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          Divina explained everything to everyone and Tempest kept that smile on the whole time. She was happy and they all knew the reason: they were one-step ahead of Zoltron and Merwick.

"Isn't this exciting," chipped Tempest. Everyone stopped and gawked at her as though she was crazy, which she no doubt looked.

"Who are you and what have you done to our Zephyr? You know that one that is always relapsing into a dak and dismal corner thinking about how she hates her like," said Void eloquently.

"Ha, ha very funny."

"I know," he said laughing.

"Anyway, when do you guys want to leave?" They stared at her in shock and concern until Nila finally stood up.

"Ah Zephyr, I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but uh, we don't exactly know how to breath under water."

Tempest smiled and grabbed a book from the sofa. She flipped through the pages. Her face became luminous after a moment of reading.

"Here, thanks to my semi-wonderful godparents, I know a charm that will allow us to breath under water. Am I brilliant or what?"

"Well technically your godparents are because they got you the book---" began Nila.

"Of course," said Void. "Now tell us how long the spell lasts?"

"As long as you don't breath air and keep your head under water, you'll be fine."

"But who will cast the spell? I mean I would rather someone who can cast the spell cast in on each of us," said Nila.

"I knew you would say that, that's why I've asked Divina to cast the spell."

"I know water spells like the back of my hand."

Nila and everyone else shrugged in compliance whileTempest smiled victoriously. She ordered them all to run down to dinner. Tempest stood there for a moment taking in everything that had happened and picturing things of the future.

"Hopefully everything will end well," she muttered before stepping out the common room.

Tempest ran to the Great Hall and stopped at the stairs. Mistress Starlet was interrogating her friends.

"Where is young Tempest?"

"In the common room," answered Void.


"She wasn't feeling well," said Nila.

"Really? Well then . . . "

"Bianca, really, let these children eat. Their friend is ill. I'm sure they just want to eat and then get bac to her. Let the children go," said Master Vlad.

Tempest smiled and her grin grew even bigger when she saw her friends sigh in relief at the sight of Master Vlad.

"Very well then Gwendyl," she said in distaste. "I'll see you in the Great Hall then, and all of you of course."

She lifted up her chin and stalked away Tempest couldn't help but laugh after the door closed behind her. She felt wind gust next to her but she didn't care. She finally regained herself moments of hackling like a mad woman.

"Are you calm now Young Tempest?"

"Yes master Vlad," she said standing up. "I presume you want me to return back to the common room." He nodded. "All right then. Nila, Void, bring some food back for me okay."

"Yes Zephyr, now go back to the common room," said Nila.Tempest pouted and began her trek back down the stairs to the Common room. At least I had a little taste of entertainment, she thought beginning to snicker again.


Tempest spent the whole day locked up in the common room. The teachers already believed that she was sick so that was in her luck. All she and her friends had to do was leave at night and skip Mistress Starlets night class. Not a big sacrifice. The day past extremely slowly as she kept dazing in and out. She picked up and old book she had bough in a Muggle bookstore on a trip with brothers. Although they were rude and not as "superior" as wizards, they did have a tendency to write extraordinary well.

Upon the time when dusk arrived, she dressed in a long sleeve and pants. The water would be freezing, especially the more deep they swam north, but hopefully, they would live.

She warmed herself by a fire and waited till her friends walking in.  She grabbed her wand and they crept around the corners. They past a couple of students, but just lied and said they were on their way to Astronomy class. Most chose to believe the lie because truly they did love the class, they just hated the teacher and chose not to go.

The night was cold, so Tempest speculated that the water would be freezing. She already began shivering at the thought.

Divina called them to a halt and dipped a finger in the water.

"I hope you guys are ready because this water is extremely cold."

"We are," said Tempest, aswering for all of them.

She watched Divina dive in and called them to her. Tempest tied her hair back and ran into the lake. She ignored the stabbing cold and dived in taking a deep breath with her.

She floated where she was for a moment before swimming toward Divina. They all gathered around her while she cast the charm on all of them.

Nila laughed at the bubble that encircled her mouth. Void swam around them arrogantly.

"Okay, now follow me and don't stray away!  These waters may not look it but they are treacherous."

"Thanks for the obvious," said Void.

Divina rolled her eyes and Tempest kicked him in the stomach. He laughed and they all began swimming after her.

Tempest wasn't sure how much time had passed, but she knew they had been swimming for a while.

"Divina how much farther?"

"Just a little bit farther. We're going to have to go on land in a few minutes."

Tempest looked around and saw Chad, Chad smiled and she smiled back. They swam farther for a distance. Tempest stopped at the sudden movement of a seaweed brush. Everyone kept swimming before her. She knew she should not go to it, but felt she had to. She swam close just a bit before something came at her in a charge.

Tempest dodged it swiftly, but was not quick enough. She clutched her upper arm and called for her friends. They turned and Divina swam faster than Tempest thought possible. The creature stopped an inch from her face and Divina's hair began snapping at the little creature. It scurried away. Tempest laughed and Divina stared at her sternly.

"I told you . . . "

"I know. Look I'm sorry, can we just continue on please.  You can scold me back at school."

"Fine, come on. Chad keep her close to you." He nodded and smiled.

They swam onward for a while till Divina halted them. She looked at them and smiled.

"Now we go on land you guys."

They swam to a slope of land then began to walk upward. Tempest un-bound her hair and shook it till it floated all around her head. When her head broke water she took a deep breath and let her cold wet hair fall over her shoulders.

They all stood on shore and stared ahead. Tempest saw in the distance a clear glistening lake.

"That's where she lives Zephyr. At the bottom of the lake," Divina said smiling.

"Okay, come on."

"Are you mad. I'm not going back down there again. I don't think that water likes dark creatures. The further I went down the more I got sick. Look I'll cast the charm for you but that's it. Sorry."

"It's all right, I understand. I think I'll just cast the charm myself."

Divina shrugged and Chad stood behind with her. Nila and Void followed instep behind and dove into the lake after Tempest. Tempest cast the spell on all of them before leading them down to the bottom.

Tempest led them down to the bottom of the lake and searched for a glow a glow. They were all half swimming, half walking to the centre of the lake.

They walked for a while till they saw it. A white little palace surrounded by silver and white fish circling over it.

Tempest walked on and the crystal dors opened in her presence. When they entered they saw a sort of maze, and their bubbles had disappeared.

"Which way should we go?" asked Nila.

"Left. I'm pretty sure we should go left."

She saw them shrug and they followed after her. She went left three more times then right twice till she stopped.

"Zephyr?" they asked in unison.

She shushed them and turned to the second left passage way. She stopped and stood in shock at the creature coming at her.

"Um guys, there's a Veriserite coming this way. Stand still," she ordered.

The Veriserite circled them each in turn before returning back to Tempest. It stared at her and for a moment Tempest thought it was about to kill her. Suddenly though it tapped her on the shoulder and went back the path it came from.

"Uh, I think it wants you to follow it," said Nila obviously marvelled.

"I think you're right."

They followed it till they came to the crystal passage way that Tempest went through in her dreams. She went down and looked for the throne of the Lady of the Lake.

"Hello Young Tempest."

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