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Tempest thought the gills looked weird. What she though looked more unusual were her feet and hands. She looked at Void who was by her side. He sill looked angry. She looked at Divina next. Her legs were just one fin so right now she really looked like a mermaid. She was leading the way down and had told them to swim angled. Adrian had asked why and Divina had simply said. "Lets just say, it a little more than cold down there."

They were swimming fast thanks to their fins and gills and from that point had swam in silence till Adrian stopped swimming. They turned one by one and looked at him.

"Why did you stop," asked Void.

"I thought I saw something."

"Oh please . . . "
"Void hush. I think he's right, were not alone. Divina!"

"Already a thought ahead of you." Divina took off and began swimming around. Tempest scanned the area for a place to hide if need be. Thankfully she saw a cave.

"Divina!" She popped up next to her. "Can you check that cave?"

"I already did. It's an air-pocket. Now I insist yo go to it and hide behind the rocks on the outside till the Gillyweed ears off . . . now!"

"Uh why," they all asked in unison.

"Oh no reason really just you know a bunch of sharks coming along with some eels!"

"Oh okay then."

They swan quickly and entered the bottom part of the cave and hid behind rocks till the Gillyweed wore off.

"Divina," whispered Tempest.


"How long have we been swimming?"

"Almost and hour. The Gillyweed should be wearing off soon. Hopefully anyway."

They sat in silene for a while and watched in silence as sharks and eels swam around them. Tempest looked at her hands at the sudden tingling sensation.

"Divina." She looked at her and saw her eyes widen.

"I'll create a distraction. You have to swim quickly, understand?"

"I'm not a child?"

"True but it's my responsibility to protect you. Now to Void and Adrian."

Tempest nodded and swam to Void and Adrian who were deeper in the cave She explained what was going to happen and she looked back at the opening and watched as Divina pulled out her wand.

"Bombarda!" Rock began to fall and Tempest knew that she had aimed at the side of the cave wall. Tempest, Void, and Adrian swam and gasped in relief at the fresh air.

"Are you guys all right?" asked Tempest as she pulled herself from the water.

"Yes. Well I know I am," said Adrian.

"What a pity then," said Void. He pulled himself gracefully fro the water and stood looking around.

"Void . . . "

"I think I'm going to see how deep this ave is and if there is another exit." He walked away and she looked back at Adrian.

"You can't blame him."

"Trust me I don't. If I were him I already would have tried several attempts on my life with or without regard to Nila."


"Yes." He sighed. "We should probably stat a fire to bad there's no firewood unless you know a spell?"

"Sorry I don't." She crawled to him and lifted his face back towards her. "I can see why she likes you."

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because Nila is in love with you and I know have she feels anyway. What can I say life is difficult and beside you need the pity." She laughed and sat against the wall. She shivered and sat closer to her.

"Bet you wish you could cast a fire now don't you?" She nodded and he laughed. He may be a jerk, but truly, it wasn't completely his fault, s realized.

They say for a while ad neither Divina nor Void returned. Tempest was beginning to get worried when Adrian stood up.

"We've been waiting for a while, do you think they are okay?"

"I hope. Voids probably still wondering around and Divina is still probably keeping an eye on those sea creatures."

Suddenly as Tempest was saying this, Divina popped out of the water and scrambled onto the cave floor. Tempest stood up and ran over to her. When she got closer she realized that her leg was bleeding.

"Divina . . . "

"I'm all right." She tried to stand. "I just can't walk." She feigned a laugh.

"Here, I can help. I learned some healing spells at my school," said Adrian. Divina looked at Tempest with uncertainty. She nodded and Divina reluctantly agreed.

Adrian pointe his wand at Divina's leg and cast a spell.

"Thank you," said Divina.

"It was my pleasure."

"Well I see you all are getting along," came a sudden voice. Tempest rued around.

"Enough Void, you're acting like a child."

"I don't care, now if you people would please follow me ,I think I might have found another way out of here."

He turned on his heel and they followed down a long narrow tunnel. Tempest slipped on the cold stone floor and would have hit her head if Adrian hadn't caught her.

"Are you all right?"

"Uh huh."

"Good." He lifted her back up and she smiled a thank you. She continued walking but not before meeting Voids angry gaze. She simply rolled her yes and crossed her arms. He's acting like such a child, she thought.

They continued on in silence. Tempest suddenly halted and looked at Void.

"Void! What have you done?" They all stopped and stared at her confused.

"What are you talking about?"

"You, what have you done?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." Tempest grew angry and went nose to nose with him.

"Don't you dare lie to me Void. I've known you for far to long. Now I'll ask once more and only once more, what did you do?"


"You liar! You awoke the Guardians of the Fire! Ugh how could you be so stupid! So ignorant."

"I was trying to ensure our safety."

"Ah ha, so you did!"

"Oh shut up."

"What exactly did you do and tell me everything. Don't you dare leave out a single part."

"Fine." He sighed. "I was just walking around. I needed some air and space. Now I was just walking when I sort of fell and well came upon a little pool of water. I looked at it and it suddenly turned red like blood. Then out popped a dolphin, but it looked....I don't know how to explain it."

"Did it look purple with like lack on the belly?" Divina asked.

"Yes. You know what creature it was?"

"A war dolphin. Ruthless and cruel they will kill anything or anyone regardless of who or what they are." She looked at Tempest who ignored her while pretending to be in thought.

"Isn't it's proper name a Phairwol?"

"Let me guess, you learned that from the book." Tempest nodded. "Well anyway, yes, that is their proper name."

"Now Void, is that all that happened?" asked Tempest.

