “Slyclawfinpuff”. The portrait swung open and Draco and Blaise walked inside. Draco didn’t see Adalia anywhere so he came up to her bedroom door and knocked. Nobody answered, so he went to the bathroom and went into Adalia’s room through there. He came in and didn’t see her.




Blaise walked in after him and said, “Well, she’s definitely not in here. Where could she be? Hey, hold on a second”. Blaise walked towards the balcony and went outside. He looked down at the grounds and saw her sitting by the lake. “Draco, she’s sitting by the lake. You know, next to that tree we were sitting under earlier today,” Blaise said quickly. Draco walked over to Blaise and looked down. There she was, sitting by the lake and throwing rocks into it.



Draco needed to get down there and fast. There was only one way to do that and that was exactly what he was going to do. He turned to Blaise and said, “Stay here mate, we won’t be long”. Blaise looked at him curiously and shrugged.



Draco whispered, “Accio Firebolt”. Draco turned to Blaise and winked, “See you later, mate”. He ran towards the rail of the balcony and jumped over it.



“Draco, what the fuck are you doing!?” Blaise yelled as he saw Draco jump over the rail. Blaise ran to the rail and looked over it. He saw Draco falling and then quickly zoom forward. Draco was on his Firebolt. “Bastard,” Blaise said as he let a smile creep on to his face.



Draco flew towards Adalia and landed next to the tree, which stood behind Adalia. Draco placed his broom against the tree trunk and walked towards Adalia. Adalia wasn’t crying she had no reason to. She was mad, enraged actually, but she wouldn’t cry. Draco stopped behind her and quietly said, “Hey”.



Adalia looked back and Draco saw the rage in her eyes. Adalia turned back to the lake and sighed, “Can’t I be alone for at least one second? It’s like I’m not allowed to go anywhere by myself anymore”. She picked up a rock and threw it into the lake. The rock hit a fish tail and about 2 seconds later, an angry mermaid popped out of the water and started screeching at Adalia. Adalia scowled at the mermaid, and the mermaid vanished under the water once again.



Draco sat down by Adalia and said, “Well, no, you can’t go anywhere by yourself anymore. I know you can take care of yourself, I mean I saw how you handled Potter and Weasley, but it’s my job to make sure that everything is alright with you. It’s my job to make you happy when you are sad… you know, turn that frown upside down sort of thing. You want to know the real reason behind my tardiness today?”



Adalia turned to Draco and smiled. Draco melted at the sight and couldn’t help but smile back. “I was going to ask you about that. You are horrible at lying, you know that?” Adalia said with a small smile.



Draco chuckled and said, “Yeah, well… I had to make something up. Anyway, father paid a visit. He wanted to know how you were doing. Something about you not keeping in contact with your father and that your parents are really worried. I think you should contact them, in any way possible. A letter might be intercepted… so you should think of another way to contact them”.



Adalia smiled and said, “Draco, you worry too much, but I like that. It’s nice to know that you care so much about me. Looks like the ‘Slytherin Sex God’ is finally giving up his title for true love, and it’s a pity I don’t feel the same way”.



Draco frowned slightly and turned away from Adalia. She doesn’t feel the same way… she admitted it to his face. Draco was way beyond repair now. How is he going to get over her? He can’t get over her… he… he loves her. He loves her more than all the love in the world. His face was heating up, and he didn’t know whether it was from anger or from embarrassment.



Adalia chuckled lightly as she turned his face back to hers. Adalia looked at Draco’s face and smiled. She pulled his face towards hers and kissed him lightly on the lips. She pulled back and said, “It’s ok Draco, I was only kidding”.



Draco jumped from his spot on the ground and said, “YOU! You really got me going there for a second. I’m going to get you for that”. Adalia didn’t have enough time to get up and run as Draco pounced on her and began tickling her like crazy. Adalia was laughing so hard and Draco was enjoying the sound. He loved her laugh; it made him even crazier for her.



While Draco was lost in his thoughts, Adalia used this to her advantage and flipped him over so that she was straddling him. Adalia kissed him once more and smiled. “You really do know how to turn that frown upside down. Ever considered being a clown?” Adalia asked with a small smirk. Draco laughed heartily and kissed her. It felt so good to have her in his arms.



