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Harry and Teddy had packed a bag and Harry pulled out his Firebolt, which still happened to be the fastest racing broom. 

“Teddy, what ever you do, don’t take your hands off, alright? I don’t want to be scraping you off the paventment and trying to explain that to Andromeda.” Harry said to Teddy who had just bet that he could fall faster than the achievements of any bulger. 

They set off; Harry flew hire into the clouds. Teddy was laughing out of pure joy. After a while Harry looked below, he could make out the Qudditch Pitch. He began a low dive, straight into the pitch. He recognized the HolyHead Harpies in their uniforms, running practice drills, and their between the small blonde seeker and black haired beater, was a blur of red hair, zooming faster toward the opposing goal. Harry watched, momentarily mesmerized by her balance and energy. When he felt a small hands tug his arm. 

“Let’s go!” Teddy said. Harry tore his gaze from Ginny, to Teddy. 

“Didn’t I tell you not to take your hands off the broom?” He asked and Teddy looked annoyed. 

Harry swooped lower to where the practices were taking place, despite the shouts from Teddy who seemed quite convinced that they should get off the pitch and find their seats before all the good ones were taken. 

“Shhh! Don’t worry we’ll get seats” He swerved the broom so that it was right behind Ginny. Her instinct was too good however, the moment he pulled in behind her; she wheeled around making her hair spin. Her soft brown eyes widen with surprise. Harry could not suppress the feeling of contentment at the sight of her, making him feel much lighter on his broom. Did she always look prettier when flying? 

“Harry! Teddy! Are you guys here for the game?” Ginny asked. 

“Yeah, just thought me and Ted would drop by since you’ve been so busy lately” 

He added that last bit, because it was true, ever since Ginny had started as chaser on the celebrated HolyHead Harpies, there had been a lot less Harry and Ginny. Ginny raised an eyebrow. She had leaned in, to hug Teddy, she lifted her face to meet Harry’s, but she didn’t kiss him, instead, she whispered in his ear. 

“Tonight, I’ve got practice after the game but I’m free afterward, tonight, I’m all yours” 

Harry leaned to whisper in her ear now. 

“After a quidditch practice? You mean, you’ll be all hot, sweaty, and windswept?”
It was the way he said this, as a compliment that made Ginny throw her head back and laugh as she said, 

“Just the way you like me.” She said and winked, then kissed him. 

A sudden “oooo” emerged from the crowd, Harry looked up to see himself on a big screen suspended in air, his broom and Ginny’s crossing and Teddy sticking out his tongue and mock retching as though he was being subjected to torture. Ginny sped away mouthing tonight. Harry looked down at Teddy. 

“You, stop that!” He said as Teddy continued mock retching fueled by the crowds’ cheers. 

They watched the game, Harry felt that some people spent more time gawking at him then actually watching the game, including a group of girls who had used their wands to redesign their shirts to read “MRS.POTTER” and then flashed a picture of Harry kissing Ginny however her features had been transfigured to somewhat represent the girls themselves. 

As Harry cheered for Ginny he watched her wistfully. What would he give to play a real game of Qudditch again? The game ended leaving a battered Tutshill Tornados, and giving the Harpies a lead number one for the World Cup. Harry flew back home with Teddy on his broom. When they finally reached home, after dinner, Harry attempted to persuade Teddy to go to bed without much luck. 

“Did you see Angelina? Did you see her dive?” Teddy said excitedly and Harry could not calm him. 

“Yeah, she was great. She used to be our Quidditch captain, in my 5th year at Hogwarts. But you really need to go to-“ 

“You knew her? You actually knew Angelina Johnson?” said Teddy with an incredulous look on his face. 

“Well, yes, but really Teddy you need to get to sleep!” Harry said he was getting quite fed up as he pushed Teddy back into bed. 

“But I’m not tired!” Teddy wined. 

“Then get tired!” Harry said frustrated. 

“I could stay up with you and Ginny!” He put in quickly. 

“No, you can’t” 

“But Ginny’ll get bored to tears without me! “ 


“Hey, Teddy!” 

Harry looked up Ginny had arrived; she clearly apparated into the house. She was wearing worn out jeans and a shirt with the words “MRS.POTTER” flashing at him. Harry looked at it questioningly, Teddy was giggling. 

