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"Do any of you know the seriousness of this? We have a young girl kidnapped and being held my some . . . some common Muggle to the insult in a proper place!" Tempest saw Mistress Starlet stiffen. "Not to insult you though Bianca."

"Of course, it's all right."

"You should've come to us with this knowledge before hand."

"We did. We informed Master Vlad." This time it was he who stiffened.

"Oh really? Master Vlad is this true? Be mindful of your response, I would not like you to insult my intelligence.

"All right They did inform me. It was I myself who made the fake Excaliber anyway. I had no idea her brother would discover it was a counterfeit this soon. I thought him more stupid."

"Don't you dare insult my brother again!"

"Silence! Now, this has become a very dangerous day. Who knows who else he'll kidnap."

"He only wants Nila," said Void suddenly.

"And what makes you so sure?"

"Because supposedly he loves her and she has do everything he says."

"Why is that."

"Because when they were children they cast the Unbreakable vow, add that to the fact that they are stupid."

Tempest bit down on her lips. "Not anymore." Everyone looked at her.

"Please elaborate Miss Nyx."

"He swore on the Unbreakable vow that he would let her do. He didn't, therefore the vow is no longer Void." At least something good came out of the giving of the sword, she thought.

There was silence then they were all dismissed but not before they were all ordered to stay inside their dormitory. They complied.


Void was punching the wall next to his bed causing Tempest to clench her hands each time his hand made contact with the wall. She watched as the guys winced and Divina flinch.

"Dammit Void! Stop it!" screamed Tempest. Everyone stared at her. "I said I had a plan and I do! Now sit down and stop punching the damn wall!" She was seething with anger and finally she herself lost it. She knocked over everything on Voids dresser and kicked at the wall several times. Finally she regained her composer and stared ta her friends. She was having a very bad day.

"Divina I need you to find anything that will allow us to breath under water for a long period of time. Zoltron, Void, Chad, Gorx come with me, we're going to do some research in the library."

"You four go," said Gorx. "Someone has to cover for you while you're gone." He smiled and she kissed him on the cheek. Who needs Draco, she thought.

They sat in the darkest corner of the library. They were looking in all the spell books. They kept coming across the bubble charm.

"We have to find something better than that," said Void.

"We will, just keep looking," comforted Tempest.

Later at dinner Divina came and they had found nothing. She said she might know something but if they used it they would have to stay close to the surface and not abuse it. They huddled there heads close and listened

"It's Gillyweed. A plant that will give you gills and fins and what-not. But . . . "

"I don't like buts," said Void.

"Hush," said Tempest.

"Anyway, it's suppose to last about an hour. I suggest we use the bubble charm at first, then while we search for the fire we use the Gillyweed. Agreed?"

"Agree," they all said in unison. Tempest looked at her meal at the familiar sense that someone was staring at her and only her. Her eyes widened. Master Vlad had been listening and so had Mistress Starlet. They both smiled at her. Crap, she thought.


Back in the dormitory Divina showed them how much Gillyweed she had gathered. It was a lot.

"Tempest, do you remember that potion you made last year?"

"Which one?"


"Yeah. You want me to go make some." She nodded. "Okay I will while you find an island in the Pacific. Either that or we scry for Nila." They nodded and she cast the invisibility spell on herself.

She snuck around and kept her heart calm. He probably already knew that she was near, but anything was better than nothing.

Tempest crept in and looked around and up. As of yet, there was no sign of Master Vlad. She uncloaked herself and searched around in the cabinets. She soon began to prepare the potion.

"Master Vlad, if you're going to do something can you do already, you're sort of starting to annoy me." She watched Master Vlad come from the corner of the room and walk towards her.

"How did you know I was here?"

"I am familiar with the sense of eyes boring into the back of my head. It's very uncomfortable so I have a tendency to notice," she smiled and turned back towards the cauldron.

"You could get into serious trouble."

