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Chapter One
Last Chances


She walked down the street with her hood of her black robes up looking carefully around the dingy street. She saw derelicts rummaging through the trash and the buildings all looked abandoned, with broken or boarded up windows. But she knew behind some of those boarded up windows people were there, living in the shadows.

She couldn’t figure out why anyone would be here. It was really bothersome to place the people she was looking for to be willing to hide in a place like this. The only thing that kept her walking through the dark and shadowy streets of this place was that she’d never been led wrong before. She trusted them well enough to know they weren’t lying to her.

She saw the building she was looking for. She’d felt nervous for the past hour or so. She kept feeling eyes following her movements through the dark but she couldn’t see anyone. When she got to the building she opened the door quietly. They would be waiting for her. She knew it. She just had to wait for the right moment.

She barged into the room boldly and tossed back her hood as she did. She flashed her award winning smile at the group standing before her as they looked shocked that she came. Their looks made her laugh.

“What’s wrong?” Rena asked brightly. “I bet you didn’t expect to see me come through those doors. Is that it?”

“You!” Said a death eater who’d just removed his mask.

“You’re Rabastian Lestrange aren’t you?” Rena asked. “I’ve spent a lot of time looking for you. Do you know how hard it was to track you down to this dusty old building?”

“Then you are in for a treat.” Rabastian told her. “All your hard work will be rewarded. Linden, please kill this pathetic girl for me.”

Avada Kedavra!” Linden yelled and his spell hit the place where Rena had stood seconds before.

“Harry used to tell me to just be fast when fighting you guys.” Rena said from behind the large group while still smiling. “Do you think that was fast enough?”

“Get her!” Rabastian yelled angrily.

Rena remembered all her training well. Before the first spell had gotten close to her she transfigured a metal shield in front of her and apparated to the back of the crowd again. I could really use your help guys! She thought, hoping Jen would hear it.

Just then she noticed a spell in her one unguarded second. She moved to dodge but the spell hit something a few feet away from her and a blue flare, like a shield, shot in four directions, making the ghostly impression of a person. Rena just stared at this in shock before she transfigured another metal shield. Then she heard it.

Be careful! They can’t help you now.

Her eyes widened at the voice that echoed through her head. “It can’t be.” She whispered to herself. She had no time to think on the fact because she knew that if Kei and Jen weren’t there the voice was right. Rena used the blinding light spell and followed it up with the twins newest invention, the stunning suppressor. She quickly hid behind the metal shield as red streaks of light flew in every direction possible. When she looked back she breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

“At least I can tell them that works well.” Rena said. “Now where the hell are Kei and Jen?”


Kei and Jen were supposed to offer Rena assistance. They were told the building they were going to take wouldn’t have a strong force of wizards and in that they were told correctly. However, no one mentioned the werewolves that they were dealing with now.

Kei had already killed five and Jen was on her third, but they had a good ten more to deal with at the least. Kei was nervous and Jen picked up on this quickly. It did not set her at ease in the slightest.

“Didn’t you and Harry kill about thirty werewolves once?” Jen asked as she just managed to dodge an attack and plunge the knife into the werewolf’s heart.

“Two things were different from then and now.” Kei replied. “We didn’t take them all at once, and the full moon wasn’t about to show itself.”

“Aaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” They both heard.

“Oh shit.” Kei said. “It might be a good idea to run.”

“If we run how many muggles will they kill?” Jen asked as she got prepared to fight.

“It we stay they’ll kill us.” Kei told her.

“That’s the price we pay for what we do.” Jen said. “Harry wouldn’t stop now.”

Kei nodded slightly and his eyes set in a grim look as he made to reach for the second katana, Harry’s first katana. “Then lets do it.” He said. But then he looked toward his hand that couldn’t grasp a handle.

The force which had to have moved the sword was so light that Kei hadn’t even felt it, but he saw the katana fly through the air and plant itself in one werewolf’s chest. Just after that two of Jen’s knives did the same. The knives danced through the transforming werewolves hitting them in the heart with each pause in the dance. They flew and landed at Jen’s feet when they reached the sword and the sword killed three more of them. Then it flew slowly towards Kei and placed itself in the sheath it had been in before.

