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          Tempest turned the corner runnins. Three more passage ways. She sword under her breath, and looked at Void and Nila.

"So, what do we do know?" asked Nila.

"Separate. It's the only way. Two of the tree lead to dead ends, so one is going to lead to another one like this. If you find one like this run back here and send a signal or something. Don't walk, run," she stressed.

They all nodded and ran off. Tempest turned two corners and skidded to a halt. Dead end. She ran back and slammed into someone.

"Damn you Zoltron."

"Back at you cousin."

They looked up when they saw a flash of light. Tempest saw Nila run into Voids' corridor. Tempest and Zoltron looked at each other before running into Voids' tunnel. Down the run, Tempest tripped Zoltron and Nila caught herself before she herself fell. Nila and Tempest stopped at Void and looked back.

"Zephyr, we have a problem."

"What Void—–," she stopped she looked ahead again and looked around. Eight passage ways. She looked down the path she came from.

"We don't have time for this." She clutched her necklace and ran to the second to the left.

"Zephyr, how do you know this is the right passage?" asked Nila.

"I just do! Just follow me!"

She ran with them close at her heels. She ran down another passage and finally stopped at a small wooden door. She turned the dusty silver knob.

The room was circular and cold. Stones from the walls had fallen allowing light to shine in. In the centre of the room was an amethyst stone throne on a onyx platform. A woman sat there.

Tempest circled the room. She looked at the old and worn purple, black and silver decor.

"Every generation," said the woman standing up. "The blood of Morgan Le Fey would always name a daughter after me in respect and to give me strength." Tempest stared into her eyes she looked at her.  "Finally one has some to set me free of my prison!"

Thunder roared through the sky jerking Tempest back to reality. It began to rain and she looked up at the hole in the ceiling. The rain beat against her skin and she looked around.

"I don't have Excaliber. My cousin does, I need to get it back."

"Unfortunately, Young Tempest, I have no power to help you, you're just going to have to get it back yourself."

A door blew open and there stood Zoltron with his lip cut. Tempest grabbed her wand and sought out a spell in her memory.

"You know cousin," he yelled over the pounding rain, "I always did like you, but now, you're beginning to try my patience!"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to," she bellowed back sarcastically. She smiled when she found the perfect spell. "Expelliarmus!"

The sword was flung from his hand and landed across the room. Zoltron was already running before she had even started. Suddenly out of no where a vine shot up from the ground and swiped it away.

"Good work Nila," said Tempest watching the sword fly. Her smile quickly faded when it landed high up in the wall above their heads. "I take that back."


Tempest looked around for something to get at it but thought it useless. She pointed her wand.

"Carpe Retractum!"

The sword pulled from It's place in the stone and flew at her. She ducked down along with Nila and Void before they were all impaled them all.. She looked up and made eye contact with Zoltron before running up to go get it.

They ran toward it and Tempest knew he would reach it before she herself did. She searched her head for a summoning spell, before she slid to knock it out of his path. He tripped and ran for it as she pointed her wand.

"Accio Excaliber!" The swords hilt flew at her hand and she caught it with ease. She pointed it at Zoltrons' neck as he approached her.

"I told you I would win."

"Ah Zephyr." She turned her head and above her was Merwick.

"At least you finally got my name right."

"Aren't you just the most charming little brat."

"I like to think so."

"Enough! Give the sword back to Zoltron!" he demanded.

"I don't think so! What, do you think I'm stupid or something? You want to kill me! Like I'm likely to listen to you!" She smiled and turned back to Zoltron with pleading eyes.

"Zoltron take her sword!" She watched as he looked back and forth between Tempest and Merwick before finally zeroing in on Tempest. She smiled.



"I said no. She's my cousin and you're no better than the people that killed my family and neither am I for helping you thus far. I won't help you any longer Merwick, and I'm not sorry."

Tempests' smiler grew even bigger and she put down the sword and turned it back into a glass dagger. She put her arm around him and faced Merwick.

"Merwick, I've got but one word for you."

"And what would that be?" he growled.

"Seductress Trappers.'

She captured his essence and looked outside. A little fish jumped out of the water. She threw the essence into the fish. Hopefully, she thought, he'll be eaten by a bigger fish.
"Young Tempest," called a voice that turned her blood cold. She looked around and looked at the Queen of Malevolence. "Set me free dear."

"I'm sorry but . . . I don't know who you are."

Her eyes widened and Tempest just shrugged her shoulder. She walked down the main hallway followed by Nila, Void, and Zoltron who all also didn't look back as she called Tempests' name.

"It's not my place to decide," she muttered to herself. She let out a breath and continued walking proudly withr her chin held high.

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