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Tempest fixed her quidditch uniform and tied her hair tightly behind her head and grabbed her broom. The latest in flying, a gift from her godparents, the Fireboat. Nila and Void stood by her side and just stared a her, their Nimbus 2001's in their hands.


"Well, we haven't talked about what happened yesterday," said Nila.

"Yeah so?" she said ignoring their faces.

"Well we were looking for you. We wanted to now if you were all right."

"But when we found you, you were already asleep.

"Well I was tired," she snapped.

"Well were sorry for caring," Nila snapped back.

"Enough you two," yelled Void. He turned he attention back towards Tempest. "What's going on Zeph?"


"You know we don't believe that," said Nila.

"Do I even look like I care?"

"Tell us what's going on," demanded Void.

"Divina blames me for why her life is turning out the way it is and to tell you the truth, if I were in her position, I would probably be doing the same. And second, I'm confused. Why? Because Gorx kissed me yesterday and honestly, I enjoyed it. The bloody problem is I don't exactly know how to tell Chad, and I like Chad, a lot, just not as much as Gorx."

She gave them a fake smiled and they stared at her with mouths wide open. Tempest watched as they looked at each other and then returned their attention back towards her.

"Gorx kissed you?" asked Nila.


"Are you going to tell your sister?" asked Void.

"Of course. I have to. During the Christmas holiday thought. Now...lets fo kick some Dufflebaggies butt."

They smiled and went to go meet the rest of the team. Gorx stood with his beater stick and smiled toward Tempest winsomely.

"Okay, now that we are all here lets just make this quick. Alex, Christopher, keep and eyes on Nila, lake sure they don't try anything. I know you're fast Nila, but they are brutally unfair."

"Got it," they said in unison.

"Serena, watcher them all closely like you always do. I'll cover you against any bludgers that they send your way."

"What, they actually hit bludgers in the keepers direction," said Void.

"Yup, and the chasers. You need to cover the chasers all right?" Void nodded. "Tempest . . . uh sorry."

"It's okay, I don't mind."

"Okay. Well I want you to watch Astrea. Knock her off her broomstick if you want. I don't care."

"All right," she said with a little too much enthusiasm.

"Good. Come on lets go."

They walked to the field and mounted on their broomsticks. Tempest, Nila, and Void flew to the top of the field and looked down.

"Think any Dementors will come onto the field?" asked Nila.

"Not if everyone wearing their necklace, they won't have any need," said Tempest.

"Hopefully anyway," finished Void solemnly.

Mistress Fanato blew her whistle and they flew down forming a circle. Tempest hovered above her team and stared at Astrea straight ahead of her. Her red hear was fixed in a tight braid and her green eyes radiated hatred.

"Now," began Mistress Fanato, "I want the most non-violent game you can promise me played. If I see any use of wands, that whole team will be disqualified and will not be allowed to play for the rest of the year. Keep your fights on campus." She blew her whistle once more and threw the quaffle up into the air. Nila caught the ball first and spun around a Dufflebaggies. She threw the ball to Christopher who scored it threw a hoop. Alex caught the ball and out of nowhere a bludger came at him. Tempest whistled in joy when Void sent it careening out towards the Dufflebaggies stands. She laughed when she noticed it almost hit Heather and Cassandra.

"Looks Louis, it's our favorite person in the world."

Tempests turned her head around and glared through slanted eyes at Astrea and Louis.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here Louis?"

"I'm a beater, didn't you notice?"

"No, and frankly, your not a very good one to be frank." She  laughed at her redundedness, hoping that she was clear enough for him to see.

"And why do you say that?"

"Cause there's a bludger coming your way." He turned around and swung hard at the oncoming bludger. She took that opportunity to dice at the Golden Snitch that was just below them. She swerved around players and followed it closely.

Astrea kicked at her side and she kicked back. They both flew up and over the heads of Growl kittens.

"Come on Zephyr," she heard someone yell. She looked down and saw her cousin waving at her. He was the only non-Slimythings student allowed in the Common room on account of his sneakiness.

Tempest returned her attention back towards the Snitch. Astrea tried to punch her but she ducked her head. Tempest reached forward to grab the Snitch, but Astrea pushed her aside. Tempest felt herself hit Astrea right before she grabbed the Snitch.

Tempest heard a whistle blow signaling the end of the match. She looked around for Nila and Void. Nila stood clapping and applauding. She looked around for Void and gasped when she finally saw him. Void laid unconscious on the ground.

Tempest flew down toward him with her team close behind. She threw aside her broom and knelt by Voids' head.

"He was hit by a bludger," she said standing up.

Nila ran to Voids' side and lifted his head onto her lap. Tempest turned around and stared at Louis and Astrea. Apparently Tempest had broken her nose. Tempest clenched her fist and started her way towards them.

"You stupid bloody ignorant sore losers!"

"I don't believe we know what you're talking about," sneered Louis.

She clenched her fist and punched him hard in the guts and as he bent forward to clutch his stomach, she punched him in the face.

"Well," she panted, "now you two look like twins." She smiled towards Astrea's bloody face and walked back towards Void. "Come one Nila, lets get Void back to the infirmary."

Nila nodded and propped him up. Gorx went down to his knees and they put Void on his back. Tempest couldn't help herself at his sweetness so she gave him a quick peck on the lips. He smiled slightly and blushed. She blushed as well and looked at Nila who couldn't stop smiling.


"Nothing, that was just cute."

"Glad you think so."

Nilas smiled faded. "I might, but I'm sure he doesn't." She nudged her head forward. Tempest looked back, half expecting so see what she thought she would see. Behind her was stood Chad, along with Divina who was glaring at her.

