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          Tempest stood examining her dragon. It was huge now. Void stood at her side along with Nila who was still brushing off the remnants of the ash and soot from the fire place. Tempest examined the spines and climbed up to see how people could now sit on it. A fair four people.

"Okay, so, do you think I can fly him to school?"

"Ha! No," said Nila who was now un-ruffling her long brown skirt.

"I thought as much." She looked at Aidan sideways, she needed a way to talk to it. "Void, Nila, come over here, please." They obeyed and she dropped between them.

"Yes," they both said in unison.

"So do either of you know a spell that will allow me to talk to it?"

"No," said Nila.

"Why did you even both asking her? Nila never knows anything." Tempest ducked as Nila smacked Void on the back of his head. He just laughed.

"Anyway . . . Void?"

"The only way is to make it your familiar. Mind you, that's very dangerous, should anything happen to the familiar, you will fell it and if it dies and you don't release your hold, you yourself will die."

"Isn't that nice," mocked Nila. Tempest gave her a look and she just smiled.

"Anyway . . . we're going to need some ingredients for this. Hopefully we can make this potion, first we're going to need to know how to make it and if there are any spells involved."

She watched Nila and Void give each other a look. She went back to petting her dragon. Suddenly, they heard a crash from inside and ran inside.

Tempest picked up the broken remnants of her mothers' crystal vase. Zoltron and Edana held their hands behind backs with their eyes cast down in guilt.

"Okay, this is virtually no problem. I know a spell that can fix this."

"Yay!" said Edana.

"First I want to know how this happened."

"Edana took my private journal and started running around because I began to chase her."

"Then I tripped over Artemis." The cat looked up at the sound of her name then went back to sleep.

"All right then." She pointed her wand at the broken remnants. "Reparo!" The pieced stuck together and she carefully picked it up and placed it back on the pedestal.

"Zephyr, it's almost midnight, can we please go to bed already I'm tired," wined Nila.

"Void show her to my room, I'm gonna make sure all the doors and windows are shut."

He nodded and they all went off to bed. Tempest was still wary, about everything. Even though Merwick was possibly, and hopefully, a dead fish, she felt that he might still be out there, watching, plotting.

She blotted the doors shut and made sure all the windows were closed and locked. She closed the curtains and lowered the drapes. Tempest looked around. Without her family, the place seemed barren, forlorn. Her mother was at Diagon Alley with her sister shopping for her seventh year school supplies. Her brother no longer stayed because her sister no longer beat her up even though she was still rude and treated her horribly.

She walked up the stairs and as she walked down the hallway to her room she saw Void sitting on a tree in front of the hallway window.

"What are you doing out here?"

"Nila sent me out here while she changed."

"Come on, get inside." He crawled in and Tempest knocked in the door. Nila opened the doors and sat on Tempests bed cross-legged. Her overgrown T-shirt sipped off one shoulder and her shorts revealed her newly tanned legs.

Tempest leaned against the panel of her bed with her legs laid out before. Her black tank top clung highly to her curves and her baggy black shorts hung low beneath her navel. Void lay on the bed and ruffled his blue tipped hair.

"So . . . what exactly do we do?" asked Nila.

"About what exactly?"

"I don't know, your dragon I guess."

"We already figured that out. When my mother sends for us, we will go to Diagon Alley and so what we need to do." She laid her head against the wall and stared at the ceiling.

"Come on, lets go to bed."


The owl knocked at the window startling everyone as they ate breakfast.

"Stupid chicken," muttered Zoltron.

"Be nice," said Tempest getting up.

She fetched the mail and she noticed that the owl was asleep. Dear god, she thought. She looked at the Daily Prophet. Sirius Black, a wizard and supposed supporter of Voldemort had escaped from Azcaban and was noted to even be on the Muggle news.


"Vayne," she corrected getting up.

"Turn on the Muggle news."


"Just do it."

Edana rolled her eyes and went to the living room. Tempest beckoned everyone to follow. They saw on the sofa and stared ta Tempest.

"Muggle's are so stupid. Why do you have this contraption anyway Zephyr?" said Nila.

"My brother got bored, and so did we all. Now shh, listen."

They paid close attention and watched in utter confusion. Sirius Black pictures covered the screen. Was this man actually that dangerous? thought Tempest. No, she thought looking at his eyes. They weren't filled with murderous hatred she was so familiar with. Instead, they were filled with sadness, sorrow and anger.

"Turn it off Vayne. I think we've all had enough." Edana nodded and complied.

"Anyway, what did your mother write," asked Void.

"We are to catch the Midnight But and go to Knockturn Alley. She has rooms set up for us at the Leaky cauldron, but she wants to make sure out robes are fitted. Vayne, you're coming along, she doesn't want you home alone."

"All right."


Tempest sat on Draco's bed waiting for him to come home. She had hardly seen him this summer which was extremely unusual. She went through his photos as she got bored. Mostly with Crabbe and Goyle, but some were with a girl that she didn't even know.

She went through letters. Some were from Void. She skimmed those quickly. He had told him about Chad and Gorx. She didn't really care that he told, but she had thought that she should have been the one to tell. Others were from Nila, and those she suspected were about Chad and Gorx as well. She was right. A lot were from the dumb twins Crabbe and Goyle. She was astonished that they could write. Quite a few were from some girl named Pansy.

She heard a door slam and stuffed the letters she had in her hand in her sweater pocket and jumped on his bed.

"Hello Draco," she said as he walked in. She smiled as he jumped.

"To what do I owe this untimely pleasure." By the tone of his voice he didn't sound completely thrilled to see her, and that, amazingly enough, stung her.

"What? I can't see my favourite person in the whole world?"

She got up to hug him and felt his body stiffen, hurting her even more. She took a step back and stared at him.

"Why are you here?"

"To see you before school starts."

"Well you saw me, are you going to go soon?" It came out coldly, like he was intentionally trying to hurt her. It was working too, she thought with hatred.

"Fine. I'll go now if that what you want. I'll see you around." She turned her back to him and began walking from the room. She looked at him one last time before climbing out, hoping he would recant and say it all didn't mean the way it came out. But he didn't, not even his eyes said sorry.

She ran home and slammed the door behind her. Void and Nila ran to her.

"What's wrong?" asked Nila.

"I hate Draco Malfoy!"

"What happened?"

"He acted cold and callous toward ME!"

"You're joking right?" commented Void.

"I wish I were." She pulled out the letter and looked up at Nila and Void flashing her 'mind at work' smile. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes.


"We, or rather, I am going to break into Dracos' room, and steel all the letters from this girl."

Nila sighed before taking the letter. "We'll go pack your stuff. Just go and be back by the time we have to leave."

"All right." She smiled and went on her way.


Tempest hid high in the trees waiting fro Draco to leave for dinner. He was sitting at the edge on his bed, elbows propped on his knees, hand clutching his head.

He jerked his head up when he heard his mother call and when she was sure he was down stairs, snuck in quietly.

Tempest took every single piece of parchment with her name in it. There were a lot of letters from that girl that talked about her and that made her a little more than jealous.

She closed the drawer and slipped out before something caught her eye. It was a picture of her at school reading with the red earrings that Draco had given her for Valentines Day. The picture Void and Nila had taken. The picture sat perched on his bedside. Suddenly she felt awful about sneaking into his room and stealing his stuff.

"Too late for second thoughts," she said climbing out.

She ran home and everybody was waiting for her at the side walk.

"Are we all ready?" she said pulling out her wand.

"Of course. Did you get what you wanted?" asked Void.

"Of course." She smiled mischievously. She pointed her wand out and out of nowhere came the purple triple-decked trolley known as the Midnight Bus.

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