A week has gone by since the attack on Hogwarts and the school is getting ready to go home. For, hopefully, the summer. The school will only reopen if Valdimort won’t get to strong when the news of Harry’s runaway gets to him. Everyone has recovered from the attack on Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore was release a few days ago from Madam Palfreys’ care. Harry has yet to return which was starting to worry people a little do that some of the attacks were getting bad but not to bad. Everyone, the school, was stock to hear that thee Harry Potter was gone to somewhere, that even the Headmaster dose not know. But it was the day for Ginny funeral and the last day for school. She will be buried in a little cemetery a few blocks from The Burrow. While the students head down to the train station, Ron and Hermione head to the headmasters office to use the fireplace other than using the train ride to London. When they got to the Headmasters office the only people there were Albus, Mr. Wesley and Mad-Eye who were talking quietly to each other. 

“Miss. Granger and Mr. Wesley please be welcome to finish coming through the door frame.” said Albus with a sad twinkle in his eye do that he was trying to get his favorite students to cheer up with one of his old jokes but it didn’t work. 

“Good morning; Head Master and Mad- Eye Moody and Mr. Wesley.” Said the red eyed Hermione. Ron didn’t say anything do that, A) he was too tired. B) and was still was getting that his little sister is dead.

“Hello Hermione, you know that you can call me Arthur do that you are basically family.” Mr. Wesley said with a sad smile, and got up to go over to Hermione and put her in to a fatherly hug. Ron just stood there until his father called him over to join the hug. And they stood there for a few minutes until they pulled apart.

“I think that we are ready to go now.” Mr. Wesley said. “Ron you can go first then Hermione. I will go last.” One by one they left though the fireplace. Just before Mr. Wesley left.

“Arthur I am truly sorry for your lost. And that I won’t be able to attend the funeral, do that I am still recovering.” said the headmaster.

“Thank you Albus. And get well soon.” and with the shout of the Burrow, Arthur was gone.

“Albus, I have to tell you something.” said Moody.

“And what will that be Moody.”

“I could have stop Harry from leaving. That is what.”

“Mad-eye, anyone could have stop that boy, you know that. But I have a felling that he was going to leave anyway. After that mistake I did last year. And he needs a break anyway.”

“He could be gone forever, Albus. He could leave us to fight this war. And all you are going to do is sit here and do nothing!”

“Harry has to fight his own battle and he could not be in this position if it was not for my mistake of not telling him why he is being chase around by Tom.”

“Well, Harry is more powerful than what we thought he is.”

“Why is that?” Albus ask with a curios twinkle in his eye.

“He basically healed you with wandless magic.”

“Do you know what saying he use?”

“We will have to go inside my head to see. For I did not move from where I was.” Albus got up and with help with a cane went over to his cabinet and pulled out his old pensieve shrank it. And then came back with the miniature pensieve sat it on his desk and tap it twice with his wand to enlarged it to its usual form. While Albus was doing that Mad-eye got the memory out of his head. And then put it into the pensieve. Mad- Eye went first to make sure Dumbledore didn’t harm himself when he came in. 

     They were standing in a dark corner of the Hospital wing that over looked the patents who where laying there do to the attack. Dumbledore bed was in the middle left with Herminie on the other side of the aisle, Ron was on the right of her and Sirius a few beds down. They quickly got down to were the Dumbledore laid and waited for Harry to come and do the spell. It didn’t take long for him to come with his trustful owl on his shoulder to give him the feel of a great wizard that had a hard life so far. He quickly told his owl to not have anyone but the Headmaster to open the letter. And that her new owner is Sirius.  She gave him a sad hoot to confer that she understood. 

“Professor. I am sorry that I have to leave this part of the life that you had started for me. But I will come back, eventually.” Harry started quietly so no one will hear him. “But I when I come back. I will be ready to fight. With a reason that I want to live for not just for the better common good. For I leave you with these word for strength,” placing his right hand on the old man shoulder and said. ”Addo Valeo Valiturus.” There was a light glow telling that it worked. Harry also looked a little weaker. Harry turn to left, he got to the door he turn and said. “I’m sorry, I have to go, but I got too.” And that was the end of the memory. 

    They landed back to were they were standing and they sat down both lost for words. For Harry was the greatest wizard ever to be born do that spell was last to use was Merlin himself. For others had tried it but they ether had fail or got themselves killed. He always showed power, but they just thought it was luck. Never thought it was pure power. But now he was lost to them and not wanted to be found unless necessary. But Mad-Eye was first to speak. 

“He vary powerful Albus. Probably greater than Merlin himself.” 

“I think that he is an incarnated version of Merlin himself.” 

“What do you mean Albus?” 

“Past lives.” 

“So your saying that Harry was Merlin in a past life.” 

“Yes and that he developed into what he is today, a powerful wizard and he doesn‘t know it.” 

“But why did we see it until now?” 

“He only showed his power unless he need it. Just like Merlin did do that he wish that he did not want that power. But force to use it. Harry has shown how strong he is, but we just did not relies it.” 

“And know the power goes unleash in the world.” 

“Knowing Harry he will teach himself eventually. And when he comes back we will teach him.” 

“But it seem like he won’t come back for a while.” 

“Remember the letter he is living a life that he wants to live a happy life to a point that he has the way to come back and fight with power that no of us have. Great power. And knowing him we will see some form of him sooner than we think.” 

----------- END OF CHAPTER 5----------

Curtain closes and lights go black. Sorry we were reading plays for the longest time in Modern Lit. That is thee end of chapter 5 and I wasn’t really planning for this chapter to be long, so those who like long chapters, wait for a few chapters, then those should be long enough for you. Please read and review. Also what is up with Dumbldore and knowing to much for his own good? Please tell me what you think.!!

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