Draco got up and pulled Adalia up with him. “Can we keep this a secret? Like a secret affair… Please?” Draco asked with puppy dog eyes. Adalia laughed and nodded enthusiastically. Draco went to get his broom and got on it. He slid back so that Adalia can sit in front of him. Draco grasped the broom and pushed off of the ground. He flew back to Adalia’s balcony and gracefully got off the broom. He held his hand for Adalia and she accepted it with a smile. He pulled her off and she screamed while he laughed. She playfully glared at him, and he kept laughing.



“Well someone’s in a better mood,” Blaise said as he walked onto the balcony. Adalia looked up at Blaise and smiled while Draco stopped laughing and a smirk crept onto his face.



“Yes well, she couldn’t resist my devilish charm for too long,” Draco said with a wide smirk on his face. Adalia laughed while Blaise snorted. “Yeah right… more like Draco should consider being a clown,” Adalia said while laughing. Blaise smiled at that comment while Draco pouted at Adalia. Blaise laughed and Draco turned to him and said, “Hey! Whose side are you on? You were my friend first”.



Adalia and Blaise only laughed harder which earned them an honest glare from Draco. “Alright already, seriously guys, stop. We have a half of a free period left and then Arithmancy. After that is dinner and then we get to spend some time together. Cool… looks like our day is all set,” Draco said with a smile.



Adalia looked at Draco and then an idea struck her. “Blaise you really can live with us if you want. I think I found a way for Ginny to stay here too,” Adalia said as a smirk crept onto her face.



“You can really do that? How are you going to get her to stay here without Potter and Weasley finding out?” Blaise asked as curiosity filled his facial features. Draco was confused as to how Adalia was going to do all of this.



“Potter has something called the Marauder’s Map. It allows you to see where every person is in any part of the castle. Only, I think the Room of Requirement doesn’t show up on the map. Anyway, what we have to do, is get that map from Potter. Not only will he not know where Ginny is, but we will know where everyone is at any time,” Adalia finished dramatically.



Blaise and Draco looked at Adalia and then at each other. They looked at Adalia again and yelled out in unison, “ADALIA, YOU’RE A GENIUS!!!” They smiled at her and then grabbed her so that she was in the middle of them.



Draco smiled at her, showing off all his pearly whites, and said, “Let’s go to class now, shall we?” Adalia smiled back and walked to the Arithmancy classroom in between the two happy boys.



Draco, Blaise, and Adalia breezed through Arithmancy. It was quite easy actually. It was just a bunch of math, it wasn’t hard at all. They got homework, which they finished in class of course. Adalia spoke to Ginny about her plan through her thoughts. Ginny thought it was a brilliant idea and thanked Adalia for her genius over and over again until Adalia told her to stop because she felt a headache coming.



Draco, Blaise, and Adalia walked to the Great Hall and stopped when they saw Harry, Ron, and Ginny going to the Great Hall as well. They all locked eyes with each other: Harry with Adalia, Draco with Ron, and Blaise with Ginny. Harry and Ron looked away first, but Ginny won her battle. She smiled at the thought that Blaise just wanted to let her win.



Draco and Blaise walked towards the doors of the Great Hall at the same time as Harry and Ron did. Ginny and Adalia looked at each other and realized that a fight was about to break out. Adalia raised an eyebrow and thought, don’t worry Gin, let it happen.



Ginny smirked to herself and thought back, oh I’m not worried, and I want to see this fight as much as you do. I’m confident that Draco and Blaise will win this one.



Adalia smirked and thought, I couldn’t agree with you more.



Draco, Blaise, Harry, and Ron were all fighting for the door. Each of them tried to get through first, but they wouldn’t let each other. A crowd of annoyed students began to form and were yelling at the four boys to let them through. The boys didn’t hear anything and kept on pushing and shoving each other. Adalia found it really funny so she decided to help them out a bit. With a wave of her hand, the doors swung open and the four boys stumbled into the Great Hall.



Adalia, Ginny, and the annoyed crowd, which wasn’t very annoyed anymore, laughed at the boys who were now lying in a jumbled up pile of bodies. They quickly untangled themselves and glared at each other.



“You better watch where you’re going Potter,” Draco sneered as he glared at Harry. Harry laughed bitterly and said, “Watch it Malfoy, I have a new spell up my sleeve. You wouldn’t want to get hurt”. By now, the whole hall was watching, and many were enjoying this little show. It was like dinner and a movie. (A/N: lol, sorry… I just found that really funny and had to put this in here, and now back to the show).



