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Lily and Delilah were merely two feet into the Great Hall when James appeared in front of them with his old cocky grin on his face and a ruffle in his hair.

“What now Potter?” Lily snapped tersely, but instead of quailing James’ smile grew, “Don’t you have someone else to bother?” She continued hoping to phase him.

“No actually I don’t. Lily I’ve been bothering you for years now. You and only you. If you think that because we’re going out I’m going to stop bothering you, you’re sadly mistaken.” James ruffled his hair one more time and cocked his head to the side, “Sirius told me that tonight I should flirt with other girls and make you jealous. He thinks if I do that then you’ll want me again but I know you better than that. I flirted with other girls for years and you still hated me. I didn’t get you because I made you jealous, I got you because I pissed you off so much that at some point I broke your spirit. I broke your spirit and you had no more energy to reject me. So it looks like you’ve got a fresh burst of hate? So what? I’m going to keep bothering you Evans, I’m never going to stop bothering you because you’re the only person I want to bother.” He grinned cheekily at her, “I’m going back to my friends now, you’re welcome to join us at our table if you want. You look beautiful by the way- just thought you should know.” He turned on his heel and began to walk away, he took a few steps before stopping and turning back to her, “Oh and Evans? Don’t give it up to the popstar. He only wants you for your body. I want you forever.”

“What was that all about?” Delilah asked staring at James‘ retreating back in horror, “He’s going to annoy you forever? Is that what he just said?” She turned imploring to her friend waiting for the insults to start but flowing but found that, rather than sneering, Lily was smiling queerly.

After a long moment a small sigh escaped Lily‘s lips, “That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me,” She smiled.

“… Does this mean you won’t be shagging Jazz?”

Lily just continued smiling. Then like a bird ruffling it’s feathers she straightened up, “The place turned out well didn’t it?” She grinned motioning at the hall.

The girls turned to stare across the magnificence of Lily’s decorating prowess. Sheets of black and red chiffon hung from the ceiling making it seem as thought the party-goers were inside a macabre Big Top. The crystal brackets sent multitudes of multicoloured lights dancing from behind the sheer sheets and the swirling clouds of the ceiling could not be entirely hidden. The floors were polished to a dull shine and hundreds of small, intimate tables filled half of the hall whilst the other side was dedicated to a marketplace of Halloween stalls and a huge, black draped stage; for the band.

The stalls provided the students with fortune tellers, mediums, face painters and the chance to win Halloween games. Pete could be seen blindfolded and dipping his hands into a bowl of eyes (grapes).

“It’s beautiful.” Delilah grinned, “Couldn’t half tell your muggleborn.”

“Ah shush you big elitist. Lets go get pumpkins painted on our foreheads.”

“Lets. That’s just what my outfit is missing.”

Across the hall Sirius was already having his face painted, “How does it look?” He asked James as a woman dressed in a paint splattered overall painted his mane.

“Like you’re eighteen years old and getting your face painted like a lion.”

“Perfect. So how did your stupid plan go?”

“Brilliantly. She didn’t punch me like she would have done if I’d cheated on her… in other words if I’d followed your plan.”

“You would have had more fun with my plan,” Sirius wiggled his nose as the paint brush tickled it.

“I don’t think so,” James’ voice was thoughtful, “I mean I’ve fancied Lily Evans for years… What could be more fun that being with her? You know?”


“No really, so I could snog another girl tonight? Where does that get me, eh? Back to where I was last year with the girl of my dreams detesting me.”

“The girl of your dreams?” Sirius snorted, “She’s hardly the girl of your dreams.”

“Yes she is,” James rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, glad that his friends eyes were closed and unable to witness his blushing, “She’s everything I could ever want Sirius. I never really realised until tonight when I considered looking for someone else. There’s no point looking, I’ve found her and so what if I have to work a little harder to hold on to her? If we really care about something we work for it.”

“James…” Lily’s voice was soft and James’ felt his whole back stiffen. His prepared speech was one thing but for her to hear all that? He felt his face turn scarlet as he slowly turned to face his girlfriend. Lily was staring at him with her beautiful eyes wide, “Did you really mean that?”