Kei looked over at Jen and became confused. She had a look on her face he’d never quite seen before. It made him nervous to see it now. He wondered if she was the one who did that.

“It wasn’t me.” Jen said. “But we have to go help Rena.”

Kei nodded and apparated as quickly as she did. They found Rena waiting impatiently while tapping her foot on the ground. “And just what were you doing while I had to test that damn stunning item of the twins? What if it had a defect? Where the hell were you two?”

“We were dealing with werewolves.” Kei said. “And something else.”

“Something strange but familiar?” Rena asked.

“Did you feel it too?” Jen asked her quickly.

“No, I heard it.” Rena told her.

“Did it feel like…” Jen started.

“Yeah.” Rena replied.

“What am I missing?” Kei asked. “I just see ahead so you two have better senses of the here and now. What’s going on?”

“Whatever it was that helped us,” Jen began. “and did whatever it did for Rena, it felt like…”

“Like what?” Kei asked impatiently.

“Harry.” Rena answered.


“How did it go?” Salazar asked him.

“Very tiring.” Harry answered as he fell in front of him. “Why do I feel like I’m about to drop into a coma after I do that?”

“Because you are doing something you are not supposed to.” Salazar told him. “You are not a poltergeist, or even a ghost, yet you are focusing your entire spirit on using yourself in a physical sense. That is no easy feat. Indeed, it is so rare that few have ever achieved such a skill.”

“How hard is it for you?” Harry asked.

“Nearly as difficult.” Salazar told him. “I only have the benefit of experience to concentrate my energy on specific tasks instead of having to treat the entire action physically.”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“When you tried to act physically you tried to shift your entire body into existence, am I correct?” Salazar asked him.

“Yes.” Harry replied.

“I would use only a hand where a hand is good, only my magic when that is needed, and so forth.” Salazar said. “It is less draining by far. But to shift my entire body I would be as weak as you.”

“I see.” Harry said with a nod.

“But now that I see you protecting your loved ones once more, it is time we called a meeting with the others.” Salazar told him. “There is something you must now know.”

“What?” Harry asked.

“The time for that is later Harry.” Salazar replied. “Even us long passed spirits need sleep at times. The same is equally true of those only dead for months.”

“All right.” Harry said as the world around him shifted into his bedroom. “I’ll talk to you later Salazar.”


“So you’re saying a ghost helped you?” Kingsley asked them.

“Harry isn’t a ghost.” Jen said. “He accomplished his goal, even if he didn’t get everything he wanted. His… spirit, his essence, whatever it was that made Harry who he is. His soul helped us tonight.”

“You expect me to believe that?” Kingsley asked.

“Does it sound plausible that Jen and I managed to defeat more than ten werewolves who were nearly completely transformed?” Kei asked. “And that Rena somehow miraculously summoned a shield without even thinking about it?”

Kingsley look thoughtful. “What do you want me to do about it?” He asked. “Why not report this to Tonks?”

“Are you that stupid?” Rena asked. “She still tears up at his name alone. How do you think she’d act if we go telling her his spirit is acting out from beyond the grave?”

“We were hoping to speak to the Unspeakables to see if anything like this has happened before.” Jen said. “If they have maybe we can learn something about what is happening.”

“I’ll talk to the head of their office and tell them that you all have some questions.” Kingsley said. “They’ve been highly interested in you three since you reappeared. They want to ask you what happened and how you managed to do it.”

“We’ll tell them if they’ll help us.” Rena said with a nod to her friends. They nodded their agreement quickly.

“Very well.” Kingsley said. “I’ll send word when I know something.”

“Thank you Kingsley.” Kei said. “I’m going to get some sleep guys. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Kei apparated back to the manor and stood there quietly as his mind thought through what he’d just been told. Harry had helped them. Regardless of the fact that they all knew he had been dead for months he’d come when they needed him the most. Kei sighed and went to his room.

