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          "So, her name is Tempest," questioned Nila. Tempest nodded and collapsed onto the sofa. I can't believe I'm named after that woman, she thought.

"No wonder the teachers always call you 'Young Tempest'," said Void.

"Yup. I guess it makes sense in a weird way." She let our a slight fake laugh and stared at the unlit fireplace.

Nila and Void sat on either side of her. The list was still in her hand and she took one last look at it before throwing it into the fireplace.

"Void can you please light the fireplace?"

"Huh, oh sure." The fireplace burst into flames and she watched as the list curl up and turn into ashes.

"Zephyr, we really need to get back to bed. Really, come on we can dwell on this in the morning."

Tempest looked around and finally noticed something amis.  "Void, where's your cat?" He looked at her startled and so did Nila.

"She's right Void, I haven't seen her in a while," said Nila. He rubbed his forehead and stared at them.

"It's not what you think, shes not Zoltron, Mistress Scrub is taking care of her."

"Why," they asked in unison.

"Because my cats not one of those domestic cats . . . She's a panther."

"It can't be, she was too small when it was a baby to be a cub," remarked Tempest.

"Slight birth defect. Now It's almost grown. Why did you think I've hardly been around? It recognizes my scent, so it won't harm me, it other people I'm not sure about. Mistress Scrub says I have permission to still keep it. She's training it at the moment."

Tempest let out a relieved breath and apologized to Void for the interrogation. He waved it away and went to bed. Nila and Tempest followed suit. Tempest sat on her bed and Nila sat besides her.

"What's wrong?" whispered Nila.

"Tempest," she stopped at the unfamiliarity of calling someone she didn't know by her name. She began again.

"Tempest had a pet panther. I think I might know a way to search for her."


"Master Vlad said that the caster of a scrying spell can go through the spell. We can go through and bring over our pets, only there's one catch."

"I knew that was coming," Nila said scowling and rolling her eyes.

"If we go through, our strength will get slightly depleted and I'm not exactly sure where we will land."

"Huh? Repeat that last part?"  Nila's eyes were wild in bewielderment and fright; it made Tempest want to laugh.

"Merlin cast a barrier on her castle. No one can get in by magic, as in you have to actually walk right in. But I'm not sure we can get in because well, only the one who carries Excaliber can enter to reverse the spell that Merlin cast."

"Okay. We need to go wake up Void don't we?"

"Yup." They walked down to the boys dormitory and walked right up to Voids bed. It was empty.

"Where do you suppose Void is?"

"Probably in Mistress Scrubs hut house with his 'cat'." She made air quotes and Nila laughed.


Nila and Tempest walked the grounds will they came upon Void curled up against his panther.

"He looks so cute." Tempest her head around and stared at Nila wide-eyed. Nila just looked back at her annoyed. 

"What? He looks like a child curled up against a giant teddy bear."

"Uh huh. Well whatever, come on lets go wake him up and see if Artemis remembers us." Nila smiled and nodded in agreement.

They walked down and as they got near the panther looked up at them then licked Void awake.  He stirred and stood up in their presence.
"Hey, uh did you figure out something."  He was bluching and kept his eyes on the ground.  Nila laughed and Tempest smiled.

"Yeah. Now come, and bring your panther."

"But . . . "

"Just do it!" demanded Tempest.  She was in no mood to deligate.

Void slanted his eyes and followed reluctantly. They walked around slowly until they saw Divina and Chad. Tempest wondered why they were out together but pushed that thought aside.  Divina was swimming and Chad was sleeping near a tree. Tempest walked to them and roused them up. Together they all went back to the dormitory. Once there they all settled down as Tempest began to explain her discovery.

"Okay, so let me get this straight." began Divina squeezing her damp hair, "if we go through, not only will our strength be depleted but you won't know where we'll end up?"


"And what if we land in the ocean?!"

"Hopefully, as long as we keep our mind set on land, we should be okay."

"Hopefully," mocked Divina rolling her eyes.

"Besides you were born in the ocean, you'll be fine, I really don't know why are being worried," said Tempest.

"Calm down, now where are we going to get a big enough cauldron for all of use and your pets?" asked Chad.