"No. The Dolphin, it didn't seem to see me. It's like it was looking through me. Then it sort of hissed and disappeared. After that the water turned completely clear."

Tempest and Divina looked at each other before sprinting down the rest of the way. They stopped and looked down at the clear blue water.

"I think this is lie a sort of magical passage way to the fire," said Divina.

"Be careful," ordered Tempest.

"Aren't I always." She smiled and dived down.

Tempest waited and turned to Adrian and Void as they appeared next to her. Divina appeared back.

"We are going to have to be careful understand? Good. Now come on eat your Gillyweed." They obeyed and dived in after Divina.

They were weary as they swam quickly. They stopped for a couple more times as they needed to eat more Gillyweed. Finally, after an immense number of hours swimming they reached the bottom. Tempest blinked a couple times to wake herself from the long swim. She looked at both Void and Adrian. They too were sleepy fro the long travel. They could have swam for what could have been an day, maybe two. Tempest no longer knew, she stopped counting her intake of Gillyweed after a while.

Divina nudged them all and they looked at her.

"I found the fire. But be careful, I thought I also saw some Phairwol as well."

They followed after her and Tempest handed both Void and Adrian a potion for their stamina. They put the potion in their mouths and bit the cork off and swallowed the vile potion down quickly.

Tempest drew out her dagger and swam next to Divina.

"Don't release it's power, it might attract them."


They all swam close together till Tempest saw the fire. She stared transfixed at it and took in all the brilliance. It glowed blue and silver but she could see that it was. Tempests mind began to get cloudy. Her thoughts began to fill with the thoughts of immortality.

"Zephyr!" she heard Divina yell. She turned and saw Divina, Adrian, and Void with their wand out. Around them were dozens of Phairwol.

"Oh crap," she muttered under her breath.

"Zephyr," began Adrian. "Divina wants you to hurry. She sent me here t guard you."

"All right come on."

They swam as fast as they could and stopped at the edge of the fire. She began once again to become transfixed.


"Huh, oh yeah." She unleashed the true form of Excaliber and swiped it through the sand. Suddenly the ocean grew still and she looked around. All the Phairwol were staring at her and were completely still They stayed for but a moment before swimming away into the darkness.

"Okay, hat was weird," stared Tempest.

"Well I suggest that we leave before they change their minds and kill us," said Void.

"Agreed," said Divina.

They swam quickly back to the cave and waited there for a while till they gained their strength back.

"How long do you tink we've been gone," asked Tempest as she laid down to sleep.

"Who knows probably a couple or some days. Couldn't have been that long," relied Void.

"Huh I guess we'll just ask when we get back on land."

"Yeah, now sleep Zephyr, you're tired as well as the rest of us."

"Okay, goodnight guys."

"Good night," they all groaned in unison.


Tempest blinked at the blinding light of sunlight as she crawled back onto the beach.

"I'm blind," she joked as she collapsed onto the ground.

"Oh come, it's only the sun," said Void.

"I hiss at it. Besides I think all this bloody time in the sun is making me get a sunburn."


Tempest jerked her head around and smiled at Nila, Chad and her cousin. They waved at her and ran as fast as they could upon the soft sand. Tempest stood up and hugged them, dropping her sword.

"Um, how long have we been gone?"

"Almost four days," said Chad.

"We were beginning to get worried," said Zoltron.

"Oh you shouldn't have, really, nothing bad even happened. Actually it was rather fun." She laughed and soon enough Void, Divina and Adrian joined in. Yeah right, no trouble at all, she thought. Nila and Chad looked at them confused but soon enough they shrugged it off.

Tempest followed them down the beach and she stared intently at the man staring out into the ocean.

"Hey Monsieur Starlet!" yelled Nila. "Loo who finally returned." He turned around and smiled at all of them.

"Glad to see your back alive Miss Nyx."

"You have no idea how much you sound like your sister when you call me that," said Tempest.

"I guess I do. Now, shall we take leave now?"

"How do we do that exactly."

"Just hold onto each other and whatever you do don't let fo of each other." They nodded and watched as he cast a spell.


Tempest let little bits of sandal into the mouth of the wife of Mister Starlet. She watched as the colour quickly began to return to her skin.

"Thank you."

"Don't mention it. No really don't."

"All right then I wont. Down by the fireplace, there is some floo powder." Everyone left the room but he called after Tempest.


"Can you give this letter to my sister and this one to the Headmaster of Hogwarts. I don't want Adrian to get into much trouble."

"All right."

Tempest hid the letters in her shirt and walked down the old wooden steps that seemed to creek with every step she took. Everyone stared at her as she walked down.

"What do I look like, bloody Cinderella?" They laughed and she walked to the fireplace and took a handful of floo powder. "Well, here nothing. I say we make a grand entrance." She winked. "Nightmare Academy Great Hall!"


Tempest and everyone else she knew was in trouble. Detention for months, but Tempest didn't care anymore, she understood that the teachers just cared.

She had delivered the letter as asked and healed Divina's mother who was now at full health and power. She still laughed whenever she remembered the looked on Erasmus' face. There was still something, one little problem she had to deal with.

It had been almost a month since she had been face to face with the fire and the thoughts of immortality still haunted her. She opened her hand and stared at the little lack flame in her hand.

"Zephyr! Hurry up we're ging to be late for detention!" yelled Nila. Tempest laughed and stared at the doorway.

"I'll be there in a minute!" Tempest got up from her bed and took one last look at the fire in her hand before throwing it to the ground. "Aqua Eructo," she said extinguishing the fire. A life without her friends was not a life she wanted to have, she thought.

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