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Tempest walked along Dogscream keeping Nila other side. Nila stopped every couple of steps and then stopped, forcing Tempest and Void to pull her alongside them. Tempest fixed her ski hat and fixed her cut gloves back into place. Gorx called her and she smiled at him. He caught her hand as she ran to him and snuggle up to him. They were off to go meet her sister and Nila's cousin. They walked to the Shrieking Shack and walked through.

"Do we have to go talk to my cousin?"

"Yes," they all said in unison. She groaned and walked with her head down through the back door. Void picked up a snowball and threw it against the back of Nilas deep blue jacket. She gasped and jerked around. Her brown boots kicked snow at him and her deep blue corduroys caught snow on them. Tempest looked at Voids soon to be wet forest green sweater.

"God Void, I'm already stressed enough."

"Sorry, I just thought we could have some fun." He smiled winsomely. She fixed her hair back in place and ran after Void.

"I sweat you two are like children." Suddenly a snow hit her head and a sly grin crept across her face.

Everyone suddenly began rolling around in the white snow. Tempest jerked her head up from play at the sound of a familiar arrogant voice.

"Zephyr . . . " began Void.

"Wait here, I'll be right back."

She dusted herself of the snow and walked down the slope and crossed behind some trees. She stood and smiled to herself as she watched Draco mock the mudblood and the Weasly.

She turned her head around when she heard a twig break. She stared in awe at Harry Potter. He was under what appeared to be an invisibility cloak. She watched him make a snowball and launch it through the air hitting Draco. Tempest watched in amuse man before running to head off Draco. When she heard him approach she climbed up a tree and waited.

"Draco, do you have any idea how funny that was to watch?"

He looked up and gave her one of his rude sneers instead of one of his charming arrogant sincere smiles. "Hello Tempete."

"Honestly, do you know how funny it was? I'll tell you . . . HILARIOUS!"

"Shut up."

"Oh come now, be the old you and get Potter back, that's what I would do."

His head jerked upward and she waved at him. "What did you just say?"

"Harry Potter was the one throwing snowballs at you. He was wearing an invisibility cloak."

"So how are you able to see him."

"I'm not exactly sure, all I know is that I can see anything that is invisible."  They stared at each other before Draco finally asked her what she was doing there.  "I came to introduce my sister to by boyfriend."

"You're boyfriend?" he asked in shock. She smiled at his jealousy.

"Yup." She jumped down from her tree branch and bid him goodbye.

Tempest walked back to Gorx and he hugged her tightly. I feel like he never wants to let go, she thought. She looked around and when she didn't see Nila or Void, she lifted herself and kissed Gorx. He led her tightly and she wrapped herself tighter. Suddenly she heard someone cough and she puled away, face flushed. Nila and Void were staring at them smiling.

Tempest walked past them and said, "shut up."

They walked fro a while till Tempest looked for the small pub where they were supposed to meet. Tempest stopped a moment and rolled her eyes. Nila had stopped walking and was staring happily at the candy store in front of her. Her eyes were as lit as a child's.

"Nila . . . "

"Oh come on."


"Why not?"

"Because we have to meet my sister so come on and stop acting like a child.

Nila pouted but followed anyway alongside Void. Tempest smiled and opened the pub door. Someone called her name and she turned around. Oliver Wood waved at her and she waved back.

"Come on follow me," she said to her friends." She led them over to the table and they all sat down.

"Hello Zephyr. Selene...I mean Blade," he smiled and she smiled back. "She went to use the bathroom. She'll be back in a minute or two."

"All right."

They waited a moment and Oliver got them all some drinks. Tempest looked out the window and stared blankly at the falling snow. She picture her and Draco laughing on the steps of a building. She smiled at the vivid picture in her eyes. No one had to know, she thought.

"Zephyr," she heard Gorx say.


"What are you thinking about?"

"Nothing. Just some mental picture popped into my head."

"Of what?"

"Of me with . . . you."

"Doing what?" he asked slyly.

"Just laughing." He smiled and she smiled back. Where had theat picture come from, she thought. She looked down at her necklace and traced the intricate designs. She looked up at her sister who smiled slightly before sitting down.

"So," began her sister, "is this the famous Gorx I've heard so much about?"

"I guess." He looked uncertain at Tempest but she gave him a reassuring smile.