"I know but she's my friend. I can't abandon her. She wouldn't abandon me or Void, so we can't abandon her."

"All right, but you'll need far more potion."

"I intend to use the entire cauldron."

"I am aware but that still will not be enough to sustain you. You will need food."

"We'll roast fish." She heard hin sigh as she began filling tiny vials.

"Very well, if you insist on going. Here's a picture of an island on the Pacific. Go there first they scry for her and save her."

Tempest turned and starred at him suddenly. "Why are you helping me?"

"Because you're like your mother, so that's means it futile to try and argue with you." They both smiled and she turned and began filling up more vials.

"Gorx is staying behind to cover for us so now you can help him..I guess." She smiled and continued on recurrent task.


All the vials were jingling as she ran to the dormitory. All this running was beginning to wear her down, she thought. She'd need one vial earlier that assumed. She ran in and looked at her.

"Hello friends, how fare thee? My, I am exhausted. Oh and by the way Master Vlad knows and gave me a picture of an island in the Pacific. Completely abandoned, rather uncharted."

"Repeat," said Void shocked.

"No, you already know what I said. Now I think they would go there eventually. It's hard to day. So come on, lets go, we have to do a repeat of last year." She smiled and turned on her heels.

When they entered the bathroom Master Vlad was already mixing ten cauldrons simultaneously. He didn't smile.

"Where's your dragon?" She pointed at the window. "What about Nilas bat and your cat Void?"

"Huh, oh well I thought I wouldn't need him."

"Good thinking. Your senses are already heightened so you no longer need your cat anymore." He smiled mischievously. "Now, you'll need her bat to help sense her, do you have it?"

"Right beside my dragon."

"Good, now the potions ready so come up all of you and Tempest focus. I'll be grading you by the way." He smiled.

"Joy, that makes me feel so much better." She pulled out her wand and watched as Master Vlad with a single flick of his wand, dumped all the contents into the huge basin.

"Quickly now." She close her eyes and formed the picture in her mind


The scene erupted and first went in her dragon, Lestat, the herself and her friends.

Tempest landed on soft sand with sunlight blaring at her. She looked around the beach and stared at the crystal blue ocean. It was beautiful.

"I'll go and find food," said Divina.

"Uh, oh okay. Void!"


"Go find some dry wood for a fire."

"What? No, we have to go get Nila."

"She'll come to us, trust me all right." She stared at his clenching hands. "Why are you so adamant on saving her?"

"What, your not?"

"That's not what I meant. We all our, but we understand that's she's not here and that she would want us to live.'re...I don't know how to explain it, you're attitude is just different."

"Yeah well, it's difficult to explain."

'Try." He nodded.

"Remember what happened to my leg."


"Nila, she pulled me through every constellation patter and then when we were back at the vines again she reattached my leg. I remember she looked around till she found a sharp needle like rock and tore at the hem of her clothing. She sowed it back together enough and use a piece of my pants to stop the bleeding. Nila found a secret passage back down and brought me back. I passes out soon after but I remember she was still by my side. She never abandoned me, never."

"Okay I understand, and don't worry, we will save her. I promise." He smiled and nodded. "Good, now go get he fire wood."

Time flew by slowly as they ate roasted fish and shrimp, courtesy of Divina's excellent fishing. The air began to chill as the sun began to set. No one could fall asleep being as they were worried, so they began to tell stories to lighten the mood.

Void began first with a story about a Knight. Tempest couldn't help but smiled as she knew the story. Supposedly they Knight was his father, but Void never believed it.

Chad was next. His story was of a boy who was just a farm boy, until he came upon a dragon egg. Tempest laughed as Aidan grew fond of the story never wanting it to end.

Divina passed her turn and Tempest smiled. "All right," she had said before going serious. She looked at Void who had his ears back like a cats. He looked at her.

"They're here," they both said in unison. Tempest grabbed her wand and pointed it at the fire.

"Aqua Eructo," she hissed. It went out and she called everyone together.

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