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a.n. Ok, so i'd usually put this at the end of the chapter but i feel the need to explain myself before you begin reading =]  Im so so so sorry for the ridiculously long wait on this chapter!!  And i have absolutely no excuse =/ Ok, so i've started my A-Levels and University applications but i have to admit that i've found myself with time to be writing, but just haven't bothered!  And i truely am sorry for that!  Also, i want to say i'm sorry for the crappy length of this chapter, and basically...this crappy chapter.  I promise to get myself back into the swing of things, i just need to find my feet with this story again.  I wanted to writing about the whole of the Halloween Ball in this chapter but i made a promise to myself to get a chapter up by tonight...and this is all i got done.  But for that, you can blame my friends for turning up at my house =] Again, i really am sorry for being a terrible author these past months...but im pretty sure im back now...with constant updates =D

Thinking Of You…

Chapter 19: Halloween


“Just stick it over there will you Susie!” an extremely frustrated Lily shouted at the more than helpful second year.  Susie dropped her pumpkin with a squeak and Lily growled.  “Can you people do nothing right?” she questioned as she threw her arms in the air in exasperation.


“Chill out Evan’s the ball doesn’t start for another six hours,” said a boy with dark hair and deep brown eyes.


“And in those six hours, Diggory,” Lily began firmly.  “I have to have this hall decorated, make sure any spells will last long enough, ensure the right music is going to be played, welcome the Weird Sisters to the school and,” she took a deep breath.  “Get myself ready.”


“Isn’t Potter helping you with all this?” Diggory asked casually.


Lily’s eyes hardened and she looked away from the boy.  “I don’t need his help.”  Diggory shrugged and strolled over to the other side of the hall where he began flirting with some seventh years.


“You look like you could use some help,” a small voice stated from behind Lily.  Lily turned to find herself looking at a very dishevelled looking Remus Lupin.


“No, Remus, I’m quite fine,” she lied.  “Thank you.”


“I wasn’t offering,” Remus said causing Lily’s eyebrows to furrow.  “No, I don’t mean it like that,” he corrected.  “What I mean is…well…how it meant to sound was…why isn’t James around?” he stuttered.  Lily took a deep breath and busied herself with placing spiders in a web.


“I don’t know,” she replied, as straight sounding as she could muster. 


“He should be helping,” Remus said.


“Should,” Lily began.  “But isn’t.”  Remus sighed, this small gesture causing something in Lily to snap.


“What?” she asked, whirling around to face him.  “Why is it that whenever somebody questions me about James Potter lately the conversation ends with a sigh.  Like…well, like…like some devastatingly sad things happened to us?”


Remus tilted his head and gave Lily a half-smile before nodding slowly, almost sadly, and walking away.






Lily Evans stood atop the stairs leading to the Grand Entrance and took a deep breath.  Music filled the air, dancing out from the Great Hall accompanied by laughter and chatter from the students making their way to the ball.  The ball which she had organised and set up; on her own.


Okay, maybe she’d not done it all alone.  She had a team of twenty other students who had helped to put up all the decorations and make sure everything was going to run smoothly.  But still, they weren’t the ones responsible, weren’t the ones with all the ideas, weren’t the ones who everyone turned to for help.  For that job, Lily had been alone.


Of course, Dumbledore hadn’t purposely put her up to the job on her own.  The old man wasn’t stupid enough to think anyone could pull of a Halloween ball without the help of a partner; not even Lily Evans.  No, he’d partnered her with someone who he thought responsible enough to co-operate with Lily, responsible and smart enough to come up with ideas for the ball, and certainly responsible enough to make a commitment and stick to it.


Well, how wrong could he have been?


Not only had James Potter refused to co-operate with Lily to the point that she attempted to ban him from ball meetings, he’d come up with no ideas and eventually stopped coming to the meetings all-together.  Okay, that had been what Lily had been trying to do; stop him coming to meetings, but, it meant that he willing left her with more responsibility than she could handle.


Or so he hoped.  Lily personally put her sweat, blood and tears into this ball to make it the best one Hogwarts had seen yet.  She’d show Potter that she didn’t need him.  She quickly ran a hand over her, tonight straightened hair and walked gracefully down the stairs.