Draco and Harry lunged at each other and started pounding each others face. Ron went in to help Harry so Blaise went in to help Draco. Some students got up form their sets to have a better look. I mean, what better way to fight then the muggle way? The hall was full of students chanting, “Fight, fight, fight…”



Ginny was already sitting at the Gryffindor table when Adalia strolled into the Great Hall. Adalia looked around the hall and spotted Ginny sitting at her house table. She quickly thought, get up and run to them, you know… pretend you care or something.



Ginny sighed angrily and put on her acting face. She swung her legs over the bench she was sitting on and ran to the four boys. Ginny, her face full of worry, started yelling, “STOP! STOP IT GUYS! YOU’RE GOING TO GET INTO TROUBLE!!!” Nobody was listening to her so she decided to try and pull the boys off of each other… wrong decision. As soon as Ginny started peeling Ron off of Blaise, she was kicked back. Ginny groaned in pain because of Ron’s stupidity. He just had to stick his foot into her stomach. Ginny fell on her knees and began to couch as she clutched her stomach.



Adalia saw what happened and got angry. She pointed her wand to her throat and muttered, “Sonorus”. Adalia stormed up to the boys and yelled out with her magnified voice, “ENOUGH!!!” The boys instantly stopped fighting and all was quiet.



Everyone stared at Adalia as she seemed to be the attention grabber in the school. She looked angry and everyone was able to see it. Adalia examined the boys and allowed a smirk to creep onto her face. Draco sported a black eye and Blaise had a bruise lining his jaw. Ron and Harry were much worse. Ron’s nose was broken again and he had one black eye. Harry had two black eyes, a busted lip, and there was a line of blood dripping from a gash on the side of his head. He is definitely going to have a scar over there.



Adalia was keen on embarrassing Harry and Ron, so she didn’t take of the voice magnifying charm. All eyes were on her as she said, “Potter and Weasley… you really are a bunch of immature idiots. How do you go about the school attacking the Head Boy? Two against one is hardly fair, so Mr. Zabini had no choice but to help his friend. It’s only the first day of classes and you already managed to lose 150 house points. You know that sums up to a negative number? And not to mention, you just lost another hundred house points. Wow… I think that’s a new record on the amount of house points lost in one day. Congrats, you beat the Weasley twins. Before you say it’s unfair, I absolutely agree with you on that. To make it fair, Slytherin loses twenty points, but you Potter, for starting the fight, also have the honor of getting a detention. You will be serving your detention with Professor Snape. What else do I have to say? Oh yes, Weasley, next time, try not to kick your sister when she’s trying to help you out”.



Everyone turned to Ginny, who was still on her knees clutching her stomach. She wasn’t coughing anymore but she was still in pain. Ron ran up to Ginny and apologized to her over and over again. She told him it was ok, but on the inside, she was ready to murder him. Adalia smirked and pointed her wand to her throat once again as she muttered, “Quietus”.



Harry turned back to Adalia and like always, decided not to think before he spoke. He glared at her and muttered under his breath, “Bitch”. Adalia turned around and said, “I’ve lost my appetite thanks to you pathetic Gryffindors, and Potter, make that another ten points from Gryffindor”. Harry glared at her and asked, “For what?!”



Adalia turned to face him and said, “For insulting the Head Girl”. Adalia quickly spun back around and walked out of the Great Hall with an evil smirk on her face.

A/N: I'm so sorry I couldn't update sooner!!! I  was really sick and I couldn't even stand looking at my computer...whoever knows that's not true, don't say anything, lol. Ok.. I really was sick and I wasn't in the writing mood. But I got this up and boy am I happy I did. I'm sure you didn't expect Lucius to be the one Harry bumped into, but hey... I warned you people not to assume, lol. Harry and Ron are total morons, Dumbledore isn't stopping anything, and Adalia seems to be taking over the school. WHY????  Because you have to read more to find out... oh I know I'm evil. But I can't just give it away, it would be boring that way. You all know that I love you so don't make me sad by saying I don't. Love all of you from the bottom of my heart. This will probably be up by Thanksgiving, so I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!! Consider this my Thanksgiving present to you all, LOL. I know... I'm so cheap.
                                                            Love, MalfoyHugger

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