The last months had been some of the hardest of his life. He managed to explain to Ryo and Takeshi why he had to go to the founders and left them in Remus’ care. By the time he’d returned he understood why Harry was so confused during his sixth year. The thought that you’d lived a year and only remembered a few months was nearly maddening.

He laid on his bed lost in the thoughts of the last month. Ryo and Takeshi had already returned to school and were doing well from what he’d been told by Eileen. Everyone worried the most about Ginny, who still seemed like she’d go mad at times. No one truly knew what to do about it was the worst part of it all.

Ron and Hermione were both studying to follow their chosen paths. This meant that both of them were seldom seen doing anything but study save for Ron’s training. It seemed that they’d both strengthened their resolve to do what they could for the wizarding world. Kei always thought of how proud Harry would be of them if he could see them.

As that thought came to him he realized that it may not be that Harry couldn’t see them, but that he couldn’t tell them. He thought again about the nights events. As he let the memory of the dancing knives run through his head again he did have to admit that they moved much like when Harry used knives.

As he became frustrated at the thought again he stopped thinking and finally drifted off to sleep.


“What the bloody hell?!” Harry exclaimed as he sprang straight up in the bed, drenched in water.

“Welcome to fantasy island.” Sirius said with a barking laugh.

“Did you have a good sleep?” James asked with a grin.

“Why am I soaking wet?” Harry asked them with a knowing smile.

Sirius showed him a huge bucket. “We thought you might like a nice shower.” He replied.

Harry laughed as he pointed his wand between them and the two became drenched as water poured down on them. He laughed harder when the buckets landed on their heads. “Well, now that we’re all clean.” He replied.

Sirius and James laughed with him after removing the buckets. “You’re a chip off the old block Harry.” James said with a laugh.

“Not much of a compliment there.” Sirius said with a grin. “He never was the best one of us.”

“And who would you say was better?” James asked curiously.

“I think Remus beat us James.” Sirius told him seriously. “He’s still alive after all.”

“Good point, that.” James said with a nod. “Okay, Moony won.”

Harry stood up and laughed. “Are you two going to compete for eternity?” He asked them.

“Most likely.” Sirius said with a nod. “We always were rather competitive.”

Harry nodded. “Right.” He said. “So what do we do today?”

“Does that mean you’re ready for an adventure?” James asked as his eyes brightened. “You’re done with your studying?”

Harry grinned. “Of course.” He said as they walked into the dinning room for breakfast. “What else would I do now that I’ve finally learned how to interact with the physical world? I can protect my friends again. What else is there to learn?”

“Have you really learned it Harry?” Salazar asked him. “Or are you just able to do it because you are strong?”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked. “You and Godric taught me. You know that. What are you playing at now?”

Salazar shook his head. “No Harry, we merely showed you what you could do.” He said. “You already know we can’t teach your family how to do it. How is it that only you learned?”

“Maybe I’m the only one who has the right willpower for it.” Harry replied. “Sirius and Dad would just run around playing tricks on people and Mum has stated that she had no reason to act in the physical world now.”

Salazar smiled. “Exactly.” He replied. “You have the right will to succeed. You’ve always had that will. Which is why I can now tell you of an adventure for you to take.”

“Adventure?” Harry asked curiously. “What adventure is that?”

Salazar smiled knowingly. “The adventure to get what you’ve lost.” He told Harry.

“What is that?” Harry asked.

“The ability to protect.” Salazar told him. “To help the world once more.”

Harry looked at Sirius, then at James. “What do you think?”

Sirius grinned. “When do we begin?” He asked.

“I wonder if Lily will come along this time.” James said thoughtfully.

“Lily will most certainly be coming.” Lily replied. “I do wish you’d pay attention to whether I’m in a room or not.”

James smiled. “I knew you were there.” He replied. “I just didn’t want to invite you along. I figured it would be better if you invited yourself along.”

Lily rolled her eyes. “You are still a very immature man James.” She told him. “You should be grateful I took hold of you.”

“I am Lily.” James said with a smile. Then he turned to Harry. “We’re in.”

Harry laughed and turned to Salazar. “I guess we’re ready then Salazar. What do we do?” He asked.