He considered denying it, he considered blaming Sirius‘ special vodka, he even played over the idea of simply legging it but then he decided he might as well stick this out. This was something he was willing to work at. “…Course,”

“Oh James,” Without warning Lily flung her arms around his neck, “You’re such a fricken idiot!”

“Hey!” He laughed hugging her back as relief flooded his body. “Don’t be such a bully.”

Sirius and Delilah watched on as Lily burst into sobs of laughter. “Crazy.” Sirius said and Delilah raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah whatever Azlan.”

“What are you thinking?”

Lucius shot Narcissa a long, sideways glance before returning to his menu, “That I’m going to order the crab.”

“No but what are you really thinking?” She lent across the small table, closing the distance between them and resting her hand on is.

“That’s what I’m really thinking.” He replied smoothly sliding his hand from under hers and resting it out of her reach.

Narcissa sighed and pouted, “I thought being your date would be more exciting.”

“Sorry to disappoint you.” He didn’t sound it.

“Do you want to dance?” Narcissa motioned at the small area cordoned off for dancing, a few couples and a large group of second year girls were jiving to an up-tempo beat that seemed to be coming from thin air.


“Do you want some more punch?”


“Do you want anything?”

“Not right now.”

Narcissa sighed again and took a delicate sip of punch from her glass, “Oh no,” She tinkled, “My dear cousin does like to make a show of himself doesn’t he?” She motioned at the dance floor again; Sirius, still painted like a lion, was moon walking onto it holding the hand of Delilah Tyler’s sister who also had her face painted; she was a butterfly. “Every family has to have their black sheep, don’t you agree?” She was trying to make him laugh but Lucius’ lips didn’t even twitch. He stared out at Sirius as he spun the gold clad girl around the dance floor and, if anything, he frowned more.


“Do you want to go talk to a fortune teller?”


“Face painting?”


“Play a game?”

“Narcissa do be quiet.”

“Oh look! Lucius look! It’s Severus and Rodolphus! Rodolphus is dating my sister Bellatrix, I think they’re due to be engaged. Did you know?” She frowned as he ignored her and reached right across the table to grab his hand. Short of wrenching himself from her grip Lucius had little choice but to allow her to hold him. “We should invite them over, they’re both wonderful people.”

“I’d rather not-,”

“Rodolphus! Rodolphus! Over here! Do join us!” Narcissa waved her free hand rather frantically and, with a brief nod at Severus, Rodolphus began making his way towards their table with Severus at his heel. They sat down and Narcissa was quick to pass both the boys a menu, “Lucius and I were just discussing you and my sister,” She smiled warmly at Rodolphus and he smirked back, “It has been so long since I’ve spoken to her, do tell me how she is Dolphy,”

It was funny how it had happened. How she had ended up on another date with Sirius Black by accident. Delilah couldn’t help but laugh as Sirius picked her clean of the ground in a dramatic twirl. He was a wonderful dancer in a crazed, slightly manic, way. He was like a ballroom dancer on speed; grace in fast forward.

“You make a wonderful butterfly,” Sirius told her pulling her flush against his body before forcing her backwards in something reminiscent of a foxtrot “Have you heard the story about the butterfly and the lion?”


“Well to cut a long story short they do it,”

A surprised laugh was torn from her throat, “Oh do they? I thought you were dating my sister Mr Black?”

“Oh that’s just a rumour.” He spun her again then lowered her into a squeal inducing dip, “I’m really dating you Delilah.”

She really smiled this time, “How’d you know it was me?”

“The Azlan jibe? That’s all you baby.” He slid a hand down her back to rest on her lower back, dangerously close to her bum, “So how about it? Can I butter your fly?”

“That sounds surprisingly obscene,”

“Doesn’t it?” He winked at her, “In a good way though?”

“Sirius,” Their dancing slowed now as Sirius made his move, even though the music surrounding them was racing they simply swayed to the thumping bass; her arms were around his neck, his hands resting on her waist, “Have you heard the one about the guy who shagged everyone?”

“No,” He grinned.

“Herpes.” She patted his neck, “That’s how that one ends.”

“Do you have herpes?”


“Then I don’t see the risk.” He lent in, nuzzling his nose against her hair until he found her ear, he kissed it softly.

“I’m just saying you lead a very promiscuous lifestyle.” She said sternly although her voice was slightly breathy, “That can get you into trouble.”

