As the sun rose, on the first morning of December, only the toots from the owlery and the distant tricle of water could be heard. The sun rays burst through the frost-touched wind and shone on every inch of snow that lay on the ground peasfully. The snowflakes fell gracefully onto the Black lake that had been completely frosted over and Whomping Willow tree was calm as the dropplets from the melted ice dripped of the branches and onto the buds of the winter flowers, that had not yet blossomed.


The sky was clear and the atomosphere felt cold, though there was a certain gentleness about the frost this time of year. The windows from Hogwarts Castle had been decorated by the silver glitter of scattered snow, like stars that flickered in the night sky. The towers looked high in authority and the winters weather did the castle justice, making the grounds seem even more beautiful and magical than it usually felt. Never, in hundreds of years, was there a nice day such as this; it was the image of perfection.


The cool, chill breeze danced through an open window, swept the certains and fell onto the vulnerable skin of a seventeen-year-old girl who was tucked into her satin sheets and velvet quilt cover.


As she slept her red ringlets curled above her sleeping head, appearing as if it were a fiary hallo around an angel. Her skin was pure white, matching the snow and her rosie red cheeks blushed over her face, making her seem like a nateral beauty. The calmness and gentleness in which she slept was so unavoidable that anyone would catch their breath by simply seeing her sleep. 


Her eyes slowely opened revealing almond-shaped eyes that were a colour of such deep Emerald that it complemented the colour of her hair. She lifted her head a little and brought her arm out of the cover to look at the time. 7:05 am. Exactly the time she need to get up.


She stepped out of her bed and wondered to the window. She wore an emerald strappy top and a pair of emerald tracksuit bottoms that matched the colour of her beautiful eyes. Not that she even knew how beautiful she was. She drew the curtains and inhaled the fresh frosty air, letting the morning wind rush through her entire body, before smiling and shutting the large window firmly.


She then wondered over to the desk and picked up a brown, leather bound book. Upon it there was written the words, ‘The diary of Lily Evans’ she placed it into a black shoulder bag that sat on the wooden chair beside the desk and she let her hand brush over the smooth mahogony before hesitantly removing her hand from the bag and wondering over to the waldrobe.


This year Lily Evans had been lucky. Very Lucky in her opinion. Because this year she had been appointed the postion of Head girl. Not only did she have her own room and higher authority than any other student but she had achieved one of her bigger goals that not even she believed she had the ability to achieve.


There had been a down side off course and that was the Head boy. James Potter. He had, had an infatuation on her for years; since even the first day she arrived at Hogwarts and was placed into Gryffindor, the same house as him. He had asked her to be his girlfriend, perhaps, every single day of his and her Hogwarts life and whenever he saw her he felt the need to shout out any cheesy chat up line he had formed in his head.


Many girls would feel flattered, heck she knew many girls would die to be in her position. The Marauders, as they called theselves, were the most desirable batchulors of the entire school to most. There was James, rich, carming, popular, funny, Quidditch extroadernaire. Jet black hair, long nose and deep Hazil eyes. Sirius Black, the better looking one of the group, the womaniser, bad boy image; blue eyes and brown floppy hair, he was probabily the most desirable of the lot, having a record of a new girl each week. Then there was Remus Lupin, the clever, kind and handsome one, sandy blonde, athletic and intelligent and the only Maurader that Lily was friends with. And then Peter Petigrew. Rattish features, easily lead, though not the obvious choice for the fourth Marauders, was never short of girlfriends.


Yes, she should feel flattered, and perhaps, secretly did at first, though after six and a half years it had become tiring and some what annoying especially when she hated the infamous, unofficial leader of the Marauders.  To her, she never saw what other girls saw in him. He may be stuningly good looking, rich, talented and smart but he was also the most arrogent, selfish, bullying, pompous jerk she had ever had the misfortune to meet.


Lily put on her Hogwarts robes, black, knee-length skirt and white bouse, with the Gryffindor crest imprinted onto it. She pinned a goldon badge onto her robes and allowed her self to trace her image in the mirror, making sure every last detail was as it should be. Puffing her chest out making the red, golden badge spelling ‘Head Girl’ stick out, while beaming at herself proudly.


