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          A few weeks past and Tempest grew to know her dragon. She sat on his back and pet his scaly flank. Sharing thought with her dragon was exhilarating.



"What's it like to, you know, to just open your arms and to just fly?"

"I can't really explain it really. It's difficult

"I understand."
And in a weird way she did.  For the remainder of the time they sat in silence till they heard a cats growl. Tempest turned her head and saw Void and Nila coming up from the bottom of the hill. She saw Artemis come up next to Void and Lestat fly onto Nila's shoulder.

"Hello Zephyr," said Nila. "Lestat said you were here."  She giggled.

Tempest glared at the bat playfully. "Big mouth," she said. She slid off her dragons back and starred at her friends. Just tell me what you want already, she thought annoyingly. Aidan laughed and she smiled.

"What was that?" asked Void.


"Okay, well anyway Zeph, guess what," exclaimed Nila.


"Gorx saw us flying around school and asked us to tryout for the team since most of the team graduated last year."

"What positions?"

"He needs a seeker, a beater and two chasers."

"I'm going to try out for the beater positions since I can't feel any pain." He smiled and brushed his hand through his spiked hair.

"Unless you have a limb cut off with a bolt of lightning––oops, oh my god, I'm so sorry Void."

"Nila," hissed Tempest.

"It's all right, I know she didn't mean anything by it. I just wish she would try to control that big mouth of hers better."

"I said I was sorry."

"I know." He smiled and she pouted. Tempest rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around their shoulders.

"Come on you two, lets get back to our dormitory."

They nodded in agreement and began walking to the school ground. She stopped them right in front of the doors and jerked them back.

"Hey," they said in unison.

"Oh hush. Come on lets go get some flying practice in."

They all smiled and ran off with their pets' close behind. Tempest looked around the field. No one was there. Brilliant, she thought. They all grabbed their brooms and flew into the air flying faster and faster with each breath.

Tempest halted at the towed of school and climbed off her broom. She was followed by Void and Nila ho perched themselves next to her.

"I love flying," remarked Tempest.

"Yeah, I guess it's fun," remarked Void.

"Oh yeah, I forgot, Artemis is your pet and she doesn't fly," said Nila.

"That–––" Void broke in mid sentence and jerked his head to the school grounds. She knew what he sensed. She sensed it to through her dragon.

"Dementors," they all muttered. Suddenly she felt Nila run past her and climb higher to look around.

"Zephyr, we're not supposed to be out on the grounds this late. We don't have our necklaces. We're gonna get in trouble, if we're not attacked first that is."

"She's right Zeph, we not suppose to be out after sunset." Tempest knew and looked around. The Dementor's were coming from all around. They sensed her.

"Aidan . . . "

"Coming . . . " 

"Tell your pets to get inside, no questions and grab your brooms." They nodded and soon enough the air rew cold. She looked at the steam emanating from her mouth.

Tempest huddle with her friends. It was deathly cold, thought Tempest. She suddenly felt pity for everyone in Azcaban if the all had to live like this everyday of their lives.

Suddenly a gust of warm air shot at her and she smiled at her dragon as she climbed on it.

"Brace yourself." She smiled as Nila hands tightened around her waist.

They dove downward and Tempest looked behind her. The Dementors were preparing to follow. Her dragon flew faster and faster. Aidan twister around and dodged a Dementor. Tempest began laughing and looked behind her. Nila and Void looked like hell. Suddenly a Dementor come out of no where and struck at Tempest and the scene of her father dying right before her eyes filled her vision.

Her head rolled to one side and she could feel herself falling. She felt someone grabbed her and hold her close. And just like that, the flying stopped and she was propped onto the ground.

"Zephyr," she heard Nila say. Tempest looked around. She was in the school grounds and behind her stood Divina, Void, Chad and Gorx who was holding a broom. She looked up at Nila who was kneeling down next to her.

"I'm fine, just a little weak."

"We should take her to the infirmary," said Chad.

"We can't do that!" exclaimed Nila.

"She's right," began Tempest. "Were not supposed to be here and if the teachers find out, well I'll be in more trouble then the rest of you."

Chad crossed his arms disapprovingly and leaned against the wall. Tempest sighed and began to walk when she collapsed onto all fours.

"Zephyr," everyone screamed.

"I'm fine!"

She forced herself up and brushed off her pants. Everybody's eyes were on her, which after ten years of having eyes on her, began to annoy her.

"Bloody hell, stop staring at me! I hate it! You all know I hate that." She turned around and walked into the building and once she turned the corner she ran away.

Tempest kept running. She hated it when people saw her when she was in a weak state. She stopped running and walked backwards a few steps to clear her head. Sluttishly someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her into a secret corridor. Tempest bit at the hand over her mouth and looked at her holder. It was Gorx.

"Nasty bite you got there," he said smiling.

"Where are we?"

"Isn't that obvious? A secret passage way. There are several all over the school."

"Great! Do you know one that can bring us to out dormitory."

"Actually, yeah I do." She smiled and was about to exit when Gorx pulled her back. She clung to his chest when she heard her friends call her name.

