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          Tempest looked at her class schedule as she sat in her Defence Against the Good Arts class. She had dropped both Herbology and History of Horrors and replaced them with Mythology and Flying.

Defence Against the Good Arts had yet to begin so she sat with Nila and Void. The people all around them were about last years trips to Dogscream Village.

"Why didn't we go last year," wined Nila.

"Because we were to busy trying to get my sword back. We're going this year though, unless something happens o' course."

"True. Hey Void, when is the next trip?"

"In two weeks. That gives us plenty of time to make a certain potion fo ours."  Void smiled his devious smile.

"Do you people even try to stay out of trouble?" Tempest turned around and smiled.

"Astrea Sanguina. What a pleasure to see you again. Honestly," she finished in a groan. She turned around on her seat and sat on the desk top.

"Like I said before, do you enjoy getting into trouble?"

"No, not really, but it finds it's way to us and since I'm so bored all the time it provides a suitable amount of entertainment." She smiled and heard Void and Nila snicker at her sides.

"Just so you know you pure-blooded bitch, I'm watching you. Nothing you do will get passed me."

"Wow, I'm so scared," she said in monotone.

Astrea huffed and stalked off, taking her seat next to Louis. He smiled toward Tempest and she rolled her eyes in disgust before getting off the desk and going into her seat.

Madam Jacquilina came into the room and it fell into silence. She looked at each and everyone of them in turn before addressing them and beginning the lesson.


Tempest sat on he broom and waited for her flying teacher Mistress Fanato. She hovered lazily on her broom and looked toward the sky.

"I'm bored," she groaned.

"Have you noticed today that all the teachers have been late to class," said Nila.

"So you think something's going on?" asked Void.

"Of course something's going on, I go to school here if you've forgotten."

Half the class was over when Mistress Fanato finally arrived. Tempest jumped off her broom and her face flushed.

"I don't see why you're taking this class Young Tempest. You look as though you already know how to fly."

"Yes, well, I thought I'd take a class in which I'd enjoy." Madam Fanato just stared at her before refocusing on the class as a whole.

"Anyway students, lets try some basic flying." She blew her whistle and they all mounted up. Tempest flew high and Void and Nila flew next to her.

"Zephyr, why did you fly this high. The rest of the class is over there."

"So we can talk privately of course."

"Oh."  Void began laughing and Nila kicked him.

"Anyway you two, later tonight we'll sneak into the bathroom. Bring your pets as well."

There was a loud roar and everyone turned around. Tempests' dragon was flying towards her. Tempest swerved and spun herself upright. Dammit, she thought, what's going on with him. She looked at Nila and Void. They couldn't wait till nightfall, they all realized, but they didn't have a choice.


The fiasco with the dragon got her into a lot of trouble. She stood alone with her hands behind her back in the office of Headmistress Majika. A door slammed making Tempest flinch. Majika's blood-red hair cascaded down her shoulders and surrounded her scowling face. Tempest began rubbing her arm that was bandaged after she scrapped it against a wall when she was chasing Aidan. The rubbing seemed to calm her.

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you could be in right now?"

"I'm gonna go out limb here and say a lot?"

"That dragon stunt you pulled could have hurt many . . . for a lack of a better word, innocent children."

"It wasn't a stunt," Tempest screamed as Mistress Majika glowered at her. "Look, I was just flying and talking with Void and Nila when he came roaring out. I was just as startled as everyone else!"

"Calm down Young Tempest."

"One more thing. I hate being called Tempest, especially Young Tempest."

"Then what would you rather be called?"

"Zephyr. Everyone calls me Zephyr, everyone that is except you and the staff that is."

"Fine. Now, Zephyr, can you explain why your dragon is acting the way it's acting?"

"No," then under her breath she added, "not yet anyway."

"Did you say something?"

"No." Majika looked at her skeptically and Tempest smiled innocently and was dismissed. She walked down the stairs and the black glossy wall turned to liquid for her to pass.

"I don't think I'll ever get used to that."

"Zephyr!" Tempest turned and saw Void and Nila running toward her. They bombarded her with questions of it she were in trouble.

"No, I'm not in trouble . . . yet anyway. We have to do that spell tonight. No questions. We must." They nodded in agreement and walked swiftly to the dormitory before their next class.

They hurried on and looked around. Tempest ran downstairs and looked around to see if anyone was there. She nodded to the, and they snuck downstairs. Tempest ran upstairs and looked around. No one.

Tempest gathered the ingredients and books and ran back down stairs. Void and Nila were already setting up the cauldron.

"Question, why are we making the potion now?" asked Nila.

"Because now no one is here you nitwit and by dinner the potion should hopefully be done," said Void.

"No need to me a smart ass."

"You know what . . . "

"Enough you two. Now Void how exactly does this potion work?"

"Well you have to cast a spell on in right before you drink it. Also, you have to find a way of making the familiar drink it as well."

"Well that's not hard as all." Void shrugged at the comment and began to add the ingredients. They rushed the making, missing their Poisons class.

