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Author Note: i'm having trouble how long this chp. should be. so if its too short,please let me know...


Then I thought,why doesn't this make sense? I looked at the locket.But there was no key.There has to be a clue somewhere.I couldn't just ask my paretns,either Harry or Ron to help me.Oh wait,my parents!!! All of this meant love,friendship!!! I took out one of my things from the trunk.A gold hearted key,which was a charm for good luck.I should have known in the first place!The locket popped open.There was voices,a mini moving picture.I was appalled what I was seeing.


A young blond haired boy who must have been Draco Malfoy,whom spoke out loud,"Aurora? Do you know what the lcoket means??"

Aurora nodded no with her head,saying," it a secret??"

"It's one of my family heirlooms. I want you to have it. It will mean to us. That this locket is passed on to people with foribben bonds." Draco replied.

The young girl frowned,"you mean this locket is a bond for us?"

"Yes. our friendship will last for life. If we lose each other ever,we always face again.."

"Wow! Friends forever!"


I didn't believe it at first. Then I realized what this locket meant. Draco spoke about something like a heirloom. I wondered name Hermione was just a cover up from the past. My adopted parents wouldn't tell me my real name.I had to do this on my own to discover the truth.

Not again..My head got dizzy,and I fell into a strange dream,A weird unusual dream.

The place seemed to be very gloomy,no familiar surroundings,it was dark.The large doors boomed,there was a young girl nearly dead from being badly beaten in heavy chains on her from the duegons.The two death eaters pushed her down roughly having her face on the cold rough floor.Suddenly a green light appeared,it was the dark lord.The girl weakly cried out with all of her energy being annoyed,"Let me go! I wanna go home now! Home!"

THe lord laughed evilly,spoke harshly,"why should i? you're just a stupid GIRL!"

The girl tembled for fear.She knew she wasn't going to get out of it soon.All she was praying for the helf her best friend of two years Draco would get.Then the lord took out his wand,"Why should i let you live,stupid Girl? No one cares about you! Your parents are dead! Dead i shall say! They was murdered by my people."

"No no no. thats not True!! What do you want? let me go! let me go!" The girl cried,and crying so hard for the death of her parents.

The dark lord laughed,"your secret locket. Where is it! where is it! I know you have something! Your blood burned with it!!"

The dream was over.But it didnt make things clearer enough.I was still confused like ever in my life.But two things clicked,I had the locket which matched in the dream,and strange dreams.It wasn't normal.I neeeded Harry and Ron to help me understand these dreams.Suddenly I realized in the dream,the girl had a scar on her forearm,a circle one but a swollen red color.Then I looked at my own,which was in the exact spot from the dream but in pink,same mark.I thought in my mind but crazy to admit it.I was her.But why I couldn't remember my past? This is scary and a weird mystery I had to solve.

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