“I’m a one woman man now,”

“Yeah right, pull the other one,”

“With pleasure.”

“That made no sense,”

“Come to the dorms and I’ll make it make sense,” He’d pulled back from her ear and they grinned at each other.

“You’re disgusting,”

“So are you.

“I was going to cheat on you tonight,” He said suddenly and Delilah took her hands from his neck frowning.


He held on steadily to her waist even though she began to try and move away, “I was going to cheat on you tonight,” He repeated.

“Oh that’s nice. Really smooth Sirius.” She wrenched himself from his grip, “I won’t sleep with you so you threaten to cheat on me? Like I give a shit. Dump me for all I care.” She turned on her heel and began pushing her way through the people who had steadily filled up the dance floor. Sirius followed and grabbed her arm.

“Exactly.” He held her wrist and slid his body against her back, murmuring in her ear, “You don’t care.” Delilah went very still, her face a picture of rage, as she tried to figure out a way to kick him in the family jewels from that angle. “You didn’t care and that made me go for you,” He continued, “And I got you,” She began struggling to get away again but he held fast and continued talking, “And normally that’s the point when I lose interest again, but after we’d had sex it was like you went back to not giving a shit. Even when we kissed I felt like you were thinking of other things; isn’t it fucked up how that turns me on?” His breath was hot on her ear and she felt shivers running along her body, “It’s like even when I have you I haven’t really got you; you’re like an on going challenge- do you get that?”

“So what? You want to have sex with me to get over me?” Her voice managed to be sneering and contemptuous but she was glad he couldn’t see her face which probably displayed a very different emotion. “Yeah that’s tempting. You know Sirius I don’t think there are many girls out there who will have sex with you once you explain that the next morning you’ll dump their asses.”

“Don’t act stupid, you know what I mean.” He slowly began turning her body to his and she let him. “And anyway,” He lowered his mouth so that it hovered over hers, “We’ve already had sex and I didn’t dump you,” He moved to close the distance between their lips but she moved ever so slightly back and his lips closed over thin air.

“Have you heard the one about the twins, Sirius?” She whispered, her eyes glittering with something between anger and lust.

“No…” His voice was soft, hoarse, barely audible over the thumping music.

“Well to cut a long story short… We’ve never had sex,” The words were little more than breath on his lips and Sirius seemed to freeze. Delilah took the opportunity to remove herself from his grip, “How’s that for a kicker?” She snarled before storming off.

The dormitory was lit by nothing but moonlight, there was a chair pushed up underneath the door handle, and two glasses of butterbeer sat, abandoned, on James’ bedside table.

James kissed Lily’s neck gently, one of his arms was bent and rested on the mattress, the other was trailing along the silky material of her dress. Lily had her glowingly pale hands buried in the ebony mess of his hair and the sound of her stammered breathing was driving him crazy.

“My God you’re beautiful,” He gasped pulling back from the intoxicating scent of her body to stare disbelievingly at her face, “You’re perfect,”

Lily smiled and blushed, she let one hand roam from his hair to his cheek and brushed it tenderly with her thumb, “I can’t believe I wasted so much time…” She rose up to kiss him softly. It was she who began tugging at her dress but James stopped her, taking her hand in his and stilling it.

“Didn’t you hear me Lil’s?” He asked softly, “You’re perfect and this isn’t perfect. I want you to have more that a messy dormitory and two glasses of butterbeer.”

“I really don’t mind,” The words were rushed and she began trying to tug off his clothing, making him laugh.

“I’m serious! I meant what I said earlier, about wanting you forever… if you’ll have me…” He brushed his lips along her forehead, “We have all the time in the world to take it slow,”

“And I meant what I said about wasted time, James,” She gazed firmly into his eyes, “We could wait until there’s expensive champagne and candlelight and sheets made from Egyptian cotton but that would be pointless because no matter what the surroundings all that matters to me is that you’re there. If it’s you and me then it’s perfect, I see that now,”

“You know Lil’s, I think our problem recently was that you weren’t quite sure how to stop hating me and actually like me,” His words seemed almost too intimate in the darkness, the contours and shadows of his face intrigued her. “But that’s OK because I don’t like you either,”

“What?” Her voice was confused, almost hurt, but too perplexed to actually be that. He’d finally got her in bed and willing and now he was telling her he didn’t like her?

