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Finally i know, i've updated... you'll probably be disappointed. I went to camp as a volunteer leader. The kids there come from disadvantaged backgrounds and to me now fanfiction has little meaning. I'm sorry!!!

‘if you don’t be quiet we’ll get caught!’ I said exasperated. Draco and Hermione just laughed in my face. We reached the large oak doors of Hogwarts.

‘Yeh know wart? Arm gonna break urp with thaat Ronid fella. Ah dun ned ‘im’ Hermione slurred.

‘Relly? Arnd then we cood bee togeva’ Draco said, equally as intoxicated.


‘Shhh!’ Draco sniggered, ‘dis one sez we haff do be qwiat.’

“I should just leave them” was a recurring thought in my head but my feelings for Draco and the faithfulness I still held towards Hermione got the better of me.

With great difficulty I managed to get the two of them up the stairs. I paused to rest but was interrupted by the sound of brisk footsteps. I panicked, “I need somewhere to hide,” I thought to myself. Then, by chance, a door appeared where I was sure there wasn’t one before.

Somehow, I managed to get both Draco and Hermione through the doorway and into a room. As I shut the door behind me, I got a chance to look around. It was large and even more lavishly decorated than the Malfoy manor. I glanced at the ceiling where chandeliers hung with candles burning brilliantly inside. The room had a large bed and next to it, an enormous lounge. I walked towards the window. I’d always had a fascination with looking out the windows at Hogwarts because the view that met my eyes was the most spectacular I’d ever seen.

The full moon shone down on the grounds and the Great Lake shimmered radiantly. I sighed; I really did like it here, especially with people like Draco and Hermione. The thought jogged my memory, I turned to find them locked in a furious battle to get each others clothes off. My stomach churned as I saw a half naked Draco with his hands trying to unclasp Hermione’s bra. If I stopped them, then we’d all be incredibly embarrassed but if I didn’t then Hermione would end up doing something she’d regret forever, and Draco… well, I wouldn’t be able to respect him anymore.

My mind screamed at me to stop them but my body wouldn’t move. I just stood there as Draco began to unzip his pants. Hermione jumped onto the bed and Draco followed. I couldn’t help it; I just stood and stared. I’d never seen two beings so close before. Then reality hit me, like a big truck and was besieged by what I saw. I moved, threw the door open and bolted, tears streaming down my face.

Hermione knew what I felt for Draco, and had allowed him to come tonight in the hopes of myself and him getting closer, but with the help of a little firewhisky the opposite had occurred. I hated Hermione for betraying me but I hated Draco more. I hated him for being so goddamn sexy and making me fall for him, I hated him for how he had taken over my mind and body, and most of all I hated him for the fact that even after what I’d just witnessed, I still loved him.

Two boys… two boys had broken my heart, and I’d lost 3 friends. Life at Hogwarts began to steeply get worse.

Draco and Hermione were the new “it” couple, after a rather messy falling out with Ron and Harry on Hermione’s side, and a whole school argument over the issue. Whenever I saw either of them I refused to even look at them and I was also ignoring Harry. Ron became my only friend but I didn’t really connect with him the way I had with the others. He was still cut up about his break-up and I tried my best to support him but quickly grew tired of babysitting.

About a month after the “incident”, I was sitting in Defence Against the Dark Arts listening attentively (for once) to the professor when there was a knock at the door. The whole class turned their heads towards a first year boy looking absolutely petrified.

‘The h-h-headmaster w-w-wishes to s-s-see Violet b-b-Beaumont,’ the boy only just managed to get out before he dashed off.

‘Very well’ Professor Snape said, obviously irritated that a student had to leave his class, and more, a Gryffindor.
‘Miss Beaumont’ he pointed at the door. ‘-and I shall expect 3 rolls of parchment on the importance of non-verbal spells on top of the other work you have been set… To catch up.’ He sneered slightly.

I gathered my ink, quills, parchment and bag and scurried off, almost as scared as the first year. As I walked towards the headmaster’s office, I wondered what on earth he could want me for.

For only the second time since starting at the school, I proceeded up the stairs behind the stone gargoyle which, conveniently had jumped aside as I approached. This time I heard no voices from within. The door opened once again of its own accord and I walked in, most surprised to find my mother standing next to Professor Dumbledore.

yes it was short, and bad... sorry guys!

As it has been ages since i updated, i feel that the time is right to begin the massive task of thanking all my reviewers and most especially those who have taken the time to review all or most of the chapters. So a special thank you to rowenaravenclaw94, Laci, _Emma_, Samhria, and spicyhc123! Thank you sooooo much! I appreciate all the reviews so much :D 

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