She flung the black bag over the shoulder before going to leave the room, to begin yet another day of school. As she opened the large oak door and stepped outside, nothing could have prepared her for what lay ahead.


As soon as she let the door swing back, a paint can pured its contents over her hair slowely. As if on cue, a waterbellon followed, so not only was she convered in a very disgusting shade of yellow, but wet from the icy cold water that hadinhabited the waterbellon.





“DOG PILE ON PADFOOT!” James Potter woke with a start, it was 7:35am and him, Remus and Peter were all up, awake, bright and energetic. Sirus Black, however, was a different story. Known for his joy of sleeping in, James Potter and his Marauder friends decided to do the only thing to get his friend up in the morning, physical measures.


James was Sirus’ best friend almost like brothers, they even lived with each other in Potter Manner. One thing that the Marauders were and that was loyal friends, it didn’t matter what flaws they had they always had eachother. James (Prongs), Sirius (Padfoot), Ramus (Moony) and Peter (Wormtail).   


At James’ orders the two remaining Marauders obayed obediently, piling themselves on top of a sleeping Sirius Black who mearly shuffled slightly in his sleep, before grunting a little. The boys then started to punch him playfully but when he still made no move James decided to resort to mental means.


“Oh well, it’s a shame that he wont wake up isn’t it Moony.” James said slyly, giving Remus Lupin a little wink so that he would catch on.


“Yes it is isn’t it, Prongs,” He replied, holding back the urge to laugh.


“But do you know what would be an even bigger shame, Wormtail?”


“Whats that James,” Peter said, also smiling mischieviously now.


“If these pair of scissors in my hand,” He fingured a pencil as though he pretended them to be a pair of scissors, his lips curled into his infamous, trademark smirk. “Accidently slipped and cut through his beautiful brown locks…”


Istantly, Sirius jolted up quickly; never had James seen him move so fast. He allowed himself to look around with a petrified look on his face and covering his hair protectivly as though it would fall out any minute.


That had done the trick and James knew it. If there was one thing that Sirius treasured more than his sleep, perhaps even more than food, it was his hair. He took the utmost care and pride into his silky chesnut locks that had caused many girls to literally throw themselves at him and to have them cut of so they were merly rubbish on the floor, would be his idea of a nightmare.


However, when saw the pencil clapsed into James’ fists instead of his scissors, he stood up threatingly and walked over to James.


“That,” He said pointing at his bestfriend with an angry look on his face. “Wasn’t funny,” This comment however made the three other Mauraders double over laughing histerically at Sirius’ state.


“Oh but it was,” Remus sniggered, leaning on the wall for support. “I for one think its halerious.”


“Me too,” Peter laughed, also, but stopped when Sirus shot him a death glare.


“Come on Padfoot,” James said, putting a friendly arm around his shoulder. “You have to admit, that was bloody brilliant.”


“For you lot maybe,” He replied. “I seriously thought my best friend was a goner.”


“We’re you’re best friends, Pads,” Remus Lupin smirked, regaining his old composer before sitting on the bed.


“That’s what you think!” Sirus replied angrily. “My hair has always been my best friend- you lot always came second,” The friends started laughing again, Peter was practically rolling around on the floor and James could barely contain himself. “Well were second- might bunk you down now you threatened the life of my favourite!”


“You haven’t got any other friends, mate,” James resoned, playfully beating him up as he slid his hand through his raven coloured hair, that stuck out everywhere.


“Cheers for that, Prongs,” Sirus pouted. “And anyway I’m so popular that I could find new friends- Franks alright,”


“Longbottom?” Peter inturrupted, getting to his feet, again. “But doesn’t he usually hang round with us anyway?”


“When he’s not with Alice that is,” Remus sniggered, crossing his arms as he continued to grin.


“Which is what,” James racked his mind falsly and sarcastically as if his question was difficult. “Once a fortnight?” Remus nodded in confirmation and then James turned back to Sirius. “Face it Padfoot, you’re stuck with us”


“Well I’ll get you back, James Potter,”


“Do your worst,” James dared.