“Come with me to see the others.” Salazar said as his smile grew.


Rena laughed as she’d passed by a group of men stared at her as they walked by. Ever since that magazine gave her an award for most charming smile and best looking bachelorette in the Ministry she’d get that response from men. She thought it was a load of crap but that was okay. Considering there were very few who actually admitted to working for the Ministry since Voldemort had died and his death eaters had broken into many different groups it was a very short list of names.

She knew she’d changed a lot since she’d returned from learning from the founders. Rowena and Helga were the cause of most of it. They told her that her vanity could be looked at as a useless ideal that would end up getting her killed or a valuable weapon for disarming her enemies. She just chose the latter. It seemed to work as well since most seemed to think she was incapable because she took time to take care of how she looked. She always made sure to make them pay for that mistake.

However, she would always freely admit that she felt proud of those two awards regardless of the fact that she wasn’t completely absorbed by them. At least, she’d admit it to herself. She’d never told anyone exactly how happy she was when she won those awards. The only other person who knew that was Jen, and that was only because she’d been right next to Rena when she was told.

Pushing those thoughts away, she walked through the doors of the Ministry and made her way to the aurors office. She looked around as she walked through the main hall, making sure there were no signs that anyone had tampered with anything. This was a habit for her and, while she didn’t truly know whether anything had been tampered with, she always felt safer after doing this.

She made her way quickly to the aurors office after that. Tonks had sent them a message to get there as quickly as possible. She was running behind as she hadn’t woken up till the call came. She sighed at the thought that Jen had left her to finish the paperwork by herself after Kei left. She walked into Tonks’ office to see Kei and Jen sitting with Tonks already.

“What was the emergency?” Rena asked.

“Your report doesn’t make sense.” Tonks replied.

 “What do you mean?” Rena asked.

“How did you know Kei and Jen weren’t coming?” Tonks asked.

“I just assumed since they hadn’t shown up that they weren’t coming.” Rena replied.

“And why didn’t you two make it there in time?” Tonks asked them.

“Werewolves.” Kei replied. “Just like it says in the report.”

“It was a full moon last night.” Tonks said sternly. “Why didn’t you just escape?”

“We didn’t exactly know they were werewolves until we were fighting them.” Jen answered.

“How did you manage to handle that situation after they turned?” Tonks asked.

“We got them while they were in the middle of turning.” Kei said.

“You three realize that there are tremendous gaps in your story that make no sense at all, don’t you?” Tonks told them.

“Yes Ma’am.” They replied in unison.

“Then why don’t you tell me what really happened?” Tonks asked.

Rena’s head fell at that. “Because we really don’t know Tonks.” She answered. “As soon as we do we’ll let you know.”

“What do you mean?” Tonks asked.

“Something helped us” Kei said. “We just don’t know who or what it was.”

Tonks nodded. “Something, huh?” She said. “It sounds like you three have a good idea what helped but you’re not talking.”

“We don’t know, we just have a feeling.” Rena said. “When we know something definite we’ll tell you. I promise Tonks.”

“You’d better.” Tonks said. “Kingsley said to meet him at the Department of Mysteries in an hour. Any idea what that’s about?”

“Yeah.” Jen said. “They want to ask about the founders.”

“I see.” Tonks said, still not sounding completely convinced. “Well, you should get some breakfast since you won’t have much time if the Unspeakables are still as weird as they were last time I saw them.”

“Got it.” Rena said. “Any work we can pull off in an hour?”

Tonks laughed. “No, but I’ll find something for you three to do after your meeting.” She answered.

“Great!” Rena said with a smile before turning to her two friends. “Come on, lets go eat.”


“I heard you managed well Harry.” Godric said with a smile.

Harry nodded. “I managed to make it through about a half hour.” He said.

“Good.” Godric said. “How tired were you afterwards?”

“Exhausted.” Harry replied. “But it felt good to help them again.”

“Please sit down, all of you.” Rowena said with a motion to Harry, James, Sirius, and Lily. When they sat she smiled at them. “Harry, have you been keeping up with things in your time?”

