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They huddled together in the ladies' bathroom of the Snakes Lounge pub and inn. Tempest soaked a rag and placed it on Nila's lip. She jerked her head away and swore.

"Can't you use a spell?"

"Not at the moment! Besides I don't know any healing spells. I know poisons, uncharming and charming. That's it."

"You know more that just that. You're very talented. Especially in Defence." Tempest smirked and dabbed again.

"Arg! Void do you know any spells?"

"Yes, but we need to show this to the staff and let them know about this."

"Void's right Nila. After then we can heal it. I promise."

"Ugh. Fine."

Tempest smiled victoriously. She cleaned the wound and looked around at the door.

"Crap. Zephyr this is the ladies' bathroom. I'm not supposed to be in here."

"Stand still. Cloakous-maximous." She cast the spell and looked straight at Void. She could still see him. She turned around and stared at the women as she passed. All she did was smile and nod toward Nila and Tempest as though she couldn't see Void. Tempest looked back and forth between Void and Nila before pulling them outside of the bathroom and outside the pub. Once outside Nila and Void both stared at Tempest.

"Nila, do you see Void?"

"No, isn't that a good thing?"

"I can see him!" she said exasperated.

"What," said Void.

"I. Can. See. You!"

"Can you please use the reversal spell. I'm sure he and I want to share a shocked look."

Tempest jerked up her wand and de-cloaked Void. She stared at him as though nothing had changed and Nila jerked her head around.

"There you are."

"So you really couldn't see him."

"No. Now can we please go have some fun to distract me from my slight fright attack."

"All right. Void did we pass a candy store?"

"Yeah we did. Actually we passed a lot of places, including a joke shop full of dark spells and tricks. We should check that place out, i'm sure that would cheer up Nila."  He laughed and she smiled.

"We should," snickered Tempest, "we could probably play a lot of tricks on Astrea and all her little friends."

"Along with everybody else at school," said Nila mischievously. Tempest rolled her eyes and looked at Void who was already walking away.

"Void, wait up," they yelled in unison.

As they walked Tempest began to hum a tune that came out of nowhere. Nila and Void looked at her and she blushed.

"Zephyr, were you just humming?" asked Nila shocked.

"Yeah, so?"

"What's the song?"

"Just something I made up."

"Sing it," said Void.

"Fine," she said giving in. It wasn't lie she had a choice anyway. "A girl so sad she fell asleep as darkness came upon her skin. Despair flew upon her eyes and covered them so thin. Death crawled upon her bloody skin and cause the darkness to fly lie the wind. Decay it came and clawed at her skin as her cute bleed so thing..."

"That's very depressing, beautuful but depressing" commented Nila.

"Have you seen the life I live?"

"True." They walked along and stopped at a tavern that smelled of strong incense. Jasmine, she thought, and . . .

"God that's blood," she said aloud.

"Of course it is. It's a tavern for vampires only. No one else is granted access," said Void.

"We didn't pass that before?"

"I know. I took a detour." He looked at Tempest and Nila. "Don't worry, it's not like a vampire is going to pop put of nowhere and suck out blood."

"That us one thing you can never be too sure about," said a seductive voice.

"Do you enjoy popping out of nowhere Master Vlad. No disrespect meant, just curious."

"Actually, on occasion I do. Now as I was saying, sometimes you can't be to sure. When vampires leave the tavern, the blood rushes to their heads and their hunger grows." He smiled and began to walk away. He stopped a moment and stared transfixed at Nila. "What happened to you Miss Cerdwin?"

"Uh, well I was at the Shrieking Shack."

"Her cousin that attends Hogwarts hit her," said Void harshly.

"He wanted my sword and is trying to get Nila to obtain it for him."

"How does he know you even have that swords Zephyr?"

"I'm not sure . . . Nila?" She glared at her angrily.

"I don't know, over the summer he just brought it up and I tried to deny it but he just grew angry.  I didn't tell him, not a word."

They all stood on worried muteness when finally the light bulb lit up in Tempest head.

"Master Vlad, I was wondering if I could make a scrying potion first thing when we get back to school?"

"Of course. Now off you go and be careful."

They all nodded and smiled and walked off. But before Tempest turned the corner she saw Master Vlad walk off into the tavern. They lights turned on and she noticed that the glass was blood red.

"I don't even wanna know," she said turning her back.

They walked for a while till Nila jumped with joy and ran into a candy store.

"I swear, she's like a bloody child," said Void.

"I guess that's why we love her."

"You maybe. I tolerate her," he said smiling. Tempest shook her head and followed Nila,

When they entered they expected to see Nila looked. Instead they saw her sitting down stuffing her face with Bertie Bott Every Flavor Beans, Chocolate Frogs and Licorice wands. She looked up toward them and waved them over.

"God you're a pig," said Void. Nila looked at him and in mid-chew opened her mouth wide. "God that's disgusting."

She swallowed down and glared at him. "Well that's what you get. I've had a pretty rough day if you don't mind. Or have you forgotten?"

"It's not my fault you were a stupid child."

"Void," hissed Tempest.