"Okay, now let me tell you thin straight forward. I'm not exactly thrilled my little sister is dating someone three years older than her." She cast a stare at her sister. "But I'm willing to overlook that on account that you make my sister happy." She smiled and Tempest smiled back.

Time in her eyes flew by and she looked back outside. Harry potter was running under the cloak. She wondered what would make him do so. The thought quickly left her mind as another popped in it place.

"Blade, we have to go now all right? I'll write to you later." She gave her sister and future brother-in-law a future hug and left quickly.

"Where are we going?" asked Nila.

"Have you forgotten already," remarked Void.

"No," she pouted, "but I was hoping you did."

"Sorry, nope," said Tempest.

Nila too the lead and lead them to a little cave near the Shrieking Shack. Tempest got her wand ready.

"Adrian?" Nila called.

"I'm here," called a voice.

Nila walked in and they all followed close behind. Inside the cave a wand was lit and they stared at Adrian who was staring back at them shocked.

"I'm sorry Adrian. Terra Vita." Vine came up from the ground and blocked the entryway.

"I'm not," began Tempest. "Forcefintos!" An invisible barrier laid upon the wall of vines.

"Neither am I." Void summoned a dagger and threw it at the barrier, imbedding it in the invisible wall.

They encompassed him and he grabbed his wand. Tempest quickly placed her sword at his neck.

"I don't think so."

He dropped his wand and crossed his arms tightly over his broad chest. How old is he exactly, thought Tempest.

"Adrian, stop this," begged Nila.

"I wish I could Nila, but I can't." He paused and looked at her. "I'm sorry for hurting you."

"I know you are." She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry too."

Vine came from the wall and pulled his to it. Nila turned her back to him and stared at Tempest and Void.

"Okay, I haven't been completely honest with you two."

"Explain," demanded Void and Tempest in unison.

"Adrian is a family friend. He comes to all our reunions. We're not related at all. Plus, um, we sort of like each other, and he's dating my sister."

"You're kidding right?" exclaimed Tempest.

"No. I wish I were though."

"You're a bad sister," said Void.

"Shut up!" She turned back to Adrian and kissed him lightly on the lips. "And I can't give you Excaliber Adrian. I'm sorry."

"You have no choice."

Tempest stared at them before turning to Void who nodded solemnly. Tempest turned her sword back into a glass dagger.

"Release him Nila.

"What?" Nila stared at her in astonishment.

"Just do it."

Nila's ring glowed as the vines sunk back into the wall. Tempest grabbed a glass dagger and threw it at Nila.

"Zephyr . . . "

"Give it to him. Maybe without it I won't be plagued as much as I used to."

"Zephyr . . . "

"Just do it already!"

Nila took one last look at it before handing it to Adrian. He took it and kissed her.

"Void, do grab your dagger."

"Accio dagger." The dagger vanished when it touched his hand. Tempest cast a reversal spell on the invisible wall and the vines sunk back into the ground.

"Thank you," Adrian said to Tempest.

"Don't thank me, I'm doing this for her, not you."

He walked away and Nila watched him leave. Void put a hand on her shoulder, but she shrugged it off.

"Bloody hell you're mental," he said. "He's not worth your time."

"Just shut up." She walked out the cave and they all followed.

"Don't you think you should tell her," whispered Gorx in her ear when she was outside. He had waited for her outside.

"At school. Right now I'm afraid she'll do something stupid."

"You're probably right."


Tempest watched Nila sulk in a armchair in the Common room. She twirling a piece of her blonde hair. Tempest looked at Tempest and she nodded at him. He closed his book and stood and she did the same. Nila didn't acknowledge them as they hovered over them.

"Nila . . . " they began.


"Bloody hell, just listen. I have Excaliber."

Nila finally looked up and her eyes flashed brightly. Tempest stared down into the fuchsia colored eyes.


"I gave you a regular glass dagger. They'll never the difference unless they can unleash the power. But by my knowledge only my family can."

"So I didn't give him Excaliber?"

"No, you didn't."

Nila smiled and sunk back into the seat. "Thank god."

"God you've gone completely mental," said Void.

"Oh for goodness sake, shut up already." She got up and grabbed a book. "I'm going to bed now."

"What's the book for?" asked Tempest.

"To put me to sleep. School books are that boring you know." She smiled and walked off. Tempest followed and said goodnight to Void before grabbing Excaliber and tucking it back into her wristband.

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