“Yes, it’s a mess there.” Harry replied. “Death eaters spread out but didn’t stop. I wish I knew why.”

“They have never stopped doing that Harry.” Godric said. “The difference is that they now know they must take action on their own. You’ve only forced their hand in that way.”

“Its my fault?” Harry asked sadly.

“No, not your fault.” Salazar said. “Your actions merely influenced them to believe that they had to fight for what they wanted on their own.”

“What do I do?” Harry asked. “I can’t fight them like this. What can I do to fix all of this?”

“That is why we called you here.” Godric said. “We have something to tell you.”

“A most interesting thing Harry.” Salazar said. “We have known for quite some time of a way to help you to continue, but we wanted it to be your choice.”

“What is it?” Harry asked curiously.

“It will be one of the greatest adventures you’ve ever had.” Salazar said with a large smile. “One you will likely never forget.”

Harry looked at the three sitting around him. He saw his Dad and Sirius smile brightly at the thought of adventure, while his Mum had a determined and thoughtful look. He nodded to himself. “Then tell me what we have to do. We’re all ready for another adventure.” He said.


“Hello Kingsley.” Kei said as they walked up to him.

“Good morning Kingsley.” Jen said.

“Morning.” Rena said.

“Good morning to you all as well.” Kingsley said. “They have a lot they want to ask you.”

“Will they answer our questions?” Kei asked.

“They wanted to ask theirs first, but they will answer any questions after they ask theirs.” Kingsley said.

“That’s fine.” Jen said. “Where do we go?”

“Just follow me.” Kingsley said.

He turned and began leading them through the unfamiliar hallways of the Department of Mysteries. It was said that if you weren’t told how to walk through the halls by an Unspeakable you could travel for days without finding the right passage. Even more amazing, if you weren’t permitted you could never truly find the most important of items or the Unspeakables themselves. The department’s area seemed to have so many charms set up as countermeasures that you could get lost walking only a few feet.

This wasn’t the case today however. Kingsley knew exactly where to take them and within a matter of minutes they were standing in front of two very relaxed looking people. Rena took the time to take in their dazed looks before looking at Kingsley.

Those two are Unspeakables?” Rena asked in an astounded tone.

“Yes, we are.” The tall one said.

Rena looked them over again. The tall one had brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a remarkable tan compared to most of the people she’d met. He frame was a bit like Ron to her thinking, though this man obviously had a bit more weight than Ron did. She nodded and turned to the other one.

This one reminded her of the boy Kei had a few run ins with before Harry showed up at Hogwarts. She also knew that was the same one that Harry killed to save Snape. The same platinum blonde hair was evident though his hair was not slicked back but grown wildly, looking as if he’d just woken up. He also seemed to have a bit of muscle to him based on his build and the way he seemed to hold himself. She would have sworn it was Draco Malfoy a few years older if it had not been for the warm brown eyes that seemed to make his lazy expression seem rather cheerful. She shook her head for a moment and turned back to Kingsley.

“I believe introductions are in order Kingsley.” Rena said with a slight smile.

“We know who you are.” The taller one said.

“But we don’t know who you are.” Kei answered calmly. “Trust is fleeting with people who have faced as much as we have.”

“Or else we’re just jaded.” Rena added. “Either way, we would like to have names to call you by.”

“There’s no need to keep up that cool demeanor Jacob.” The blonde one said with a nod. “It is going to be very hard to talk if they refer to us as you and pointing to the one they refer to.”

Jacob nodded. “Of course.” He said. “I am Jacob, and this is my partner Alexander.”

“A pleasure.” Rena said with a slight nod.

“Nice to meet you.” Kei said.

“An honor.” Jen said.

“Good.” Alexander said. “Now that the introduction have been handled, come, let us sit and talk.”

As they walked Rena again scanned the area around her. The room wasn’t that large and was rather blank. Not so much as an unusual artifact around. The only thing in the whole room was a large mahogany table with ten chairs. They were offered seats by Jacob and Alexander and sat with Kingsley joining them as the other two men sat across from them.

