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Hermione and Ginny sat down at the Gryffindor table and watched as the first years walked in many dripping water

“I swear we weren’t that bloody small, I mean yes we’ve grown but still there midgets!” cried Ron looking at the first years

“Ron! You can’t say things like that” Ron blushed

“But they are look at them there tinny!” Hermione sighed as all eyes turned to the hat shacking her head her to watch as it began to sing.

“A dream born of fear, a nigh mare born of blood,

Hells angels some call them, but angels they are not,

They hail death as there master but bow to no other kind

Be careful least these blood suckers find

A way to break these walls, for without the unity that we strive for

I fear that they will create, a plague of our own make,

A bed time story gone horribly wrong,

 A sorry story that makes a sad song

Go forth in unity least they break us apart.

Let there lies not falter you lest you lose your heart.

And now I’ll sort you young ones even though I fear it wrong,

While death and betrayal will play there part

Until you can no longer start

So seek within these houses four a place to call home

But let not petty name calling tear us all apart.

Blood will be spilt and innocent lives shed

Until the sun lay in silver strings

Death angels will be slay”

Hermione frowned at the hat’s strange song Ginny looked at her nervously.

“That’s weird; you meet Gabe n then that message from the hat?” Hermione looked around and spotted Ron giving her strange looks. Shooting Ginny a warning glance she turned to watch the first years getting sorted. A frown growing on her face as she thought about what the hat had said. Dumbledore stood up and gave his start of term speech and for the first time in her life Hermione didn’t pay attention to her teacher. Moving to the common room the trio and Ginny sand onto the couches

“So what do you think will happen this year?” asked Ron looking very please with himself Ginny looked lost in thought as she stared at the flames dancing in the fire place.

“Who knows?” asked Harry, the continued to talk until one by one they dropped to sleep in front of the warm fire.

“Join me,” muttered Harry in his sleep. Hermione frowned and sat down on the couch next to him, “I can give you fresh blood,” shifting nervously she became aware of Ginny’s eyes on her both looked worried, “then you are fools” Harry muttered before screaming as if knives where cutting into his flesh to with the intent to rip him apart.

“Harry! Harry wake up!” she cried shaking his shoulders Harry’s eyes flew open as he looked at his friends

“What did you see, what did you dream?” Harry rubbed his scar

“There where death eaters and they where talking to people, who had black robes lined with blood red silk, there cloaks where held shut with a badge that looked like a silver dagger with a drop of blood coming off it. He offered them fresh blood but they said they wouldn’t’ join him for all the mortal lives in the world. He called them fools, and they told him that he was the fool for cursing himself so far as to destroy himself, one of the death eaters said they dare insult the dark lord. And one of them laughed and asked what he was lord of? Surely he didn’t think he would ever rule them and as for lord of darkness, what did they care? They hailed death as there master and would take no other ruler,” Hermione shifted as Harry stared deep into the flames, “that’s when it happen they laughed and killed them all except Tom Riddle he was forced to leave his death eaters dead” Ginny’s eyes where wide fear written across her face

“I’m going to my dorm” said Harry softly rising he left Ginny looked up the stairs after him before walking up the stairs to her own dorm. Hermione sat there for a moment longer before pulling out a quill and parchment.

Dear Gabe,

She began then stopped, how did one write a letter to the most powerful vampire known to wizards so that he would understand but no one intercepting the letter would

I hope you are well; this year has started off alright. Harry had a weird dream; it was about all these people in black and it kind of freaked me out. I can’t sleep I’m so paranoid that vampires are going to turn up on my window sill. The hat sang this really weird song too all about dream’s born of fear and nightmares from blood, and hells angels what ever that is.

Missing you


Sighing she lay back on the couch

“Demise” she whispered. The word had left her lips when the bird tapped on her window smiling she let it in

“Demise, can you please take this to Gabriel. I’m worried about him,” the bird tilted it’s head black eyes watching Hermione carefully, on the spur of the moment she added a foot note

Ps, you bird has great taste she doesn’t like Malfoy either although can you send her with a cage next time because she would have killed him if I’d letter her go

Smiling she gave the bird the letter. Demise whistled as strange haunting tune and took the letter. Watching the bird fly into the night sky Hermione felt a strange sense of tiredness wash over her. Shutting the window she curled up asleep on the couch

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