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Tempest woke by the fire of the Slimythings Common room. Three weeks. The pressed the heel of her hand against her forehead. She had still found nothing. She had looked for three weeks in almost every book room and that was the problem. There were just too many and her friends were not enough. She looked around yet again and at her side, with his arm wrapped around her waist asleep was Gorx. She smiled and slipped herself from underneath his grasp. Tempest smiled when he just rolled over and curled into a little ball.

She slunk from the Common room and walked down the corridor that lead to the catacombs. Tempest was os used to coming down here, she knew the place like the back of her hand. She tip toed down the cold stone steps and walked past the first seven doors. She took a deep breath hoping and wishing that this door held the book she was looking for.

Tempest started with the easiest place to look, the first shelf. She laid on her stomach and read each binding. She sat up and crawled around while she looked on the next five shelves. After some time of looking she stretched herself and cracked most of her bones. This daily ritual was becoming annoying. She decided to cast a spell in hopes that the book was there.

"Accio book of mystic fire." Nothing. She searched through her mind to see if she needed to add words. Sh tried again.

"Accio book Mystic Fires of the World!" Something flung at her hitting the side of her face. She cried out in pain and happiness. Finally, she had found the book.

Tempest laid there a bit to allow herself to recover from the blow. She touched the side of her face and wined at her stupidity. She was bleeding. Who knew a book could do so much damage, she thought. She looked at her side and stared at the book. It was enormous. She picked up the book and flipped through the pages. Groaning escaped from her mouth as she realized the book was over six hundred pages long.

She crawled up on her hands and knees and used the bookshelf to hoist herself up. She closed her eyes and clothe her head till she was sure the room had stopped spinning. She walked from the room and touched her head at a soft click. Someone was there.

Tempest began running, no longer caring who it was. After some time her instincts taught hr something. If someone was up and walking where your skulking, they can't be up to any good. So she ran. Good thing I left my shoes in the Common room, she thought.

She ran up the stairs and into her dormitory. She smiled sweetly at her scowling friends.

"Hello friends, how are you?"

"Fine, and yourself," asked Gorx.

"Oh fine. Just this book hit me on the side of my head and I was almost caught by someone down there. Good news, I finally found the book I was looking for." She smiled and held the huge book up.

They kept scowling and she rolled her eyes and sat down. She ignored her friends as they stared down at her as she carefully examined the book. No contents page or index she swore.

"Oh will you all just sit down already, you're starting to annoy me." She heard them sigh and she herself smiled in triumph.

"Your head looks pretty bad," said Nila.

"Don't care. Now this book has no index or table of contents like I'd hope. That means that I am going to have to rad this book word for bloody word. Isn't that bloody brilliant," she ended in sarcasm.

She looked outside the window at the stormy night. She was to tired to do anything for the next couple of days.

"That's it. I'm missing this whole week of school. Good night now." She grabbed the book and held it close to her chest as she walked off to bed.


Tempest woke in the mid afternoon with a pounding headache. She lifted herself up and looked around.

"Mistress . . . "

"Ah Aidan . . . "

"Flying. Your cousin was here to see you earlier. I saw him leave you something. It's under your bed."

"Thank you, now go enjoy your flight."
She looked around. "Where are you?"  Tempest looked under her bed and stared at a box. She sighed and pulled it out. Inside of the porcelain white box was book of Jumping Beans. Chocolates filled with massive amounts of caffeine. She laughed to herself and put them on her dresser. She would eat some later.

Tempest got dressed and grabbed the book. Better get cracking, she thought. She looked around as she kept losing her focus. Tempest laid down on the coach ad fell into a deep sleep.


Tempest woke with a note plastered on her forehead. She pouted in annoyance. Idiots, she thought as she smiled.

Dear Zephyr, it read, she noticed that it was Nilas' handwriting. We came and saw you asleep, thought it best not to wake you. Anyway we WANTED to say hi, but this will have to do because well, you already know. Look, if were not awake when you are we're warning you, no demanding that you stay put and read. We mean it Zephyr. Love Gorx, Nila, Void, Chad, and Divina.

Tempest lifted her eyebrows in amusement. She decided that she would do the complete opposite of what was demanded by her friends. She threw the note in the fire place and took of her shoes before leaving with a mischievous smile on her face.

Tempest strolled the corridor when she accidentally bumped into something. She didn't have to look to notice it was person.

"Zephyr," said Zoltron. She looked up and smiled in relief.

"Oh thank god it's you. I almost thought I would . . . "

"Get into trouble. If you haven't noticed I'm the Growlkittens prefect." He tapped his robe and she groaned.

"You're not going to turn me in right cousin dearest?"

"No, but you're lucky I'm on duty tonight. Now where are you going?"

"I was going to explore the school grounds. Of course you want to join," she said rolling her eyes.

"Of course, come on, I think I can get us both out without anyone noticing."

"Uh, I think I know a quicker way, but you have to promise not to tell a soul."

"Uh, okay I promise."

"Good, now follow me."

She grabbed Zoltrons arm and pulled him along as she felt along the walls. Tempest found the passage and looked side to side before pushing him inside.

"Wow, where are we?"

"Secret passage way, where Gorx pulled me after my incident with the Dementor. This is where I hide. Only Gorx and you know of this place. Don't you dare tell anyone, understand?"

"Of course. Now, this leads outside?"


"Uh huh."

They walked in silence. Tempest stopped him short and put her finger to her lip. She listened then pushed Zoltron ahead of her.

"Hey . . . "

"Quiet! Do you see anybody?" He looked around.


"Good." Tempest walked from the passage way and walked onto the cold marble floor. She walked toto the forest and stopped next to a tree.

"Something wrong?" she asked leaning on a tree and smiling.

"What do you think?"

