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Chapter 2  - Scrying 

Sydne grabbed her wishing star and quickly wished, " I wish that I wouldnt be so nervous." A gust of light exploded from the star. She looked in awe at all the colors that flowed around her.

Sydne quickly grabbed it from thin air and rushed down to the den. There stood Hermione with her arms crossed, and not in a good way. Sydne said she was sorry that she was late, and told her sister to sit down. She sat down without a word about her sister being late.

" Hermione I was waiting for the right time to come, to tell you all the things I have to. I believe now is the time. I'm not really sure how to say this, but here it goes. HHHH.... you... have...3othersisters!"

" Huh!" said Hermione.

" You have 3 other sisters." Sydne said feeling confident of how she would take itnow that she had already blurted it out , so her sister couldnt understand it.

" Cool !" her sister called out.

" Dont get your hopes up yet. First we have to find them."

" Awww, that will take forever!" said Hermione sadly.

" Not if I can help it. I think it is time for me to start scrying again." said Sydne almost to exited at the fact that she would finally get to go back to somthing she loved.

" Sydne , what is scrying? "

" Well Hermione, scrying is an old way to try and locate someone. I will need maps of various places. I will also need my crystal and something of theirs. Luckily mum has some old things that she had kept from when we were all babies. Hopefully this will be enough and we can locate our sisters. Im not saying it will work but, it is the only thing we have right now. I am going to get the maps and the stuff we will need and I will meet you back in here."

Sydne set off upstairs to her room to fetch the things they would need to begin scrying for their sisters. She knew it was going to be a long shot , but she had to try.
She reached underneath her bed and brought out an old box that she had hidden there away from her sister. She set it upon her bed and began to tap it with her wand muttering her opening spell. The box opened , she reached in and brought out five baby bracelets with each of their names on them. She clinched them tightly in her hand and gently closed the box. Looking back down at the bracelets held in her hands she sighed. They were so tiny and fragile. You could tell they were old , 17 years old to be exact. She turned and walked to her closet and took out another box that held her crystals and reached the maps off her desk holding them under her arm and headed back down to the den where Hermione was.

Upon entering the den she noticed that Hermione had made some more tea for them and cleared off the large table in the center of the room. She smiled thoughtfully at her sister and set the things on top of the table.

" Hermione I want to show you something."

She opend her hands and showed Hermione the tiny old bracelets that had layed upon their wrists so long ago. Each having their names on them . They were tiny bracelts made of white gold links and had tiny plate that rested in the center with their names and birthdates inscribed on them.

" Wow, sis they are so tiny. I can't believe our wrists were ever this small. They are beautiful. " Hermione had a tear in her eye as she looked down at the bracelets and over to her sister.

She looked at each of them seperately . The first one was Sydne's. She handed the bracelet to her and looked at the next one. This one said Ellie , the next one said Hermione and she laid that one upon the table. The next 2 bracelets said Celone and Myla. She turned to Sydne and handed her Ellie , Celone, and Myla's bracelets. Hermione walked over and took out the first map of London. She spread out the map so Sydne could get started.

Synde pulled out her crystal that hung from a long white gold chain. She took Ellie's bracelet in her hand and wrapped some of the chain in her hand so that it touched the bracelet. She began to swing the crystal for a while and watched it circle over the map. After a few minutes nothing had occured. She then tried Celone and Myla's braclets. Nothing, she sighed and told Hermione to try the map of France.

They repeated this process over Germany , Australia, New Zealand , Egypt , and even Canada. The girls were getting a little restless and sat down to take a break and drink some tea. Hermione looked over at Sydne.

" Sis , do you think the bracelets are to old?"

" No , I just don't think that they are any where close. We are going to try the U.S. Map next. After that I have no idea where to look for them. I think we are going to have to talk to Dumbledore about this. Maybe he can help us out. "

They proceeded to set up the map of America and once again Sydne began to scry for her sisters. This time she tried holding all 3 of the bracelets in her hand. After a few mins the crystal landed on Florida. She looked down and blinked twice , looked up at Hermione and said Florida!! Then the crystal started to move again and this time landed on Pennsylvania. She looked up at her sister and said Pennsylvania? with a questioning look on her face. It began again and this time landed on Georgia. Sydne had a puzzled look on her face and said Georgia?

" What does that mean Sydne?" Hermione asked kinda scared.

" Well, sis I'm not sure . The only thing I can think is that they are not together like I had thought. They are seperated. It looks like they each live in a different state in America. We are definately going to have to go to Dumbledore with this. We are not going to be able to do this on our own. We are going to have to do this as soon as possible because we only have about two months left before we go back to school for our last year. I am hoping that we all can be together now. I just don't know if they even know about any of us. I doubt that they even know we exsist. I'm sure none of them even know that they have four other sisters, or that they are even adopted.

A/N I hope you like my story. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed my story! Please read and Review!! Sorry it took so long for the 2nd chapter.  Taekwondo has been taking up alot of my time. I will be belt promoting again soon! Thanks for your patience.

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