“What are you?” was the question Sirius aimed at Lily when she first bumped in to him and Zayda.  She ignored this question and instead turned to her friend.


“Very fitting,” she said as she took in Zayda’s ‘sexy’ vampire outfit.  “What happened to “I hate standing out in a crowd”?” Lily asked, her voiced strung with amusement.


Zayda shrugged and looked down at herself.  “Do you think I’ll stand out in this?” she almost sounded unsure.


“Again,” Sirius randomly began, loudly.  “What are you Evan’s?”


Lily rolled her eyes.  “I’m a character from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’; she used to petrify me.”


“You don’t look all that scary to me,” Sirius commented with a raised brow.


“No she doesn’t,” Lily said pouting.  “But, it’s more the type of character she is that used to scare me.”


“Who is she?”


“The evil Snow Queen,” Lily said with a smile.


“Sounds about right,” a voice murmured from somewhere behind Sirius.  Sirius’ eyes widened and as Lily frowned and tried leaning around him, he mimicked her movements; trying to hide the person stood there.


“Ice Queen would be better but I guess you had to settle for whatever you could,” James Potter said coolly as he appeared from behind his friend.


“Actually she sort of is an Ice Queen not just a…” Zayda cut her self short at a look from Sirius.


Lily bit down, hard, on the inside of her cheek and tried not to retaliate.  This was her party and she wasn’t going to spend the night arguing with an ignorant twit like James Potter.


“You’re just as cold as your character Evans,” James said.  “Count your self lucky that you were able to find yourself a character you could relate to so well, not all of us feel as comfortable in our costumes.”


Blow it.  “Listen here Potter,” Lily spat, getting dangerously close to the boy dressed as Frankenstein.  “If you think for one minute that I’m going to bite at this string of insults you’re throwing at me, you have another thing coming.  You left me to plan and organise this ball on my own and I did a bloody damn well good job of it.  So,” she said calmly, brushing herself down.  “If you would excuse me, I’m going to enjoy myself.”


Happy with herself for not totally blowing up, Lily confidently walked from the entrance into the great hall, where the ball was already in full swing.


James, however, was not feeling so good with himself.  “Fucking idiot,” he murmured as he paced in a circle.


“You started it Potter!” Zayda defended.


“I was talking about myself, not Lily,” James replied, not stopping his pacing.  Zayda nodded in understanding and pitifully watched James; poor boy.  He was so upset he could barely walk steady as he retraced his paced steps and once or twice almost ended up on his face.


“James,” Zayda called a little more harshly than she intended.  James turned to look at her and Zayda shook her head.  “You’ve been drinking haven’t you?” she asked, already knowing the answer from his blood shot eyes.  James sucked in his lips and headed into the ball.




James Potter wobbled slightly on the spot as he surveyed a certain group of slimy Slytherins congregating at the outer edge of the dance floor.  His eyes were narrowed and his mouth twisted in a disgusted way before he knocked his head back and downed the rest of his Fire Whiskey; which was concealed to look like Butterbeer.

“Disgusting isn’t it,” voiced Sirius Black from his side.  James gave him a side-ways glance and saw his friend, dressed as Zorro, leaning casually against a wall.  “Guys who look like that shouldn’t be allowed at social events, they scary away all the girls.”

James snorted a laugh and grumbled something he hoped came out as an agreement, but Sirius didn’t quite catch it.  “Slim-en-y git,” James slurred.”  Sirius chuckled to himself and slapped a hand against his friends back.

“Yes Prongs my man, Snivellus is a slimy git. But hey!  What can you do about it?” Sirius gave his friend one last amused look and went to fill some punch up for Zayda.

“I’ll sow you what I can do ‘bout it naw,” James slurred angrily to himself.  He pushed his body away from the wall and wobbled slightly, stopping to regain his composure and making a not-so-straight line towards one Serveus Snape.

A.n.  So ye, not so good i know...and terrible length...but i'm not going to whinge about myself again.  Please review =]

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