"I actually love Poisons class, I can't believe we're missing it," said Tempest.

"Agreed, that's why Master Vlad sent me to find you."

They all looked down at the ground and saw Count Stitch with his ghostly cape on. Tempest blew at her bangs and knelt down from her standing position.

"You're not going to snitch on us are you?"

"Only if you tell me what it is your doing exactly, then I'll have no need to."

She sighed. "We're making a familiar potion. If you haven't noticed, my dragon isn't doing so well."

She watched his head bob up and down like the Muggle toy called a bobble head. Suddenly he jumped on her head.

"Did you get all that Master Vlad?" Tempest jerked up and around and was suddenly staring at Master Vlad. He raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Well now, I must say, I'm glad your mixing a potion, but really, you know there is no more need for secrecy . . . anymore."

"Ah, well, you see . . . " Master Vlad shot his hand up and Tempest clamped her mouth shut. Just like there was no use arguing with her, there was no use with Master Vlad.

"Quiet," he said calmly. Tempest starred at him and looked back at Nila and Void. They were still mixing and making the potion. She looked back at Master Vlad, his face was still fixed in thought. Licentiously, his eyes widened and he smiled.

"How 'bout this, I'll keep my mouth shut about this and excuse you from the rest of your classes and let you finish and prepare . . . on one condition."

Tempest winced and looked at Void and Nila. They stared at her, then looked at each before nodding in agreement.

"Okay, we agree. What's the condition?"

His wicked smile grew. "Never keep secrets from me and I'll help you in whatever it is you need, and considering who you are, Zephyr, you will need it."

She smiled and agreed again. He left them and she sat on the ground in shock. It was official, Master Vlad was her favourite teacher.


They left the potion to cool when they went to dinner. Tempest waited at the doors to the Great Hall when someone grabbed her from the waist and kissed her cheek. She elbowed the guy and spun around to smack the guy. Her arm was caught in midair.

"Hello," she said holding back her disgust.

"Hey, Zephyr, how are you?" asked Louis.

"What do you want?"

"Oh come now," he said putting his other arm around her. "The way we look at each other . . . I see the way you look at me."

"Oh god you're delusional." She tried to pull away, but he grabbed her. She gritted her teeth and tried to twist away.

"Let go of her Louis." Tempest turned around at the voice and smiled with relief. Gorx stood beside her within moments. She felt Louis loosen his grip and she pulled away from him quickly.

"Fine. See you later . . . Zephyr."

He walked away with his hands in his pockets. His platinum blonde hair made it easy to see him in the crowd. Just like Draco, she thought. She shook away the thought of him and looked toward Gorx.

"Thank you Gorx. That was most appreciated."

"Don't mention it." He stared at her intently and she began to blush.

"Zephyr, finally." Divina popped out of nowhere and grabbed her arm. "Hey Gorx, I need to talk to Zephyr for a breif moment."

"Okay."  He looked back down at Tempest intenlty.  "See you around."

"Okay, bye Gorx." They walked away and Tempest sighed. "Thank you for pulling me away Divina."

"Don't thank me just yet. You have a choice to make Zephyr, and sooner or later you're going to have to make it. Lets just hope you don't hurt anyone in the process."

She let go of Tempest and walked away. Tempest stood alone a moment before slumping down in confusion.

"Hey Zeph." She smiled at Void and Nila a they say down. "The potions done, by the end of dinner we should all be able to . . . well you know."


Master Vlad had let them leave early from dinner, but only a few minutes. They ran down the stair and through the portal. They flew down the stairs to the boys dormitory.

Her dragon was already waiting for her. She sat next to him and began to pet his scales.

"Void hurry."

"Yeah, okay, hold on, I'm done serving. Time to say the spell over your of glasses and bowls." He sat down a bowl in front of each of their pets.

"Unimpetus!" they all said in unison.

The potions glowed and they looked at each other as their pets sniffed the potion and began to drink.

"Bottoms up," said Tempest. They all downed down the potion and waited a few moments till their pets finished. They got up and cleaned when all of sudden they all collapsed to the ground. Tempest clutched her temples as she began to hear thoughts that were not her own.


She looked up at her dragon and smiled.  "Bloody hell, this is brilliant!"

"I suppose so. Now tell me, why did you just do what you did?"

"To talk to you. Something's wrong, I know it. Tell me."

"I feel
"This is so wicked," said Nila and they all laughed wholeheartedly.  She laughed and sat something wrong. You're not safe and I feel I need to protect you. Also that spell, it constricts my body, like I can't move. Can you please modify it?"

"Of course."

"As do I." 
"This is so wicked," said Nila aloud, and they all laughed, wholeheartedly.  

Tempest sat against the foot of her bed with her knees up and Aidan jumped on them. "I like talking to you Aidan." It flew up the stairs and she looked at her friends who were smiling brilliantly.She looked up and around. Her dragon was looking at her. She reached out to talk to it.

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