“JAMES HAROLD POTTER!” James became stiff at the furious distant voice that sounded from the floor bellow. He didn’t know what he had done but by the shrillness of his one loves voice, he new it wasn’t good.


“Sirius,” He said warningly. “Please tell me you didn’t?” Sirius took it upon his self to smirk widely this time, the hair ‘incedent’ obviously forgotton as the little prank he played last night had been timed impegably and now acted as the perfect revenge.


“Tut, tut James,” He said crossing his arms mischieviusly. “Puring paint and ice cold water on the person you’re trying to get to love you- oh well that’s not going to work, is it?” It was James turn to let his eyes grow wide with shock and his fists to cletch with anger as Remus and Peter still cackled in the background, this morning proving to be great entertainment for them. “Better get yourself down there and explain,”




“Coming, my Lily flower,” James called nervously.


“Bad move, Prongs, you know she hates you calling her that,”


“Thanks for making me feel better, Moony- stoop laughing wortail!” James said agitated.


“Can’t- help- it… So- Funny,” Peter tried to stop but this only made him laugh more.




“Well,” Remus stiffed a giggle. “You finally did it, Padfoot, you finally got Lily to want James,” This caused a sudden blast of laughter that echoed around the room like a mexican wave, James looked livid.


“Ha, ha, very funny, Moony,”


“Well I thought so,” Remus sniggered again.


“YOU BETTER NOT BE LAUGHING AT ME, UP THERE!”  James’ face turned white, drained of all colour, as he, followed by his three friends, made their way out of the room and down stairs towards the common room.


As soon as they entered, however, James found himself pined back to the wall, a emerald steleto digging into his chest and wand directed at the neck. He looked at the female in front of him, the one that had stolen his heart but only six years ago.


Her red ringlets that fell just two inches above the elbow, and her snow-white skin and cheek bones highlighed by her natrual rosie cheeks. Yes, to him she was a pure image of perfection, even is she was covered in water and yellow paint. Her almond, emerald eyes were by far her most stunning feature- Merlin he prayed that those eyes would be genetic, surly those eyes getting istinct was a surified sin.


“And to what do I owe this pleasure, Evans,” He said smirking, while running his fingures throough his hair; this for certain would get on her nerves, but no matter how hard James tried he could not stop smirking when she was around; he was sure he looked like a sappy idiot, as pointed out several times by Sirius.


“LOOK AT ME- IS THIS YOUR IDEA OF A JOKE?” Lily Evans screemed at him. He loved her fiary temper but her smile he loved more- however, a smile had become rare when he was in her presence.


“No,” He corrected, still under her wand and steleto. “It is not my idea of a joke but I can think of a couple of other people who may have done it,” He then looked pointedly at Sirius who jumped to his defence, instantly putting on a face of fake innocence and pointing to himself in the chest as if it was the most rediculous thing he had ever heard.


“Me?” He said blamelessly. “I would never perform such an act!”


“Whatever, Black,” Lily said, turning her iritated stare onto him instead. “I don’t doubt you were behind this, at all,”


“I knew you loved me, Lily,” James said arrogently but this only caused Lily to glare at him again, hatred shining in every ounce of her eyes.


“Doesn’t mean I don’t think you were behind it as well, Potter!”


“Could you please take that wand away from me,” James asked carefully.


“Not a chance, Potter,” Lily protested, jabing it a little into his side.


“Oh well, if you wanted to pin me to a wall- you could have just asked- no wand needed,” James said in a concieted fasion. “Believe me, I have no objection to being pressed up against a wall by you Evans, but never knew you liked it raugh.”


That got her to let go. She had jumped so far back that she almost crashed into Remus.


“Don’t flatter yourself,”


“Then don’t flatter me,” He was grinning like a mad man now, only adding to an already thuderous Lily.


“YOU DISGUST ME!” And with a small flick of her wand, she was spotlessly clean, as she left the common room, nose in the air looking as angry as she had been when they had first come down.


