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Tempest sat on her bed and looked at her sisters letter. She needed Tempest to come immediately. Nila looked at her and Void.

"You can't go tomorrow. We're going to Dogscream tomorrow."

"I know. Look, I'll write back to her saying that minute I get back 'll go."

"Good," jumped Nila.

Tempest rolled her eyes and looked down at her neck. The necklace that the Lady of the Lake had given her still hung around her neck.

"I'm going to bed now, you two should probably do the same."

"Yeah, all right," agreed Void.

"Fine," whined Nila. "Although I don't see how I could fall asleep. I'm far too excited!"

"Oh calm down already. Look just relax and count sheep if you have to. I wonder what could be so urgent."

"Who knows. Well goodnight you two." Void got up and walked from the room. Tempest watched him leave before turning to Nila. She sat upright in her bed, her shirt and shorts revealing her tan body.

"Nila, you still haven't talked about your trip to America."

"Huh, oh yeah I guess I haven't. We'll talk about tomorrow or sometime this week. I'm sort of tired now."

"Uh, okay. Goodnight."


Tempest furrowed her brows and just shrugged and went to bed. I wonder what that was all about, thought Tempest.


"Void hurry up," said Tempest.

"Hold on."

"What's going," asked Nila who was buttoning her shirt. Tempest took a second glance at Nila. She was wearing a grey button halter and a black knee length skirt.

"Why do you look so nice today?"

"What I'm not allowed to look nice?," she said hotly. "Now, what's going on?"

"Void lost his permission slip."

"I haven't lost anything. I just misplaced it."

"Hence the lost part." She and Nila laughed and Void glared at them.

"You both know what . . . Accio Permission Slip!" A paper sip flew from under Voids bed and into his hand.

"Wow, it took you this long to think of that," mocked Nila.

"Shut up." Nila laughed some more and he stalked ahead of them. Tempest and Nila ran to either side of him. They ran up the stairs to the entrance of the school and looked around. More than half the students were there.

"Zephyr!" she heard someone call. She turned around and saw Chad, Divina and Zoltron walking toward her.

"Hey cousin, haven't seen much of you lately," said Zoltron.

"Yeah I guess so."

"What have you been up to?"

"Oh you know, I've just been flying around." The all smiled knowing full well what she meant.

Chad came up to her and wrapped his arm around Tempest and they all hung together, waiting. As they all talked, Tempest kept losing her focus as Gorx kept walking by secretly, taking her focus with him.

"Attention," said Majika. Everyone turned toward her. "Now, every action you do will reflect on this school. So, I'm advising you to cause as little mischief as possible." She smiled and they all turned their heads to a whistle. Mistress Scrub stood next to the staircase.

"All of you follow me closely. There are two ways to go to Dogscream. One is a tunnel form school which I the way we will be using today and another is down the road over a troll bridge. We will be using that one later in the year. Now follow me."

Tempest and her friends looked at each other with their eye brows raised.

"Do you think she gets tired of saying that every year?" asked Divina.

"I would," said Tempest

They walked through a wooden door behind the staircase. Down a spiral staircase they went, they way lit by torches high on the walls. At the bottom of the staircase there was a wide tunnel and the ground seemed to slope upward.

"Come on everyone, stop gawking at the tunnel." They looked at each other and began the short trek up the slope. Mistress Scrub stopped in front of them and smiled brightly turning her back to them.

"Welcome to Dogscream," she said throwing tow doors open.

Everyone smiled and walked through the doors. Once through the doors Tempest stood with her friends and looked around.

"Well, I'm off," said Nila.

"Huh," said Void.

'What? You people think you're my only friends. Please, I do have other friends." Tempest and Void looked at each other then back at her as she walked away.

"Do you know what's going on with her," asked Void.

Tempest shook her head. "Not a bloody clue."

"I'm sure she'll be fine," said Divina. "Can we please just fine a pub and hang around it?"

"Hey! I want to check out the Shrieking Shack. I heard that It's closed off and is like a portal to Hogsmeade," said Tempest.

"So?" asked Chad.

"So, it's supposed to be haunted and besides I have to see my sister. Now I can do two things at once." She smiled and grabbed Void and pulled him along.

"Don't you think we should follow Nila?"

"We will later. She'll be fine. Remember, she's not afraid of anything."

"I know but people, like us, should be afraid for her."

Tempest spun around and stared at Void. "She'll be fine," she said turning her back to him yet again.

They walked along taking in the sites. She saw three pubs. One was called the 'Malevolent Eye' another was called the 'Snakes Lounge' and the last was called 'Dragons Breath'. Tempest smiled and told Void that they should go there sometime. He agreed and they began again on their trek.

Tempest stood at the door of The Shrieking Shack and smiled as she put her hand on the doorknob.

