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A/N: The first time I wrote this, Kreacher just gave them the horcrux, left and continued to be a rotten little house elf. I like what Joanne did…so I thought I’d do that here too. Her idea! Not mine! (Well, this is fanfiction...)

The Blood Box

Malfoy extended a hand to Harry. Somewhat cautiously, Harry took it and Malfoy helped him to his feet.

Kreacher was lying on the floor on the other side of the room. He was still unconscious but he seemed unhurt. Harry approached him slowly and cast a glance at Kit.

“Is Mundungnus really dead?” asked Harry quietly.

Kit bowed her head.

“He…went missing,” she said. “We thought he’d had just got into the usual sort of trouble but…I think he is.”

Harry gave the elf a hateful glare. He hated Mundungnus Fletcher but death certainly wasn’t the punishment he had in mind for him. Kit noticed the look on his face and caught his shoulder.

“Harry… wait,” said Kit. “How long was the elf near the Locket?”

“I don’t know...a really long time by the sound of it.”

“You cannot blame the elf for his actions,” said Kit. “The locket consumed him.”

Harry said nothing. He knelt down and gently shook Kreacher awake. Kreacher gave a cry of alarm when he saw Harry and crawled away. Harry grimaced. Kreacher had been cruelly punished by his masters before.

“Are you alright?” asked Harry quietly.

Kreacher froze and stared at Harry in shock. When he finally digested his words, Kreacher nodded. Harry pulled the fake locket out of his pocket and gave it to Kreacher.

“This is Regulus’ locket,” he said quietly. “It’s yours now.”

Kreacher took the locket in his long, knobbly fingers and stared at it as though he was unsure if it was real. He seemed completely lost in memories…good and bad.

“Go back to Hogwarts...get some rest,” said Harry. “You’ll be safe there.”

When Kreacher looked up Harry again his eyes were swimming with tears. He gave Harry a low bow and vanished with a crack.


Malfoy picked up the real locket and Harry and Kit went to look at it. The spell had blasted it open. Inside the locket there was a picture of a beautiful woman. She moved only slightly and played with the folds of her dress. Her clothes and hair reminded Harry of some of the older ghosts in the castle. Her hair was thick, black and curly and, though she was not smiling, her eyes glinted mischievously. Harry could tell that she was very happy.

This was the woman who had loved Salazar Slytherin. This was Selena.

“Do you think Voldemort figured out who she was?” asked Harry.

Malfoy twitched at the name. Harry and Kit ignored him.

“I doubt it,” muttered Kit. “Even if the Dark Lord had heard it…he probably wouldn’t have believed it.”

Malfoy frowned at the woman.

“Who was she?” asked Malfoy curiously.

A small smile formed on Kit’s face.

“Slytherin’s half-blood girlfriend,” she said casually, “who also happened to be Gryffindor’s sister.”

Malfoy blinked. Any other time, Harry would have laughed at the expression on his face.

What?” hissed Malfoy.

Harry ignored Malfoy.

“Do you think that Regulus knew about the other horcruxes?” asked Harry hurriedly.

“I don’t know...the note suggests he only knew about one,” muttered Kit.

Harry swore. He began pacing and Kit could tell he was close to panic again.

“But...there’s got to be something in this house...another clue....something...”

Kit put out a hand to stop Harry from pacing. Harry took a deep breath and forced himself to look Kit in the eye. He wondered how she could keep so calm.

“We’ll keep searching Harry,” said Kit firmly, “though I think we’d better stick together this time.”

The climbed the stairs and found a bedroom opposite Sirius’ old room. Judging from the quidditch posters plastered all over the walls, this was Regulus’ room.

There was nothing exceptional about it except the fact that it seemed even dustier than the rest of the house. It seemed that none of the Blacks, including Sirius, had the heart to enter it. There was a bed, a small desk and a wardrobe. A Slytherin banner was hanging on the wall but it was barely noticeable among the numerous, fading posters of famous quidditch teams.

Harry’s eye fell on a photograph on the desk of Sirius and someone who could only be Regulus standing together and grinning. Sirius was a bit taller and Regulus was slightly skinnier but, other than that, the brothers were almost identical.

It was not the bedroom of a Death Eater. It was not the bedroom of a dark wizard. It was the bedroom of a teenage boy.

Malfoy’s face fell the moment he entered the bedroom. Kit frowned at him.

“What?” she asked.

Malfoy glanced at the Slytherin banner and shook his head.

“Nothing,” he muttered.

Kit and Malfoy went to the desk and began to search the draws. Harry hurriedly rummaged through the trunk underneath the bed. Harry found himself panicking. If they didn’t find something they were back to square one…nowhere.

Harry swore again. There was nothing but old school books in this trunk. He got to his feet, intent on searching somewhere else. The floor boards made an odd creaking noise as he stood on them.

Harry frowned and got on his hands and knees. He took his hands to the floorboards and managed to pull up a plank.

“I’ve found something!” cried Harry.

When the dust had cleared, Harry found a stack of photographs, a box and a small piece of parchment.

Harry wiped the dust of the photograph. There was one of all five Black children. Andromeda and Bellatrix stood up the back, their heads held high and proud. Narcissa was sitting primly on a chair, her hands folded neatly on her lap. Regulus and Sirius stood up the front. They boys seemed incapable of standing still. They were shoving each other and mucking around. Bellatrix would occasionally scuff Sirius over the head and scowl at Regulus but there was no hatred in her eyes. Narcissa was trying to hide a smile at her cousins’ antics and Andromeda was rolling her eyes. You had to wonder where it had all gone wrong...

Harry picked up the parchment. The same handwriting on Regulus’ note to Voldemort appeared here.

For Sirius…Just in case.

“Open the box,” said Kit.

Harry turned his attention to the box. It was made of plain, dark wood and had a silver clasp. He tried to lift the lid but it seemed to be jammed shut.

“Alohomora,” he muttered.

The lid did not open.

“Give me that,” said Malfoy impatiently.

Malfoy snatched it from his hands and ignored the glare Harry was giving him.

“It’s a blood box,” explained Malfoy as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Only a pureblood Black can open it.”

Kit raised her eyebrows.

“Did it worry him at all that Bellatrix Lestrange could easily open this box as well?” asked Kit.

“No she can’t,” said Malfoy. “Girls aren’t looked on to highly in pureblood society…no offence Kit.”

“None taken,” said Kit with a shrug.

The box opened with a faint click. Laid on green velvet was a small vial containing a familiar, silvery substance. Harry’s heart began to thump in his chest. This could be it…

“It’s a memory,” whispered Kit.

“There’s a pensive in the main study,” said Malfoy. “Come on.”

They hurried followed Malfoy downstairs to the study. The wall were lines with large, dusty volumes, most of them were on wizard genealogy or Dark Magic.

There was a pensive sitting in the corner. By some miracle, or perhaps just magic, it was completely free of dust and cobweb and seemed completely out of place. It was very much like the pensive in Dumbledore’s office except it was made of black stone and looked a great deal heavier and (and therefore more expensive). Kit uncorked the vial and poured the silvery substance into the basin.

“Ready?” she asked.

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