“One of the girls lent it to me” she said cheerfully. “It’s good isn’t it?” Then after glancing at a mischievous Teddy and exasperated Harry she asked “What’s going on here?” 

After they had successfully gotten Teddy to fall asleep by telling him stories about werewolves, with which he had a growing fascination. Ginny got up and stretched. Harry followed in suit, 

“Are you hungry?” He asked 

“Yeah, I’m starving” 

Ginny said and she followed him into the kitchen. As Food was an exception to Gwemp’s Law, Harry and Ginny made quite a parade of making pasta.
“You know, I could always call Kreature” Harry offered as Ginny pulled tomatoes out of the cupboard. 

“Nah, this is more fun.” She said playfully tossing him a tomato. Ginny used her wand to flick on the radio, 

“And now we go to a break, with our lovely Weird Sisters who are performing live!” 

     As the song began Ginny danced as she tossed the tomatoes in the air attempting to chop them right over the cauldron upon of heavily lit stove. Harry bewitched onions to cut themselves, the spelled out ‘Harry loves Ginny’ as they were suspended in the air above the cauldron. Ginny’s tomatoes circled Harry’s onions in a heart shape as Harry began to dance with Ginny, spinning her in circles, the air in the kitchen became warm with delicious smells unrepressed. As Harry spun Ginny again and then inward she fell laughing into his arms. Her arms around his neck, one of his hands was at her waist the other running through her hair that was scented of Cherry blossoms, and felt softer then clouds made him want bury his face in its depths. Her eyes held a fierce gaze rounded with her long eyelashes, but there was softness there too, like the eyes of a doe…. 

“I love you, Harry Potter” she said in a charming, self-assured voice.
They kissed. It was Harry felt forever when Ginny pulled back from him, her eyes surveying him. He wanted it to be forever, everyday, every moment with her. There was a sudden jolt in his stomach; this was it, the perfect moment... 

“Ginny, I love – “Harry began, but Ginny had pulled away from him. There was a horrified look on her face; she swiftly pulled out her wand directing it toward him and Harry felt a scorching pain across his right arm. He pulled out his own wand with his left hand. 

“Aguamente!” Ginny shouted, and a burst of water jet out of the end of her wand on to his arm. “Harry! YOU’RE ON FIRE!” The rush of cold water from Ginny’s wand could not come sooner. With another wave of her wand she extinguished the fire under the cauldron. As the fire smothered Ginny ran to him and pulled of his shirt, there was a hot red scorched line from his shoulder to his elbow that had begun to swell. She led him toward the window seat in the kitchen and sat on his lap inspecting his arm. Harry’s left arm around her waist. 

“Oh, this is all my fault!” She said still inspecting his arm, shaking her head.
“No, don’t say that.” He said angrily he was more upset that he had missed his moment that he had be waiting for than the searing pain across his arm but then, with a look at Ginny’s face filled with fault, he added “Is it your fault you’re so beautiful I can’t take my eyes off you?” 

She had begun to tap his arm with her wand muttering incantations under her breath and bandaging it. She raised both of her eyebrows, and laughed,
“I don’t suppose so, but maybe it’s my fault I’ve turned ‘The Chosen One’ to ‘My Chosen One’”. 

She leaned in to kiss him softly on the lips. He pulled her in closer, however there was another jolt in the pit of stomach, he knew what it meant, he quickly played the words in his mind and you’re my chosen one, I love you so much Ginny, Will you marry me? But before he could even utter his declaration of love to her, he heard a sniff. It didn’t come from Ginny, it came from the doorway. Teddy Lupin stood at the door way a terrible worn out stuffed bunny dangled out of one hand; tears were streaking down his face. 

“Teddy! What happened?” Ginny inquired, making to move toward the boy, Harry reluctantly let her go feeling utterly annoyed as her red hair swung away from him. 

“Ted? What’s the matter?” Harry asked as Ginny, who put an arm around the whimpering boy lead him over to the window seat where Harry sat. 

“Ni-nightmare, wer-wer-werewolves” He sobbed. 

Ginny pulled him into her arms. She hushed him by singing a sweet song, in what Harry later found out was an old Mermish lullaby. Harry and Ginny and Teddy were asleep in Teddy’s bedroom as he refused to be left alone. 

Okay, yes i finally did it, everyone was like "its sooo long" so i've divided the chapters up ;) enjoy!

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