Emily Potter

The door to a large bedroom slowly opened and a small figure quietly crept inside, making sure to not wake the boy in the bed. A girlish giggle was emitted from the intruder and she quickly tried to stifle it behind her hands. The mischievous smile never left her face as she climbed on top of the bed.

She took a deep breath. “JAAAAMMMMMMEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS WAKE UP!” She started jumping on the bed and pulled at his blankets.

James screamed and fell off his bed. The girl laughed and stopped jumping, letting herself drop into a sitting position.

James untangled himself from his blanket and stood up, glaring at the girl. “Emily, must you do that every morning?”

Emily placed a hand over her heart and looked offended. “James, if you have to ask then you must not know me at all.”

He rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his dishelmed black hair. “Why can’t you be shy like all the other girls your age.”

She got off the bed and crossed her arms. “If I was like every other eleven year old girl then I wouldn’t be Emily Potter, future Gryffindor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And then-“

James waved her off. “Yeah, yeah, I heard it before. You be at the top of your class, be on the quidditch team, become a prefect, then Head Girl, and be the prettiest girl in Hogwarts history.” He smirked. “But there’s a couple of flaws in your plan.”

She tilted her head to the side. “What flaws?”

“You have the attention span of a bug, you have horrible reflexes, you love to break rules even more than me, and with hair like this,” He pulled on a lock of her messy black hair. It didn’t stick up as James’s because it was weighed because it was longer, but it wasn’t pretty and shiny and smooth like other girls. “Will keep you from being the prettiest girl in Hogwarts.”

Emily hit his hand away. “That will all change when I find a group of girl to be my friends who can show me how to fix this rats’ nest. You and dad are no help whatsoever, you two just get up and leave your hair the way it is, I, on the other hand, have to battle with my hairbrush every morning.” She groaned and ran a hand over her face. “Why oh why couldn’t I get mum’s pretty straight hair?!”

James rolled his eyes and pushed her out of his room. “You keep thinking about that while I get ready to go. Make sure my breakfasts ready to go.” He slammed the door after her.

She rolled her eyes. “Well someone is a little grumpy this morning. I would think you would be happy to go back to school.”

“Get lost Em!” James yelled through the door.

She rolled her eyes again and went to double check her own things, bouncing happily, feeling excited for her upcoming first year.

“It’s going to be great.”


“This is not great.” Emily muttered to herself hours later, glaring out the window, trying to ignore the four twelve year old boys in the compartment.

“Maybe you should stop complaining and go away.” James said, not looking away from his cards as he played exploding snap with Sirius Black, a cute black haired grey eyed boy, who Emily had no doubt that he would be a heartbreaker later in life, Remus Lupin, another cute boy with light brown hair and brown eyes, and Peter Pettigrew, a mousy looking boy with blond hair and watery blue eyes.

Emily pouted. “But the girls were mean to me, they made fun of me.”

“Girls can be very cruel.” Remus said quietly, giving her a smile. Emily noticed that he was a very shy boy.

Sirius smirked. “Especially after they see that you share the Potter curse. Maybe you should just shave your head and start all over again.”

“She already tried that.” James laughed. “People started to think she was my twin when her hair started growing back.”

Emily mock sobbed. “That was so horrible. How could anyone mistake me for that.” She pointed to James with a disgusted look on her face.

“Is that any way to talk to your older brother?” He asked.

She nodded. “It is when that same brother was the one to tell his cute, innocent nine year old little sister, who never did anything to him, to shave her head.”

James snorted. “You, innocent? Remind me again who put snakes in my bed on my birthday?”

Sirius chocked on the chocolate frog he was eating. “You put snakes in his bed?!”

Emily shrugged. “They were only garden snakes, and I thought they were a wonderful birthday present, who doesn’t like snakes?”
Sirius raised an eyebrow. “You’re sitting in a room full of Gryffindors and you ask if we like snakes?” He looked at James. “Is your sister right in the head?”

“No.” Was James’s immediate answer.

Emily glared at him, but gave up and looked back at Sirius when her will for James to burst into flames didn’t come true. “Just because the snake is the representative for Slytherin House doesn’t mean they’re evil. A snake could kill someone just as easily as a lion could, they don’t care which house you’re in, as long as they get a meal.”

“Snakes eat people?” Peter asked, eyes wide.

“Well…no.” Emily murmured. “But that just proves my point. A lion, the symbol of bravery, will not hesitant to make you its meal if you’re not fast enough, while snakes only attack when provoked.”

“Maybe with animals, but we’re in people world. Lions and Snakes in Hogwarts may be based off the real thing, but are so not the same.” Sirius said.

Emily shrugged and stood, picking up her bag from the floor. “You’re the one to bring up the subject Black, don’t argue with me about it. You don’t like snakes because you don’t like Slytherin. I really don’t see why.”

James looked up at his sister in surprise. “Are you saying you want to be a Slytherin?”

She sighed and walked out of the compartment, standing in the doorway. “No, I really want to be a Gryffindor, but I just don’t see why every person put into Slytherin is labeled as evil, even though,” she said quickly as Sirius opened his mouth. “Most who do get sorted there are pureblooded children with the idea that they are greater than everyone. All I’m saying is that they can’t all be bad.”

Sirius shook his head sad. “Naïve little first year, how quick you will learn.”

Emily sighed. “I’m sure I will, now I’m going to change, and I don’t plan on coming back.”

“Where are you going?” Peter asked.

She shrugged. “Might as well try and find another first year, maybe a boy this time, I don’t want another fashion lesson from girls who think they now better.”

“You will not start hanging around boys, you’re only eleven.” James said sternly.

“Little too late to be playing the protective older brother Jamie, most of my friends are already boys. So see you all later.” She closed the door before he could protest.


Emily bounced on the balls of her feet, waiting anxiously for Professor McGonagall, who she hoped would be her Head of House, to call her up to be sorted.

I wonder how long I’ll take. I am a very complex person, so maybe a while, although too quick would make me seem eager. Oh who cares, there is just so much I can accomplish after this. I will be top in my class, no one will stand in my way, and when I’m old enough I will dazzle everyone with my athletic abilities and beauty…that will one day come, stupid hair and lanky body! Why can’t I look like mother?!

Although her mother wasn’t a young beauty like most mothers with children Emily and James’s age, seeing as Emily and James were born late in their parents’ life, Emily saw pictures of her mother when she was young and hoped she would one day obtain Mrs. Potter’s straight hair and pretty face as she gets older.

Is it too much to ask to be seen as a pretty girl instead of a girly looking James? To want to be better than everyone else?

“Potter, Emily.”

Emily snapped out of her thoughts when McGonagall called her name and calmly sat on the stool, heart beating wildly when the older witch lifted the hat.

Her heart stopped, however, when the hat barley touched her head before calling out:


The look on my brother's face when I was sorted into Slytherin will forever haunt me, but all I could focus on while walking to the Slytherin table was the ironic voice in my head saying:

You do love snakes.

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