“Why the hell does she hate me so much?” James said in a low voice of hurt and disappointment, watching the spot in which she had left.


“I don’t know, Prongs,” Sirius replied, moving closer to him, for comfort. “Maybe because you act like a certified PRAT whenever you’re in the same room as her,”


“I can’t help it- she brings the worst out in me,”


“More like you want to show off,” Sirius mumbled under his breath.


“You just act a little cocky and if you just talked to her properly-” Remus began but was cut off.


“No, Remus, there is nothing wrong with being cocky! You have to be the amount of times I’ve been rejected from her and how am I SUPPOSED TO HAVE A PROPER CONVERSATION WITH HER AND SHOW HER THE REAL ME, WHEN SHE BITES OF MY HEAD BEFORE I HAVE THE CHANCE!”


Everyone stayed silence, they knew better than to get between him and one of his Evans Rants. And with that last but very difinate note, James climbed the stairs, ready to get changed and go down to breakfast…   



“What am I going to do? How will I get through it?” Said the voice of a girl with brilliant blonde hair, that was waste length and a pair of circlar mohogony-coloured eyes. “I can’t do this- I can’t breathe! MERLIN WHAT WAS I THINKING!”


“You’ll be fine,” A second girl replied, flicking her brown shoulder length hair, out of her fairly tanned face, her ears sticking out only very slightly and her ocean blue eyes, shone to look almost terquiose.


“But I won’t Alice, I won’t!”


“Yes you will, Natalee, it’s not a big deal,” Alice Smith attempted to calm her, letting her fork and knife drop into her full English and placing a hand on her shoulder for comfort. 


“NOT A BIG DEAL? Not a big deal? Alice it’s easy for you to say, you have FRANK LONGBOTTOM for Christ sakes- you have the one you love- your one and only, and what do I have? This could make or brake me, oh great and now I’m panicking.”


“Panicking? Panicking about what?” Instead of Alice answering a third voice joined, as they spun they saw their other best friend Lily Evans, who had a large potions book embraced into her arms and a black bag hanging over her shoulder.


“Oh Just Natalee worrying about her date with Remus tonight...” Alice answered, leaning over for a yogurt and placing it on her tray before digging back into her bacon.


They were in the great hall, eating breakfast. Lily had been lucky to have two fantastic best friends like these two. She instantly smiled at how much of a state her blonde headed friend got into when a certain sandy haired Marauder was the topic of conversation.


“It is NOT a date,” Natalee Jordon said sternly, taking a spoonful of her oatmeal before scooting over to allow Lily a seat next to her and opposite Alice. “I just asked him if he could tutor me, is all,”


“Tutor you in what?” Lily wondered grabbing some toast and scrambled eggs. She mumbled something but no one could hear. “Pardon? What did you say?”


“Astronomy” She repeated a little louder as the two remaining girls burst into fits of giggles.


“Astronomy is your best subject; he knows that surely- you got top marks in our OWL’s!” Alice said between her laughter, clutching her sides, as they ached in pain.


“Oh Merlin- what have I done? What have I done? What have I done? I need some Lily reassurance,”


“It’ll be fine,” Lily replied. “Just turn up, look eager, try to not seem too good at what he’s teaching, look interested and then it’ll be over. DON’T panic, that’s MY job. Natalee is normally calm and Lily normally panics,” Lily smiled


“Oh god she’s talking in the third person! I think we should refer you to a doctor so they can seriously consider your mental health,” Alice said, starting on the egg on her plate now she had finished the bacon. “That’s exactly what you need, Nat, advice and reassurance from a potential MAD WOMAN!”


It was then when two males came bounding into the Great hall, talking to each other in a forced exterior. The one on the left had dark short hair and sticky out ears, his feet looked two sizes to big for his body but his smile was perfect; pearly white and straight. The second boy had light brown hair and had a height of 6’1; his stormy silver eyes could still be seen even from this distance. It was this boy that made Lily’s face automatically melt into a huge smile.


