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          Tempest jerked around along with Void and Nila. They all smiled in awe.

"Hi again Lady." Tempest laughed at herself for calling her that, she thought she sounded like a child, but that was all she could think of that was shorter than Lady of the Lake.

"I see you brought your friends," she said smiling.

"I hope that's not a problem."

"Not at all," she said with a secretive glint in her eyes.  "Please, come with me. There's a place I love to sit and converse." They followed her to a circular room surrounded by a crystal dome.

"Wow," remarked Nila aloud.

"I know, it is magnificent isn't it. Now please have a seat, we have much to talk about and not enough time." They sat on the cold ground and she smiled. "Now, you have found me, but now you must find my sister."

"How do we do that?"

"Let me begin from the beginning. When my sister and I were born, we brought magic along with us into the world. I was all that was light and she was everything that was dark. Our mother said that 'we were a coming storm'. She always did call us that. We grew up and along with age came distance.  We grew apart.  Time past and we both gained many followers.  Many of them brothers and sisters like ourselves.  Finally came Merlin and the reign of King Arthur.  Excaliber was for one true purpose.  To destroy my sister. What Merlin did not know was that her name gave her power. Morgan knew that and became her apprentice. Mordred was born and they raised an army against Arthur. But Merlin trapped my sister and all of her followers were killed. The survivors were locked up till they died and her name was erase from all text."

"Wait in all the books I read it said that Morgan went to her after her downfall."

"That is incorrect darling. They wrote it that way to show that her defeat had nothing to do with the death of Arthur. So that they could avoid speaking of her all together. They were that determined to erase her from history."

"So what is her name?"

"I cannot mutter it. If I do, just me muttering it gives her enough strength to free herself."

"So I have to discover her name?"

"You already know it Young Tempest. All you have to know is find out that it belongs to her, before Merwick does."

"Well I already knew that Lady."

"Of course. Now once you know her name, you must find her quickly. Here's a hint: It's the same name as mine."

"Are you going to tell me yours?" She shook her head. "I thought as much."

She stood up and told Nila, Tempest, and Void to follow her. They did, and soon enough they entered a room clad in silver and white filled with magical items.

"Each of you may take only one item from this room. When you find her, these will protect you from the beings that crowd her castle. Because you carry their wands you will be allowed access into the chamber as well as the carrier if Excaliber. Mind you, choose carefully."

Nila, Void, and Tempest looked at each other each in turn. They walked together and began to look through the piles.

"How beautiful," said Nila tracing her fingers over a emerald silver ring.  "There's writing engraved on the inside." Tempest and Void walked to her and looked at the engraved words.

"What does it say," asked Tempest.

"I don't know . . . Void?"

"It's some sort of old magic. In the olden day, magical runes were traced upon things for protection or anything they wanted to do."

"Do you know what it says," asked Nila putting it on.

"Terra Vita."

"Terra Vita?" She remarked questionably. Suddenly a vine shot out of the ground and lingered under Nila's hand. "Brilliant." She danced the little vine and Tempest rolled her eyes.

"Seems you've gained power over the Earth," remarked Tempest. "Take it, it could be of some use."

"Okay, but Void how exactly do I stop?"

"Simply say the words backwards."

"Okay. Ativ Arret." The vine shot back into the ground and she smiled.

Void was looking for something small to carry around. Small and useful. That when Tempest saw it.

"Void catch."

He looked at her and caught what she had thrown. He opened his hands and saw a black onyx-stone wrist band that clipped together with silver clips.

"Wow, do you guys know what this can do?"

"No, but I think we both have a feeling you're going to tell us," said Nila smugly.

"Ha, ha. Anyway this is supposed to summon daggers, throwing knives Nila." She stuck out her tongue at him and he continued. "Those daggers supposedly harness the power of electricity in it purest form."

"Which being?" asked Tempest.


"So why didn't you just say that in the first place," remarked Nila.

"Shut up you two and lets go."

"Aren't you going to get something Zephyr," asked Nila.

