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          Tempest woke with a start. Beads of sweat were painted across her face and she leaned back. She tried to recall the dream, but all that kept coming into her mind was her own name.  Tempest kicked off her covers and walked down stairs, hoping to find some serenity. 

She stared at the fires as it burned and licked at the walls of the fireplace. A book caught her attention and she picked and began flipping through.

"I know her name, yet I don't. Ugh! Why does everything always have to be so damn complicated." She put the book down and bent backwards to relieve her stress. Then she lifted her legs and did an air-split. She held herself there for a while till she did a full cartwheel.

Tempest laughed in wonder.  "Wow, can't remember the last time I did that." She smiled to herself. She did it a couple more times to focus her thinking. As time progressed she realized she had fallen asleep.

"Zephyr, wake up," she heard a non-familiar voice say.

She jerked her eyes open and next to her, hunched down was Gorx. She sat up and stared into his autumn coloured eyes.

"Hey, uh what time is it?"

"Almost dawn. I couldn't fall asleep so I decide to come up here, and who should I find sleeping on the ground but you." She laughed and leaned against the sofa next to him.

"I couldn't sleep either. Bad dream I guess. Although I don't really know because I can't remember, but that besides the point."

They both laughed and she saw him pick up the book she was reading before she fell asleep.

"I've never seen this book before. Where did you get it?"

"My mom sent it to me. She likes it she I know more than I'm supposed to. She's . . . I don't know, all I know is that I love her."

"That's sweet." She smiled and read over his shoulder. "I know this woman," he said pointing to the sister of the Lady of the Lake.

"You do?"

"Of course. There are about a dozen books about her in the school library. Why?"

"I'd love to tell you but unfortunately I can't."

"Why not," he said leaning closer. She felt her heart skip a beat.

"I can't . . . right now anyway. But I promise that when all that is going on comes to an end I will. Okay?"

"I'm going to hold you to that," he said smiling at her. She kissed him on the cheek before running upstairs to get Nila.

"What?" groaned Nila pulling the covers back over her head.

"Come on, wake up! We're going to the library."

"Can't this wait?"

Tempest finally gave up, she didn't have time for this.  "Fine, you can stay, I'm going to the library."

"Uh huh," Nila groaned as she went back to sleep.

God, she's as bad as Void, she thought as she got dressed quickly. She ran to the library and her feet moved so swiftly her black sneakers didn't make a noise.

Tempest crept through the crack she opened for herself and snuck in. Once she had closed the door and made sure no one was around, she slunk up the stairs to the second floor.

"Okay, now where would I find those books."

She searched around and finally set up a table with about twelve books surrounding her.

"Oh this is going to be loads of fun entertainment," she said sarcastically as she sighed and finally picked up a book.

The books had several chapters about the Unknown Lady as Tempest liked to call her. In some books the name seemed to be covered in soot and ash and no magic she tried to use would show the name.

She did succeed though in uncovering three letters of the name. They were the letters M, S, and E. She wrote them down. Several names had those letters she thought in frustration. She threw down her quill and stood up from the table knocking down her chair. She massaged her temples and picked up her chair.  Nothing was ever simple anymore.

"Just breath Zephyr." She took a deep breath and continued on her research.

In other books she found that her name was completely gone. Again she tried several spells to rewrite it but no to avail. Temest looked at a drawing of the woman. Her eyes were violet and her hair was pitch black. Tempest took note that her eyes were not gentle like her sister, but were instead filled with mass amounts of malice.

Tempest stared transfixed at the picture. Her eyes held her gaze and Tempest wondered what an encounter with this woman would be like.

She forced herself to look away and Closed the book. Her stomach growled and she got up reluctantly. Better go eat, she thought.


She ate her dinner with a strong ravenous hunger. Thunder and lighting echoed through her ears and she looked outside. Storm clouds were filling the sky and strong winds were hitting the windows, hard.

"Looks like a beautiful coming storm, or rather a Tempest as my mother would call it," said Nila sitting down next to her and taking a plate filling it high with food.

"What did you just say?" said Tempest cursiously.  She could feel that her forehead was creesed in concentration.

"A coming Tempest. Tempest means 'a strong storm'. Didn't you know that?"

Tempest shock her head and Nila widened her eyes as if to say, "really?" Tempest turned her eyes back to the window.


Tempest skipped her classes and she wrote down everything she thought might be a hint, and any hints that the Lady of the Lake had given her. To her surprise, and frustration, it was a very long list. She folded up the parchment and stuffed it in her shoe. She would have loved to stay in the Common room all day long, but now was a perfect time to sneak back the stuff she had stolen back into the Poisons classroom.

Tempest carefully picked up the cauldron and looked around corners as she slithered back to the class room. She peeked in and looked around. No one. As she was placing the cauldron back on it's shelf she felt a draft.

"I'm glad you are returning my cauldron to me Young Tempest," she heard Master Vlad say. She turned around and stared at him. "May I ask what purpose it served?"

"Uh . . . a scrying potion. I was watching Zoltron and Merwick. Merwick seemed to know though and came through the cauldron."

"Well I've never heard if people coming through spells, only of the watcher going through." His eyes zeroed on her. "Don't ever try to do that Tempest. Only very powerful magic users can do, and even they become very weak as their magic is drained from them as they go through. Now, go back to the dormitory."  His voice was foreceful and she knew he meant business, but that didn't stop the michevious thought that swam through her head.  Nevertheless she obeyed and walked back to the Common room with her eyes cast down, allowing him to think that she would listen.


Tempest stared at her list and pulled at her hair in frustration. It made no sense. They weren't even connected, none of them. She kicked and kicked the sofa and was more than thankful that he was alone. No one could see her pathetic display of emotion.

She stopped kicking and crossed her arms in anger to contain herself. When she finally calmed down she decided she could do no more and went to bed.


Words. Pictures. They both flashed through her head as she woke up. Tempest clutched her necklace as though it were a holy cross and laughed silently at herself for doing so.

"Great, I'm losing my mind," she whispered to herself.

She snuck down stairs and stared at the fire. The scenes from her dream were still fresh in her mind and words flashed through her mind in a confusing rattle. She did what she had done the night before.

Thunder struck and startled Tempest enough to make her fall. Rain began to pour against the windows hitting it like a bunch of knives. That's when it hit her. Water. She ran and grabbed her paper of hints. Finally she knew what she was looking for, their connection, water.

She studied the words carefully. Only half of them were in her dream. The words were so clear she closed her eyes and said the, aloud.

"'There mother loved storms'. 'We have the same name'. 'The coming storm'." She paused at the last one and looked at her reflection in a side mirror.  "Young Tempest."  She sat in th dark as the fire blew out. A hand reached out and grabbed her shoulders. She turned and stood face to face with Nila and Void.

"Zephyr, what's wrong?" asked Void. She looked deep in his eyes and forced a weak smile of success.

"I know her name," she said finally.

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