Tempest smiled and a shadow of flame danced across her michevous face.  "This is where everything gets fun."


This was risky she knew. Sneaking into Master Vlad's classroom in the dead of night while he was most likely to be fully awake and his senses equally aware. They all took large amounts of the potion enough for each of them.

They all had their cauldrons set up already and their pets were secure. Once they had their supplies, she ushered them back to the bathroom. Tempest locked the bathroom door behind her.

"Okay, you all know how to make the potion?"

"Yes, can we just start now," complained Divina.

"Of course."

They started and Tempest kept looking at the top window, keeping a lookout for dawn. When they all announced that they were done Tempest told the, to pour the contents onto the bathtub. They did so and Tempest drew a picture of the woman in her mind. As she did so, the woman muttered 'Tempest' softly.

She opened her eyes and an image appeared. A woman was sitting on a dark amethyst throne. She looked physically weak. She lifted her head and seemed to look directly at Tempest. She reached out her hand in welcoming and smiled.

"Come to me. Set me free." Tempest stared at the woman in awe.

"Thank you cousin, you've saved me a lot of trouble." They all jerked their heads up and saw Zoltron standing at the high window.

"Okay that's is, how do you freakin' get in here unknown?!"

"My secrets are my own thank you very much."

"You know, you are really starting to get on my nerves."

"Oh really? Well sorry about that. Anyway good day to you cousin." He tilted her head and dived into the bathroom. She tried to focus her thoughts on another place, but it was already to late, he was already in.


She ran in and her dragon and friends followed. She dived in and was sucked into a vortex. Colours swirled around her of silver and blue.

Tempest landed with a hard thud against stone. Her mouth filled with blood and she rolled over weak. Good thing I made those potions, she thought. Tempest looked around for Zoltron. He must have landed somewhere else, she hoped.

She saw her friends, her dragon, Nila's bat, and Voids panther fall from the sky. The panther landed besides Void gracefully on all fours. Nila's bat flew to he side and nudged at her.

"Okay, if we ever fo that again, we really need to work on our landings," said Nila rolling over on her side.

"Uh guys, my foot broke, can one you please put it back into place?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming," said Tempest crawling over. Once the bone was back in place, they all sat up and looked around.

"Where's Zoltron," asked Divina.

"He must have landed somewhere else on the island." She fished around the bag she held and threw each one of them a Rejuvenation potion.

"What are these," asked Chad.

"Health potions. Two each, take one right now and one for later if you feel weak." They all nodded and drank one vial of the potions. They stood up and looked round. Below their feet, was on a dirt road.

"Tempest it'll take days to search for the castle," whined Nila.

"Well at least we'll be a head of him. We've got these. Now hold on a second." Tempest turned to her dragon, pointed her wand and said, "Reverso!" Suddenly the dragon grew to it's normal size and all her friends backed up against the wall.

"That's a good boy." She looked at her friends as she climbed up. "Any of you coming up? Two more people can fit." Chad was the only person to walk up. He climbed up and sat down behind Tempest.

"Wrap your arms tight around my waist."

"Okay." She felt a smile grow on his face before flying up. 

"We'll fly above you guys to keep and eyes on you okay?"

They all nodded and began up the path. Tempest flew up and smiled. The last time she had flown on her dragon was over the summer, and the joy of flight was to good to be true.


Tempest looked near the horizon, the sun was going to be setting soon. They had made good time in her opinion. The dirt road led into a forest and she looked around when something caught her eyes. She told Aidan to land in front of her friends and they flew straight down.

"Bloody hell Zephyr!" exclaimed Void. "You almost gave me a heart attack! Just because I am unable to feel physical pain doesn't mean I can't fell if my hearts about to stop!"

"Stop being over dramatic Void," she said climbing down off of Aidan. "Now the reason I landed was because there's a small village behind these trees. I think that if there are any people here, we should not scare them or give them any reason to, well, want to kill us, to put it bluntly."

"Very bluntly," said Divina sarcastically.

Tempest rolled her eyes and cast a spell on her dragon putting it back to infant size. It wrapped itself on her shoulders and she led the way.

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