“The thing is Lil’s, I reckon I kind of love you.”

“So how are things in Wales Lucius?” Rodolphus asked reclining in his chair and expertly tearing the shell from his shrimp, “The horses are still thriving I suppose?”

“Yes.” Lucius gazed over Rodolphus’ shoulder as watched Delilah storm from the hall, Sirius Black not far behind. He wondered what was going on. He hoped they were fighting. He hoped she pushed him down a steep staircase…

It was in that moment the hall was plunged into darkness. Screams of shock erupted throughout the chamber and then spotlights exploded onto the stage. The stalls had disappeared and now, floating ten feet above the stage, turning slowly, instruments and all, was the band. It was like mayhem. With the first few beats of the drum every female (and a few boys) in the vicinity, seemed to have lost their senses and surged towards the stage screaming.

Lucius wondered if he could use the uproar as a camouflage to sneak off but it seemed someone else had already decided to use the noise to their advantage. Rodolphus leant forwards, “For you,” He pressed an envelope made of fat, expensive parchment into Lucius’ hands. The envelope was sealed thickly with ink.

Lucius considered tucking the letter away but he couldn’t. There was just something so ominous about it, something so dark, that it was too tempting to open right away. Ignored by everyone but Rodolphus, who’s eyes were searching, Lucius slid his finger beneath the opening of the envelope and broke the seal. The parchment of the letter was just as thick as the envelope before it, the words were written in swirling, emerald letters. 


Under the Dark Lords orders I write this. To disregard this letter is to insult the Dark Lord himself.
You have shown great promise throughout our sparse meetings and are now invited to join the innermost of our ranks.
Congratulations Lucius, you may receive your mark, the mark of our Great Lord.
There is, however, one condition. You, like those before you, must prove your loyalty before you can truly be welcomed.
The Dark Lord has chosen a test which must be completed on the next full moon. On this night you will join us, in the place where he resides, and be welcomed into our flock.
This is a great honour and what is asked of you is not much in comparison.
You, like those before you, must spill the blood of the unworthy in the name of our Great Lord and his cause.
A little task, I feel you will agree.
On the next full moon, dear Lucius, the blood of the Mudblood Delilah Tyler must be spilled by your wand in the place where he resides.
We shall see you in a fortnight Lucius, I, myself, anticipate your induction joyfully.
Please destroy this letter immediately.
Congratulations again,

Bellatrix Black

“What do you mean we’ve never had sex?” Sirius shouted, causing some first years who had strayed from the Great Hall to startle, “Delilah come back!” He began following her up the main staircase, taking the steps two at a time. “Are you saying that wasn’t you? Are you honestly saying that was Jessica?”

She spun around at the top of the staircase, her tiny face made frightful by a mixture of purple paint and rage, “Are you honestly saying that you are so THICK Sirius that you could sleep with a girl and not even know who she really was?”

“You’re identical twins!” He roared back, “You tricked me!”

“Oh don’t flatter yourself! Your lured poor Jessica in! I’m only going out with you to save her the embarrassment of confrontation!”

For a moment Sirius looked as though he had been punched in the gut then his face burned an angry red, “Oh well that’s just fantastic isn’t it! You’re dating me as a favour to your sister? It must have been awful for you! You deserve a fucking medal for what you must have put up with being my girlfriend-,”

“Oh yeah because that was great. I just love it when the guy I’m dating says he planned to cheat on me but won’t now if I fuck him!”




“AND THAT’S THE ONLY REASON YOU STILL LIKE ME! REMEMBER? I’M THE ON-GOING CHALLENGE?” She looked in a right mind to break his nose again but, luckily, he seemed to be in the same mindset. The first years they had startled had now gathered around the foot of the staircase, preferring to watch the seventh years fight it out rather than Jazz Gibney’s performance.


“Oh yeah I’m so FLATTERED!” She then caught sight of the younger pupils, “OH PISS OFF YOU NOSEY LITTLE BRATS!” She yelled before turning on her heel and making as swift an exit as her heels would allow. Unfortunately, for her dramatic departure, Sirius was much faster than her and had no trouble keeping up.