"I'm going to the dormitory," said Tempest.

She walked in the opposite direction off the field. After a while of walking she noticed a cat besides her.

"Zoltron, can you please turn to normal?" The cat shook his head and she sighed. "Fine. But one of these days people are going to complain about your being in the Slimythings dormitory."

Zoltron simply jumped on her shoulder and curled against her neck.

"You're insane cousin, I hope you know that." The cat just licked her neck and began purring.

They walked into the Slimythings Common room and Zoltron jumped down from her shoulders. She told him to wait there while she changed.

Tempest was tying up her boots when she heard people yelling for her. She ran downstairs and Zoltron, Divina, and Nila stood staring at her approach.

"I'm going to ask what you're staring at and I want a straight answer."

"Gorx and Chad got into a fight in the infirmary," stated Divina with her arms crossed.

"Who started it?"

"Chad," said Nila.

"Where's Chad now?"

"No one knows," said Divina. She was clutching her right arm in pain.

"What happened to your arm?"


"Chad pushed her away when she went to calm him. Her elbow fell out of place."

"Come on follow me."

Tempests ran from the Common room and ran down to the catacombs and once there opened the first door.

"What are you looking for?" asked Divina.


"Well that's obvious, but what?"

"Can you just shut up fro one moment please," Tempest snapped. They all fell quiet and she grabbed a book and flew through the pages. She threw the book down to the ground and grabbed another. She flung that one down to and grabbed another. She finally stopped at a page and pointed her wand at the ceiling.

"Findiento!" The room glowed brightly and suddenly Chad's face appeared in the ceiling. He was talking to someone they couldn't see.

"Can't we hear them?" asked Nila.

"No, I can only see him and his surroundings. Where does it look like he is?"

"The library probably. Look at where he's sitting," pointed Zoltron.

"Get there fast. I don't like the way this feels." They nodded and ran fast up the stairs. Tempest thought in her head id she knew a passage way then thought against it. Those were their secret hideaways, she thought.

When they reached the library, they slipped up. She walked around the first floor and stopped when she turned a corner. She stood stunned as she stared at the unholy scene before her eyes.

"Chad?" Chad and Astrea pulled away from their kiss and stared at Tempest.

"You're kidding right? Her? Astrea Sanguina? You're fucking kidding me right?!"

"Oh honey, calm down," mocked Astrea. "You technically brought this upon yourself."

"You! You shut up! You have absolutely no say in this! NONE!"

"Wow, you are a jealous one aren't you."

"If another word comes from your mouth, I swear Astrea I will snap that pretty little neck of yours." Suddenly out of nowhere her dragon appeared and grew to it's full size.

"Aidan . . . "

"I though I should come to provide the proper protection."

"You're not comfortable, are you?"

"The tables and bookshelves are digging into my sides."

"Well hopefully this won't take long."
"I'm leaving," said Chad. He tried to push past her but she dug her nails into his arms and jerked him back.

"Just let me go," he pined.

"No. Now I know your hurt, I understand that, but Chad really, Astrea. I mean, bloody hell Chad, she hates me!"

"I know and right now so do I!"

"You cannot be serious? Look, I still like you, but Gorx, I don't know, It's a strange and stupid feeling. Like confusing."

They both stood there before Chad punched a table. She flinched a little and he slumped down into a seat. She sat down next to him and rubbed his shoulder.

"I just thought that maybe . . . I don't know."

"Look, do you just want to start over and just focus on being friends?" He nodded and she smiled and extended her hand. "Hi, you may already know me by status but I'm sure we haven't been properly introduced. I'm Tempest Artemisa Nyx, but everyone calls me Zephyr."

He smiled and took her hand. "Pleasure. I'm Chad Callfrink."

She smiled and gave him s hug and a peck on the cheek then bent down to his ear. "I'm still counting on you to be my knight in shining armor."

"Don't worry, I will." They both sat there for a while till Tempest got up and stared at Chad.

"This is odd."

"What is?"

"Everything. This whole day. I feel like I've already seen the day happen. Void lying unconscious on the ground and you kissing someone. I feel like it's already happened."

"Strange. Like Déj vu."

"You know I always wondered which language that is anyway or if it's just made up jiber jabber."

"Actually," said a voice, "it's French." They turned around and behind them was Divina, Nila, and Zoltron.

"How do you know that?"

"I have a cousin that goes to some French wizarding school. Déj means already and vu mean saw. So Déj vu means already seen. Like I've said before I do know some things." She smiled proudly to herself and walked toward them taking the seat next to Chad.

"Anyway, as I was saying, I feel like I've already seen these events taking place, like in a dream or something."

"Don't worry, I'm sure the whole feeling will pass sooner or later," said Divina.

"Glad to see you're talking to me again."

"For now." She met Tempest gaze before leaving pushing Zoltron aside. They stood in silence as Zoltron walked to them.

"Wow, what's got her hair all tangled?"

"A lot of things," Tempest, Nila, and Chad said in unison.

"Uh, all right then."

"Come on already. Lets just go check on Void. And make sure he's awake."

They all nodded in agreement and Tempest began walking behind them as she traced her fingers on the book bonds. Her dragon flew to her arm causing her to accidentally pull a book out. The book opened up on impact with the ground and she reached for the book.

"You guys keep going I'll be a sec." They obeyed and she picked up the book. She looked at the pages and stared at it in confusion.

"Mistress, what is it,"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I'll just come back and look at it later."

"All right."
She placed the book back and memorize the title: Mystic Fires of the World, be leaving.she heard Aidan hiss. She crossed her arms and watched in amusement as Astrea backed against the wall and ran from them. "I must say that was funny."

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