"I already have my necklace, and soon I'll have my sword back too." She smiled and looked at the Lady of the Lake who was smiling back at her.


Tempest swam back to Divina and they explained everything to her and Chad.

"Now I wish I had come, I would have gotten something too," said Divina.

"Your loss," said Nila looking at her ring.

"I wish I had gotten something," complained Chad.

"The you should have some," said Tempest.

"Yes well I couldn't just leaved Divina here alone, that would have been rude."

"I know, you are such a gentleman."

"Anyway, we should be getting back to school before anyone notices that we are not there. Especially one smug little girl and her two friends."

"Agreed. Everyone swim fast one the charm is cast."

They all agreed and ran to the water. Divina cast the spell on each of them and they swam faster than they even thought possible. When they reached lad they collapsed on the shore and started to laugh.

"I would stop laughing it I were you children," said a cold voice unmistakably belonging to none other than Mistress Starlet.

They all got up and turned around. Behind them standing on the shore was the entire staff with their arms crossed. Next to them was Astrea, alone.

"Ms. Sanguina here saw you all dive into the water with her telescope. Mind telling us where you were all night?"

They all looked at each other and Tempest stepped forward.

"We were talking with the Lady of the Lake, we all snuck out to talk to her about her sister. Merwick stole my sword and is looking for her."

All the teachers stood in shock and Astrea glared at her. Tempest looked at her and then smiled innocently. Astrea mouthed the words 'I hate you' and Tempest just reposed by sticking out her tongue.

"Enough you two," said Majika. "Astrea got to bed. The rest of you, the same goes. All except the trio." They all knew whom she implied.

After everyone left, Nila and Void stepped to Tempests sides.


Tempest took a deep breath and explained everything. Everything she thought was relevant anyway. She kept looking around as she spoke for a glimpse of gold or a glimpse of her sword.

"Look, I'm sorry that I've given no regards to the rules at all, and have disobeyed you . . . again, but Merwick didn't really give me a choice."

"We understand, but right now, you are in serious trouble. If you had told us before we could have helped. Now each of you will lose ten house points. Master Vlad, please escort your students to your common-room."

"Of course, come on now children."


As they walked, Vlad scowled at all three of them.

"Do any of you see the impression you're giving on my house?"

"I think we're giving a pretty good one," said Tempest.

"Agreed, after all we are very ambitious. Although I tink courage is a better word, and smart," said Nila.

"All except you here anyway," snickered Void.

"That's not funny," yelled Nila in retaliation.

"Shh you two, what if Zoltron is around," said Tempest.

"Listen to her you two, stop bickering. We would not want to attract any attention from 'unwanted visitors'."

"Sorry," they said in unison.

They continued on their walk back to school until Tempest began to feel light-headed.

"Guys," she muttered as she fell forward onto the ground.

"Zephyr," Void and Nila screamed. Master Vlad picked her up gently and held her close.

"He is here," muttered Tempest weakly.

"Bloody hell you're smart," said a voice. Zoltron come from the shadows and leaned against a tree.

"What did you do to here," yelled Void.

"Old magic. It's a wonder what just a single drop of her blood can do." He smiled and Tempests' eyes widened when she remembered the creature in the water.

"Undo this magic now! You'll only suffer as well," said Nila. She quickly gasped and covered her mouth.

"Nila, keep quiet," ordered Tempest.

"No, tell me."

"Nila . . . "

"Just please release her."

"Only for now. Then I will resume the spell tomorrow. You are forewarned Tempest."

"Don't call me that."

"Till next time . . . Zephyr."

He ran of and Vlad hurried them off to the Common room. In there, he laid her half-conscious body on the sofa and lit the fire place.

"Keep her here for the next couple of days. That was a fair warning and we should keep it in mind by keeping her in places we will know she'll be safe." They nodded and Tempest pulled the covers tighter around herself as she began to cough.

"Oh Tempest."

"Don't call me that Nila, and it's just a simple cough, don't worry. Now, goodnight." She closed her eyes swiftly and felt the air speed up in Master Vlad's exit.

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