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          Tempest shook Nila and Void awake at three A.M. She was fully dressed and ready to go. They grumbled as they got up and got dressed.

They snuck out of the inn and into Diagon Alley. She sent Nila and Void to the Knockturn Alley bookstore as she went to the one in Diagon Alley.

She walked around the empty place and stopped to look around. She climbed to the top of the stairs to the second floor. She stopped briefly as she remembered that just last year Draco stood at the banister and stared vehemently down at Harry Potter. She had laughed and mocked him then. Now, everything was different. She sighed and looked around the bookshelves. No one was here except the bookkeeper, who was fast asleep. She snuck around and when she heard the sound of foot steps fell to the ground silently.

"Zephyr," she head someone whisper. She looked up and saw Nila and Void. She scowled and rolled her eyes as she stood up.

"Could you two be any louder? What are you doing here?"

"We found a book, and we bought the necessary supplies. Did you find another book?" asked Void.

"No, I was looking around. So . . . how did you find one so fast?"

"We asked the bookkeeper for help. Then we bought the ingredients. Not really that hard when they're open all day and night," said Nila. "Way betta' than sneaking in and sneaking around."

"Ha, ha, funny." Nila smiled innocently and then jerked her head around. Tempest walked up next to them, and also listened intently. The bookkeeper was awake. They all looked at each other and Tempest began climbing the bookshelves dexterously.

"Get up here you two!" she hissed. They looked at each other and complied. They all knelt down perfectly still, careful not to make a noise. The bookkeeper came in and looked around the room. Tempest put of fingers to her mouth and with the other carefully slipped a book from off the bookshelf and threw it far across the room. The man jerked his head around and hurried in that direction. Tempest climbed back down from the bookshelf, followed by Nila and Void.

By the time they reached the bottom they all smiled knowingly. Their faces fell when a book fell at Nila's feet.

"You're such an idiot," hissed Void.

"Enough! Just run," ordered Tempest not even bothering on keeping her voice down.

They clambered down the stairs and ran out the door, throwing it open with full force. Down the street they hid in the alleyway to Knockturn Alley.

"Well that was fun," said Nila once they were safely under full cover.

"Oh shut up. We wouldn't have to run if you hadn't pulled out that book when you climbed down," said Void clearly more annoyed then angry.

"Oh quiet. I stole a book on familiars."  They stared at her blankly.  "The book I dropped." Nila smiled and pulled out a book from under her shirt.

"You stole it?" remarked Tempest smiling.

"What, I can be bad when I want to." Void burst out laughing and was soon joined by Tempest and Nila.


The trip to platform 13 2/3 was hectic. Tempest murmured every time she bumped into a person about how much she hated people and crowds, and she swore up until she sat cosy in her cabin.

"This is weird," commented Nila.

"What exactly 'is weird'?" asked Void.

"Chad and Divina, they're not here."

"Maybe Zoltron will find them along with my food."

"All you ever think about is your stomach."

"What are you, my wife?"

"You wish."

"Hmph, sure I do." Nila laughed and sat next to the grumpy Tempest that had a very vague smile on her face.

They sat for a moment and Aidan, poked it's head in through the window from where it laid on top of the train. Voids panther lay at his feet and Nilas' bat was perched upside down above their heads.

"I really wish I could read his thought," commented Tempest to no one in particular.

"That would be wicked wouldn't it," began Nila, "to know what our pets are thinking. Don't you think Void?"

"Right now, I'm only thinking about my stomach," he said smirking. She smiled right back and Tempest laughed.

"To think, you two started out hating each other. Watch, one day, something going to happen between you two.  I can just see it now Mr. and Mrs. Dermot." Tempest joked.

"Ugh, don't even joke like that," said Nila.

"Agreed," said Void.

The door swung open and in walked Zoltron, red faced with laughter. Behind him walked Divina with her hair covered and scowling and Chad, smiling charmingly. Nila moved over next to Void and gave Chad her seat next to Tempest. Divina sat next to him and Zoltron took a seat next to Nila.

"What are you smirking at?" asked Tempest as Zoltron handed out the food.

