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Dear Dad,


My son was born today. September 28. He is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. He didn’t get the anamorphous thing. I can already see his hair is going to be silver like Victorie’s. He has my face though, like looking into a time mirror. Vic, is so happy she is glowing and beaming and showing off our son. I turned 22 in March and we found out we were expecting in February, it felt like and early birthday present. We named him Christian Remus Potter- Lupin. It seemed like the right thing, you know? I never knew you and so to keep you alive in mine and my son’s hearts we named him after you. Harry is ecstatic, like a grandpa. Showing off Christian, letting Ginny hold him. It’s hilarious. The Weasley’s are just beside themselves. She’s the first grandchild to have a child. So Molly and Arthur are basking in the fact that they now have a great-Grandchild.  Vic and I took a few moments before the birth to pray for our loved ones and remember. I slid something in for you and mom and that’s when she came up with his middle name. Our daughter, when we have one will be named after mom. Everyday I get closer to being okay. Harry and I found some picture albums from when you and his dad and mum were in school. You look so happy, all of you together. Harry told me that his mum hated his dad before they started dating. Did you hate mum? How did you guys decide to have me? Or did you? Did mum just tell you one day? Vic and I planned Chris, basically. We want children. Lots of children, and so we planned on that. We were both excited when we found out, and I’m excited for my years to come with him. I didn’t write that I got a job. I work at Hogwarts. I teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, I’ve taught there for 3 years now and I absolutely love it. Harry told me you taught it at one point too. I didn’t know, but I think Minerva may have known. Its weird having Harry and Ginny’s and all the other Weasley’s kids in class you know? They are technically my cousins…Neville says you get used to it at some point, but this just feels too weird. The guy who married us says we have protector in the next world…I wonder if you’ll protect our children as I know you protect me and Vic. I always wondered about whether or not I should have children. I asked myself that since I didn’t have a dad of my own if I would be good enough to father my own children. If I had enough training, and Harry gave me the best advice on that. He said that if he’d let the fear of not doing well keep him his whole life, Voldemort might still be at large, and he might never had walked into Hogwarts, just for the fear of not being able to live up to prior knowledge. I know you would have said that too, because he said that’s what you said to him when he asked whether or not he was good enough to save the world.



A/n: one more after this…I have a checklist…so I prolly won’t update this for a long time after this, just because I’m in the middle of trying to put an end to one of my stories so I can build on my two newest ones... so read and review and pop over and read my other stories, you won’t be disappointed!

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