"Now lets see if you're really haunted." She opened the door and walked onto the creaky floor. They looked around the place and Void looked at her as he asked her how they were supposed to get to Hogsmeade. She smiled at him arrogantly.

"Through the back door of course." He rolled his eyes and smiled back as they walked to the back. Their feet clicked on the creaking floor. The dark damp wood gave off an old smell that made her a little more than dizzy. They bother jerked when they heard something claw from above. Their pace quickened as they walked outdoors. The sunlight stung their eyes as they closed the doors behind them.

"Bloody hell this place is bright," complained Void.

"Well what did you expect? People here aren't naturally dark like us," said Tempest.

They walked along the walking along the walkway and circled their way around. Tempest looked around for her sister and when she turned a corner bumped into someone.

"Watch it –––"

"Sorry –––" Tempest eyes flashed in anger as she stared at Draco.

"Oh its you. Well hello Crabbe. Hello Goyle." Her eyes narrowed at the girl at Draco's side. She smiled mischievously as she said, "and who might you be?"

"My name's Pansy," she said as she extended her hand. Tempest ignored it and crossed her arms.

"What the bloody hell happened to your arm?" asked Draco.

"If you bothered writing you would know now wouldn't you." Tempest slanted her eyes and they all stood there for a moment.

"Zephyr?" Tempest yanked her head around and smiled at her sister.

"Hello Blade, I thought I'd surprise you."

"Well I am surprised."

"Good. Now come, lets go talk. Void!"

"Yeah I'm coming," he groaned.

Tempest flashed Draco a fake smiled and twirled around following her sister into the gathering crowd.

"See Draco, she's not worth it," said Pansy. Tempest stopped mid-step and clenched her fist.

"Zephyr don't even think about tackling her. This is a school field trip and your not even supposed to be here." Tempest looked at her sister and smiled as she unclenched her fist.

"I'm fine. Beside . . . HE'S NOT WORTH IT EITHER." She turned around and stared at his face. It was full of anger and shock. "Come on lets just go."

They all walked away and walking into a pub called the Three Broomsticks. Selene got them all butter beer and pulled a spare seat up for someone.

"Who's the extra chair for?"

"You'll see."

A couple of moments passed and Tempest watched as her eyes brightened and she smiled slightly. Tempest stared at Oliver Wood as he sat in the spare chair.

"Oliver this is my sister. Don't call her Tempest though, like I prefer Blade, she prefers Zephyr."

He extended his hand as he said, "pleasure to meet you."

"Please, the pleasure is all mine," she said shaking his hand. "Now, What's the emergency."

Selene smiled brightly. "Oliver asked me to marry him and I said yes. I wanted you to be the first to know."

"Bloody hell. This is brilliant. You do know that mum will kill you right."

"I have my ways for dealing with mum. Now what have you been up to?"

"All right. Well there's this guy . . . "

"Chad," interrupted Void.

"Wrong Void. Gorx. He's a seventh year and well I don't know. Whenever I'm around him I lose all focus and I can't think."

"Hold on. What about Chad?" asked Void. "He still liked you . . . a lot I hope you know."

"I know but . . . I like Gorx more. It's strange I know. Look, I will talk to Chad, don't worry."

"Zephyr he's seventeen and your thirteen," said Selene. "It seems wrong to me, considering I'm his age. Look, I won't be fond of it, but before you do anything, think about it and do what your heart says feels more right, all right?"

"All right, I promise." She wanted to give her sister a hug but new better then to do it in public. "I better go now. Goodbye Blade. 'Bye Oliver."

She walked away withe Void and as they neared the Shrieking Shack they saw someone running away. They looked at each other skeptically.

"Who do you think that was," asked Void.

"Who knows. Probably just some stupid Hogwarts student who got scared." They snickered and walked in the way they came.

When they closed the door and fell into silence they heard someone crying. They shared a look of worried and began to creep up the stairs.

"You go down that way and I'll go down this way." He nodded and they separated checking the many rooms. Finally at he third door, as Tempest peeked in she heard someone crawl away.

"Hello?" She walked in and looked around. In the corner sat huddled and crying was a girl clad in grey.

"Oh my god . . . VOID!" She heard him running down the hall and looked at his shocked face as he stood next to her.

"Nila?" he asked.

Tempest and Void exchanged glances and looked back at Nila. Tears were streaming down her face and her hair was all dishevelled. Tempest shook away the Déj vu feeling and walked over to Nila.

"Nila w hat's wrong?"

"I'm scared."


"My cousin."

"What happened?" Nila choked down some tears and looked at Tempest and Void.

"We used the Unbreakable Vow when we were kids by accident. We swore that we would do everything the other asks. But lately, when we went to the family reunion in America, he asked me and keeps asking, and threatening and hurting . . . " She broke down and began to cry again. Tempest looked at Lestat up above and looked at Void.

"What does he want?"

Nila looked up at them and swallowed hard. "He wants Excaliber."

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