“You know by now that we want to ask you our questions first.” Alexander said. “That is because our information may not be up to your standards and you may want to restrain some things from us after that fact. I hope you understand our lack of trust, but we do deal with some very questionable people.”

“We understand.” Kei said. “Ask us what you want and we’ll tell you what we can remember.”

“Can’t you remember everything?” Jacob asked curiously.

“Not at this moment.” Rena replied. “We have about three months of memories out of a years worth of study.”

“So you fold the time?” Alexander asked. “You compress the amount of time you’re gone in our time and triple the amount of time you are gone for.”

“The founders explain it differently.” Kei told them. “We could come back to our time and have a day pass, but the memory would be all but gone and there would be the chance that we wouldn’t remember what we needed to. So, instead of compressing time, they compress our memories.

“When we came back to this time all of the things we learned were pushed to the front, while our memories were pushed to the back. To keep the knowledge in our heads. We gain a little memory of the events every day for the next nine months and when we are through with it then we will know everything we did in that time.” Kei finished.

“What did you learn in your time away?” Jacob asked.

“Spells to help us fight, how to use muggle weapons, and how to mix magic and muggle fighting to help us as much as possible.” Jen answered. “A bit of addition to auror training basically.”

“How did you manage to go a thousand years backwards in time?” Alexander asked. “Is there a spell you know?”

“It was an artifact given to the Potter family and left to me.” Kei said. “It will allow a guardian to go back to the founders to learn what they need to know in times of great darkness.”

“Could you bring this item in?” Jacob asked.

“No.” All three said in unison.

“Don’t you believe that artifacts of the Founders of Hogwarts belong to Britain?” Jacob asked with an air of superiority.

“The items the founders left the guardians belong to guardians.” Rena said. “Harry said to make sure it went this way. If you try to go against Harry’s wishes you’ll deal with us.” She added in a menacing tone.

Alexander put his hand up in a calm and atoning manner. “Jacob, the Ministry does not hold claim to items in someone’s private collection. As Mr. Potter willed the items to Mr. Mori, the Ministry has no claim. We can only ask if they would allow us to see them, not force them to turn them over.”

Jacob looked angry but nodded. “Very well Alexander.” He said.

“Is there any way we could look at the item you speak of?” Alexander asked.

Rena looked at Kei with a curious look. Kei nodded and looked at Alexander. “I guess that depends on how pleased we are with your answers.” He said with a slight smile.

Alexander laughed. “I see.” He said. “So we are weighing each other by the information we receive from the other.”

“I guess so.” Kei said.

“Why are you three listed as having used the unforgivable curses more than any other auror and yet none of you have fallen to the dark arts yet?” Jacob asked curiously, though anger still flared through his eyes.

“The secrets of Salazar Slytherin are the cause of that.” Jen said.

“What are these secrets?” Alexander asked.

“I’m not sure if we should give this kind of information.” Kei said. “Salazar said it was kept out of modern history for a reason.”

“What if we tell you that the research of the Unspeakables is only given to others if it proves beneficial to society?” Alexander asked.

“That depends on if it’s the truth.” Rena said and gave Jen a curious look.

“He’s not lying Rena.” Jen said. “Every Unspeakable takes an unbreakable vow to only reveal information when it can benefit society. What Salazar taught us wouldn’t benefit society, but help it collapse.”

Rena nodded. “Only the first time you use the killing curse do you have to use hate and anger. After that any negative emotion can power the spell if its strong enough.” She said.

“What do you mean strong enough?” Alexander asked.

“It has to be a sadness so bad its painful.” Kei answered. “If you aren’t using anger or hate, the sadness or pain has to feel so bad as to nearly be able to affect you physically. If it can’t, it won’t work.”

“I see.” Alexander said to himself. “Now comes the intrusive questions. What are these skills people always say you three, and even Mr. Potter, seem to have?”

“I can find anything, anyone, and any place I need to just by letting my feet do the walking.” Rena said. “It will seem like I’m wandering but I end up finding whatever I’m looking for. Its good for death eater tracking as well.”

“I can see small things about the future while trying to plan something.” Kei said. “It’s not perfect, and I don’t always get all the information, but what I get does help.”

