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Tempest looked at Void. So far the plan was going good. They were walking barefoot making sure not to make a sound. They stopped at the sound of a voice.

"Tell me Nila," they heard Adrian say.

"No," they heard Nila say unwaveringly.

"I demand you tell me!"

"Over my dead lifeless corpse!"

"Ugh! Damn you!"

"You know you love me."

"And that shall be my doom." They head him sigh." Don't make me so what he'll make me do."

She huffed. "Whatever, do your worst."


"I no longer care. I will not tell you where to find the fire, no matter what."

"Then you leave me with no other choice. Crucio!"

Tempest and Void looked at each other before sprinting towards them. They stopped at the edge of a circle and Tempest nodded at Void. He smiled satisfied and clenched his fist. Tempest leaned against a tree and watched Void. He simply tapped Adrian on the shoulder and punched him square across the face. The spell ended and Nila gasped regaining herself. Tempest ran to her and looked at her. Carefully.

"Zephyr?" Nila said dazed.

"Yeah. Void is here as well."

"You shouldn't have come."

"Why must you always care more about other than yourself?"

"You're one to talk."


"Nila . . . " said Void.

"Hey Void. How are you Zombie Boy?"

He laughed. "All right. Come on I'll carry you. Adrian's unconscious so we better go before HE comes. Oh and here."

He handed Tempest Excaliber and she smiled. They walked along through the beaches jungle. Chad, Divina and Zoltron greeted them with concerned looks on their faces. Tempest got Nila some food along with a vial.

Nila was sleeping on Tempest lap near the fire. She had a slight smiled on her face and a calming loo about her.

"We should keep the fire out," Void said. "It'll make it harder for them to find us."


"Yes Aidan?"

"I do not like this. It all seems to easy."

"I know, it just feels..."

She was interrupted by Nilas' sudden screaming. Tempest jerked up and knelt by her head. Nila punched her. Tempest swore under her breath. Nila was thrashing around and screaming chaotically.

"Hold her down," ordered Tempest.

She saw Divina dive under the sand and hold a leg. Chad grabbed another leg and held it with all his might. Tempest and Void each grabbed an arm and Zoltron tried to cover her mouth to shut her up.

"Void, if we don't figure out a way to shut her up they will find us."

"I know!"

"TRAP!" Nila jerked upright and was staring at everyone on mass confusion. "Why are you guys holding me down? Oh my god Zephyr, your lip is bleeding. What happened?"

"You went mental on us that what happened," said Divina with only her shoulders above the ground.

"Elaborate please?"

"You started screaming and thrashing around. You busted my lip. Don't worry, right now, worry about being able to run because you just gave away our position."

"Oops sorry."

"Quiet," hissed Void. Tempest looked at Void he had his eyes closed and had himself perched like a cat. He was listening she concluded. Her senses were stronger than his and Nilas were equal to his.

"Void there's nothing yet. Now get over here and pick up Nila."

"Fine. Come on Nila, hop on and hold on tightly."

"All right."

Void bent down and Nila wrapped her arms around his neck tightly. He hoisted her up and Tempest grabbed her bag with all their supplies.

"Come on you guys."

They walked along the beach and Tempest made Aidan keep a lookout from behind. He complied. She looked at Nila who had her eyes closed. Tempest pinched her neck.

"Hey that hurt."

"Don't you dare fall asleep again."

"Yeah well I'm trying. Void can you put me down now, I'm sort of getting tired."

"Okay." He dropped her to the ground and kept walking.

"That hurt you jerk."

"Yeah but it woke you up. Plus that was also for falling for your sister boyfriend who is also a jerk."

"Actually ex-boyfriend. Samantha said he broke up with her through a letter," informed Tempest looking down at her. Nila pulled her knees up to her chest and looked away towards the ocean.

"Get up Nila," said Void walking away. Tempest looked after him. He had his hands stuffed in his pockets and his blue tipped hair was spiked and unruly.

"Come on Nila, we don't mean to be well mean but it's all true. Now come on get up." Tempest ran after Void and looked at him.


"Are you jealous?"

"Jealous of what?"

She shook her head. "Nothing, never mind." They walked some more till finally Tempest haunted

"Void," she hissed."

"I know I sense it too."

"Run!" Tempest and Void ran followed by Nila, Chad, Divina, and Zoltron close at their heels. Tempest and Void came to a halt. He stood in front of them ad by his side Adrian. Adrian walked towards Void and punched him hard against his jaw. Void fell to the ground and his jaw fell out of place. He looked up and all he did was smiled as he fixed it back into place.

"Void don't taunt him," warned Nila.

"Yes don't. Now give me back Excaliber!"

"Fat chance of theat ever happening again," said Tempest.

"Give it back!"

"Even if I did give it back you wouldn't be able to use it. Only the wielder, meaning me if you didn't already know, can use it and extract it's power. So, ha, ha I win."

"Not yet you don't. Crucio!" He pointed his wand at Adrian who then fell to the ground.

"NO! Stop it! Just stop it! Zephyr!"

"How do you think your wife would feel is she saw you right now! What about your children!"

He ended the spell and looked at Tempest in the eye. They both ignored Nila as she ran to Adrian cradling him.

"How do you know about them?"

"Your twin sister. Your gold-eyed raven. She told me although even if she hadn't I would have been able to figure it out. You both have a strong bond, the only bond twins have."

He laughed. "You are a smart girl Tempest. Did she ever tell you why we hated Merwick?"


"We were six. Our older brother were out with our father when he came. Our mother yelled and told im to get out. He didn't. She got her want but before she could even utter a single spell, he killed her. We stayed quiet and watched as he left calmly. He told our father and brothers that an evil wizard must have come and killed her. All we could do was agree. That is why I didn't try to kill your family or you. In fact I was the one that alerted them, days before I alerted your father."

"So, you tried to save me?"

"Yes." Tempest thought deeply. Because of his she was alive she acknowledged. She pulled out Excaliber and pointed it at him unleashing it's power.

"I'll make a deal with you. I'll get the sand for your wife and you let go of the hold you have on Adrian."


"One more thing, if you betray me, or my friends I will shove this knife through your heart, family or no family."

There was a slight hesitation before his response. "Agreed."

"Good. Adrian get up your coming along."

"Huh?" said Nila.

"Yes Nila he is coming with Void and Divina and I. You are staying here and Chad I want you to keep and eye on them and Zoltron, I want you to help him with that. Don't let either of them out of your site."

"Okay," they said in unison.

"Good." She began walking back to the beach and looked dup at the full moon. She hoped that that would be a good omen.

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