As they approached, Alice moved to the left a little allowing her boyfriend, Frank Longbottom, of seven months to have a seat beside her. He gave her a quick peck on the cheek before going into a full conversation about their upcoming date next Hogsmeade trip.


Lily however, already had made a space for Darren Maxell, her boyfriend of almost a year. He had asked her out last January, despite the protests and hexes from James Potter and had been going out ever since.


He gave her a small his on the lips and let his lips linger on hers for a moment, before pulling away and steeling a slice of toast from her plate.


“Hey,” She said slapping his hand so he dropped it. “That’s my toast, Darren, get your own,”


“But why would I get my own when I can have the one of my beautiful girlfriend,” He reasoned smirking widely as he went pick up the toast he had, had a second ago. Lily didn’t protest this time but her eyes sparkled uncontrollably as she went into a daze, a usual recurrence when he was around. He then leaned over so that there lips were merely a millimetre apart and then he slid them so they were on her ear, and whispered in a low tone. “Want to go for a walk?”


“But class starts in twenty five minutes.”


“We’ll be back,” Darren persuaded.


“I don’t know,” Lily said unsurely, biting her bottom lip.


“Please,” He pouted.


“Ok then,” She got up and entwined her hand with his. “See you in potions, guys, me and Darren are going for a walk.”


“Ok girlfriend, see you later,” Alice said, turning a way from Frank and then waving.


“Yeah bye, Lily,” Natalee said, she now had started of a conversation with Mary Dashwood about, what sounded like, a party.


Lily walked with Darren slowly out of the room. On their way they passed James who looked on with hurt, though Lily didn’t notice this and gave him a stare that suggested strong dislike. When they were out of earshot from others, Darren looked at Lily in disgust.


“What was that?” He asked, sourly, letting go of her hand.


“What was what?” Lily said in mild confusion, honestly completely oblivious to what he was talking about.


“That? You with Potter,”


“Potter? Nothing, I can’t stand that arrogant creep!”


“Not what it looks like to me!” He spat angrily, walking of a head and down a deserted corridor.


“And what exactly did you see?” Lily wondered, stepping after him and a look on her face that only mirrored his.


“That look you gave him,”


“What you mean that death glare? Well the last time I looked a death glare was a bad thing!” He had stopped walking and spun around so abruptly that Lily bashed in to him.


“Or sexual tension!”


“Sexual tension? Me and James Potter, sexual tension? Don’t make me laugh, that’s completely ridiculous!”


“Is it, is it really?” Darren said, green with envy. Lily couldn’t believe her ears, did her boyfriend of almost a year, seriously know so little about her. “The whole school’s betting on your relationship, all the girls that fawn for him hate your guts, which is most, he pretends to be completely in love with you when you know he only wants you for one thing and he is popular and a Marauder, I mean is it really that outragious to suggest that you like him,”


“Yes actually it is, because I’m with you!” Lily said forcefully looking him directly into his eyes. “And if you think that Potter and I have sexual tension then you really don’t know me at all!” it was Lily’s turn to walk away, only she felt to warm arms enclose around her waste.


“I’m sorry,” Darren apologised, in a sickly gentle voice, spinning her around so that they were face to face. “But you can’t blame me for getting jealous, heck I want to kill anyone who even looks at you,” He leaned in for a kiss, and then deepened it, a hand was crawling up her back when the bell sounded from above them.


“Better get to class,” Lily said pushing away, feeling terribly flustered. “I have potions,”


“Charms,” He grunted in disappointment. He kissed her again but only quickly. “See you, Lily, Love you,”


“Yeah see you!” She called after him as he was already half way up the corridor now. A jolt of guilt shot through her body when she didn’t say that she loved him too.


The trouble was she didn’t love him, not in the way he wanted her too. Sure she fancied him, got butterflies when he was a round, got flustered just by talking to him and yes she loved him, like a girlfriend loves her first boyfriend but she wasn’t in love with him like he was with her.



Darren still lingered in her mind as she entered her Potions class a few minutes later. She glanced around the room for a spare seat, inconveniently for her; however, the only empty chair was beside James.