“I can read just about anyone’s mind, and sense certain emotions.” Jen said to Alexander before moving her eyes to Jacob. “Which means you should keep a tight reign on those murderous feelings and angry thoughts around me Jacob. If I feel that any of us are in danger I will take you down quick. Got it?”

Jacob paled visibly at the remark. “I- I- I- I understa- stand.” He said quickly and averted his gaze to the table.

Alexander laughed. “You’ll have to forgive him.” He said. “He’s got a bad temper but he’s not a bad guy really. Just a bit stuck in thoughts that the Ministry controls everything.”

“We’re used to it.” Jen replied. “Do you have any other questions?”

“What could Mr. Potter do?” Alexander asked.

“He could feel things.” Kei said. “He could sense when something was wrong, and feel when people were happy. He could tell when spells were coming and could dodge them most of the time. I honestly only know of two times when he couldn’t feel a spell, and the last one killed him.”

Alexander winced. “I apologize. I didn’t mean to bring that up.” He said. “You understand that we are just trying to research the mystery concerning you. We are the only ones truly interested in the guardian legend, but everyone in the department is interested in you three and Mr. Potter as well.”

“We don’t know much ourselves.” Rena said. “We only know our families fled after the guardians of the founders time died. The Potters carried on the legacy from that time forward. We found out about the legend separately, then found out about Harry. We traced our roots and found that we all traced back to England at that time and came to help Harry beat Voldemort.”

Alexander sighed. “You don’t know any more than that?” He asked.

“None of us knew about the guardians till we started searching them out.” Jen said. “I had to tell Rena who her descendant was. Kei had a slight grasp on it, but even he didn’t know about the guardians and founders. I found out about it when I did a report on famous wizards and just kept searching after the guardian legend to find out if it was true or not. None of us have any real family knowledge passed down about it.”

“I see.” Alexander said. “Would you all be willing to come down here every few months to share your memories with us? To help us understand the times of the founders better?”

“If Kingsley gives us a day or two off to talk to you we will.” Rena said.

“Its done.” Kingsley said quickly.

“There’s your answer.” Rena replied.

Alexander nodded. “Good.” He said. “For now we have no more questions. You may ask yours now. I promise you that we will tell you all we can and we’ll look into anything you truly need to know.”

“Has a spirit ever been capable of acting out in the physical world?” Rena asked.

“You’ve all seen ghosts and poltergeists.” Jacob said. “They run the halls of Hogwarts.”

“But what if there was no ghost or poltergeist?” Rena asked. “Just a spirit.”

Alexander looked thoughtful. “There have been reports that people have been protected by outside means before and the feeling of loved ones comes to them.” He said.

“Could such a thing interact with physical objects and block spells?” Jen asked.

Alexander nodded in understanding. “If we are to talk about this subject we must tell you that most of it is theory. We’ve met no such spirit to see if it works.” He said.

“Then tell us what you know of.” Rena said quickly.

“Well, there are ghosts who have said that spirits that contain a strong will to affect the living can master the power to do so.” Alexander said. “It is said that it can drain a spirit almost completely.”

“Harry always did have a strong will.” Kei said. “If it is possible he could do it if no one else could.”

“Definitely.” Jen said.

“Is there anything else you can tell us about spirits like this?” Rena asked.

“Well, it is assumed by ghosts and poltergeists alike that most of them will eventually seek the same item.” Alexander said.

“What is that?” Rena asked.

“The one item in the afterlife realm that can bring them back to life.” Alexander said. “The Heart of Eternity.”

A/N: Okay, sorry it took so long. This was the hardest chapter for me to write. I deleted the first version because it was just wrong. Now, let me also say that this story will be a bit slower than the others for two reasons. 1. I'm very busy at the moment and don't have as much free time for writing. 2. I'm writing an original story of my own and working with someone else to write another story. So, as always, I'm stretched very thin and trying to balance it all. I'll try to post at least one chapter every other day. Please review as I do so enjoy them in my short pauses between doing something. Any advice is always welcome. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and are ready to see what happens next.

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