“So tell me everything Delilah!” He demanded moving in front of her so she had to stop. She tried to dodge around him but he was too quick. “When did you guys do the swap? Or do you swap in and out like a tag team? Every time one of you gets sick of me the other takes a shift?”

“Don’t be a git!” Delilah growled, the butterfly on her face was scrunched up in anger. “You went to Hogsmeade with Jessica and slept with her. She was so broken up when she found out you thought she was me that he asked me to pretend it had been! She really liked you Sirius and you didn’t even know who she was. That was just lovely!”

“How was I supposed to have known? I THOUGHT SHE WAS YOU! It’s not like she was some random girl I picked up who’s name I never learned! I THOUGHT I KNEW HER NAME! WHY DIDN’T SHE SAY SOMETHING?”

“I don’t know!” Delilah cried putting on a faux-stupid face, “Maybe she was embarrassed? Did that ever cross your mind?”

“So why did you pretend to like me for so long then? It’s been over a month Delilah!”

“I wasn’t pretending to like you,” Delilah’s skin burned patchily red through her face paint, “Look I don’t want to talk about this,” She tried to dodge him again but he was having none of it.

“Well I do! I think you owe me an explanation!”

“I owe you nothing.”

“You do and you know it.”

Delilah looked at him then. Really looked at him. His handsome face was covered in brown and tan paint but his eyes shone past that, looking intelligent and hurt. She did like him, she’d liked him for a long time but she loved Lucius… Lucius. Lucius who didn’t really want her, Lucius who was ashamed of her, Lucius who made her feel so bad about herself that sometimes she spent all day in bed crying. She looked at Sirius, so big, so handsome, so different… He’d brought her sweets every day that week when she’d been in the hospital wing, he had only just finished swing dancing with her in full view of everyone. He didn’t care what anyone thought. He liked her and he was willing to let the world know. That had to be worth something.

Right then it was like something inside of her shifted. The torch that she had, until that moment, been carrying so resolutely for Lucius flickered ever so slightly. So what if Sirius had called her fat in fifth year? So what if he’d made fun of her songs? So what if he’d made her hold his broomstick so he could grope Michaela Montgomery with both hands?

“I do like you,” She said eventually. With a sigh her gaze dropped to the floor and she shrugged helplessly. “I like you a lot. I like being your girlfriend. It’s just… while you didn’t know about Jessica I just kind of felt like the whole thing was pretend… Even though it wasn’t for you; at least I don’t think it was. And even though I started feeling stuff I didn’t pay attention to it because… it had to end. But now that you know, well it’s different some how… you know?”


She scowled up at him, “Well whatever. You were going to cheat on me anyway.”

“Yeah because you wouldn’t care!”

“But I would!”


“Because- God damn it Sirius!” She was frowning so hard that she couldn’t help but smile, “Isn’t this just the stupidest argument you’ve ever heard in your life?”

“Almost,” He grinned back, “You’re mad because I was thinking about cheating on you even though I really asked out your identical twin and you’re only dating me as a favour. You couldn’t make this shit up.”

“Throw in some face paint, a bit of liquor and my favourite band playing in the background and we’ve got ourselves a real shindig.” She scratched her head distractedly, “So I’ve got a question.”


“That whole speech about me not caring so you caring… did that equal you like me? Yeah or no?”


“So you like me.”

“And you like me.”

“Gosh what a conclusion.” Delilah shook her head and rolled her eyes, “Hormones, eh?”

“Yeah…” Sirius smiled, his eyes averted to the wall, “So Delilah, I was wondering,”


“Will you go to the ball with me? I hear your favourite band is playing…”

“You mean on a date,”


“Yeah OK.” 

 A/N I don't know if I like this. It might get deleted and rewritten soon but I just felt I should get something up. After all, having five completely different twelf chapters on my hard drive wasn't doing my heart any good. I think once this story is finished I might post all the chapters that didn't make it for you all to make fun of. There were some wicked funny drunk James scenes in some of my attempts, and an awesome porny flash back from Jessica. 
Once again I want to say a BIG BIG THANKYOU to everyone who's reviewing! There's nothing I love more than a review! All reviews gratefully and graciously recieved. Even criticism, how else can I improve lol? Although I prefer satisfied costumers..

Love ya'll x x

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