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A/N: Katie and any other characters that aren't familiar are mine and same with the plot.

Katie strained herself to stop crying. Ron handed his cousin a tissue, Katie took the tissue and wiper her eyes. “Thanks Ron.” Katie told Ron. Ron took her hand and squeezed it. She couldn’t help but to think that all of them may never see Ginger again. 

“Katie everything is going to be fine.” Hermione said. 

“How do you know, we don’t know anything.” Katie said furiously. 

“Katie it said in the letter she left for that meeting.” Ron said. 

“No she didn’t, she came with me, and we followed Draco and Voldemort attacked us. Ginger is still out there in the Forbidden Forest.” Katie explained to them 

“What?” They all said shocked. Katie nodded. 

“Well we should call a search team.” Ron suggested, everyone agreed to his idea. 

As everyone was talking, Katie quietly left from the tower. She walked through corridors, down the grand staircase, everywhere she and Ginger have been. 

Katie then followed a long dark corridor. On the wall she pulled the lever down, and an invisible door opened. She went through it. 

“Welcome, tell us how the Hogwarts crests goes, the you put your wand in a hole, under you house and then say your name.” The portrait explained. Katie told him. 

She put the wand under Gryffindor. “I’m Katie Weasley, Gryffindor.” Katie said. 

“Welcome.” And another door opened. 

“Your Godric Gryffindor.” Katie noticed. 

“That I am.” He said. 

The room she entered was a common room. “What is this place?” Katie asked. 

“Anything, you can think here, or do anything.” Godric Explained. 

“I have a question, can you bring my best friend back?” Katie asked. 

“Sorry I can’t.” He said the disappeared within his portrait.

“Well I guess I’ll just think then.” Katie said out loud. 

She thought about Ginger, and the’r last words to one another. Katie began to cry again. Some one else she cared for so much, was gone. “Ginger why did you leave me?” Katie asked. After she said this time stopped. Then an apparition appeared. “Ginger.” She said to the figure. She nodded. 

“Yes Katie, I’m not really gone. I will always be with you, like I am with my sister.” Ginger said then disappeared into thin air. “Wait.” Katie said but it was too late. Katie left the hidden common room and went back to the painful world of reality. 

Katie, where have you been?” Ginny asked her cousin. 

“I- never mind.” Katie said also with the wave of her hand, and went up to the girl’s dormitory. Katie walked to her bed, and a few moments later she fell asleep. 

Katie awoke in the morning; beside Katie’s head was the photo album that Ginger gave her. She had the pictures of her a Draco cuddling; the one of Ginger and also from her party, every picture was taken by Ginger. Katie looked through the pictures over and over again, every time at the picture that Ginger took of herself. She also couldn’t believe it was only yesterday, when she last saw Ginger. Katie put away the photo album. She then went to the common room, no one was there. She went to the Great Hall and also there was no one there. She took a bagel off the plate, and took a bite. Where is everyone, Katie thought to herself. “Miss Weasley.” Professor Dumbledore. 

“Professor.” Katie said turning around. 

“Why aren’t you with your friends and house?” Dumblefore asked. 

“May I ask where are they?” Katie asked. 

“They are all on the grounds.” Dumbledore said. 

“Sorry professor, but I’m going to go to them.” Katie said making a gesture to the door. Dumbledore nodded. Katie went through the doors. The whole Gryffindor house was scattered throughout the grounds. She looked around and saw Hermione. 

“Hey Hermione.” Katie called. 

“Oh, Hey Katie.” Hermione said. 

“What is everyone doing?” Katie asked. 

“We are getting ready to form a search party.” Hermione said. 

“Why?” Katie asked. 

“To find Ginger.” Hermione said. 

“Couldn’t we hire professionals or something.” Katie said pausing. 

“We are the pros are flying in this afternoon.” Hermione said. 

“Ok, but did you see Draco at the table this morning?” Katie asked. 

“No, I didn’t see him.” Hermione told her. Katie nodded and walked off. 

“Where the hell is he?” Katie asked herself out loud. Hermione shook her head. 

“All I know is he should be here with you.” Hermione told her. “I know Hermione I know.” Katie said looking around to see if she could spot Draco. 

“Hey, to stop us from talking about Draco, how’s your mum, hear anything?” Hermione asked. 

“Not yet, but I should be getting a letter back soon.” Katie told her. 

“Hey Katie.” A friendly familiar voice ca;;ed to her. Katie turned and it was Herry calling her. “Oh hi Harry.” Katie called back. 

“How are you doing?” He asked. 

“Could have been better.” Katie said, Harry hugged her. “Thanks Harry.” 

“I hope you feel better. So have they…started searching yet?” Harry asked Katie. 

“I don’t know, you’d have to ask Ron. He’s like the pro of this right now.” Katie told Harry with a little giggle. “I think I’m going back to bed.” 

“Late.” Her friends called. 

That night Katie dreamt about their attack from Voldemort. But in her dream, Katie didn’t run from Voldemort. She ran but hid, because she was going to attack him from behind. But she didn’t she froze. “You’re not going to kill me, Voldemort.” Ginger said bravely. “Oh really, and why not.” He asked. “Because I’m going to run.” She said. She ran up to him, kicked him in the shin again, and ran. Voldemort ran after her. “Voldemort stop!” Katie yelled. But he didn’t stop. “Can you hear me Ginger?” Katie asked again. Ginger didn’t answer her. Katie ran after them. “Why can’t you hear me?” She asked them. Voldemort cornered Ginger, Ginger turned to face him. “AVADA KEDAVRA.” He shouted. “AHHH…” Ginger yelled, she then fell to the ground. Voldemort disappeared. Katie ran to Ginger’s body. Katie lifted her friend’s head. She was limp and cold. “Ginger?” Katie whispered and started to cry. “NO!” 

Katie jolted up, tears flowing from her eyes. She looked to Ginger’s bed, she wasn’t there. Katie laid back down, and cried herself to sleep.

Late morning Katie awoke, she got dressed and ran to the search party that Ron created. 

“Morning Katie.” Hermione said to Katie. Katie didn’t say anything, she waved to her friends, and kept on walking. 

“Katie where are you going?” Ron asked her. 

“I’m going to find Ginger.” Katie said. 

Katie walked to the exact spot in her dream. The search party following her, Katie stopped quickly, everyone piled into one another. “What?” Ron asked.

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