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          Tempest sat in the Infirmary once again. This was the tenth time she had been in there in the last two months and her friends had begun to worry about her immensely.  She was starting to get annoyed as well as very agitated.

"I'm fine you guys," she growled as politely as possible.

"You almost past out on us completely Zephyr," said Divina.

"Bloody hell. Look I'm all right. As you can see I'm perfectly capable of standing up," she said hoisting herself up, with difficulty.

"But can you walk?" asked Chad smugly.

"And I thought you were on my side," she remarked sitting back down.

"I am but frankly you are not fine." He sat down next to her and took her hand. "You're tired and you can't walk in a straight line, plus you're still recovering from that flu you had."

"I know, but I think I can handle this. Now if you would just carry me back to the Common room, I think I'll be fine." She saw them smiled and in response she rolled her eyes.


She sat in bed surrounded by books. Tempest picked up a book and began to study for her exams.

"I'm bored," she screamed to no one in particular seeing as there was no one around.

"I guess I'm to blame for that huh?" Tempest jerked her head toward the doorway and standing there was none other than Zoltron.

"How the bloody hell do you get in unnoticed?" He simply shrugged and sat on the edge of her bed and began to rub his temples.

"Why is this spell affecting me?"

"I'm not going to tell you. If I have to suffer so do you." She smiled and picked up a book.

"I'll end the spell . . . if you tell me why it is affecting me." She looked up from her book. His sad blue-grey eyes were penetrating.

"Fine." She slammed the book shut and placed it on her lap. "You are my cousin seven or eight times removed. Happy, now keep your promise."

"Don't worry, I will, but I cannot account for what he will do."

Tempest stared at him warily as she flashed her a smile as effulgent as her's.

"Why are your eyes always filled with so much sadness?"

"I grew up on the streets at the age of four . . . "

"But how if your family died when you were 2 or 3 i can't quite remember?"

He glared at her. "How did you know that?"

"I've been doing my research," she said shrugging.

"Fine. I don't know, someone found me and they raised me on the streets. She was a nice woman." He laughed. "She loved how I could do magic tricks. But then, she died. She gave me this necklace. I wear it to remember her." He showed her the chain with a locket attached to it.

"Have you ever opened it?"

"Yeah, tucked inside was a letter from her husband before he died, before she went poor, although she was always still beautiful in my eyes."

"What happened after she died?"

"I had to beg for money, nothing new really, but I grew so angry. I mean sure when the people would see me, they would acknowledge me with eyes full of pity, but they never did anything! Besides all that, my past is very vague."

She stared at him with a new found knowledge. Tempest removed her covers and sat next to him.

"Merwick is an insane man. He's only mesmerized you to help him serve his own purposes to kill me. Don't be so keen to be docile to his every word. You are very dexterous . . . "

"And you are a very loquacious and adamant person," he said standing up. He pointed the sword at her neck but she held his piercing gaze. "You will not win."

"I will thwart his plans," she declared standing up. "With or without your help."

"You can expect without."

They both stood their ground still they heard a clamour from below. He looked toward the door then back to her and smiled sheathing her sword.

"Until next time then cousin," he said as he jumped out the window. Nila suddenly came through the door with an arm full of Pumpkin Pasties.

"I absolutely adore these," she said dumping them on her bed. She paused and stared at Tempest. "What are you doing up?"

"Zoltron was here," she stated matter-of-factly. "We talked for a while. I told him we were related. He's going to remove this spell he has on me."

"Well that's good isn't it?"

"I suppose, I just wish . . . " She paused and Nila began to groan when she saw the mischievous gleam in Tempests' eyes.

Tempest ran down the stairs and grabbed the books from her godparents.

"They do come in handy don't they," remarked Nila as she walked down the stairs. Tempest simply nodded and smiled.

She continued flipping through pages until she saw what she was looking for.

"Found it."

"And what is 'it' exactly?"

"A scrying potion. All I have to do is make this potion, then form an image of whatever it is I want to see, then say this spell."

"What is the spell?"


"Well this sounds easy enough."