"Well she couldn't have gone far," she heard Divina say.

"Probably, but I bet that Gorx probably got to her first and is . . . I don't know, you people think what you want," she heard Chad stutter in anger and jealously.

Tempest listened to them talk and separate into groups. She listened till their footfalls vanished. When she saw sure they were gone, she looked up at Gorx who was still holding her. He looked down at her and smiled and she blushed briefly.

"We should get going."

"Yeah I guess so."

They snuck out from the secret corridor and Tempest looked at it. It just looked like a plain wall.

"Gorx how did you this was here?"

"Fell through while playing a prank four years ago. Memorized where it was."

"Oh, okay then."

He grabbed her hand and pulled her along after him. She held his and looked at him through the corner of her eye. He was smiling.

Gorx led her along to the second floor and stopped at a statue of the sorceress Circe. She watched as he pushed one of her eyeballs in. The statue revealed a passage behind it.

"Hurry in," he said.

They walked in and he led her down one flight of stairs. He stoped at a smooth wall and he looked at her.

"Be very quiet, understand, this is a portrait."

"All right, I'll be very quiet."

He opened up the wall and peeked outside. He jumped out and ushered her forward. She walked toward him and he lifted her out. Just around the corner was the entrance to the Slimythings dormitory. They walked in and Tempest sat on the sofa.

"Guess now I'll have to postpone tryouts," said Gorx suddenly.  Tempeset looked at him.


"Because I want you to tryout, and it's not fair."

"No it's okay——"

"Nonsense, I'll wait till next week. See you then." He walked to the board and posted the new notice before going off to bed.


Tempest stood with Nila and Void along with five other Slimythings students. Tempest was the first to tryout so now she was sitting on the ground and was watching Nila ad Void as they played. Nila was fast and could dodge things with ease. Void could hit hard and use himself as a human shield considering all he had to do was fix the bone back into place which was easy for him. Three more people tried out for the chaser position and one two people tried out for seeker. When the last person tried Tempest could barely watch.

"My god he's . . . he's ——"

"Horrible I know," said Gorx.

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

"Great, now I'd like to put something in your mouth." She flushed and looked back at the last flyer.

"Honestly, I think you should be seeker."

"Why?" she asked rhetorically.

"Your fast. I timed you. The seekers that played, they were slow compared to you. Also Cristina there, she's fast, your faster, and the seeker is well slower than both of you. It only seems right."

"I guess." He blew his whistle and called everyone in a tight circle.

"Okay, now you all did your best, I understand, so now, later today the results will be posted before dinner."

Everyone smiled and changed into their regular attire. Tempest already had an idea of who had made the ream by her conversation with Gorx but chose to keep it to herself. Void grabbed Tempest and Nila and pulled them aside.

"Do you two realized were we're going tomorrow?" he asked them excitedly which made Tempest smile.

"Where?" asked Nila.


Tempest and Nila looked at each other and smiled. Dogscream was the village between the Happy Grounds and the Neutral Grounds, the forest and tiny villages that maintained Neutral to the light and dark lords.

"Well I have to say, this is going to be a very fun year," remarked Tempest.

"Lets hope anyway. I'm sort of getting tired of being scared. I'm a naturally unafraid person."

"After knowing you this long, we know," remarked Void while rolling his eyes.

They spent the rest of the day in the Slimythings Common Room. Tempest kept snug in her bed and just laid there half asleep, thinking.

"Damn you Draco. Just write to me and talk to me dammit."

She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Scenes flashed in her mind. Divina was in the water and looked scared and weak. Chad had his lips on another girls. Void was lying on the ground unconscious and Nila was huddled in a corner crying. In the centre of all these pictures was a fire that glowed black.

Tempest jerked her eyes open and beside her sat Nila, her fushia eyes glowing in worry.

"Hey, you all right? You looked like you were having a bad dream."

"Yeah, I was."

"What about?"

"I can't remember." Tempest watched as Nila looked at the ceiling in thought.

"Well that is a shame. Now, do you think I could make a spell ———"

"Don't even try."

"You don't even know what my idea was!"

"I have an idea and knowing you, it's probably dangerous."

She smiled sweetly and sat very proper as she said, "you know me to very well."

"Got that bloody right. Now, What's the main reason you came here?"

"Gorx said he's just about to post the results of the tryouts."

Tempest jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. Everyone stared at her in confusion. She flushed in embarrassment and quickly looked around the room. Void stood with Chad as the far side of the room along withe Divina who was reading a book. Tempest walked over to them and Chad smiled at her warmly.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey," she replied back.

They all jerked their heads around when Gorx called for their attentions. He smiled toward Tempest and she blushed. He put a piece of parchment on the wall and walked away. Nila, Void, and Tempest looked at each other and ran to the board.

"I knew, I'd make Chaser," said Nila arrogantly.

"And I made beater," remarked Void calmly.

"And I seeker. Bloody brilliant I say."

They smiled at each other when suddenly a letter dropped on her head. She looked at the owl which stood perched on the fireplace.

"Who's it from?" asked Nila.  Tempest looked at them in shock.

"My sister."  She turned around and faced her friends.

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