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The following year Hermione and Ron got engaged and had four very beautiful children with slightly darker hair then Ron (they didn’t have all the children at the same time, obviously). Hermione became April’s deputy Minister of Magic while Ron went to work in the department for Magical Law Enforcement. Their children are currently aged between 17 and 10, their youngest son, Dylan, is going to start Hogwarts next year. Their oldest daughter, Piper, is currently dating the Potter’s oldest son, James (head boy and Quidditch Captain) and is Colette Potter’s best friend. Harry and Jenny waited until three years after Voldemort’s death to get married. They had a fairly rocky relationship at first as Jenny had trouble coming to terms with the loss of her friends and the fact her boyfriend was a murderer. After nearly a year apart they came to the realisation they needed each other more then either one of them could conceive. Two years later they got married and had children a year later. They have two sons and a daughter. Harry is the new Head Auror at the Ministry of Magic. He works very closely with his greatest friends and is too famous for his own good. Jenny went to Hogwarts for her seventh year under McGonagall. She achieved 5 OWLs and became a famous musician in both the Muggle and Magical world. She is stinking rich and cares very deeply for her family. Nick Potter the best friend of Holly and Kevin Weasley, these three are on the Gryffindor Quidditch.
The Potter Family:- - Harry Potter (40) - Jenny Potter (38) - James Potter (18) - Colette Potter (17) - Nick Potter (14) The Weasley Family:- - Ronald Weasley (40) - Hermione Weasley (40) - Piper Weasley (17) - Holly Weasley (14) - Kevin Weasley (14) - Dylan Weasley (10)
The Order of the Phoenix broke up as there was no need for it any more as the threat of Voldemort has now been eliminated and his followers are too lost and confused to pose any serious threat. They will band together again when the new dark lord arises though many hope it will be a long time before that happens. April Marsden is still the Minster of Magic and has taken on the responsibility of being everyone’s parents and loves being a grandmother though she still mourns a lot for her lost friends and wishes Lily Potter was still at her side to see the union of their children. She sometimes summons her friends but after an attempt and bringing Wormtail back she has decided to stop calling the dead. To save April the pain of having to live life on her own Remus is living with April and is helping her to get over Sirius’ death, which, of course, she never will be able to do. Remus is now working in the Department of Magical creatures and is promoting the integration of Werewolves into society. It is not so successful yet but it is slowly convincing people to trust them. A new department was founded by Hermione, who is also the head of it as well as deputy Minister of Magic. It is called the Department of Elfish Welfare, she does want House elves to be free but she settles on promoting good treatment of House elves and in return she has inside knowledge on almost every family that has a house elf though no one but her closest friends know that. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are friends but barely. They only keep their friendship alive because of their respect for Emma. They are both working for the ministry though Draco still practises the dark arts occasionally. He is married to Pansy Parkinson, who has grown into her looks and is actually quite pretty. They have a son and a daughter. I would like to thank Harry Potter and his friends for providing this information and giving such detailed accounts so that these tales could be told, to raise awareness of wizard kind and to help prevent the events that led to this happening again. Without their generous contributions and the use of the recovered Pensieve of the deceased Lily and James Potter, Albus Dumbledore these accounts could not have been completed. So again the greatest thanks. Demongurl

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