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 Hey guys! *the summary got your attention didn't it? hehe* This has got to be like my favorite chapter...I just love Harry in this one, he's soo cute when he's trying to be romantic, isnt he? LOL. AnywaysThanks for all the reviews! They really pick me up on a bad day :) So thanks soo much!   

    Mafalda Tittertop’s was amazing, there was so much Harry thought he knew about wizard kind and yet it was like experiencing a new world of magical creatures some of the most rare, however, Harry had already seen, thanks to the Hogwarts Game Keeper, Hagrid.
     The park was unlike the muggle zoo in many ways. The creatures weren’t in cages but there where enchantments casted to keep them in their location. Yet other creatures less harmless were crawling around free of barriers. There were trees that grew high and tropical colored birds flying through them. There were waterfalls, magnificent waterfalls from which purple and blue crystal colored water flowed. Harry and Ginny were seated on the rocks while Teddy looked into the water at the strange impish creatures below. 

“Oooo! Look!” Teddy pointed as something from below had broken free and jumped at the sight of Teddy and created ripples in the calm and majestic waters. Ginny had pulled off her shoes and dropped her feet into the water. She looked stunning every time the wind picked up her hair blowing it about. Harry put his hand into his pocket feeling the velvet of the box, and turned to Ginny. 



Harry reached for her hand without hesitation. It was soft and warm against his, giving him feeling of security. 

“I love you” He said. It was simple, very simple. She looked at him, her face brighten she looked as though she were about to say something and Harry stopped her, he had to go on, without interruptions. The sun had begun to set, the sky was highlighted bright orange and violet the water sparkled. 

“And I want to be with you for-“ 

“Where’s Teddy?” Ginny asked at once before could finish his sentence. Harry dropped her hand and looked around. 

“He’s somewhere, but listen-“he began again
“No, Harry” Ginny said critically “Where’s Teddy? Oh! I told that boy to stay put and what does he go and do?” 


Both Harry and Ginny stood up and started at the source of the noise wands out, calling for Teddy. They ran through the forest, and Harry followed the trashing noises to a clearing a black swamp, there was step stones and on the middle stood Teddy looking transfixed into the water.

“Teddy, You prat! Get back here!” Harry shouted, but the boy’s attention seemed beyond words as though something held him frozen, and he did not dare move. Harry thought thickly of using the summoning charm, but then remembered it did not work on people. 

“He’s scared, Harry” Ginny said as she watched Teddy. “Something’s in the water, when we came here years ago mum would get livid if we ran off alone! That’s what happened, Fred told Ron that dad went the other direction, we found Ron, stuck in enormous spider web.” 

Harry barely heard her, his heart was racing he was both angry and scared.

“Fine, I’ll get him” Harry hopped on the stones barely breaking the surface of the water to where Teddy stood in the centre, 

“Come on Ted, It’s alright” Harry coaxed, extending his arms; Teddy was shaking while Harry lifted him up into his arms to carry him back to the shoreline. Harry didn’t look into the water; instead he carried Teddy, back to where Ginny stood. With much vexation Harry turned to Ginny who was hugging Teddy and scolding him all the same. 

“Okay, Gin? You know what I was saying? About loving you?” Harry interjected, pulling Teddy out of her arms feeling for the most part irritated then relieved. 

“HARRY!” Ginny screamed, and her scream was full of fear and disgust, her eyes staring down at his leg where, Harry thought he was getting a muscle cramp, but looked to see a long black snake coiling around his left leg. 

“Damn!” He cursed and looked at Ginny who had her wand pointed at it, he was about to put his hands on her shoulder, and he thought he might as well ask her to marry him, before being torn alive by the creature that had now begun to hiss. 

“Harry! Tell it to get off you in parsletongue!” Ginny said trying to keep her voice level.
“I can’t speak parsletongue anymore Ginny, but thanks for the idea. AH! OUCH!” 

At that moment the snake had lunged and struck Harry, its fangs caught in his thigh as though it were a tasty treat. Harry whose wand had hung useless in his right hand, now grabbed the snake pulling its head out of his skin feeling its fangs tearing across his flesh and his eyes water as he shouted, 


The snake flew off him and belted straight into the murky black water. Harry sank on the sandy flood his shoulders hunched trying to overcome the pain; he got up Ginny’s arms steadying him. He was shaking. Ginny was looking down at his leg. 

“Harry, take off your pants” she commanded. 

“What?” Harry asked, he hardly heard her, he was feeling woozy and the images in front of his glasses came in and out of view. 

“There’s poison from the snake, and it’s all over your pants, oh Merlin, your bleeding!” He could barely see her, so instead his hands fumbled in his pockets and he took out the velvet red box, grabbed Ginny’s hand and said. 

“Ginny, Gi-Ginny?” Will you- will you….” he began as blinding pain stopped him and everything went blank.

Oh no! ;) what did you think? Please review!

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