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Ghosts of Yesterday
Chapter Two: A Summer Job

I thought I had left all ghosts behind. I thought that if I pretended not to see they would eventually they would go away. Of course, using my five year old logic didn't work.For one, I couldn't stop thinking about them. Not only, as I began getting more and more educated, did I start getting more questions about it, such as, wasn't it just the Spanish looking for it? Didn't witches and wizards know that it was just a way that all the Native American Indians tried to get rid of the Spanish? And did the witches and wizards get the diseases and such that killed off most of the Spanish? Then I would find myself wondering what Grandma's answer would be if she were still around and hating myself for letting something as silly as lack of sleep ruin my life. I was supposed to be intelligent!

For another, try as I might, I couldn't get myself to get rid of the fairy necklace. It was pretty much all I had left of her, and the one time I had thrown it away, it didn't work. As silly as it sounds, I felt empty without it, like a piece of my soul had been taken away. I only lasted about three hours before giving up and putting it back on.

And last, ghosts were very common at Hogwarts. Not my kind of ghosts though, the kind that everyone can see. This gave me another question. Why were there ghosts that everyone could see, and others that only I could see? Was it that, just like there are different races in people, there are different kinds of ghosts? I probably could have asked the ghosts why everyone could see them, but my start with the ghosts wasn't exactly the best.

It had all started on my first night at Hogwarts, at the beginning of the year feast. I was helping myself to a second handful of rosemary potatoes when a ghost came up next to me.

'Oh no,' I thought to myself, inwardly panicking, 'I must be some sort of magnet! Just keep eating, and take a deep breath. Maybe he isn't for me after all, and if he sees I can't hear him, he'll go away.'

"Hello and welcome to Hogwarts! May I ask what your name is?" He directed towards me. I could feel a blush coming up on my cheeks and I had to hold back a groan. I took a huge bite of rosemary potatoes, hoping he would get the message. However, as though he had a special secret censor (and who knows? I thought to myself, maybe he does) he patiently waited until I was done chewing and had swallowed. I shook my head, willing it to go away.

"Miss?" I gave no answer.

"Humph. People these days. That's the response I get for trying to be polite." he muttered under his breath and, without a further word, stalked angrily out of the hall.

A girl sitting next to me, a second year with dark brown hair split into two pony-tails, leaned over. "Why didn't you answer Nearly Headless Nick?"

I nearly fell out of my chair.

"You can see him too?" I asked, my green eyes wide with surprise.

"Of course I can! And you hurt his feelings! Nearly Headless Nick can really hold a grudge, you know." And he did. From then on he avoided me as much as possible, and when he was forced to speak to me, it was in a quick and impatient tone. But I was fine with that, especially since he wasn't the revenge type. A grudge I could stand, danger I couldn't.

It was the last day of sixth year, and I was at platform nine and three quarters saying goodbye to my two dearest friends, Caroline Jenkins and Heather Brown.

"Promise you'll write to me every day!" Heather was saying, clutching my arm tightly. I rolled my eyes. Heather was always over-dramatic, but it was one of the reasons I loved her so much. Caroline was more quiet, but she was also very sarcastic and she could make me roll on the floor, hysterical with laughter within seconds. She was also the one I went to whenever I had a non Ghost-seeing problem. Despite how close I was with them, I still kept my promise to Grandma and kept it all a secret.

Besides, why would I risk my friendship on them not believing me? I had enough problems without having to add "no friends" to the list.

"I don't have an owl, remember, Heather?" We went through this practically every year. It was some sort of a tradition, and now it seemed like bad luck not to do it.

"Oh." Heather looked downcast for a moment and then brightened up. "You can borrow Annie's owl," Annie was her older sister, "I'm sure she wouldn't mind if it meant I stayed sane."

I noticed Mum and Dad walking towards me, arm in arm. I gave Caroline and Heather quick side hugs and, pulling my trunks along, walked towards them,

"Darling, how good it is to see you." Mum said, kissing the air next to each of my cheeks before giving a tiny laugh and both she and Dad gave me a bone crushing hug at the same time. It was an on going joke of my mother's to pretend to be a proper British lady. In fact, it was one of the things I missed most about her when I was away at Hogwarts.

Usually, I spend a week thrilled to be home and satisfied at catching up on things before I become terribly terribly bored and find myself some sort of hobby or goal. Last year I had been horrified at how my room seemed like a guest room with how empty it was, so I had spent the summer redecorating my room. The year before that it had been helping the poor and reading to the blind, and the year before that I had spent the summer writing in an authorly (if that even was a word or made any sense) fashion. (Meaning staying at a cafe all day, drinking cup after cup of coffee, or in my case hot chocolate, and observing everyone around me like a spy.)

This year, so far I was quite uncertain as to what I should do. So I did what I usually did when I was uncertain about something: I sat at my desk in my oldest and most comfortable pajamas sipping hot chocolate and doodling, humming a tune under my breath. I was in the middle of doodling a pumpkin when a thought came to me. I was almost a seventh year, and once I graduated from Hogwarts I was on my own. I had practically no money, just some to buy textbooks and other materials with. How was I supposed to support myself? What I needed was a job. And not a muggle job, a job from the Wizarding World. It was possible to change pounds to galleons, but it was a hassle, so I was going to make it as easy on myself as possible. Besides, I didn't want to accidentally say something about my world. Way too risky.

But what work was there for someone who hadn't graduated yet? And how would I find a job? I had practically no connections to the Wizarding World, and most of the ones I did have I couldn't use or wouldn't dare to. I was fairly sure that just as much as I would want to get an owl from them, they would want to get one from me.

Suddenly, another idea popped into my head, but unfortunately I would have to wait for that one.

Two days later, Annie's owl Korithus (she liked making up names) arrived at last, carrying a letter from Heather. It was mostly complaining about how bored she felt, how there was practically nothing to do and she wished that she could visit me or me her, and asking what my ideas for an activity this year so that she could in. And please let it be something that would attract a lot of cute guys. The last part was a joke. Heather had once been told she was very popular (though we all doubt it) and ever since Heather liked to act how most popular people were seen as acting. Part of that was drooling after guys even though, as far as we knew, Heather wasn't interested in boys at all.

I wrote a response, telling her the few things that had happened in my life, and I also asked her if she would be so kind as to send me a Daily Prophet in her next letter so that I could find a job, which was my new Hobby. I let Korithus the owl eat and drink and rest for a good amount of time before sending it off again. I stared at the night sky where the bird was starting to disappear from site, hoping that it wouldn't take too long for the Daily Prophet to arrive.

A/N- Whew, another chapter done! This is flowing really well, so hopefully this keeps up. Please leave a review! Even a few words really helps me.

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