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          The village was desolate. Doors were broken and houses were ransacked. Tempest traced her fingers across the walls of the houses, often tracing them over old blood. She stared in anger and looked around. At her feet was a medallion of the round table. She picked it up and clutched it in anger knowing what it was they were doing here.

"Stupid knights. Innocent bystanders lived here. Children for heavens sake!" The threw the medallion at a house with such a force that it broke a window. She looked up and saw the castle of Tempest. "Come on, we'll just rest here for the night, the castle isn't that much farther.

They all nodded in agreement and walked into a house. It was a horrible sight. Red and black blotches covered the walls. She ignored the best she could and walked into a room.  Tempest swallowed down tears as she looked around. It was a young child's room.

"Zephyr, I would rather sleep unprotected than in here," said Nila.

Tempest swallowed.  "I agree, come on, lets get out of here."

Tempest turned quickly on her heels. She slammed the door behind her shut and ran to the nearest brush. She bet over and puked, not once, but twice. She felt someone rub her back. Tempest looked up at Void and Nila.

"Come on Zeph, lets go set up camp," said Void.

She nodded and walked into the surrounding forest. Divina and Chad started a fire an Tempest warmed herself against the fire and looked toward the sky, she needed to get her mind of the subject of the village, the houses, the blood.

"I think by nightfall tomorrow we will be able to make it to the castle. What do you guys think?" she said changing the subject.

"We think that sounds possible," said Divina.

They sat in total silence till suddenly they heard a twig break. They all stood up. Void was holding a dagger, Nila held a vine under her hand and Chad and Divina had their wands ready. Tempest went for her sword swearing under her breath remembering that she no longer had it.

Two figures stepped from the woods with swords drawn. They both were much older than Tempest. One was a girl with long wavy dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. The other was a man with pitch black hair and brown eyes.

"Who are you?" demanded the female. Tempest stepped forward.

"My name is Tempest Artemisa Nyx. I am the descendant of Merlin and Morgan Le Fey." They looked at each other before stepping forward and looking straight into her eyes.

"Your grey is of Morgan," began the man.

"And your purple is one Merlin. But the red, I do not know,"  finished the female.

"The red is a blood trait acquired from a stone."

"Why are you here?" asked the male.

"To retrieve my sword Excaliber. It was stolen from me and is going to be taken to her." Tempest pointed to the castle and they looked at each other.

"We know of whom you speak. Come follow us to our camp. We have much to talk about."

Void made his dagger disappear ans Nila send the vine back to the ground as Divina and Chad put their wands away.

They followed the strangers deep into the forest. Tempest looked around and saw more and more people. A whole village ful. The people sat down and picked up some roasted fish. Tempest smiled when she saw Void sniff at the air.

"If your hungry, help yourselves," said the female.

"Thank you."

They all sat down and she handed each of them a roasted fish. Tempest usually didn't like fish, but she was to hungry to care. Besides, fish was the only think they had, and she knew that she shouldn't be rude, these people were taking care of them.

She sat down and ate a while till Tempest began to wonder whether or not she should trust these people.

"Excuse me, but who are you exactly?"

"My name in Verdina," said the girl. "And this is my brother Exodus. We are the descendants of the surviving children of the slaughter of that village you were in."

"What happened there exactly?"

"The Knights of Camelot came, led by Merlin and Arthur."

"Where did they say Morgan was?"

"Keeping the kingdom safe of course." Tempest shared a look with Void and Nila. No she wasn't, they all thought, but thought to keep that knowledge to themselves.

"Now, they came to put an end to her reign of power, by killing all who knew her name and making the children who knew, forget. No one is ever allowed to fo near the village. Now, explain why you are hear?" Her voice had suddenly turned very cold and hard.

"My cousin stole Excaliber from me and I want it back. Also he plans on helping some old man kill me. He needs the sword to unleash her and ask her for her help to kill me."

"Are you going to release her?" asked Exodus.

Tempest thought for a minute.  That question hadn't really crossed her mind.  Finally she said, "No. It's not exactly my place to decide."

"A wise choice," said Verdina.  Her blue eyes glided over each and every one.  "You must be tired from your journey. Sleep and my brother and I will wake you and lead you up to the fortress."

They all nodded and Verdin led them to a tent.  Tempest snuggled up to Void with Nila.  She hadn't known how tired she was until she finally allowed herself to feel the weight of her eye lids.


Tempest didn't know what time it was when she was awoken by Exodus. He led them out and they walked for sometime. She looked at the sky and noticed the sun was just rising.

"Exodus, where's Verdina?"

"That's where we're going. She's meeting us at her trail to the fortress. It's much shorter than the actual trail. Don't worry, it connects to the real trial eventually when it nears the castle." He smiled toward them and continued walking.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed when Verdina waved at them. She smiled at them and told them about some of the obstacles they might face.

"Just keep close to me and you'll be all right."

They all nodded and followed her. There was no distinct path, but they followed her anyway. They climbed up a small cliff and took in the scenery. A meadow filled their vision and they stood transfixed at the spectacle.

"Beautiful isn't it," said Exodus. They all nodded and they continued their walk. They stopped at the edge of a forest and stared at the road.

"We must leave you now," said Verdina. "Just follow the road, it will lead you to the castle, although I must insist, use a secret passage way. Good luck, Tempest."

"Thank you."


They walked up the path and stared at the broken signs and great doors. Muts be lonely, she thought as she began to circle the castle. Tempest stopped at a distance when she saw a secret hallway.

"Hello cousin."

Tempest looked above her, and there sat Zoltron, perched like a gargoyle.

"Well I must say, it's NOT pleasure to see you. I hope a bird pooped on your head."

"Ha, ha, funny. Well, anyway, you won't be seeing me for long."  He winked at her and began running toward the secret passage.

"Oh no you don't," she muttered under her breath as she began to run.

She heard her friends call after her but she kept her pace. She saw him jump down, and smile at her before running into the passage way. She stopped in front of it dumbfounded.  She really hated him, and stared at him through slanted eyes.  She wanted to go after him, but she couldn't leave her friends behind.  Tempest clenched her fist.

"Zephyr," said Void panting.

"Come on," she said walking into the empty passage. Nila and Void followed at her heels, but when she turned around and saw Chad and Divina looking at her.

"Well come on."

"We can't," said Divina. She placed her hand on an invisible wall. "Just go on, and here." She grabbed her potion along with Chad's and threw them into the passage. Tempest caught them before they hit the ground and smiled. She looked back at Void and Nila, smiles lit their faces as well.

"Come on you two."

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