Why wasn’t he with another Marauder like usual? She glanced around again only to see Sirius Black sitting by Remus Lupin but no Peter was to be seen. He must have not taken potions this year, she thought, he never was the smartest Marauder especially in potions…  


She anxiously looked for another option, but there wasn’t one. She shot a look at Alice and Natalee, who were sat side by side; they mouthed the words ‘we’re sorry’ before Lily looked around for a final time. She must have been glancing around for a while because it was then when Professor Slughorn, her favourite teacher, turned to her with a joyful grin on his face. It was, after all, common knowledge that he favoured Lily more than any other student.


“Is there a problem, Lily,” He questioned her, his hands folding over his round belly.


“Erm… yes sir,” Lily replied, the classes full gaze on her. “There isn’t a spare seat,” Slughorn looked around the room carefully and then his gaze rested upon James.


“Well there seems to be one with James,” He said smiling cheerfully. She hesitantly went over and sat next to James, ensuring her chair was as far away from his as humanly possible.


“You better not try anything,” She muttered, as she saw James smirk again, running his hand through his hair. Why does he insist on smirking and why does he do that with his hair? She forced herself to concentrate, however, when Slughorn began to speak.      


“Today, we’ll be performing a potion in pairs,”


“Do we get to pick our pairs?” Came the voice of Sirius Black, who was sat in front of Lily, Lily rolled her eyes at Sirius’s typical question.


“No, you’ll be in the pairs you are sitting with,” He replied, Lily’s hand shot up. “Yes Miss Evans,”


“I’m sorry professor but I’m afraid I misunderstood, I thought you just said we’d be pared up with the person we’re sitting with,”


“No, no, you heard correctly,” Slughorn assured her and was about to talk back to the class, only to be interrupted by Lily for a second time.


“But Professor, you can’t seriously suggest that you pair me up with Potter,” She asked as though the mere thought was ridiculous to even consider.


“Yes, you are Head Girl and Boy after all,” He said shortly. “Anyway, the potion you will be making and even trying, this lesson is the Mindious potion, can anyone tell me what the Mindious potion is?” Severus Snape’s hand flew up. “Yes Mr Snape,”


“Mindious Potion is a potion that allows you to read into somebody else thoughts. It’s a way that you and another person drink a potion and are able to communicate via their minds.” He finished, Lily smiled. It had only been two years ago that they had been best friends but his love fore the dark arts had got in the way of that a long time ago, she felt her smile fade as the day they broke their friendship sprung into her mind. 


“Yes, well done Severus, ten points for Slytherin. The potion is indeed a way to communicate through thoughts and another way to look into each others minds. It is a ridiculously quick and easy potion to perform and will even go towards your year assessments! In this lesson you will create and try this potion that will ware of in two minutes after taken; you will then for homework, write a report on your findings, how to make the potion, problems you encounter, etc. I have to say that in all my years of teaching, not one person has failed to successfully make this potion. So if you look at the instructions on the board, you may begin.”


As soon as he stopped speaking, everyone got up and began to get their ingredients together, when James stood up and began to walk to a tray of toad spew, she grabbed an arm, to make him stop.


“Let’s just get a few things straight- no- funny- business!” She muttered so that no one else could hear. “If we’re going to ‘O’ this then we need to get a long, just until the lesson is over, ok?” The smirk just widened on his face, and it made it all the more harder to be as civil as she could.


“Agreed Evans,” He held out his hand and Lily took it, shaking it a little and letting go quickly. “I get the toad spew and you go and get the combination of ready made potions over there,” He pointed over to a second tray and then left.


Did she just have a civil conversation with James Potter- was that even possible? She shook her head and walked over to Natalee whom was where she needed to be. 


“Did I just see you talk to Potter, WITHOUT shouting?” She asked incredulously, as Lily picked up three bottles full of green potion and one of blue and another two of yellow, she then placed them down to talk.


“Well only because we called a truce for one lesson only so we can pass potions this year,”


“Is ickle Lily falling for Jamesy wamsey’s charm?” Natalee teased, turning to face her.