"Oh come now, the trees won't hurt you. You were born on the good side of the family tree. Your eyes are more blue than they are grey. Trust me, they will recognize you as a descendant of Author and only Arthur."

He sighed and walked in tracing his fingers over the bark of the trees. No reactions occurred

"Told you so."

"Shut up."

They waled through the forest calmly and stopped when they past under an arc of branches. Tempest and Zoltron looked around in confusion.

"Zephyr, where are we?"

"Uh, I have no bloody clue."

They heard a little giggle and jerked around. Behind them was a swampy bog new to their eyes. They heard the giggle again and turned around.

"Who's there," demanded Tempest.

"Just us swamp fairies." They turned around and on a rock next to the swamp. On the rocks at two little fairies dresses in leaves.

"Wow, I didn't think they really existed."

"Shut up. Swamp fairies are very helpful as well as very troublesome. Don't insult them."

"Uh okay."

"Good." She turned her attention back towards the fairies. "Can you tell us where we are?"

"The Swamps of Mischief. Created by Merlin to cause Morgan Le Fey's warriors to get lost." They laughed.

"Okay. Do you know the quickest way out."

"There are actually two ways. One that way," they pointed left. "And one the other way." They pointed right.

"Do you know which is safer?"

"Well we'll leave that decision to yourself." They jumped up and upon landing on the rock blinded both Tempest and Zoltron. Tempest opened her eyes and looked around. Zoltron was gone.

"Zoltron!" she yelled. "Zoltron!"

Tempest swore silently under her breath and looked up at the sky. She was in a whole different part of England.

Tempest walked around and called for Zoltron as she did so. Suddenly, she tripped and fell into a fixture of moist ground. She groomed as she rolled her and noticed her knee was bleeding. She swore again and stood back up.

Tempest walked for w while and stopped to rest against tree.

"Having fun darling?" came a sultry voice.

"Huh." Tempest looked around hoping it wasn't another faery

"Up here sweety." Tempest looked up and stared at the pixie.

"You're a pixie right?"

"Uh huh and you look lost. Wanna have some fun?"

"Actually I would much rather get out of here."

"Oh come now, all us pixies are having a party. No fun ever hurt anyone."

"Well I guess. Wait, do you think you could help me find my cousin?"

"Only if you promise to have fun." Tempest agreed. "Okay then, follow me now."

Tempest followed pixies till they reached a clearing. Her eyes widened in shook. Around a bon fire stood people young and old and talking to a young girl was Zoltron.

"Zoltron?" He jerked his head around.

"Oh hey Zephyr. Fun party isn't it."

"Zoltron do you know these people?"

"No, actually I just met them right now. They are the descendants of the people who got lost and found their way here. Pretty funny really." He laughed at him astounded.

"Are you drunk?"

"Oh god no, I just had some food and some swamp water."

"What food?"

"Oh just some mushrooms with some meat and . . . oh eggs too!"

"Okay that's it, you're acting weirder than normal. We're going."

He stood still. "And if I don't want to go?"

Tempest went nose to nose with him. "Then I will petrify you and drag you."

"Okay the." He turned to the crowd and she rolled her eyes in impatience. "Uh hello, do you people know the way out."

"Oh Zoltron why would you even want to leave," said the girl he was talking to earlier.

"Well I have to go!"

"Please don't. Come, have some more food and drink!"

"I can't really."

"Yeah he can't. Now tell us the way out if you know it and let us leave."

"Oh hush sweety, we know the way out. Everybody knows."

"Really, then..."


"Excuse us one minute princess," she pulled Zoltron aside and away from eavesdropping ears.

"Zoltron, the solders, they didn't get lost."


'Okay look, maybe at first they did get lost but then, as time progressed they stopped caring. Why you ask? Because of the food and water ere. They have some sort of magical abilities. That's why Merlin chose this place. Only one exit in and a different out. But by the time they found it, they no longer cared."

"Wow. Hey do you think them being descendants of loyal solders to Morgan they might know where the fire is?"

"Maybe . . . I can't believe I didn't think of it."

"I'm smarter than you of course."

"Oh shut up, no your not. Now seeing as you are on better terms than I, you should ask." She turned him around dn pushed him into the arms of the girl.

"Zoltron! You stayed!"

"Uh yeah. Um, you wouldn't happen to know anything about something called the Black Fire?" They girl stopped moving in joy and looked at him fright.

"How do you know about that?" A smiled crossed Tempests face when Zoltron looked at her.

"Well you see, me and my cousin here," Tempest waved when Zoltron pointed at her, "we're direct descendants of Morgan Le Fey. All we need to know is where to find it."

The girl looked around carefully then knelt closer waving Tempest closer.

"I shouldn't tell you but I like you, both of you. Now you can find it at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean." She looked around again. "Quickly follow me, I'll show you the way out."

She grabbed them and pulled them after her quickly. Tempest and Zoltron quickly began running after the girl as she began walking faster and faster. Suddenly she stopped causing Zoltron to bump into Tempest. She glared at him.

"This is the doorway out. I insist you go." She smiled and they returned the simple gesture.

"Wait, what's your name," asked Zoltron.

"Demenshia." Her honey eyes sparkled.

"Nice name," said Tempest.

"Thank you. Now go, hurry."

Tempest grabbed Zoltron with rolling eyes as he stared at Demenshia. She pulled him farther and farther away from the doorway ad deeper into the forest.

They walked for a while then froze in their tracks when they heard a wold howl.

"That didn't sound too good," remarked Zoltron.

"Ya think." They began walking backwards. "Lets keep the whole swamp thing to ourselves shall we. I'm sure you like me, do not want to die if we survive this."


"Good . . . RUN!!!" They both ran for their lives till they reached the school grounds and hid inside the secret corridor.

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