"No Zephyr," said Nila putting her hand down. "He's right. I was a stupid child. Now I'm a smart teenager," she said finished with a smile. "According to Void anyway. Thank you for the compliment."

He looked away and began chewing on a licorice wand. Tempest picked up a Bertie Bott Every Flavor Beans and chewed on it. Yum, roasted marshmallow, she thought before eating a vomit one.

Time flew by slowly as they hung around. They bought some pranking games and knew who their first victim would be. Tempest, Nila, and Void sat around a tree and just stared off into space.

"I feel tired," said Tempest.

"Well that was random," giggled Nila.

"She also likes Gorx more than she likes Chad," stated Void.

"Really? Well Chad will be sad."

"Sad about what?" someone asked. Tempest, Nila and Void all sat up and regarded Chad and Divina with fake calmness.

"I'll be sad about what?"

"If I died," said Tempest calmly.

"I think we all would," said Divina.

"How very enthusiastic you sound," remarked Tempest sarcastically.

Divina smiled innocently and flipped her long blue hair. Tempest stared at her in confusion. Divina seemed differed and angry in a way.

"Anyway, we're leaving now," stated Divina turned back to the road. "We just came to get you."

"All right, come on you two." Tempest got up and felt Chad place his arm around her shoulder and pull her close.

"Yeah, I would be sad," she heard him whisper in her ear.

"Yeah, I know." She swallowed down the guilt and wrapped her arm around his waist and snuggled up to him.


Tempest prepared the potion on the Poisons classroom. Master Vlad stood upside on the wall above them supervising the whole concoction. Nila stood calmly waiting for her part in the experiment to come. Nothing scares her except this, thought Tempest sneaking a glace at her.

"What?" Nila said irritably noticing Tempest gaze.

"Now you know how I feel everyday," said Tempest turning back to the cauldron.

"Yeah, I guess I never know how you felt completely."

"I guess, but I do have one question for you."


"Why does your cousins' violence scare you and nothing else? I remember our first year. You laced her legs over the boat and basically taunted the underwater creature. And when we went to get my stone, you were basically calm. The only time you get remotely scared was when Void . . . well you know."

"Losing family and very close friends. That's what scared me. I don't know why, it just does. Now, is the potion ready?"

"Yup. Come and cast the spell."

"All right." She closed her eyes ad pointed her wand. "Scopeventous."

The potions showed a boy in a bathroom looking down at his hands.

"I hit her," he said. "I hit her and hurt her. I caused her fright, shes . . . "

"You only did what I told you to do," said a sudden voice.

Into the picture came a young looking man with grey hair and gold eyes. Tempest felt her body stiffen and tense in anger. He was one of the men Merwick had sent to kill her ten years ago.

"But why? She's innocent, relatively speaking anyway." He stopped and looked at his hands again. "The only reason we bonded ourselves was to stay close!" He was beginning to yell.

"You have no choice in the matter. I have you under Imperio. You are mine to control boy. Now what is it you're going to do?"

"Retrieve Excaliber," he said solemnly. The scene faded and Tempest stared at Nila and then looked at Master Vlad.

"Master Vlad, may I be excuse? There's someone I need to talk to."

He looked at her knowingly and nodded.  "But be careful Zephyr, she can get very temperamental when you talk about her family."

"All right. Thank you." She turned to Nila and Void. "You two go to the Common room and wait fro me. I'll be there in a minute." They nodded and she ran off.

Tempest walked up the stairs slowly and took a deep breath when she reached the third floor. Tempest walked slowly to the office of Mistress Starlet. She knocked on the door and heard Mistress Starlet allow her in.

"Hello Mistress Starlet," she said closing the door.

"Miss Nyx. What can I help you with?"

"There is a matter of which I need to talk to you about. It's a very delicate matter as well."

"Is it now, well then take a seat." Tempest sat down and looked up at Mistress Starlet directly in her golden eyes.

"I know, it was your brothers that attacked my when I was three. I know my parents killed two. But the third . . . I know he's still alive."

"Yes, yes he is." She laughed and looked out the window. "He used to be the god one. My twin brother. He used to cal me his little golden-eyes raven." She paused and looked at Tempest. Her smile faded. "What is it that you want."

"He has Nila's cousin, who attends Hogwarts under the imperious curse. He's using him to try and steal Excaliber."

Mistress Starlet laughed. "The men in my family are so pathetic. The only people capable of using tit are you and Zoltron." She paused and stared at Tempest coldly. "Let me tell you this though. He's not stupid. That why he's still alive. He knows all about how Excaliber works. So why he would want it, is beyond me."

Tempest thanked Mistress Starlet before leaving. She stopped at the door and looked back at Mistress Starlet.

"Mistress Starlet, I hope you won't take offense by this but I don't think I can completely trust you. Three of your brothers tried to kill me when I was three."

"I know Miss Nyx. I have nothing against that. You are one of my favorite students to be frank, but your blood also give me something to harbor. In time you will know what."

Tempest walked out of the room and down the wall to the Common room. Bloodlines suck, she thought, so much hatred is harbored.

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