“NO!” She snapped, half the class looked up then but when everyone started talking she continued. “Just being civil for ONE lesson- if he thinks otherwise he’s a lot dumber than he looks!”


“Ok touchy, sorry I mentioned it!” Natalee put on a face of false offence as Lily Evans picked up the five bottles she had put down and made her way back over to her desk, placing the bottles next to a still smirking James.


“Do you ever stop smirking?” She said bitterly.


“Do you ever play nice?” He retorted.


“Ha, ha Potter- you’re really funny,”


“Oh Lily, please,” He moaned. “Stop complementing me, today, it’ll go to my head,” He smiled again.


“I was NOT complementing you and whatever anyone does it goes to your head- if your head grows any bigger, I don’t think there’s a charm big enough to enlarge all the doors in Hogwarts so that your head can fit through.”


“I thought you were meant to be clever! Add Lemon granite,”


“I AM!” She yelled, pouring in the yellow potions while James put the Frogs spawn in and stirred eight times anticlockwise. “Pour in Lettle Mix and stir ten times clockwise,” 


“Then why have you been shouting the same insults at me for years?” He picked up a green bottle and poured, lily sprinkling some imp dust over the top while James followed her instructions. “Unicorn head, three drops,”


“BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT INSULTS- THEY ARE SIMPLY THE TRUTH THAT YOU TAKE NO NOTICE OF!” Lily said counting the amount of drops James had just said.


“What do I have to do to get you to give me a chance?” He asked stirring it four times clockwise again.


“Be everything you’re not- I WILL NOT GIVE YOU A CHANCE ANYWAY- I have a BOYFRIEND,”


“Oh and you love him do you?” He touched a nerve he could tell by the sudden colour change of her face.


“Yes actually, I do,”


“Oh and that’s why you were arguing about me this morning?”


“We weren’t arguing, he just got a few wires crossed,” She defended herself, grabbing a bottle of Lettle Mix again and poring a little more in.


“About me?”


“Not everything is about you Potter!” She shouted through gritted teeth.


“Anyway, he’s a jerk,” James said sourly. “He only wants one thing,”


“Because that’s the only thing I’m good for, is that it!” Lily was thunderous now and James could tell he had said the completely wrong thing.


“No, no off course not,” James backtracked. “I’m just saying that he’s a creep, a troll could figure that out!”


“Oh so now I’m a troll!” Lily was furious. “Thanks, Potter thanks a bunch for that!” She said sarcastically.


James went quiet, clearly not wanting to make t worst for him. He had been doing things wrong since he met her and if it was the last thing he did, he would show her that he’s not as bad as she thinks.


“Pass the fish fins,” He muttered, in such a voice that made Lily feel unwillingly guilty for shouting at him. He was off course only trying to be nice. She passed him the fish fins but couldn’t bring herself to smile. She watched on as he sprinkled it carefully on the top layer, exactly as asked. And for a moment she could have sworn his eyes flashed hurt, for only a spilt moment.


They let it settle in silence and watched the potion, waiting for it to glimmer silver like Slughorn had told them.


“Right,” Slughorn’s happy voice announced, getting the attention from his class, peaking over the top of a piece of parchment. “I think they’re all ready,” He scanned the room observantly and when he was sure that the silver contents of the cauldrons was as it should be he continued. “Right you can try them now,”


Everyone stood up and poured the potion into two separate glasses one for them and the second for their partner. Lily’s thoughts were interrupted when she saw a glass shoved in front of her face.


She turned her head to see James Potter hand her a potion.


“Ready to read my thoughts, Evans?” James asked his sly grin, unfortunately, returning. “Because I can’t wait to read yours!” He finished eagerly.


“Drop dead, Potter,” She said shortly.


“Now that’s not nice,”


“Let’s just get this over with,” Lily stated, ignoring his request of ‘cheers’. And gulping it all down as he did.


She physically heaved at the taste, she had never tasted something so awful in all her life, and she had even tried the Polyjuice potion. Her eyes suddenly was forced shut and then she got this weird sensation, it felt as though here brain was getting stretched and dragged around the room, while still being attached to her head. She felt for sure that she was on the floor but when the sensation stopped her eyes flung open and she saw that she was standing up, just as she had been, watching James as he glanced at her too.