"Hopefully it will be. Now come on lets go sneak into the Poison's classroom and grab the proper ingredients and a small little cauldron. Now come on."

They were running out when they nearly ran into Void. He stared at them in shock and took a step backwards.

"What's the matter with you?" asked Nila

"Nothing. Where are you guys going in such a rush?"

"Poison's classroom. Come on Nila will explain to you on the way."

"Uh, okay, all right then."

Tempest heard his voice deepen into a whisper. She peaked around corners as they snuck around the dungeons. As quietly as possible she opened the classroom door then the storage room door. She locked it behind her when they entered.

"Okay, Void, I want you to grab the a cauldron. Nila I want you to grab Octopus Powder, two unicorn horns and monkshood. Oh and wolfbane."

"Okay," they both said in unison.

She put her ear to the door and listened tentively. She jerked around when Nila dropped a jar.


"Don't worry. Reparo!" The jar fixed itself and Nila placed it carefully back on the shelf.

"Okay, Zephyr, we're done," said Void.'

"Good, come on then." They opened the door and snuck out of there and the class room and back to the Common Room.

Tempest had Void set up the cauldron in the fireplace and told him to add water.

"Okay, uh, do either of you have a knife?"

"I do," jumped Nila.

"Uh all right then. Can you go get it please."

"Uh huh." Nila ran unpairs and, even faster than Master Vlad, returned. "Here you go," she said handing her a stainless steel knife with a gold hilt engraved with a mermaid.

"Where did you get this?"

"Someone I know, I guess you could call him my cousin, Adrian."

"Oh, all right then."

Tempest knelt down nest to the fire place and put her arms over it. She started scraping the unicorn horn till nothing was left , and did the same with the other. After, she stirred it twice clockwise and one counter-clockwise till the water turned to what looked like melted silver. She added the octopus powder and stirred five times. The water turned lilac. Finally she added eight sprigs of monkshood and a pinch of wolfbane. The potion was finally ready when it turned to a deep purple.

"Zephyr hurry up, people are gonna be back soon. It's nearly dark."


"Yes. You got so wrapped up in doing that, that you forgot about everything else," said Void.

"Okay." She turned back to the cauldron. "Scopeventous!"

The water stilled and an image appeared. It was Zoltron. He was running through the Forest of Light she presumed. He stopped a moment and looked around. He turned left and walked till he reached a clearing. The place looked as though it were his home.

"Merwick, I've returned," he said. A gold shimmer appeared out of nowhere.

"Where were you?" He demanded.

"Talking with my cousin. You knew didn't you?"

"Of course, why does that matter?"

"This spell is making me weak as well! I thought you cared!" She watched Merwick place a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"I do care. But right we shouldn't worry."

"If I'm weak, I can't keep stalking her. Remove the spell or I will return her sword." She saw Merwick's face go hard, but he reluctantly agreed. Zoltron smiled.

"Yes!" exclaimed Tempest. Her smile quickly faded when it seemed that Merwick was staring at her. "Bloody hell."

"Merwick what is it?" Asked Zoltron.

"We are being watched."

She watched Merwick come at her and she quickly backed away from the cauldron and stumbled into the sofa behind her. Merwick emerged from the cauldron.

"Ah Zephyr, we meet again. How are you?"

"Go to hell."

"Very funny." His sardonic smiled faded. "Stop watching us little girl. This is your last warning. Besides, next time, I will you . . . or one of your little friends."

"You wish you old fart," remarked Nila.

"I will kill you," he said ignoring Nila. Tempest watched him go back into the cauldron then disappear.

"You old fart," questioned Void looking at her in shock.

"I didn't hear you say anything" contradicted Nila pouting.

"Well yeah but 'you old fart'?"

"Can you both shut up and help me clean this mess up please." They looked at her and nodded. They poured the contents of the cauldron out their dormitory window. Tempest opened the loose floorboard and put it under.

"I really hate him."

"We're sorry."

They both rubbed her back as she hugged her knees close to her chest.

"Come on Zeph," began Void. "We better get down to dinner."

She nodded in argument and took a deep breath before following them to the great hall.

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