"Divina." Everyone looked at Divina and her face flushed with either anger, embarrassment, or both, Tempest couldn't tell.

"Come on Divina," nudged Chad. She scowled and unleashed her hair. It had grown longer but was no longer white. Now it was blue-green,

"Divina . . . " muttered Tempest.

"Don't laughed, I got enough of that from him here," she said pointing at Zoltron.

"Hey, I like it, I'm just used to seeing you with white hair," he smirked.

"We all—," but before Tempest could finish, the train came to a halt. She jerked up and opened the windows. The wind hit her face like blistering ice. She looked up at her dragon. It was barring it's teeth and growling.

Excaliber was in her hands within seconds. Something's coming, she thought. The train jerked again, knocking her backwards.

"Aidan!" The dragon poked it's head in and she pointed her wand. "Sorry boy." She cast the spell and he flew in.

Tempest locked the window and ordered Zoltron to lock the door. He did and they all stood together. Nila had a seed in her hand that was already growing in her hand, encasing it in vines and Void had a dagger. Chad, Zoltron and Divina had their wands up and ready. She didn't know what to expect, but was hoping it didn't have gold eyes and white hair. The place suddenly grey fridged and cold as if they were in the dead of winter. A figure approached the door and the glass door fogged and froze. The door opened slowly and she unleashed her swords' power with just a thought. In front of her stood a Dementor looking around the cabin. She looked at her sword which radiated a bright light; she stared at the Dementor a moment before smiling. The swords' good magic was protecting her, she realized.

The Dementor let the door close and began on it's way. She let out a breath and looked at her friends. She knew what they were thinking. They had all thought Merwick had returned, somehow. She smiled and replaced her sword before sitting down.

"Well, that was rather entertaining."


Tempest was bored at the beginning of the new year feast. She looked around to find Astrea, hoping that she would entertain her. Astrea was sitting straight backed and proper with her hair in a lose bun. Cassandra and Heather sat on either side of her and were examining their nails. Maybe they'll leave me alone for once, she thought.

"Attention," bellowed Master Vlad. Head Mistress Majika stood up and smiled.

"Dementors are looking for Sirius Black as you all know. They also search for dark magic users." She snapped her fingers and on everyone's empty plate there was a necklace. "Wear these at all times when you are not in classes or in your dormitory. The Ministry of Magic sees fit that they will not harm anyone, but I would rather not take any chances, considering what we teach here."

Everyone put on their necklaces soon food erupted everywhere.

"May the feast begin." Tempest shared a look with her friends. Yup, none of them really trusted the Ministry.


When they were dismissed, the Slimythings household followed the prefects' Gorx and Entia. They had both become prefects their fifth year and Tempest wondered if she would become a prefect in two years. She looked up and finally noticed Gorx smiling at her. She flushed and looked around for Nila and Void.

"Why are you red?" asked Nila.

"No reason. Where's Void."

"I don't know. Probably off flirting with some girl." She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

"Finally you two," said Divina. Tempest looked at her. She had finally let her hair lose and the blue-green colour looked darker than it did before.

"Where's Chad and Void?"

"I don't know, somewhere. Now come on, lets go."

Divina dragged her and Nila along with her after their house classmates. Tempest walked fast to keep up with Divina until finally Divina let go of them.

They entered the Common room and before she could even ask where Void and Chad were again, someone grabbed her around the waist and kissed her on the neck.

"Hello, Princess," said Chad in her ear.

"Why did you just call me Princess?"

"I'm your Knight in Shining Armour, remember?"

"Of course." She looked around. Gorx was staring at her while he hung out with Entia and the rest of the seventh years. Someone coughed and she looked at Divina who was staring at her intently.

As everyone started to head to bed, Tempest pulled away from Chad.

"I'm going to bed now," she said kissing him on the cheek.

"Okay then. Goodnight Zephyr."

"Good night Chad."

Up in the girls dormitory, Divina scowled at her, and Tempest stared at her a bit frightened.


"How exactly do you plan on getting around all these guys and making this familiar potion of yours?"

"That same way I do everything else."

"Which being?"

"Through trickery of course." She smiled eloquently and Divina and Nila each hit her with a pillow.

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