Oh great, Potter messed it up again… nothing happened. She thought to her self.


Oh I wouldn’t be sure about that.


She looked up and saw a smiling James Potter look down at her, looking smug with his arms crossed. It was then when she saw Darren wait for herself outside the door.


Merlin, I hope he’s not angry.


I thought you and your wonderful boyfriend were perfect.


We are, not that it’s got anything to do with you.


Well then, why would he be angry?


Don’t push me Potter, you’ll come out worst…

Let’s take a look in your memory, shall we- see this argument once and for all…


For a moment Lily felt herself flash back to this morning, down the deserted corridor with Darren.


“That look you gave him,”


“What you mean that death glare? Well the last time I looked a death glare was a bad thing!” Darren had stopped walking and spun around so abruptly that Lily bashed in to him.


“Or sexual tension!”


“Sexual tension? Me and James Potter, sexual tension? Don’t make me laugh, that’s completely ridiculous!”


Things then immediately flashed back to the classroom.


Sexual tension, eh? Is that what that was? She saw him raise an eyebrow at her, suggestively.


Shut up Potter,


Fine, fine anything for you.


And anyway, you shouldn’t be invading my privacy like that- I will hex you when we’re normal again.


Sure Evans, not like you don’t do it on a daily bases anyway.


How would you like it if I invaded your brain.


Go right ahead, I have nothing to hide. He hared her.


I think I will, let’s see what you did this morning after our little run in, shall we?


Again it felt as though she flashed through time and she saw herself stalk of angrily out of a common room.


“Why the hell does she hate me so much?” James said in a low voice of hurt and disappointment, watching the spot in which she had left.


“I don’t know, Prongs,” Sirius replied, moving closer to him, for comfort. “Maybe because you act like a certified PRAT whenever you’re in the same room as her,”


“I can’t help it- she brings the worst out in me,”


“More like you want to show off,” Sirius mumbled under his breath.


“You just act a little cocky and if you just talked to her properly-” Remus began but was cut off.


“No, Remus, there is nothing wrong with being cocky! You have to be the amount of times I’ve been rejected from her and how am I SUPPOSED TO HAVE A PROPER CONVERSATION WITH HER AND SHOW HER THE REAL ME, WHEN SHE BITES OF MY HEAD BEFORE I HAVE THE CHANCE!”


The scene flashed back again, so that they were back in the classroom, she looked over at James to see him look hurt and angry.


I don’t bite your head off… Lily saw James snort in disagreement. Yeah, well you deserve it…


Half the time Sirius deserves it- like this morning for example.


Whatever, Lily looked thoughtful for a moment. Do I really look that stupid when I stalk of like that?


Well I always thought watching you storm off from behind was a great view, Evans but then again it’s all about preference. He smiled smugly for a second time as the sensation came back.


Lily’s eyes were clenched shut again only this time she felt a different feeling. It felt as though her whole skin was burning. She really did collapse to the floor in pain this time. Her whole life seemed to flash before her, as she heaved again. And she felt, for a brief moment like nothing.


Literally like nothing.


As though she was dead. When all of a sudden she felt herself stretch with in her self. She couldn’t see nor hear anything. She found herself almost begging for death when the sensation stopped as suddenly as it came and she found herself on the floor.


She stood to her feet and shook her head, it still felt a little bruised but as she glanced up she got a fright of her life as she saw herself standing in front of her. She looked at her shoulders, where her hair should be but when she felt upward, she saw that it was short and messy. She held her hands in front of her face and saw her hands weren’t delicate and feminine- but strong and muscular.


She glared, again at her own form that looked just as confused and scared as she felt.


What the hells happening? Lily thought to herself.


I don’t know, Lily jumped not expecting an answer back, but that was when she realised that the potion hadn’t warn of- she could still read James Potter’s thoughts.


You’re… me…?


And y-y-you’re me,


I’m James Potter…


And then it went black… 

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